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Days: 132.9
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Yuukoku no Moriarty 2nd Season
Yuukoku no Moriarty 2nd Season
May 1, 6:05 PM
Watching 4/13 · Scored -
Shadows House
Shadows House
May 1, 6:05 PM
Watching 4/13 · Scored -
Odd Taxi
Odd Taxi
May 1, 6:05 PM
Watching 4/13 · Scored -
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Days: 42.2
Mean Score: 6.72
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  • Chapters7,395
  • Volumes499
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Apr 3, 3:56 PM
Completed - · Scored 7
Hataraku Maou-sama!
Hataraku Maou-sama!
Mar 4, 6:57 PM
Reading 92/? · Scored -
Bunretsu Lover
Bunretsu Lover
Jan 10, 6:41 AM
Reading 7/? · Scored -


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NextUniverse Apr 9, 10:41 AM
Only said Higurashi for the multiple routes, disregarding the horror elements to it lol, I am not even too sure now that I think about that, Higurashi seems to start up the same if the anime adaptation holds up well. I suppose the branching off technique works well too. I should start seeing what these VNs behold really. I haven't actually touched his early works, I shall do so and hope for the best. From the looks of things, it was a much simpler time for him.
Retribution4189 Apr 8, 6:27 AM
Good Shounen Maid review!
NextUniverse Apr 4, 8:16 PM
Higurashi method seems to work though. Just adapt as much as you can. The only romance I know to have tried that was Amagami SS and that was sweet to watch. Sad way to dissipate out really. He makes interesting worlds sometimes too. That doesn't help an anime-only KEY fan like myself, I should get to the VNs sometime later in life.
NextUniverse Apr 4, 8:36 AM
That is pretty much a probably most VN adaptation faces. Not that I have watched a lot though. That's fair enough, seems that just isn't happening deep into the story, which I can't say I would like to do with his stories, ignorance is bliss. Charlotte was good, was just annoyed at the ending, wanted the main pair to go out and do something but sad endings are something Maeda likes a lot.
NextUniverse Apr 3, 9:09 AM
I do the same, but then proceed to think about universal enjoyment. Absolute methods call for the widest of stretches. Oh, I am guilty of that myself, I do strain myself when needed, however. I am not a real critic anyways lol. Anything completely random and absurd, which the community claims "bad" is more or less some of the most enjoyable things out there. Trash sure is fun lol.

I used to live on the Angel Beats subreddit, many hours gone but there was zero regrets mind you. And in the community, I and a few others could pick out flaws all day, there really is a ton of stupid plot devices and plot holes everyone in the community knows about. Some new flaw to pick out every day. Hell, I could pick out flaws when I first watched it, back when my taste was "brainless action = good". It was just dumb sometimes. Still, though it was one of the best shows ever. I am just a simple man. I still have yet to finish everything KEY has to offer, I would imagine I would do fine with it. It pisses me off that anyone who isn't male MC gets little character development though. At the end of the day, it is a guilty pleasure I don't mind having.

The Day I Became a God checks out for sure, though I can't say the same for other works. Clannad AS got a "masterpiece" from me but I would probably not think the same today. I would agree that Clannad AS plays with heartstrings instead of doing anything properly with itself, apparently that works very well. I still really enjoyed it however, one of the few times I watched anime on a TV screen and that really pushed how good the series was for me. There are a lot of questionable elements with his works, I will give you that, though I just looked past those clouds and the simple things that are the foundation of everything he has made, just came onto the right side of me. I just didn't look too deep into what the man is trying to give, I took everything at face level and, well, liked it, I suppose. The man is spiralling down, he has even gone missing for reasons I am not too sure of. When he does come back if ever, I hope for the best with whatever he gives next. I don't really know what I am on about really, hopefully, you got what I was trying to get at.
NextUniverse Apr 2, 7:54 PM
I am in the same boat, slapping a number next to an anime brings way too many inconsistencies, an objective claim (the number), on a subjective field makes little to no sense. The same is with me, my list is full of numbers that correlate to a storing method which has its benefits. Reviews for me tend to be more objective, though, idk what an objective review corresponds to nowadays, everything about reviews draws down to an opinion at the end of the day. Every show does have its merits, mostly audiovisuals can cut it for me when I come across quite literally anything.

That's a fair enough point. Cloverworks got the short end of the stick last season anyways lol.

That's a shame, I quite liked Jun Maeda's work, he made the anime, Angel Beats, which was one of the reasons why I am in this unhealthy addiction to East Asian cartoons, as well as the introduction of waifu. Clannad music was also done by him if I am not wrong. One of the few OSTs I am willing to call a "masterpiece" with no second guess. I can't say I am a blind fan of his though, I can see his flaws when they are there. "The Day I Became a God" is without a doubt, one of those mistakes. But he was, just a cool guy whose works I got into at the right time, I suppose.
NextUniverse Apr 2, 4:17 PM
Ironically, my low scores are because I like anime. I tried to do a thing where I rate on an absolute scale rather than a relative one, which gave me a list where <10 anime has scores of under 5. Lowest I gave at the time was a 3/10 to Mars of the Destruction, it wasn't even that bad in my eyes... I just thought since I would never come across bad anime, might as well glorify stuff I found better than the rest. I can't say I truly, to this day, have found anything worthy of a true 1/10. Even Oreimo and Nisekoi had way too many merits for me I am not willing to ignore for the sake of an irrational dislike. Hell, even the "worst of the worst" like Shitcom, Striking Daughter, Angel's Drop are decent in my eyes. I am seeing a hypercritical mindset drawing closer to me which is quite sad sometimes because I just want to enjoy stuff. Happened with "The Day I Became a God", though even in a causal sense it was pretty bad I won't lie about that, but being a Jun Maeda fan just made me like it slightly more. Yeah, I saw your review on that too lol. Forgive my blasphemy.

