Shinsekai yori

From the New World

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Shin Sekai Yori
Japanese: 新世界より
English: From the New World
German: Shinsekai Yori: From the New World
Spanish: Shin Sekai Yori (Del Nuevo Mundo)
French: Shinsekai Yori
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Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Sep 29, 2012 to Mar 23, 2013
Premiered: Fall 2012
Broadcast: Saturdays at 00:30 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Source: Novel
Genres: DramaDrama, HorrorHorror, MysteryMystery, Sci-FiSci-Fi, SupernaturalSupernatural
Theme: PsychologicalPsychological
Duration: 22 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.301 (scored by 264687264,687 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #2382
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #228
Members: 736,323
Favorites: 21,484

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Preliminary Spoiler
Feb 21, 2014
Rewind back to the dawn of fall 2012, you are looking at the fall 2012 anime chart, and you pick probably 5-7 anime you are going to watch. But I can promise that the majority of you, as did I, most likely did not have Shinsekai Yori as a pick. During midst of 2013 I looked at Shinsekai Yori, the promotional picture did not catch my eye and the premises did not spark my interests. However, I did give it a shot and after finishing the anime I can promise that it is truly a spectacle, a diamond in the ruff.

The story takes place in ...
May 31, 2015
Little inspection into the dystopia genre is required to realise that the majority of the dystopic anime are set in a cyberpunk universe. Be it Psycho Pass, Ergo Proxy or Texhnolyze, the average viewer is likely to have seen these "hi-tech" interpretations of future societies. Enter Shinsekai Yori – a series where whose setting is uncannily quaint such that on first glance, it is hard to see it as a dystopia; but it is, and an exceptionally remarkable one indeed.

What distinguishes Shinsekai Yori from its counterparts is the sheer unorthodoxy of its universe. It is one where ...
Jul 3, 2013
“We ultimately fear what spawns from within us.”

Shinsekai Yori was that show where I could sit in awe watching the director roll out things one after the other making it look so very effortless. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't bat an eye if the writer actually happens to be from the future because his description of the ‘New World’ is not only persuasive but also connected.

The story is set in the future [1000 years from now] where mankind has created themselves an utopia, though the events are restricted to only Japan. It follows the students of a certain batch in a certain school ...
Mar 23, 2013
Shinsekai yori is truly a great series. I've been wanting to write this review for a long time but I decided to wait until the series finished to do so as to write an accurate and coherent review as possible. After 6 months and 25 wonderful episodes, here it is. I will do my best to keep this review spoiler free.

Adapted of the novel by Kishi Yūsuke, Shinsekai Yori tells a story of a civilisation set one thousand years in the future. Mankind has evolved into beings capable of a obscure power known as "Juryoku" or Cantus, a powerful psychic power that makes the ...
Mar 26, 2013
In recent years, many series have found success by centering themselves upon flagrant fanservice and fast-paced action. Shinsekai Yori, however, is the antithesis of this trend.

Before beginning the series, you should be warned— Shinsekai Yori is not a light watch. This is not the kind of anime that will provide laughter and cheap entertainment. It is an anime that requires the viewer to think and analyze in order to fully enjoy the story. As a result it can be a difficult show for some viewers to get into, but what it provides instead is an experience with far more weight and meaning.

Set in ...
Jan 7, 2015
Fear, Loss, Hope and Betrayal. Desire, Strength, Lies, and Perfection. If only Shinsekai Yori could be described with just these few words. You rarely see an anime that blends the Story, Art, Sound, and the growth of Characters so fluently. Its not simple to achieve this level of artistry. As a result, it’s not a simple story to watch. Your constantly given questions till the very end. However this makes the anime incredibly enjoyable to watch. It feels as though your brought closer into the story because of it. This Dark masterpiece questions humanities desires, darkens the line that separates Children form Adults, and presents ...
Dec 15, 2012
Preliminary (12/25 eps)
Shinsekai Yori is propably the most underscored anime of the season, because it's story is building up really slow compared to most other anime. The first 3 episodes it feels like nothing happened at all and a lot of viewers propably stopped watching this great anime.
But if you hold out until episode 4 you are awarded with a lot of insight in what is hidden behind this happy-world facade.

Story: 10
Shinsekai Yori is really dependent on it's story which slowly builds up and keeps surprising the viewer every 2-3 episodes with some new shocking story details or an unexpected twist.

Art: 8 - Sound: 9
Art and sound ...
Nov 3, 2015
Shinsekai Yori, or From The New World, is a teen-oriented piece of dystopic speculative fiction, the latest addition in this new wave of teen fiction to which the success of Hunger Games has opened the doors.

The series follows the adventures of five kids, from their childhood to their adulthood, in a medieval-ish post apocalyptic setting, where the only human left are the one possessing a special psychic ability called "Cantus".

While the first episode is quite good, establishing the setting and the mysteries behind it ("what's the government hiding?", "how did the world get like this?"), the series pretty much falls downwards after that, with episode ...
Feb 8, 2014
Mixed Feelings
There's often a point in one's life to acknowledge the possibility of another worldly phenomenon outside of our collective conscience from where we live that is in contrast with our ideals. This philosophical problem has always been a subject of discussion since Plato's "Allegory of the Cave," which chronicles how our limited understanding of the reality we perceive may not be what it seems since we're so entrenched in our society. Many works of fiction have dabbled this subject matter numerous times, with some succeeding and others failing. Unfortunately for Shinsekai Yori, it falls into the latter, but not entirely.

To start, the basic idea of ...
Nov 10, 2013
Shinsekai yori was something else...

