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literaturenerd Sep 18, 9:18 PM
Thank CHRIST! Someone else finally doesn't worship SSY. I felt insane, like I was the only one that noticed it isn't as good as MAL's other elitist "sacred cow" titles.

1. The MC girl is too perfect and lacks any real internal struggle. Squeeler is not a well written or sympathetic villain. Most of the characters to me have the depth of a rain puddle, and Kiroumaru the samurai mole is the only legit good character.

2. The only good parts of the world building are just wholesale stolen from Huxley's Brave New World and Zamyatin's "We".

3. This is an adaptation of a Japanese young adult novel that Japan considers on par with fucking Hunger Games. Yet many MAL elitists treat it like its Shakespeare. Is this just babby's first dystopian future story?

4. So many fucking plot holes. I outline a number of them in my review.

5. It kind of looks like shit.

I love plenty of highly flawed series. For fuck sake, my own favorite anime is god damned Elfen Lied. However, I am fully aware of these flaws. SSY fans act like its this perfect masterpiece and honestly seem hostile to any suggestion it isn't.
UchuuKyoudaiFan Sep 3, 4:59 PM
I also find anime comedy pretty lame overall but Saiki Kusuo is funny to me. I think it can make you laugh just another recommendation for your PTW and reviews
SunlitSonata Aug 15, 7:39 AM
In saying Hand Shakers looks worse than SSY, I think I speak for, you know, EVERYONE WITH EYES. Hand Shakers is the Problem Solverz of anime in the sense that it overcolors and overcompensates for everything by throwing seizure inducing visuals onto everything but the kitchen sink for the sake of it rather than really fitting anything. Ugly CG permeates every scene. The camera swings about wildly because it can. Fish eye lens. Shading filters. More boob physics than any other animation. Jittery camera. Arguing that suits its tone is far harder because Hand Shakers gives no shit about atmosphere. If you want lie your ass off and claim no effort, sorry you lost common sense. No other review for a long while searching through would see the animation as anything close to a 1 because they can hold bias and respect how well the art design suits it regardless of thoughts on the story.

No, you didn't really explain about the color choice actually being bad, enough for a 1/10 to be even plausible, or to the point where it's clearly a suited style and not laziness. All you did was LITERALLY LIE and create this fake art design shortcut "texture muddying" that isn't actually existent, relevant, or prevalent in anything else A-1 does.

Most of those changes you state feel like either unsuited to the style or nitpicking, like changing the way characters look. The art design I feel is you finding reason to rag on A-1 just for the sake of it. And don't tell me you wouldn't have known who made it, given how studio names are one of the first things you see when clicking on a series. Hell, I watched and enjoyed it hearing it was one of their best shows from someone else, and using MAL, seeing the studio's name is very quick on the page. Also, the art actively changing styles during the series itself I don't think is a good idea, unless you are going for the Yuasa trippy angle. Consistency is generally helpful even in something like this. Reverting back to traditional anime style/shading/highlights I don't think would've helped either, since its own more stickered on characters gives the series a standout feel compared to the more ordinary shows around it.
If you want to do something helpful, give an example that actually has credence to the tone and setting. This being a world that's taken a step back from any kind of futuristic technology. Like say....Casshern Sins, a show with a fantastic aesthetic that is way more similar in tone to this than Lain will ever be, where models are more colorful and shaded against deliberately desolate backgrounds. And even that idea works better their given the colorful character designs that occupy it.

What I meant is that VE clearly had the fantastic animation going for it, but someone convinced the director to make it look even shinier with the filter and he went for it, like it's very nice overall but maybe that one thing could've been dialed down just a bit. You're trying to imply with the immeasurable jump to 1/10 animation that EVERY CHOICE MADE was the wrong one which lacks any sort of understanding of what this was even trying to do and reaks of studio bias.

What do you mean? Lain totally took place in a suburbia loaded with technological elements, while SSY takes place in a world removed from technology that's objectively true. The reason I bring that up is because the ordinary image is so naturally tied to animes of that nature, Lain can get super crazy with it when things get weird, and the dissonance is created because of that originally familiar appearance. Death Note is also a show that takes place in real society, and its use of dulled colors help to convey the serious tone it wants to get off very well. Like Lain, being in suburbia keeps the style familiar as anime but able to be taken more seriously. SSY wants to do so immediately in a post-apocalypse type setting to immediately set the show as something aesthetically off traditional, and to fault it for that feels petty and hypocritical.

