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Princess Principal
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animeiscool561 Oct 14, 7:44 PM
NICE review. Made one as well:
sothym Oct 3, 10:41 PM
Superb review of Owarimonogatari S2!
Cubot Sep 25, 8:59 PM
I've seen a couple of your reviews now and I really appreciate the effort you put into the reviews. You take the time to analyze the theme of some shows, the present motifs, the bigger picture, you're like the AP Lit student of anime reviews. I have to admit, upon seeing some of your scores for shows without context of your grading system I was prepared to tear off your head, or something of that manner, but all things aside your system is pretty good and a nice break from the stifling prescribed words that are associated with the MAL 1-10 number scale. I generally don't put too much thought into how I score a show, I grade it right away upon finishing, taking into consideration my satisfaction at the end of the final episode, my overall enjoyment of the show as well as if I skipped parts of episodes due to the content not being engaging. A lot of what goes into a score is personal preference and enjoyment but you take a semi-neutral position, at least in some of the reviews of yours I've read, and give a refreshing viewpoint. You take the next step and look at all the details that people like me don't have the time or effort to do and I just wanted to let you know appreciate ya and keep up the good work :)
AndoCommando Sep 7, 6:17 PM
Lovin your reviews dude, keep it up :)
phothewin Aug 29, 4:58 AM
Nice Owari S2 Review. I appreciate the way you can always take a step back and put things into perspective; it makes for a more thoughtful written piece with some introspection here and there. That's something that I don't see very often these days, unfortunately.
DIvIneJudgement_ Aug 23, 11:33 PM
so.... whats after owarimonogatari?
Ericonator Aug 17, 8:07 PM
How're you liking Jojo so far?
TeKSMeLater Aug 17, 2:03 PM
I see, and I kinda relate too lol. Hope you would get around to it eventually, since it might suit your tastes.
TeKSMeLater Aug 16, 11:24 PM
I just want to ask, are you gonna consider watching Serial Experiments Lain in the future?
Xaxuxaxu Aug 14, 7:53 PM
Just dropping a comment after reading your review of Owarimonogatari 2nd Season, which i really liked (it was exactly what i thought after watching it!)

I checked your profile and skimmed through some reviews (it's pretty late here and it would take so long to read them all) but i really enjoyed them so far.
It hurts whenever i see low scores on shows i loved to watch but i know i tend to rate them higher (and to ignore some flaws) based on the enjoyment i had while watching, so it's always nice to see someone rating more objectively in his reviews!

I sure hope your reviews gets more recognition in the future because they deserve it, so i wrote all this just to say...keep up the good work!
Smackeral Aug 13, 8:02 PM
Hi, I read your owarimonogatari s2 review. I just wanna say that the reason why kagenui and oshino disappeared from araragi's town was because ougi used a lost snail apparition to keep them out. This is due to ougi being araragi and how araragi himself thinks that he doesn't deserve the help of specialists and needs to solve his problems himself. When ougi's identity was revealed she lost this power and the specialists were able to return, but kagenui apparently decided she wanted to stay at the north pole and battle polar bears lol.
Sukeroku Aug 13, 5:15 PM
Incredible Owarimonogatari 2 review, omedetou!
KaDeMeQuos Aug 9, 11:35 AM
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traduc google is piece of shit
KaDeMeQuos Aug 8, 7:35 PM
nichijou,prinschooil and kill la kill

Vo so delayed or you do man konosuba a 6.5 and to that shit those notes the taste you have it above konosuba is a 10 a 10 pope
I'll lead you
Baryonyx Aug 3, 9:18 AM
"It is paramount we criticize it too. Supporting a product like this will help fuel more products like this. In 2014, Miyazaki said something incredibly poignant about anime as an industry, and the fans, instead of taking it seriously, decided to take it as a joke. He made it clear that as an industry, anime is spiraling out into nothingness. There is an endless loop of self-inspiration that will never actually prompt original or groundbreaking content.

As an industry, anime is otaku driven, and as a people, according to Miyazaki, otaku's aren't usually capable of understanding how people work. And if you are writing characters to represent people and don't understand how people work, your characters will take roles that are wholly unrealistic. We already see this in anime constantly. Completely stupid character archetypes that simply don't exist in the real world, from Tsunderes to the concept of a pure, yet sexual girls that seems to inhabit essentially every anime with inherent, childish sexuality in it. "

-from your eromanga review

Miyazaki wasn't talking about writing in that interview, he was talking about animation. He's talking about animators not studying real life and their animation suffering as a result. Source-

Not that I mean it as an attack or anything, I agree that a lot of anime tropes are terrible. It's just that I see that interview constantly misrepresented and it's sort of a peeve of mine.