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Jul 1, 2017
Ah, Danmachi. With the harem/fantasy show’s legacy leaving behind such wonderful memes about its busty loli goddess heroine like the famous boob ribbon and ‘Hestia is Bestia’, it’s no wonder the show had a tough time having a complete positive footing in the anime community due to various aspects about it like its multitude of female characters wishing to breed like rabbits with its main protagonist. So how can you make a show like that into something that’s similar, but objectively better in comparison? Well, for starters you could follow the source material.

Story: Sword Oratoria is the Danmachi story shown from a read more
Jun 27, 2017
These days, witches are regarded as practitioners of magic and act as the female equivalent of wizards in what would be considered as the pop culture norm for magic. While their original existence no longer has any place in society today, the history of evil witches, people who have made deals with the devil and practice witchcraft still lingers in the ugly recesses of history. With that said, what would happen if you put both of them together? To create a world where in a sense, both the meaning of witches in history and pop culture come together?

Story: The Grimoire of Zero read more
Jun 25, 2017
With a very peculiar look into the unique relationships that people forge with each other, the Eccentric Family was a very intriguing show featuring a tanuki named Yasaburo as he interacts with various characters, both protagonistic and antagonistic, as he inches closer to the truth about his father's death. Now with a second season, we're brought back into the world of Uchouten where everything has changed, yet nothing of significance has been really altered.

Story: Our story returns us back to the world of Uchouten, where Tengu rule the skies, tanuki mess around like the fools they are, and humans apparently eat tanuki read more
Jun 24, 2017
The 'imouto genre' is a very peculiar sub-genre to the whole moe craze that we have in anime today. Mostly relying on the forbidden fruit of romantic sibling relationships, most of these shows tend to have ankle-deep plotlines with heavy reliance on fanservice and your typical misunderstanding plots in order to fill out its runtime. If I may be honest here, Eromanga-sensei really is no different.

Story: Masamune Izumi is an LN author in high school. Due to familial circumstances, he must now support himself and his little stepsister, Sagiri, so that the two of them may continue living together. With Sagiri read more
Jun 22, 2017
Anime is like a well-oiled machine. When all of its parts work harmoniously together (i.e. the story, characters, aesthetics, and the like), you end up with a piece of work that functions well as a piece of entertainment that has a larger majority of its audience responding well to it. But when there're sections that don't really work all that well, then you've got a problem.

Story: With the world dying to the point that it could no longer sustain life, a man known only as 'Y' rebuilt it from gears and clockwork, thus creating the 'Clockwork Planet' that the characters live in. read more
Jun 22, 2017
Love is weird. On one hand, you can fall head over heels for your partner, but you could also want to dig your fingers into their throat because of how annoying they can be. I hope not every relationship is like that, but it can and has happened. Through it all, love can be hilarious due to how nonsensical the concept it can be when you put it in perspective. So why does it matter anyway? Well to Renai Boukun (aptly titled ‘Love Tyrant’), it means a lot.

Story: Aino Seiji is just your typical harem protagonist. Nice read more
Jun 22, 2017
The road for a ‘Creative’ is a long and difficult one. The pressure of meeting deadlines, constantly improving yourself, and ultimately making something that you want is a struggle that many artists find themselves in as they try and share with the world the vision that they have. And so we find ourselves with the second season of Saekano, as we see the conclusion of what the doujin circle ‘Blessing Software’ has to offer.

Story: Picking off from the first season, Saekano Flat (which I will refer to as ‘Flat’ for the rest of the review) continues the story of Tomoya Aki and read more
Jun 20, 2017
Because magic is such a foreign concept grounded in the limits of one's imagination, the possibilities for stories based around magic are virtually limitless. So what happens when you combine the concept of magic with an arcic harem setup? Well you get this show. Whoever thought this was a good show idea is a bastard for sure.

Story: Glenn Radars is a man without any motivation for anything. With his guardian, Celica, threatening him and forcing him to get off his ass to do something with his life, he ends up at the magic school that also serves as Celica's read more
Jun 17, 2017
Four years. Four years ago at the time of this review, the anime community was graced with Shingeki no Kyojin, an anime that had so much hype and attention revolving around it that even those that weren’t in the anime community were caught in its momentum. With its long-awaited season two now finally here and at an end, was the wait worth it? If you ask me, yes…and no.

Story: Continuing right after the rampage of the female titan had come to an end (spoiler btw, not like almost everyone hasn’t already watched season one), Attack on Titan season two continues the read more
Apr 30, 2017
Out of all of the games in the 'Tales of-' series, many people were skeptical at Ufotable's choice at adapting Zestiria, which was understandable given how it had one of the weakest stories in the entire series. And honestly, the skepticism backed itself up very well given the final product.

Story: Continuing with its previous season, Tales of Zestiria brings us back to the world plagued by malevolence where we follow our main protagonist, Sorey, as he fully realizes his power as the Shepherd in order to save the world from humanity's own faults and wrongdoings. At least...that's what I think the show's about? read more