When I look at Shinsekai Yori, I can tell this is an anime that doesn't want to be treated the same way as other series, one doing something with the art design to better present the world's discomfort, and accentuate the features of things like the Queerats and what Kiroumaru is to make them seem more standout alien, which helps to convey the source's ideas. If they looked beautiful, that would be missing the point completely. When colors are dulled, you dull them for a reason, typically because you don't want the series to be seen as happy happy camp fair. I mean, Jojo's is super colorful and can be serious when need be, but it's also blasting with over-the-topness, camp flair and Shonen like battles. I see no actual problem with the dulled aesthetic in seeing what SSY wants to convey. Then on the other hand, a show like 2007's Ghost Hound tries to go for a similar tone, but the art is too ordinary and clean, which I think detracts even more because the distinctive edge that could've been there is lost. Just going off the writing, SSY is sunk pretty firmly into that tone, the prettiest shots, landscapes and sequences being purposeful to that end as contrast to the intentionally dulled colors and muddiness.

Your failure to understand that and wanting to push the "those bumbling idiots at A-1" tone of your review makes it defined as bias to me. If you want to prove it is not bias, watch an A-1 show you give a good score I'll be convinced you don't have a bias against them. Hell, I'd argue what they did in visually showing off SAO actually helped the material, since most if not all of its problems (aside from say the shots on fanservice) came from the writing rather than the adaptation team. Like, if they didn’t put effort even in flawed vision, we wouldn’t have the very cool looking Asuna/Yuuki fight in Season 2 among others regardless of flawed writing context. That's what I've done, even my favorites studios like BONES, KyoAni or SHAFT have series I've scored all across the spectrum.

Again, the setting and contrast there separates the two shows. Among people on MAL who compare, quite a number of shows stand between the two series to each other. Lain seems like what everyone tells me Black Mirror is, a show deconstructing the influence of technology, while SSY feels more like an Animal Farm, 1984, or hell, even Heart of Darkness, as in, dystopia fiction.

When I say that about you thinking nothing was being established, I say that because it seems like you fundamentally misunderstood the tone of the series and why the animation conveys said tone pretty well, something that can be said among many people who watched it I'm aware of besides you, again, including others with similar disdain to the studio.

It's ultimately the matter that I take offense to literally giving it a 1, which implies none to bare minimum effort and failing in literally everything it tries. Something not described to SSY at all. Keep in mind I don't think the presentation is 10/10 by any means, as there are times when the CGI can be kinda awkward and the lighting style suits the nightime or darker palette scenes much better than the day ones, but most of your problems seem to come from a lack of clarity on what it represents and how the director planned out this art, if not with the greatest budget, to get across how different this anime would be in concept. If A-1 really put in no effort, they'd make it look exactly like the proto style, not doing anything to convey the hidden beauty or dark depths within. Or to make the trippy sequences stand out at all, which having watched the series, they very much do because of the contrast. As much as I like a series like Code Geass, being so colorful with the designs in that sense doesn't always suit the tone going back and forth from dramatically silly to hilariously insane. Or more appropriately, Future Diary/Big Order, where attempts at drama are weighed down by low quality as well as how stupidly designed the gashing colored characters are.
SunlitSonata Aug 11, 6:14 PM
Unlike Hand Shakers, Shinsekai Yori wasn’t nauseating all the time or eye searing. I could always see what was going on, characters were distinct against the backgrounds, its compositions could be uniquely put together at times, some of which I showed or are in that trailer for instance, and the frame rate didn’t hate itself the whole way through. Stop acting like it was no effort when that CLEARLY wasn’t the case. There were tons of interesting or inspired shots in SSY, especially during say, Saki’s meeting with Shun when he had the mask on, or some of the cut together past sequences. Nothing you were saying made any sense from a logical perspective. You’ve have to be nitpicky as hell to actually consider the clear and obvious effort in putting a visual style with solid to decent animation a 1. You explained poorly why it was a misinformed choice and didn’t give any real example to prove otherwise how it should have looked. Violet Evergarden has fantastic animation yet the overgloss filter was unnecessary and kinda incidental. Though that was just unnecessary. Lain has its fair share of off modeling as well, but it takes place in ordinary suburbia, SSY does not. I don’t think either would have benefited from the other’s style. Its dulled tones are well suited to the serious and moody atmosphere of the series, how hard is that to understand? It works especially well at night or indoors, where the mood lighting and shadow layers add visual depth to this depressing world. You never gave a base on how it should’ve looked. You’re letting your studio bias get in the way of basic scene comprehension. I watched a show recently called Boogiepop Phantom. Very similar to Lain, and it decided to apply a sepia filter over the entire project. Did it work? Sometimes it made the proper atmosphere suiting it, though other times it was mainly there to hide lacking production values or actively made it hard to see. I wouldn’t give its animation a 1.

