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Oct 27, 2018
Pupa (Manga) add
I'll admit, I went into this knowing I wouldn't like it. I'd watched the anime to boost some stats for achievements so here we are. Curiosity got the better of me.

Also, I won't be breaking this into a standard review. I think I'll limit this to one slate rather than breaking it into Story, Art, Character, etc. It's simply unnecessary.

With that said--

It's funny how a common discussion about the anime is that the convoluted and confusing nature of the story is likely due to the lack of actual content. Being a 5 or so minute show it's greatly limited by the amount of content it ...
Sep 9, 2017
Mayoiga (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
I haven't written an anime review in a LONG time (the shorts I've reviewed lately don't really count) but this show really got me thinking. So, time to share:

First off, this narrative is complex. That is not to say it is hard to understand. Complex merely means there are many facets at work, and there really is a whole lot going on. A good writer tailors a multitude of facets together to tell a strong, tight-knit narrative. However, while there's great ambition to this project, it ultimately fails. The more someone puts into a story, the less wiggle room one has for mistakes. As the ...
Mar 27, 2017
Ai (Anime) add
I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a fan of narratives that are negative. By that, I mean stories where the hero loses in the end and the whole them is essentially, "Life sucks because X." Ai doesn't say something exactly quite like that, but it is a bastardized perspective on love. Perhaps I'm looking 'too deep' into this work but when you realize that Yoko Ono also contributed to this work, you haveta sit back sarcastically and go, "Oh man now we're getting to intense levels of intellect left untapped in the human mind for years!"

Goodness, I didn't even hate this work ...
Mar 20, 2017
Gantz:O (Anime) add
If you don't know Gantz, the movie does a good job setting the stage in proper Gantz fashion. Like those in the Gantz game, you're thrust into it with little explanation and told to survive. The issue is keeping that level of anxiety consistent. Unlike early Gantz content, this film takes place in the middle of the manga and animates one of the most memorable arcs. The difficult part about going over this arc is that it introduces other "teams" playing the Gantz game who are far more advanced than the team you are introduced to in the film. Not only does the main team ...
Mar 17, 2017
Mixed Feelings
The story is pretty light-weight since the whole purpose of this film - and its subsequent movies - are all about giving us more reason to watch Goku punch stuff, but it's still engaging none-the-less. While the premise was interesting enough for me to keep watching, the risk factor was absent from the beginning. Having the main villain wish and receive immortality despite the fact that the villain is never shown in any other DBZ media immediately makes me comfortable knowing he losses in the end. I understand that that's how every single film is, considering it's all non-canon alt. universe stuff, but it still ...
Mar 14, 2017
Dragon Ball (Manga) add
There's something magical about Dragon Ball. From its starting point searching for the Dragon Ball to the final fight to save the Universe, there's a genuine feel of adventure and progress that is felt while reading this manga. I feel like I've come so far, met so many people, and survived so much despite only reading it on a page. And everything is memorable from the master assassin Taopaipai to the mysterious Android 16, every interaction you observe Goku partake in seems to have some kind of special moment that engrains itself into my memory. I mean, everything was so EXCITING! I had a blast ...
Mar 14, 2017
I watched the English dub whose only sin is changing the OST. The other sins are all due to the original version and I feel still apply to this review. Also, this is my 100th review =3

A story like this can be difficult. We already know the ending. The job of the writers is to make us sympathise with what we already know, but that is easier said than done. This is a prime example of a narrative that didn't need to be told and failed when it was.

So we know, from DBZ, how things are supposed to end, but we don't know what caused ...
Mar 14, 2017
Snowed 2 feet compacted into 1, muscles are aching from shoveling and about 1.5 shots into a glass of Ketel One. Bear with me on this review.

LOL I've had this tab open for the longest time and I didn't even realize I haven't typed a THING! JEez, not good. Maybe if I drink a little more I'll stay focused. Give me a second........... Alright, I actually sorta kinda likes this anime. There was something about the premise that made it fun but there were cracks in the facade of 'quality' that showed themselves real early.

This came in with jokes of hebephilia where the adult male ...
Mar 14, 2017
Honestly, despite the time constraints, despite the grotesque and painful character design of the protagonist, I feel as though there could have been a genuinely interesting and engaging plotline in Komori-san wa Kotowarenai! However, instead of doing what some short animations do where they split one premise across the episodes making one 20-minute story, we get really quick and really short stories that don't change in premise, punchline, or engagement. In fact, it's all pretty crap. Any semblance of storytelling vanishes near instantly when characters meet and a punch-line is thrown in the way, or when the show ends. There's nothing to really go on ...
Mar 8, 2017
Dragon Half (Anime) add
In all honesty, there isn't one. Well, there is, but it's not the focus. The comedy is the focus. So, is it funny? Heck yeah! I had a blast watching Dragon Half and the biggest joke of all is that nobody ever picked this show up for real. First off, why are there only 2 episodes? Ridiculousness, I say! RIDICULOUSNESS!!

Are there drawbacks with a weak story and an intense focus on comedy? Sure, cause I forget mostly everything, but I do know that I had a great time watching and can't wait to show a friend or two when I get the chance.

Impressive animation that ...

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