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Sep 29, 2017

What do you get out of world-building? A sense of creating a universe that is so fantastical yet dealt with pragmatically. The experience of wonder, of awe, of wide-open eyes and dropped mouths with a string of saliva rolling down the side of your cheek. The figurative light-bulb lighting itself above your head as a new piece of crucial information is revealed. The feeling of descent, thematically and literally, as every step you take with these characters feels harder, slower, more exhausting. Beads of sweat drip off your temple. The ecosystem suffocates you. The monsters lurk at the edges of an oasis.

Made in Abyss, read more
Aug 19, 2017

Starting reviews with a quote is often cheesy and forced, however, I figure i'd fall in line with the series if I do, so...

"Mama Mia!"

That was Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's first season and it was indeed bizarre and quite the adventure, with a sprawling cast of characters and two massive arcs that end up giving more than they take. What felt like a generic action shounen, which I am strictly not a fan of, ended up transitioning into something just a little bit more... bizarre. Perhaps not quick enough, though, but the end result here is undeniably fun. I think that's the easiest way to read more
Aug 13, 2017

Owarimonogatari was ultimately the end of the first, and most likely the main story of the series. These last three arcs provided a good conclusion and I wouldn't be upset if that's the final Monogatari-related product adapted by SHAFT. Although I doubt it, since there are tens of side-stories, epilogues, prologues and everything in-between left to adapt. This, however, felt like a proper conclusion. Even if it wasn't what I wanted, I can't help but feel happy about the ending regardless.

Monogatari, ever since I began watching it, always left me with an air of ambivalence. If you go venture forth to the past and read more
Jul 13, 2017

Going into Kizumonogatari III I was somewhat worried. Part two, for it's spectacular visuals and astounding fight sequences really left a hollow first impression from it's character perspective. The inclusion of Hanekawa as a focal point was disappointing, and her sequences with our protagonist, Araragi were either barebones fanservice, with understandably beautiful shot composition, or tedious, obvious dialogue-driven moments that were unexpectedly banal for a series that has illustrious and hilarious writing. With the focus on Hanekawa, there was a lack of development between Kiss-shot and Araragi, which made me extremely worried for the eventual climax of this film since it is reliant on that read more
Jul 11, 2017
[3.0/10] - DROPPED


For anime that I've decided to drop and do have something to say about, I decided to write up some short thoughts on the subject matter. This isn't as structured or well put together as some of my other reviews, however, I figured to try my best and describe what exactly about this series didn't do it for me and determine why exactly it didn't work.

Shokugeki no Souma is a series that follows Yukihira Souma, a kid who just entered a prestigious cooking school that's treated like some kind of Olympics training camp in this world. In this special school, he meets read more
Jun 24, 2017

Oh no. Oh no...

I was holding off on publishing a review until I finished watching. Not for any hope that something like this would get better, but simply due to the fact that I couldn't bring myself to write about whatever this is. Eromanga-sensei is everything wrong with the anime industry. And you know what? That's not funny. I see so many jokes about that concept. How viewers laughingly remark about this series' and how horrible it is but eat it up regardless, promoting this utter shit until it becomes the most popular non-sequel of the season.

And it is. Eromanga Sensei is the most popular read more
Jun 18, 2017

For a series that's all about a plethora of characters yelling loudly, Attack on Titan definitely finds itself whining a lot this season. Even with the aptly titled final episode, "Scream", AoT rarely finds breathing room to develop its scenario or characters past bluntly exposited backstory or nauseatingly boring dialogue. For everything it lacks in subtlety, it thankfully makes up for in bravado, as this season, even in its shorter length, is louder, dumber, and more abrasive than the last.

Don't get me wrong, I actually prefer shorter seasons in anime and I was happy to see that we won't be sitting through twenty read more
May 24, 2017

If you watch as much film and television as I do, there is nothing you grow to not expect. I'll be the first to admit that my experience with anime is limited, however, my experience with other mediums is unbelievably large because I dedicated myself to consuming as much entertainment as possible. That, now a days, does involve anime. While anime does bring some new tropes to the table, in structure, it is still similar to other mediums. So getting surprised by something you feel as though you've already made up your mind about is a very rare occurrence...

So lets talk about Koe no read more
May 13, 2017

The year of surprises. Recently, both western media and anime have been surprising me, usually in a good way. From Kong to Dragon Maids, I've found shockingly enjoyable entertainment in places where I really wouldn't expect it to be. Maybe i'm becoming softer, as the escapist entertainment slowly drags me through the depths of "why don't you just have fun!" and "just turn your brain off, dude!" and whatever other insipid statements tend to spring from the bad taste crowd. I'm not above making fun of someone for the kind of shit they watch, so when i'm conscious of the kind of shit i'm watching, read more
May 4, 2017

So the idea for this show is kind of silly. Protagonist gets drunk, stumbles into a forest, meets a dragon and invites it to live with her in her small apartment in the city. The dragon obliges and then turns into a colorful, spunky girl in a maid outfit. It's an "anime" presentation through and through, from the idea to the execution. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon is strange like that. A show elevated beyond all expectations by the studio working on it. Fate has a funny way of emphasizing oddities like that.

I'm not sure Kyoto Animation chose this show or if it was read more