I wouldn’t expect a widely extravagant forest unless it was something like Made in Abyss or a Ghibli movie where the fantastical setting justified it enough. SSY, for the most part, is presented to be a realistic-like well built upon setting that happens to have some foreign creatures. Having a normal looking forest is not something I count against it, especially when helped by the show’s lighting. That’s just pedantic.

“The tone, nor the quality of the series fitted this purpose.”

There's a certain point where bias get in the way of honest judgement. The tone perfectly justified the washed out colors and non-standard design pack. There is an obvious dissonance to the setting, and feeling of loneliness conveyed through many of the characters. If you think nothing was established you aren’t giving it enough credit. Those shots you referenced are not going for the same thing. I can tell something tense is building in that scene with the serious palette, moving rocks, concerned expressions and purple sky shape, regardless of it is dulled colors. That’s not a direct comparison, Lain is just abstract for abstractness, and the working unfamiliarity is the abstactness being placed onto an otherwise totally standard look, as the rest of society looks like almost any of 90s school anime. It's mainly her particular vision where everything is all screwy, which in a show centered around her among all else, accomplishes that. The two shows have completely different thematic goals, so that point is pretty much moot. You’re REALLY stretching the bias for animation to be a 1, even if I would never consider in a million years consider it 10/10 visuals. Literally NO ONE ELSE I know who’s seen the show would even consider the animation at the absolute minimum, even those with similar disdain to A-1. Too much effort was placed into its art design, giving that a 1 would be like rating Bakemonogatari low because you don’t like the palette or thought the cutting was distracting. Which is just unfair. In my opinion, the idea that the series lacked effort is complete and utter nonsense. Was it a B Project? Honestly yes, but there's a subsect that worked hard on that aesthetic I'm sure, despite some of the more flawed moments.
SunlitSonata Aug 10, 10:25 AM
"The series looks horrendous"
Not true. It is a STYLE, it does not actively look bad on some sort of objective standard and you'd have a very hard time trying to convince me of such with actual evidence, or that it looks worse than something like Hand Shakers, Dynamic Chord or others that don't try for suiting their series at all. Someone could show me this trailer with no knowledge of the series and I wouldn't say it looked bad, just that it handled its look differently from a lot of other series and I'd be curious on what it was doing.

Not really. Again, it is fitting the moody atmosphere of the series. I don't even see what you mean about forests, as them being in another A-1 show or any normal series, they look fine in SSY. For instance this shot of a forest in SAO, which is more bloomy and detailed fitting that aesthetic. This forest would not work with the style or world depiction SSY used.

I just don't see why it is misguided, what would you have made the show look like, also that I think you might need greater knowledge on what bad animation IS. Good animation yes, that's clear especially with shows like MiA, Mob Psycho 100 and OPM looking excellent for TV anime, but there's a certain line between bad animation, the occasional off modeling in betweens and a style. If the animation was consistently gorgeous I think it would undersell say, the Queerats or other unnatural characters appear as in the eyes of the characters.
SunlitSonata Aug 10, 8:13 AM
Well you actually finished it. Granted, I disagree with a lot of you said but, you did finish it so I can say you saw through all it offered and made something constructive out of it. Nice work there. That said,

"Animation- 1"
I personally believe this is a misguided assumption. It's a STYLE, not bottom of the barrel. If it was 1/10 animation, you wouldn't have those nice backgrounds, atmosphere building or psychedelic moments every once in a while.

