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Prideful_Master Jul 14, 8:00 PM
Solid FranXX review, mate. You totally summed up my issues with episode 13 as well ("How else are we to connect with 02 if not by seeing her as a little, crying kid with an outwardly cute design? Good character writing?") And then she devolved as a character after hooking up with her darling (god this show just ruined that word for me). Compared to Trigger's other heroines, she's easily the worst. I didn't even think she was that hot.

It's also worth noting that Trigger apparently bailed on the project after episode 15. I don't expect that to change your mind on their involvement, but they seemed to know to get when the getting's good. Hopefully their next show goes better.
AltoRoark Jul 12, 12:57 PM
You enjoying Asobi Asobase? You seem to have watched it judging by your new memey Discord pic ;>
AltoRoark Jul 11, 12:05 AM
SunlitSonata Jul 7, 2:30 PM
Great review. Lots of well phrased points.

I think my favorite statement was this one: "What I mean is that it is a poor recreation. A rip-off brand Rolex that cartoonishly erupts with springs and gears after just a few minutes of use. Not of just story archetypes and narratives that have been expounded upon by hundreds of films and series’ before it, but from a marketing perspective as well. Which is as fake as you can get."

I really hate when shows feel like products more than ambitiously driven passion projects. It's a show that feels like a product in the worst sense, designed to cash off popular trends while bringing nothing to the table aside from a sex aestethic and a new waifu to pillow, who even then is less attractive than similar pink haired waifus Inori and Haruka. At least Re:Zero attempted to subvert its trends (despite the inherant push for them) at times and kept itself more thrilling and unpredictable. This show just feels phoned in, looking at the surface level of Gurren Lagann and Evangelion, but not having either of their talented directors to give events purpose/consistency like Guren Lagann, or genuine feeling/dark undertone like Evangelion.

Say what you will about anime fans' adoration for something like FMA Brotherhood, but in that show, the cast all felt like they served a purpose whether assisting in an action scene for the greater good, participating in some sort of moral debate, or creating a lasting source of conflict. At least in that show, the many female characters felt like individuals in their own right, rather than being merchandise fanservice bait. At least the scale of the climax was built up 20-ish episodes before it happened. At least it felt like its appeals to philosophy had a point rather than being cloying bait for 10 year olds. At least every episode moved the plot forward, as opposed to having awkward pacing where most events mean nothing and it rapidly makes things happen for no reason besides a homage. At least the world it built overtime felt believable and was properly structured. At least it felt like the ending was consistent with the show at the beginning, not ripping off ten other forms of media because appeal. At least its character designs have their own distinct aesthetic. Even if it wasn't your cup of tea persay, it had a clear handle on itself. There are reasons why it is beloved nearly 10 years after it ended, wheres people for the most part, will forget about FranXX, just as another trend up down.

I don't see it lasting. This shit will go down in flames with people as soon as TRIGGER's and Imaishi's next show Promare comes out, with it only being the source of backhanded insults. While not quite as bad as Eromanga-sensei, it's the result of nostalgia bait and business pandering at their worst.
KyoumaZ Jul 7, 10:41 AM
Why do you keep shitting out Anime reviews if Anime is so bad, Artrill?

CodeBlazeFate Jul 5, 7:48 PM
Thanks man. I'm also gonna do a follow-up on how it tries to imitate Evangelion and especially Gurren Lagann. All I need todo is see what the finale has in store and both things are complete.
CodeBlazeFate Jul 5, 4:40 PM
Mine is already really lol. There's a lot to rag on it for, but the main thing is that it's a hollow, broken replica that seeks attention rather than identity.
CodeBlazeFate Jul 5, 4:12 PM
You gonna obliterate FranXX on saturday? If so, good luck and here's to some friendly competition. Let's see just how bad this ending is.
SunlitSonata Jul 4, 4:50 PM
Same. I’d prefer taking the piss to be in a funny way full of creative passion and investment in what could have been, rather than cynically dissecting every element and occasionally yelling at it.

Even if some critic people rallying at it have genuine points to make, those being very overused, acting like it murdered their families when it, like anything else is just fictional entertainment, doesn’t do anything for me. At the very least, doing an Abridged series allows what they consider flaws in the show to be the major context things that are changed. So rather than explaining it viewers can pick up. Basically considering the show’s enduring popularity I’m glad SAO Abridged exists and works as well as it does.
SunlitSonata Jul 4, 3:33 PM
OK sure, but I don’t expect the idea tha any citizen can marry teenagers to older men to come about just because of that. Again, I can’t critique what isn’t there.

