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Oct 16, 2018
I always had a particular affection for Hunter x Hunter, moreso than for other Shonen Jump series. Sure, Dragon Ball had amazingly kinetic fights, Saint Seya had the heart-wrenching melodrama, Fist of The North Star had the over the top violence, all those things were cool, but Hunter x Hunter was just so damn weird that as a kid it was really hard to not love it more than the other anime TV had to offer. One moment the protagonists were facing giant frogs in some test to gain a not particularly well-defined professional licence, then in the other they were fighting in a hi-tech read more
Oct 5, 2018
(This is a review for both seasons of the show, as they don’t really work as stand-alone pieces and it wouldn’t be useful to review them as such. That said, no spoilers for either series is in this review, so it is generally safe reading)

Setting up a premise for Concrete Revolutio is almost impossible. The plot threads of this series twist and articulate in almost imperscrutable webs, changing the narrative landscape of the series in almost every episode. As a narrative technique this is a double-edged sword, while on one hand, it makes for an almost mesmerizing viewing experience, as events unfold in front of read more
Jan 6, 2018
Heavily inspired by western superheroes, Tiger & Bunny at it’s core is a “buddy cop” series, that follows the superheroing adventures of an odd couple: Kotetsu a.k.a. Tiger, a failing middle age superhero who makes up for his goofiness with his enthusiasm and sense of justice, and Barnaby, a young humourless upstart, who got into superheroing to make light on some mysterious events in his past.

While this is a setup that may ring extremely familiar, what makes the premise of Tiger & Bunny stand out is its setting, which in some ways can bring back to mind One Punch Man. Heroes in this universe are read more
Aug 3, 2016
Code Geass' first season was unremarkable but enjoyable, this second season though manages to drag even the few things that I enjoyed about this series into a pit of dullness and melodrama.

Now don't get me wrong, the series was over-the-top and extremely melodramatic even in its first season, but it effectively used those tonal modes to support a structure that all and all worked. Code Geass looked at a wider political conflict while at the same time keeping its parties grounded into humanity through human drama.

This second season completely breaks that structure. Personal plots become wide end-of-the-world matters, wider plots get reduced to personal conflict... read more
Apr 22, 2016
FLCL (Anime) add (All reviews)
Insane, bombastic and with a complete disregard for linear storytelling, FL CL is a coming of age story, exploring in particular the sexual confusion tied with the entering the “teen” years.

It is actually quite unusual to see a piece of serial Japanese animation dealing so directly and consistently with one single theme. Despite the visual insanity FL CL is styled with, every element in it is tightly constructed to convey the confusing and messy mind-state of early adolescence. Every episode is a non-stop barrage of punk music, innuendos and not-so-subtle phallic imagery, as the main character gets dragged in a series of non-sensical adventures by read more
Apr 13, 2016
The Big O is a noire with mechas... sort of.

Set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi city in which all humans have lost all memories in an unknown event happened 40 years prior, The Big O throws a huge amount of concepts at the wall in its exploration of its main themes of memories and "what makes a person's being and goals".

The series goes from deconstructing old school mecha tropes to moody noire monologues, passing from vague otherworld lovecraftian concepts, religious references and much more. While not all those idea may work, they are always delivered with a confidence and savvy aesthetical means (although the slicker animation read more
Dec 8, 2015
Set in a fictional version of New York, where humans and bizarre monsters live together in not-quite harmony, Kekkai Sensen is one of the most successful shonen series of late. The show follows the adventures of Leonardo Watch, a kid with the gift of super-powered eyes, as he joins Libra, a quirky team of vigilantes who... protect the city… or stop crime… or something… let’s just say exposition is not this show's best suite.

If there is a thing that can be said about Kekkai Sensen is that it definitely starts with a bang. The first couple of episodes are nonsensical action-packed trips that have most read more
Nov 12, 2015
With the original concept coming from the notorious artist Yoshitoshi Abe (character designer for Serial Experiment Lain, among the other things), Haibane Renmei comes from a pedigree that's both important and uncertain, as Abe, before this, had never worked on an animated series as the central "auteur" (I am totally using that word improperly, and in any other context i would shout at it being used so shallowly... but you get what I mean). What has resulted from this endeavor though is definitely worthwhile. Abe ultimately uses this series to meditate on the themes of sin, suicide, loss and afterlife, and while I have some read more
Nov 7, 2015
I find it incredibly weird that among all the people that suggested me this anime and/or talked about it positively on the internet, there was no one who even mentioned that at its basis Steins Gate is... well, a Harem anime.

Now, I say it's an Harem anime yet you don't see a towering two as my overall rating for it. "How come?" You'll ask, "Isn't this an anime where all female characters exist only to be attracted to the protagonist? And don't all of those characters lack in any kind of agency?"

Well... yes... to both questions... but... hear me out...

Steins Gate is pretty much a read more
Nov 3, 2015
Shinsekai Yori, or From The New World, is a teen-oriented piece of dystopic speculative fiction, the latest addition in this new wave of teen fiction to which the success of Hunger Games has opened the doors.

The series follows the adventures of five kids, from their childhood to their adulthood, in a medieval-ish post apocalyptic setting, where the only human left are the one possessing a special psychic ability called "Cantus".

While the first episode is quite good, establishing the setting and the mysteries behind it ("what's the government hiding?", "how did the world get like this?"), the series pretty much falls downwards after that, with episode read more