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Feb 13, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Hot damn, it's been a minute since I wrote a Detective Conan movie review! Wasn't that long ago that I- ...the hell you mean it's been nearly 8 years.


Crimson Love Letter is another unique entry into the movie series, taking place well away from the usual stomping grounds of the Conan cast and into the jurisdiction of our good buddy Heiji and his gang! And it revolves around...karuta?

Story (7/10): Conan, Heiji, and their friends are called to Kyoto for a consultation meeting, but quickly get involved in a karuta mystery, with serial bombings, murder, and possible wedding(?!) proposals at the forefront. Things aren't what ...
Jan 11, 2016
Mixed Feelings
The most recent Detective Conan film has come and gone, and this one is a bit different. Similar to the 10th movie (Requiem of the Detectives), we have our littlest detective out to protect the fine arts, though in this case, Conan must save one of Van Goh's most important paintings, the Sunflowers. Is this movie an amazing art heist wannabe, or a copied flop? Oh, and did I mention Kaito Kid? Cause yeah, Kaito Kid.

Story (6/10): After the Suzuki Zaibatsu purchases the originally thought destroyed 2nd Sunflowers painting, Kaito Kid essentially declares that he'll steal it. But since this is completely outside of the ...
Jan 7, 2016
Once again I'm here to tackle another Conan movie, and this time it's about a sniper! ...OK then. To be blunt, I had no idea what the story was going into this movie, beyond 'there's a sniper in it'. But that can be a good or bad thing, honestly: it can surprise me, or let me down. Which one wins out? Is it a straight shot or a missed target?

Story (6/10): Conan and friends are invited to the newly opened Bell Tree Tower to see the sights of Tokyo from above. But as is tradition, something goes awry. In this case, a real ...
Oct 1, 2015
Danchigai (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
These 3 minute-per-episode anime are very hit or miss. Some are genuinely funny and utilize their time well. Others are complete shit (coughPupacough). Danchigai is somewhere in the middle.

Story (4/10): The show is essentially about the Nakano family, with eldest daughter, only son, middle daughter, and twin little sisters living in their apartment. ...that's really it. It's basically just a snapshot of their lives and hi-jinks sometimes ensues. There are some 'plot points' (ugh) that come up, but nothing that would give you the idea that there's any kind of story.

Animation (5/10): Meh. Everyone is on model, but the designs are generically nice. ...
Aug 3, 2015 the last Precure All Stars review I did (New Stage 2), I complained about some stuff, but overall it was a fairly good movie that kept up the spirit of the crossover movies and was a fun watch. As it is every year, with a new Precure team, there's a new All Stars movie, in this case we have Spring Carnival with the rookie Princess Precure team headlining the show. So how did it do?

Story (3/10): So all the Precure teams have been invited to another magical kingdom (this one called Harmonia) for a Spring Carnival, but unbeknownst to them, it's been taken ...
May 1, 2015
Not many of the Detective Conan movies really feel like they're episodes of the same show, but that generally isn't a problem at all. It's a movie, so the stakes have to be higher. But what if one movie managed to combine the big stories of the movies with the general feel and charm of the show? Well my friends, you would have the 17th movie: Private Eye in the Distant Sea.

Story (8/10): Conan and friends are boarding an Aegis Destroyer for a day of fun on the high seas. But, as usual for this group, trouble follows in the form of a severed ...
Apr 24, 2015
Mixed Feelings
I'll admit, when I saw that this movie was about soccer, I kind of knew going in that I wouldn't exactly be a fan. But really, that's not even the movies main problems. Does Detective Conan: The Eleventh Striker hold up?

Story (5/10): When a mysterious bomb threat is issued, it appears to be targeting the J-League, leaving a mystery in the hands of our little Great Detective: why target soccer, who is this bomber, and what does a seemingly unrelated incident have to do with it?

I hope you like soccer and the J-League, cause booooy are they prominent here. My limited knowledge of soccer helped ...
Dec 5, 2014
Once again we dive right into another Detective Conan movie, and coming off of the amazing Raven Chaser and Lost Ship in the Sky, this movie has some pretty big shoes to fill. Did it's snowy setting pull off another great story? ...pretty well, but lets elaborate the truth, shall we?

Story (7/10): After an almost fatal bombing on a newly opened subway line occurs, Conan believes there's a connection to a dam building project that relocated an entire village 5 years ago, and the whole gang (minus the police department characters) end up traveling there. They are then met with some freaky coincidences that ...
Dec 4, 2014
Detective Conan movies generally follow a certain trend shared with it's parent series: a murder happens, Conan and friends are pulled in, and he solves it within the 2 hours we watch the movie. It's almost a tried and true method that few movies break away from (the most obvious being the amazing Phantom of Baker Street movie, though even there it still does revolve around the formula). But with The Lost Ship in the Sky, we instead get something different, which may benefit the series in more ways than one.

Story (9/10): Conan and friends are invited on Sonoko's Uncles blimp/airship to witness a ...
Nov 28, 2014
One of the major complaints that Detective Conan fans have is the diminished threat and barely there plot development involving series antagonist the Black Organization. Fans want to see the next step in their threat to Conan and what will happen. Unfortunately that's a long ride that just keeps getting longer. But luckily, Detective Conan: The Raven Chaser is one on the few movies to deal with the Black Organization and it does so damn well.

Story (8/10): While Conan is living his daily life with his friends and the other characters as usual, a car accident occurs that ends up being connected to a series ...

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