First let me say Shinsekai yori was not a light watch at all. This is a thinker's anime. Casual viewers will probably be very turned off by the serious nature of the show. Having said that, for those of you who are looking for an anime that shows the story of a dark, fear ridden society in a brutally honest way keep on reading!

Shinsekai yori is unique in which it has no correct set of morals. The line between good vs bad is blurred to the point where the viewer sympathizes with the antagonist.
Why is this?
It is because Shinsekai Yori is ...
Jan 5, 2013
Preliminary (14/25 eps)
Shinsekai yori is an adaptation from a novel, with the same name, which has 2 volumes that were released in 2008.

The story of this anime takes place a thousand years from now, many humans have evolved, now they are able to use a psychic power called cantus, but there's no improvement in technology.

In that kind of world , the 5 protagonist, live in a village that's seems normal at first sight, but they start to realize that their town have a lot of forbidden knowledge, to put it simple Shinsekai yori is the tale of a group of friends that start discovering many ...
Mar 10, 2015
Preliminary (15/25 eps)
Where is the line drawn between what's morally just and what's misguided conviction?

Unsettling, immersive, mystical and also sadly overlooked. Shinsekai Yori is a gem that has fallen through the cracks of the general populace's graces. Not to say it isn't known but rather it's become degraded and stigmatized by those that resort to petty remarks regarding the infamous episode 8. This in turn impeded many from watching the show and that's a shame. But for those that have given Shinsekai the light of day, it can be said that it's truly an anime worth one's time and its lately garnered praise is proof of ...
Aug 8, 2018

We wage war that tears down walls and buildings brick by brick, as our own inventions create and destroy. We put roofs over our heads only to light them ablaze. We create a hierarchy only to rebel against it. It's an endless coil, a snake eating its tail, feasting on the notion of betterment. If we dismantle our creations enough times and iterate upon them, surely we will reach that stretching plateau of perfection that our own ideology believes in. Yet once the dust and soot settle, we can only regret our impulsivity, our misunderstanding; the ladder of progress we eagerly climb is infinite, and ...
Oct 25, 2014

During the Fall season of 2012, animation studio A-1 pictures was airing two anime. One of them was the infamous Sword Art Online; the international sensation that essentially made money faster than it could be printed. It went down in history as one of the most hyperbolized and dramatic popularity explosions of all time. In the wake of the massive tidal wave created by the anti-Christ itself (or the messiah, depending on your perspective), there was another anime; an anime that was swallowed whole by the mainstream hype of the industry. An anime that barely anyone bothered to watch. An anime that nearly ...
Jul 22, 2013
Everyday we wake up, preform our daily ritual, then go to sleep, and all the while the world around us seems so perfectly normal. We, as people, have evolved to accept the normalcy of everyday life. It is seeing how people really act when normalcy is torn away from them that many people find so intriguing.

The sad fact of the matter is that mystery thrillers are so rarely done right that people over look them without a second glance. Shinsekai yori is one of those gems that does it right, and should not be looked over so easily.

The Story (10):
Shinsekai yori is set ...
Jun 15, 2013
Shinsekai Yori (From the New World) is something of an eclectic anime series. It's based off a novel, which hands it very different premises compared to anime that are based off manga or games (and for that matter, original anime), which is pretty evident in its characters and story, following few of the bigger anime clichés.

Much can be said about its story and its contents, but at heart it's a big metaphor of growing up, from the utopian-seeming setting in the beginning to the more nuanced view we're treated to later - not as a result of the world changing but as the result of ...
May 31, 2013
Upon revisiting this anime exactly two months from when I last finished it, (03/31/13) I am reminded of things that I have missed and that is this.

If there is anything to be said about this anime, it's that it is extremely emotionally draining. With the trivialities of art and aesthetic pleasure aside, this anime is incredibly real with its plot twists and deep themes. With enough analysis, one could make an extremely satisfying paper on the choices of the characters and the moral injustices that may or may not have been present during the series.

STORY 10/10
Starting off with my initial impression of this anime, I ...
Apr 11, 2013
I don't know how I overlooked this series while it was airing, but I'm very glad I found it. Shinsekai Yori takes place 1000 years in the future in a world populated by psychics possessing the godlike Cantus ability, which manifests as various psychokinetic abilities. Along with the psychic imbued humans, humanoid mole rats called 'Queerats' make up the bulk of the Utopian society in which this story takes place.

The story follows a girl named Saki and the rest of her school group, Group One. They uncover that something is definitely rotten in the new world. Viewers beware, this series is not the lighthearted ...
Mar 23, 2013
When I first heard about Shinsekai Yori, I was only slightly interested due to the somewhat lack-luster description of the series that was on the chart I viewed before the series aired. However, as I began to watch it, Shinsekai Yori quickly drew me into its universe, immersed me in the art and the lore, and become one of my favorite anime of all time.

The story of Shinsekai Yori is experienced through the eyes of the main protagonist, Watanabe Saki, as she grows from childhood to adulthood, making it a partially autobiographical experience as an older version of Saki voices parts with narrative. Set one ...
Nov 1, 2012
Preliminary (5/25 eps)
Five episodes in, I’ll have to say that the experience Shinsekai Yori offers is very varied. At times, I am greatly enthralled by the intense and well executed scenes. Other times, the series leaves me wondering why I’m not doing something better with my time. The story takes place in a future post-war Japan. Rather than being futuristic, the setting leans more towards the feudal side featuring few advanced technology and more magical powers known as the “force”. Five children stumbled upon a discovery and come to understand the history and true nature of the world they live in. They are thrown into an intense ...