Sep 24, 2015
Anime shorts are a very odd kind of anime format. Usually ten minutes or less in length, anime shorts usually try to just give you a little something for the little time that they have. So, for the three minute Danchigai, what kind of a story do we have here?

Story: Danchigai is very straightforward. In a small apartment, there are five siblings. One brother and four sisters. This is their daily life.

As an anime short, Danchigai doesn't have any kind of "deep" story or anything. With each episode coming at a whopping length of 3.5 minutes, the show acts similar to a 4-koma manga, as each episode follows the same kind of format. There's the set up, where it tells you what these characters are doing, the problem, which is the situation that the episode is about, the climax, where something like a twist occurs, and the resolution where the whole story ends.

In all seriousness, this short really doesn't have much to offer. With its absurdly short 3 minute runtime, Dachingai both doesn't create any sort of interesting story, and doesn't have anything to offer because its ministories are really forgettable.

Characters: The characters just comprise of the five siblings. Haruki, the only boy in the family, and his four sisters Mutsuki, the only one older than him, Yayoi, the tsundere one who totally doesn't show brocon feelings at the start, and the twins Uzuki and Satsuki. Every one of them are one-note characters that don't really have any sort of development. They're very simple and not hard to remember while watching, but they don't really have much value to them.

Art: Danchigai is drawn in a moe artstyle with lots of bright colors and a very colorful appearance. It's really standard, and there's not really much to say about it.

Sound: The sound is basically nonexistent. There really isn't any music in this entire short, so don't expect any.

Personal Enjoyment: Danchigai is...meh. It's essentially a timewaster and the entire series can be watched in less than an hour. (Hell, this review probably took longer to write than the entire viewing of the whole series.) If you have some time to kill, and you really don't want to be fully invested in ANYTHING at all, then I guess you can watch this. If you have better things to do or better shows to watch, then considering this probably wouldn't be worth your time.
Reviewer’s Rating: 4
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