Keep in mind there is an art to making a parody of something.
On the one hand you have movies like Airplane, Hot Shots, Spaceballs and apparently the Cornetto trilogy that genuinely work as parody films drawing from the base idea of a movie but giving it a comedic edge. But on the other hand you have everything Seltzer and Friedberg do, so lazily and horribly that they are less informed than the actual makers of what they are parodying. References because they are temporarily relevant rather than sticking to a touchstone. Thinking something is hilarious on principle without giving it anything.

An Abridged series is also a form of parody art using the original animation, but having the comedic edge to its writing. Rather than just be lazy, tally all SAO’s problems, throw them in a document and add a punchline here or there, they actually reconstruct the show from the ground up to change context for character actions. Adding unique quirks to characters who had little to none or making more coherent arcs out of it. It’s “low” budget wearing high budget skin but does so in a way with the editing to shine from it. Even if Reki Kawahara was necessarily mentally handicapped, that would still be putting blame on the writing. You judge something based on what actually shows in the work itself, whether writing or budget utilization.

It also helps that, like it or not, SAO will always be relevant. Taking a random forgettable title from years ago and making that Abridged won’t have the same resonance. So putting the time and effort into remaking the show into an Abridged parody people genuinely enjoy a lot regardless of feelings to the original. Anyone can write fan fiction but SAOA is an organized effort with a grasp on quality control and what feels like focus testing to make sure jokes would land. If you look up any lower tier Abridged show there is a noticeable difference. So basically, yeah, putting in that effort to take Kawahara’s misshapen writing into something millions enjoy gets kudos for me
SunlitSonata Jul 4, 11:28 AM
Doing it, it presents itself as a scenario where such dark downsides wouldn't show. Even Charlotte did some growing up of her own by the end of the episode. Just because of accepting genuine love between two people that would unite two kingdoms, doesn't mean that everyone would necessarily be just as fine with abuse or cutting off their own fingers. The circumstances would make the marriage ethical in context. It's false analysis to wring attempted abuse/manipulation when it isn't present or even implied, and I'm at least willing to give the show and the characters shown here the benefit of the doubt based on what it didn't show. I can genuinely see the positive feelings minus the negative implications and therefore it isn't a deal breaker.

Interestingly though, this story was actually anime-original. As in, not from the books. Like a few of them.


The smithing scene from Episode 7 was great. They mixed Guitar Hero with Guilty Gear music and Gurren Lagann background to great effect.

Uh yes, you do need those scenes to fuel their new character arcs and make their rewritten narrative flow more than just a series of disconnected happenstances. What impresses people is that it fixes what's broken while simultaneously adding memorable jokes. They totally have the editing chops, way more than most Abridged series anyway. And again, these are tagged by funny jokes. Like any Abridged series they have to work around the way the original is made, removing stuff that doesn't add or they can't add too, while increasing relevance otherwise to moments where it was lessened in the original. Kirito's feelings of disillusionment because of losing Sachi get much more focus in this version.

Plenty of examples, like how three of the Moonlight Black Cat members were tutorial NPCs who hit the chest not for being idiots but for being set to auto-loot. Or Sachi having terrible internet connection. I really enjoyed the way they edited around the first Kirito vs Heathcliff fight. They staged it like a cage match where the two got battle descriptions from eager announcers, and Kirito's thoughts on how he would approach the fight WAS the animation from the show. But it turned out, he was so busy thinking that he's on the ground within seconds, the audience causes riots from being ripped off, and Kayaba doesn't have to cheat to beat Kirito there so the way Kirito discovers Heathcliff is Kayaba can feel more organic (a shared love of movie references) than just that "I could sense he was cheating to beat me". And linking the two together for the epic confrontation in Episode 11. It's changes like that to really benefit their narrative, aside from plot hole fixes, better justifying the flawed setting and expression alterations mainly around the eyes for comedy.

I'd also recommend this video, which isn't perfect but does a great job describing how they went to task on the genuine potential, given how many people devoted so much time to it.
SunlitSonata Jul 4, 8:42 AM
“Again, when you are officially an adult and believed to have sound mind and maturity, then you are capable of dating anyone older than you, regardless of their age.”

Yes. Beliefs that did not exist yet. Someone would naturally grow up think of marriage as a beneficial process as a stage of growing up (in her case making peace) but she’d have freedoms, especially in a royal family. Plus she would still have many other people in her court to help her through the process of running the kingdom.

In that case I’ll close off the argument FOR GOOD with this to never bring it up further: I see the issues with child marriage that is ordinary, modern, non-royal, reckless, private from the world, and selfish. I’m only defending it SPECIFICALLY in context. A context where the event is being exalted in public, with people likely getting word quickly of any major problems in the relationship, and the Prince and Princess having knowledge that their lives together will be under the eye of everyone in either kingdom for their entire relationship. Indoctrinating a kid about finger breaking could be seen as horrible in a private setting, but in a public setting watched by everyone, especially a happy peaceful one with responsible adults on either side, it would straight up not happen.