If anything I give props to the animators and director for trying to realize it in a unique and mature way. If it had a more standardized anime look and coloring, it would totally detract from the unique atmosphere the show gave off. Similar to Bakemonogatari, where the first season was for the most part, aside from that one battle, less animation and more well placed drawings in abstract compositions. Now, did SSY get too heavy on the exposition at times? It did. That false minishiro bit early on was sorta draining, but I think its ideas were well realized enough to justify a good amount of it, and although we see things from a particular POV, I don't think that detracts from it since it gets us closer to said characters' confusion. I'd hardly say tensionless at all, given the lack of power and making ways a lot of major characters have. The use of timeskips here do a nice job showing events' effect upon said world. Dystopian stories of this ilk a la 1984 or Fahrenheit 451 tend to have lots of information feeding regardless so i didn't think lowly of its detail. I don't mind you didn't like the show, though I would not consider it under lack of care or lack of trying, at least for this particular show. Higurashi is more liable on this account.

It's not being lazy, aside from say, that one episode where the rats were CGI for a lot of it. Almost no other A-1 show looks like that, or uses this technique you're making up to describe it. Occultic;Nine also used a different style from the norm and for what tone it has that style works for its sake.

There are a number of examples I can bring up in reference to different animation highs and lows in different A-1 shows, and how they don't fall within this consistent mold, but for now I'll hold. The reason why the monologues were there in Your Lie in April was more a matter of vision and circumvention ANY studio would have to deal with, since reading the manga for that series, the judges talking about music is there and necessary since you can literally hear nothing. Removing that would do away with a lot of contextual elements as well, or for people who don't know how to read music while providing bonus for those that do.

If you want an example of what 1/10 animation actually looks like, aside from say, the animated movie Food Fight, check out these clips from the anime Dynamic Chord:
KyoumaZ Aug 3, 7:00 AM
How is the Shinsekai Yori re-watch going for you? :^)
Grex11 Aug 3, 6:17 AM
I know we've never talked before, but I'm relatively familiar with your views through comments and the like. I was browsing around reddit and saw some posts that felt a lot like something you would say... then lo and behold, it actually was you. I -- don't really know where I'm going with this, but I just found it kind of funny. Props for being consistent and having a recognizable voice, I suppose.
Serendipity Aug 2, 9:37 PM
idcgaf Aug 2, 6:04 PM
"There has been nothing original introduced since Eva" is inaccurate as not only did eva pull from other media, but so does everything else. Originality isn't the end-all, be-all of art, it's quite the opposite really. Execution is key and can give a breath of fresh air to something old. It's also a bit ironic considering your stance and all your favorite anime, your taste clearly doesn't align with your ideology of "pushing the medium" with criticism if you value originality so highly and EVA in 95 was the last "original" work.

In all honesty, Made in Abyss is as original as EVA was and I could name a bunch more where that's the case.
SunlitSonata Aug 1, 4:40 AM
I don’t know if you knew this, but Digibro actually used to be the head of the Brony community, the first to really make analyst videos on the series. Though some point after the fourth season of the show he got too cynical, lost passion for it, moved on to anime, and that left a hole filled by a storm of other Brony reviewers, the best of whom share the capacity of tough love and plausible critique but manage to also hold onto to positivity, which is nice.

It feels like the critical anime community is actually LESS than the Brony community, and even then some of the people, like ThatAnimeSnob for instance, tend to be too far on the cynical side that it results in him constantly believing modern=bad, reviewing things through a lens, and calling people stupid for feeling differently to him. And then on the opposite end, you have people who see anime is such a wonderful art form that they’d hardly critique it at all ever going onto every hype train, of which many can be named. There needs to be a balance, something we’ve tried to do with a combination of praise as well as being critical out of understanding if it came down to it. Something this video does a good job discussing.

He was the one who made SAO’s hatebase seem normalized in the future. When Digibro made a video about 10 hopes and 5 biggest downsides I bought it. At some point down the road between his “We have Accepted Mediocrity” video which seemed to dip more cynical his opinion kinda lost me, though in older videos that split both ways I liked more. Though he does do that thing where he pins certain points on shows in videos without actually finishing them, which is dumb at points.

