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Date A Live 3rd Season
Date A Live 3rd Season
Yesterday, 6:49 PM
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Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara
Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara
Nov 15, 3:32 AM
Watching 7/13 · Scored 7
Blend S
Blend S
Nov 15, 3:26 AM
Watching 6/12 · Scored 6
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Fudatsuki no Kyouko-chan
Fudatsuki no Kyouko-chan
1 hour ago
On-Hold 26/37 · Scored -
Real no Heroine wa Irimasen!
Real no Heroine wa Irimasen!
Yesterday, 2:42 AM
Reading 17/? · Scored -
Mida Love♪
Mida Love♪
Nov 18, 10:28 PM
Reading 13/? · Scored -


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TeKSMeLater 6 hours ago
Hey, no spoilies. I'm still trying to forget the fact that Koizumi is

Oh, you had it on hold. I checked your reading list and didn't see it, so I assumed lol. New chapter's out :3
TeKSMeLater 9 hours ago
It's supposed to be fanservice anyway. I haven't watched it yet but I've heard stuff about it. I'll still watch it anyway since I'm a Haruhifag.

Ever plan to read Fudatsuki no Kyouko-chan? It's by the same author as Takagi-san.
TeKSMeLater 10 hours ago
Well, I was only referring to the first season.

Haruhi had a pretty successful last entry anyway, with Disappearance of Nagato
TeKSMeLater Yesterday, 7:59 PM
I mean Haruhi's author.
TeKSMeLater Yesterday, 7:38 PM
Hero aca You mean Black Clover? LMAO

Author's probably basking in that big money he got from the success of the first season.
Decoys Yesterday, 6:39 PM
DAL season 3. What has the world come to? I need explanations.
TeKSMeLater Yesterday, 5:04 PM
Huh, weird, there's still discussion threads for new chapters of Spice and Wolf.

Everyone forgot about Haruhi. Even its author smh
TeKSMeLater Yesterday, 6:20 AM
I'd take that over a series that's on permanent hiatus :(
TeKSMeLater Yesterday, 3:10 AM
Ehh, I'd say we're on equal footing. You get plus points because your LN series is still ongoing.
TeKSMeLater Yesterday, 1:51 AM
Probably because we didn't get the Illya route we deserve. :(

Three years is short compared to the indefinite non-existent amount of time I'll be waiting for a third season of Haruhi.
TeKSMeLater Nov 18, 10:29 PM
Ah well, I prefer Arcueid as my favorite Type-Moon protagonist anyway.

I can't wait to yorokobe with Heaven's Feel.
TeKSMeLater Nov 18, 8:03 PM
I only enjoyed Angel Beats for the comedy. Everything about it is so rushed and messy that I couldn't figure out what was the point of the sudden tone shifts and I was just having a bad time. Never probably gonna watch Another.

I have to look up what were the differences of the 2006 show with the actual Fate route. I still like Saber though. :>

UBW seems really fine to me

TeKSMeLater Nov 18, 7:24 AM
Yeah, true. Their breakthrough works would be stuff like Angel Beats and Another right? Seems like they haven't made anything as close to the popularity of those two (except maybe Charlotte). As time passes, seems like the world is slowly getting to that kind of mentality too. Discussions about a show instantly die down because a new season has started with new shows and stuff. Makes talks for someone like me who doesn't want to join the seasonals more difficult lol.

Too late though, since I just said I watched it. Ehh it's cool. Way more hyped for UBW though, since the animation is godly.

I honestly feel bad for his voice actor. Seems like it's going to be a short career lmao
TeKSMeLater Nov 18, 4:37 AM
Didn't P.A. Works like help a real-life location thanks to Uchoten Kazoku? I watched it from The Canipa Effect and from what I remember it revived the tourism in that area. The thing about hourly pay makes sense, but it's not helpful. Apparently the pay for animators is lower than the pay for a, let's say, McDonalds staff member. The animation industry is scary these days, the amount of competition is way too bloated.

Lol which reminds me, F/sn 2006 wasn't that terrible as some say it is. I finally finished it after dropping putting it on-hold and had some enjoyment. I realized I need to watch the two routes so I can have better understanding for Heaven's Feel.

Well, Eromanga-sensei IS Guilty Pleasure: The Anime after all. Makes me think how fun it would be to watch those shows through a drinking game though lmao.
TeKSMeLater Nov 18, 3:53 AM
That's pretty sad. I wonder where their problems lie in making consistent stories; it's as if they just pitch a unique idea and don't know how to continue from that point on. And to think the studio has a lot of good people under its belt. I'm still hopeful for that Mari Okada film though. That said, have you heard of the change in their salary system into hourly pay? That was honestly disheartening, considering the studio was trying to follow KyoAni's business model.

I guess people call it Edge/stay night for a reason lol.

After Eromanga-sensei I believe in the unlimited capability of the human mind. It's a reminder to me that nothing is possible, and anything can be animated, especially if it involves imoutos.