As a whole, child marriage is correct to not be legal today in the U.S., and the other countries allowing it wouldn’t have nearly as much of an excuse as this or be THIS public with the cases. If Violet wasn’t breaking the fourth wall while saying it or writing a “Dear Major” letter showing it to the audience a la MLP FiM I’ll take it as being appreciable of the case because of context. It show the ultimate goal an Auto Memories Doll’s job would let them accomplish: Royal standing between two countries on tenuous ground after the overly ambiguous war. It’s not something child abusers would be down with because the scenario shown implied mutual love, public viewing and the lack of any sort of abuse. I’ll leave it at that. If you want to think that the topic as a whole is taboo, fine, you are by no means wrong. But even in a very flawed show like Violet Evergarden (genuinely think the rest of your review besides this point is well on the mark), context is key, and no creepy undertones surfaced from the case scenario.


To be fair it had to have those emotional moments because the original SAO set the stage for the scenes in such a way (it scene set fine, problems were in context), but looking at the comments, the more exaggerated characters, as well as the fact that these scenes tend to be tagged by jokes anyway are appreciated as improvement. For instance, Kirito in the original show never actually told Asuna “I love you”, but in this version, he does despite his sociopathic personality/more visible detachment issues which makes it hit more for some people as character development.
SunlitSonata Jul 4, 5:28 AM

Hope you enjoy Moribito. Seems right up your ally. On a different note, have you ever seen SAO Abridged? It’s amazingly funny and even people who dislike the original love it. They posted a preview of Episode 13 today.
SunlitSonata Jul 3, 9:27 AM
It made the relationship stronger from an emotional and logical perspective. Sure, but I can’t knock it for lack of a direct implication to sex and the peaceful planning of the entire event, without abuse or grooming.
If this Violet Evergarden scenario was set in modern times between say, two random people from different houses in my neighborhood, or they directly showed physical/mental harm to either of them from each other and brushed it off, then yes, I’d be disturbed, it would be illegal, and there would be no ulterior benefit to the world at large. For me this type of thing could only work in its context demonstrating a task an Auto Memories Doll would be put up for and why.

I feel like I need to clear the air from bringing this back up, and what better way to do that than a recommendation.

What if I told you that there was a fantasy adventure anime that didn’t make the most out of nor fall pray to Shonen tropes? One with a clear cultural ethos almost in an Avatar way? One that’s only 26 episodes long? One with crisp visuals, slick fight animation without them being too constant, developed worldbuilding, a strong willed mature female protagonist, side characters who get meaningful screentime away from her, and an ongoing main plot separated into specific individual episodes? If any of that interests you, and you are accepting of slower pacing, I’d highly recommend watching 2007’s “Moribito Guardian of Spirit”.
SunlitSonata Jul 2, 3:41 PM
It was stated in the series that Drossel and Flugel (the nations of the two characters) were previously enemies in the war and arranging the marriage to cement the terms of the peace treaty. We don’t have that type of thing in modern societies, and yes, there are laws against it, partly because of the obvious sex implication but also because of kingdom post-War allying not being a thing anymore. You call it “abuse” in your review like you aren’t sure what the term means, while no one is actually getting hurt or even being sad from this deal. The princess is happy about the marriage, he’s happy about the marriage, and both kingdoms are happy with the union, which would probably work out wonderfully on an economic or support level.

You bring up how slavery isn’t glorified but there’s a problem with that: movies about slavery tend to show it exactly how it is, that being a definitively bad thing because of how much blacks and other races were put down for it, intensive labor conditions and the heavy racism ingrained into the concept passed from generations. The one example I can think of that got a lot of controversy was Disney’s Song of the South back in 1940, meh-seeming and unmemorable aside from the animation and Zippity Do-Ba song, but catching a lot of flack since the people behind it forgot to say it took place after slavery’s banning.

I brought up the comment about STDs, something not known of to extensive degree at the time, because the show never states or even implies that she would have sex with this man older than her immediately after just because they are married. If that was the case while she was still underage, I’d totally agree with you. Under the very specific circumstances, accepting their love is fine and doesn’t gross me out since there were not unfortunate implications of anything dirtier happening in the future.

There is a lot of exposition in Katanagatari, to a large degree, though it tends to be drenched in character for each of the opponents, development of the leads’ relationship, or present humor, which does exist, especially of the troll variety. It’s consistent throughout the show and is added upon a colorfully quirky art style. Not entirely sure if you’ll enjoy the ending (hopefully) but I think it is at least worth seeing through as the odyssey that it is.