Mar 14, 2017
Paraturtle (All reviews)
Honestly, despite the time constraints, despite the grotesque and painful character design of the protagonist, I feel as though there could have been a genuinely interesting and engaging plotline in Komori-san wa Kotowarenai! However, instead of doing what some short animations do where they split one premise across the episodes making one 20-minute story, we get really quick and really short stories that don't change in premise, punchline, or engagement. In fact, it's all pretty crap. Any semblance of storytelling vanishes near instantly when characters meet and a punch-line is thrown in the way, or when the show ends. There's nothing to really go on in the 2 minutes that each episode has and it's highly forgettable.

Man, the character design for the protagonist is disgusting. I'm talking vomit-tier. Having large breasts doesn't disgust me, having poor, painfully bad depictions of breasts paired with the ridiculous 'anime physics' that breasts take on makes for one of the worst lead characters I've ever seen in my life. Hanoka is better than this.

Everything else is pretty bad, too. The animation itself isn't all that fluid, the backgrounds are boring and forgettable (like most school related anime), and despite the two friends being kinda cool looking, all other side-characters had forgettable designs and poor animation despite the show being 2 minutes long. I've seen a lot of short shows and most of them have, at the least, good animation. But, maaaan, not this one.

Can't really remember a single song but that's alright. None of the songs were invasive or bad.

Can't really remember the quality of VA work because, for the most part, anime has pretty good VA work. It's safe to say that I simply did not notice anything bad about the Sound Quality of the show, and therefore it's a 5/10

I don't really haveta go over character designs again but in regards to their development, all empty. I did enjoy how the lead mentions the joy of helping others, while another character wanted nothing more than to be sought for help because he wanted to also find the joy in helping others, but this wasn't worked with very much, likely due to the 2-minute timeline. So, again, a failure here as well.

I added to my Completed list and nothing more. At the very least, I'll always remember this for having one of the most disgusting protagonist designs of all time.

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