I only got through 4 episodes of the anime, placed it on hold because anime life is demanding. For some reason, the pacing did not phase me as of now. It probably will, later on, I always thought Horimiya was supposed to be fast-paced, so I didn't mind that style of speed. Still decent on the whole though.
NextUniverse Apr 2, 5:18 AM
I should take a page out of your book. I do like to take the piss whenever I can though, should be fun with my next few binges. Fellow man of culture is always nice to see, good to know we agree with that.

I should go and watch it, I was told I should do so by many others. Will have a look with the what's the hype around that. Should be fun. Thanks again :)
NextUniverse Apr 1, 7:32 AM
I suppose you are right, would be blessed if everyone agreed on that. Discussing is fun, just not when it is arbitrary or mindless lol. Ono being silent was a plus in my eyes, gave her an original character and for some reason, it works well with high ojou-sama life I suppose. From what I remember most of her superficial qualities did a decent job in explaining her character. Not the best by any means, but enough for her to suit my standards. Haruo was pretty good indeed. I need to rewatch this at some point.

Nisekoi and Oreimo mixed the worst combination of ridiculously annoying tsunderes and idiotic MCs. Never been more disappointed in my anime life. 'Holy Waifu War' sounds like a great way to spend time lol. I wouldn't have sided with any of the main girls. Ruri was my favorite anyways. Shaft is always a win too.

I am going to shamelessly put it out there too, forgive my sins but do you happen to have more recommendations? If I am asking for the world you don't need to give anything more.
NextUniverse Mar 31, 3:21 PM
That's fair enough, to each their own. I guess I looked at it, for at least the first season, as a rivalry that gets its bumps removed along the way, rather than anything that would lead to a more stable relationship. I haven't watched High Score Girl since god knows when, so I could be very much wrong.

Horimiya is probably one of the most real relationships I have come across, I would agree, I can only think of one other manga off the top of my head that has a real relationship too. But as said, it started so very hard, which didn't hold itself up too well in my eyes. It is a decent read for sure. It would have been nicer for a much faster finish. I just happened to be on the wrong side with Horimiya I suppose.

When something does someone dirty it is understandable a similar reaction would take place, I have yet to destroy Nisekoi and Oreimo myself lol. I am extremely lenient when I should be though, maybe I will find something nice in it.
NextUniverse Mar 31, 2:08 PM
I have seen Horimiya, SNAFU, and Takagi-san. I can't say I am too much of a fan of Horimiya, you may find my opinions lying around MAL somewhere. But the rest did their bit no doubt.

I really liked that Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai recommendation, looks rather interesting. Thanks :)

I have to say that I am more of a fan of Kimi ni Todoke type romance, a simple A to B narrative, very fluffy, regardless of generic or not. High Score Girl hit all the right chords for reasons my brain is too small to comprehend still. Basically, anything student-related with fluff seems to do the trick for me.

Side note, very good and persuasive Classroom☆Crisis review, I shall leave that to later life, if ever.
NextUniverse Mar 31, 12:34 PM
You seem highly sophisticated in the art of understanding good romance. You have any personal favorites I could watch?
Decoys Feb 2, 5:50 PM
Sorry to hear, hopefully you're doing better now. 20-25 shows is still a lot, the more the merrier if you can squeeze in even more, watching anime is like a good mini vacation to escape the madness of the world.

Watching Ishuzoku with friends, now that I can't do lmao. I don't think I could do the uncensored version, I remember you telling me you watched MonMusu uncensored as well, didn't know you were that brave o___O"
Decoys Jan 29, 6:19 PM
Yea, I'm excited for the last season of Fruits Basket. Golden Kamuy, I'll have to look into that one, I've heard of it through the grapevine but never really looked into it that deep.

Alright, I finished Ishuzoku not too long ago....... yea "a lot less lewd than one would expect" would not be a good caveat. "Casual vibe," sure, from different angles. Without saying too much, it's a genre I tend to stray away from, don't mind viewing that genre of that caliber once in a blue moon, but it definitely pushed the boundaries, I mean look at all of that censoring lol

I've also just finished Somali to Mori no Kamisama, considering I know you enjoy that Usagi Drop, Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari, etc, type of stories, so I'm surprised you haven't seen that one.
Decoys Jan 1, 1:35 PM
Interesting, I've been eyeing the first two, I guess I'll bump it up on my plan to watch list priority then. As for your third choice, not sure what to say, I've seen the premise.. I guess unique for sure is the polite way to describe it haha

As for me, there were a number that I enjoyed watching from 2020 but the following three I really enjoyed:

1) Dorohedoro
2) Fruits Basket 2
3) Yuukoku no Moriarty

I really can't wait for the final season of Fruits Basket, I've seen the 2001 version YEARS ago and was so happy when they decided to adapt the entire manga in 2019