Apply this video to Anime Critics or MAL reviews and it basically works the same way but with less reliable independent outlets: It’s actually relevant to how MAL works as well since you have people on both the recognizable name angle and the more “company site” style reviews, with good and bad on both ends. Plus the rat race, with Violet Evergarden being a great example of such
SunlitSonata Jul 30, 5:44 AM
There’s a point there. I don’t mind making a Shonen anime if you want to either do something great with it or refine what you the genre means. Power fantasy with that is not the only reasoning. Especially if like those two you have uncommon elements it is clear the author put a lot of thought into. FMA for instance deals with a lot of issues regarding war, corruption, and living with disabilities. Arakawa even interviewed a number of people who had experienced them prior to writing the manga. It was written in a way where events consistently mean things to the greater whole without needing to be padded, so the animation could be consistently high quality. And then in Hunter x Hunter’s case, you have the insane amount of thought making the intricate pool that is the Nen system, as well as making each arc feel diverse in a coherent world, especially Chimera Ant.
There’s a very big difference between how a show like My Hero Academia became a phenomenon while a show like Black Clover is popular in Jump but completely failed to get a international fanbase. Aside from the more mainstream nature of colorful superheroes, MhA had a recognizable degree of effort and distribution amongst its cast, while Black Clover not only had the poor voice acting of the lead, but seemed to feel entirely derivative of every past thing ever without offering up anything new. There’s a totem pole and I don’t know if you’ve seen the lower pegs. The “demographic” of that has always and will always exist for every medium in different ways, so tapping that I don’t mind if something is brought forth in effort.

I think it comes from the fact that Japanese viewers in general are a million times less critical than people overseas. MAL exists partly to get opinions from the more opinionated western fanbase. We’re in a time where by all means, other audiences are getting closer to the concept of anime than ever before, as creators visit America for cons and such, and American companies aim to make their own anime. But international success is less concern than Japan success. And check out THEIR top anime list:

If you’re interested here are all the features:
They also released a graphic novel with four new stories, which I hear may as well be episodes with how consistent they are to everything else.
AltoRoark Jul 27, 11:19 AM
Heyo, if you don't mind me asking, does Nick have a MAL?
SunlitSonata Jul 25, 12:29 PM
Regardless of your personal feeling, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and its 2003 counterpart were shows that had familiar templates, but used them in ways to really accomplish something greater than just a market advertisement to buy merchandise, or promote waifus: actual vision by the author and creators. It's consistently beloved by most people I know in critical and popular crowds because it is a culmination of executive backing an idea Arakawa was dedicated in building towards.

And the thing is that it's not even like it is impossible to make great renowned shows or decent shows with genuine effort poured into them nowadays. There have been plenty of examples even in the last few years. You just have to look for it amongst the sea of pandering and blandness that has always existed throughout the decades, like any other medium, but is more noticeable because anime is more mainstream than it ever has been. It tends to be clear, to me, when the author put a lot of stock into realizing their vision, versus whether executives made it pander to the masses in reckless abandon coasting on past success a la FranXX.

On a topic that's the complete and utter opposite of that, I recently got the Complete Series Blu Ray for Gravity Falls and it's awesome. Not only does it have every episode, an hour long documentary looking back on it, and also episode commentaries for every one. It's nice to hear how much thought was put into every episode, and even looking back on things they would've done even better. It's a great case where the stars aligned, with a personal origin rather than a market origin, visionary creator, network backing to create a great look, and tons of substance for all ages. There's also a new graphic novel released which is apparently also great. It's a Western cartoon, and the best of those usually get more mainstream than the best anime but the point still applies.
Prideful_Master Jul 14, 8:00 PM
Solid FranXX review, mate. You totally summed up my issues with episode 13 as well ("How else are we to connect with 02 if not by seeing her as a little, crying kid with an outwardly cute design? Good character writing?") And then she devolved as a character after hooking up with her darling (god this show just ruined that word for me). Compared to Trigger's other heroines, she's easily the worst. I didn't even think she was that hot.

It's also worth noting that Trigger apparently bailed on the project after episode 15. I don't expect that to change your mind on their involvement, but they seemed to know to get when the getting's good. Hopefully their next show goes better.