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Feb 12, 2017
I'm honestly not sure how this show received a go for production but I'm guessing some cheating was involved. Apparently, there's a country in which success in life is solely based on an exam. Students attempt to pass this exam using various techniques, including cheating. The show follows cheating expert and inheritor of the paper/wind/fire-controlling Shokatsu technique, Mumei Shokatsu and his actually test-literate partner in crime, Koui Ou. This is one of the worst mockeries/parodies that I've seen in ages and it really was neither funny nor cohesive. Do yourself a favor and save yourself a few brain cells by watching something else.

The show has ...
Jan 19, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Well... if you happened to have an urgent need for some topless ecchi and don't mind one of the most ridiculous situations yet to come out of the DxD franchise, then by all means check out this OVA. This special focuses on capturing a lingerie thief who happens to be experimenting with forbidden rituals hilariously linked to the philosopher's stone. It's pretty much entirely ecchi with maybe 1% of action thrown in as well.

The animation quality is on par with DxD New, which is to say it's already slightly dated. Lines are a bit blurry and everything is more or less drawn rather than generated. ...
Jan 16, 2017
ReLIFE (Anime) add
As a working adult (this probably doesn't apply to some of you), do you ever regret how you spent your adolescent years? Kaizaki is twenty-seven years old yet has low self-esteem and literally no future after his parents decide to cut chipping in for his rent. Luckily, he is chosen as a human experiment for Relife, a one-year long second chance at adolescence (and which will cover his living costs).

I absolutely love shows where people are introduced into new situations (Kuromukuro, and FMP being strong examples) and this fits the bill quite well. In this case, Kaizaki has a ton more life experience than his ...
Jan 15, 2017
The weather sucks, life is miserable, and there's nothing to do. Oh, why can't someone just transport me to another dimension, maybe somewhere interesting? The dropping of a NEET into a fantasy world setting is an already successfully tested premise. However, unlike Konosuba, ReZero spices it up with a bit of Edge of Tomorrow. Our protagonist, Natsuki Subaru, is a worthless good for nothing drain on the economy in modern Tokyo. However, being a NEET, he has significant experience with fantasy adventure games and thus adapts quite well to being dropped into one. However, shockingly, we learn that he has no abilities, no level up ...
Dec 31, 2016
The world is in chaos; malevolence seeps out of the Earth itself and engulfs all in despair. But fear not, for you, who can see and speak with the Seraphim deity shall herald a new era as the legendary shepherd. The decisions you make and the relationships you forge shall shape the future of humanity. Tales of Zestiria the X is the anime adaption of the successful RPG franchise, and ufotable sure did a great job retaining the RPG-like feel.

If you're like me and have never set foot in Zestiria land, fear not for the story gently eases you into this deep and rich world ...
Dec 21, 2016
Having just finished half a dozen or so light-themed shows, Alderamin was a great palette cleanser. This show is a military-based, strategy-focused action show featuring an early rising general, Ikuta, and a merciless melee swordsman (what is it with swords and redheaded gals these days). It takes place in an alternate world where cavalry is still in use and rifles are considered the bleeding edge of technology. The show reminded me strongly of Valkyria Chronicles in many ways- primary protagonist, early plot progression, and the technological state of the world.

Though not a complete masterpiece, the show tells a contiguous story and is led by a ...
Dec 13, 2016
New Game! (Anime) add
A few seasons back I watched a rather subpar show about a group of high schoolers making a game. So I guess someone decided it was about time to do another such show, but utilizing pros this time. What results is propaganda so ridiculously fake that you might as well be convincing someone that cheesecake is in fact ice cream cake. New Game! depicts the not-so-realistic game studio Eagle Jump, which apparently has a reverse-discriminatory hiring practice as not a single guy shows up in the entire show. It follows recent high school graduate Aoba as she learns about office life from her sempai. It ...
Dec 11, 2016
Qualidea Code (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Post-apocalyptic worlds seem to be all the rage these days. In this take here, we find three schools apparently holding back a seemingly endless wave of alien invaders, who had previously already decimated the Tokyo bay area the past. These schools are all filled with unique specialists. Tokyo is filled with flying magicians that use staffs like witch brooms. Kanagawa are melee specialists and apparently utilize a giant aircraft carrier somehow. Finally, Chiba are ranged specialists, using everything from small arms to gigantic WW2-Germany inspired train-mounted mega turrets. With the combined efforts of these three combative schools be enough to hold back the alien invaders? ...
Dec 8, 2016
Orange (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Ever make a decision that you regret? What if you could send a letter to your past self to act otherwise? Orange is a slice of life following a teenage girl, Naho, and her group of friends that encounter this exact scenario. Orange is about as unexpected a title as you can get for a show with a coming of age twist to the whole time travel category. However, it is also one of the most predictable shows once you get past the first episode.
The show comes across as something between Anohana and Ao Haru Ride. Though I don't see it nearly as favorably as ...
Dec 3, 2016
The second season of Asterisk is more like the second half of Asterisk as we finally see the Phoenix Festas come to a conclusion. It's a much more focused season with an emphasis on action and on introducing enough cute girls to match up to Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara. It also offers some more plot and character depth, helping to differentiate the series a bit from its many other sibling shows back in 2015. If you enjoy action-centric shows with a touch of harem, then this franchise has a decent offering.

The show is unchanged in its drawing style from the first season. Expect the ...

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