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Mar 2, 2018
Paprika (Anime) add (All reviews)

The duality of yourself. A creature which, through no fault of its own, dons many masks, many personalities, many interpretations. How do you act on your first date? How do you act on your fourth? Is it different now that you are comfortable with one another? Can you finally be who you truly are? The idea of duality is what Satoshi Kon strived to analyze through his filmography. This idea, that the life you live isn't just one experience, one person, but many that live alongside one another, battling for control.
In Paprika, one of the greatest anime films ever, we see Kon at his read more
Feb 18, 2018


Y'know what? I think this OVA was better than the majority of season two. It brought back a lot of the charm that I missed with Konosuba's second outing and instead of recycling the same jokes and creatures, they ended up giving us a cute story that was just good enough, in my opinion.

Season two was bogged down by stale character dynamics that were already getting old in season one. It also didn't employ any of the tactics its similar sitcom brethren tend to add to their second seasons, such as an additional cast member or a small over-arching narrative. Instead, we got the read more
Feb 14, 2018


It would be natural to compare Kids on the Slope to Your Lie in April. Both series came around the same time, have a relatively similar premise, and are romances with the backdrop of music. I was wholly disappointed in Your Lie in April due to the writing, the hamfisted dialogue, the lack of nuance, the characters, and the inability for the series to let music breath and tell its own story.

So, with that knowledge, I was cautious going into Kids on the Slope. I was aware that it was a similar, romance-driven series that utilized music to occasionally back-end certain plot elements. I read more
Feb 3, 2018


Humanity has Declined left me puzzled. Not necessarily out of confusion of whether I enjoyed the show or not. Spoiler, I did, but because I can't help but feel that if this series was more geared for "me", as someone with taste and emotion and certain biases, I would've down-right loved it. I think the best way I could describe Humanity has Declined is that of an audacious delight. Audacious because of the downright fascinating narrative choices, both in story and structure, and a delight because when everything wraps up at the end you are often times left going, "that was clever!" A series thats read more
Jan 19, 2018

A testament to the episodic format, Little Witch Academia is, at least in the first half, closer to a Saturday-morning cartoon from the west than it is any anime that I've seen. It made me nostalgic. Nostalgic to moments, years ago, which I hardly even remember. The lazy, early mornings, having a hand resting on my shoulder slowly pushing me awake. My eyes fluttering open and the sight of a loved one telling me to get my breakfast. Running down the stairs and being greeted by a bowl of cereal and my favorite cartoon.

Put frankly, the first thirteen or so episodes of Little Witch read more
Jan 11, 2018


Going through the OVAs for Little Witch Academia before I dig into the series is exactly what I needed during a lazy afternoon. Mixing childish Sunday-morning nostalgia and utterly impeccable presentation, LWA's second OVA, The Enchanted Parade, is an utter joy to experience. With explosive character animation, beautiful design, and endlessly love-able characters injected into a Harry Potter-esq modern world breathed new life into me.

We follow Atsuko "Akko" Kagari, an adorable optimist that struggles with her witch schoolwork yet, with the support of her two equally cute friends, Sucy and Lotte, ultimately succeeds where it matters most. It's a story that is as old read more
Jan 8, 2018


Exploitation done right, Devilman: Crybaby is what I endlessly want the over-abundance of overly-pulpy overly-rediculous anime to be like. One of the only redeeming factors of Devilman, adapted by the venerable Masaaki Yuasa, is the astounding soundtrack. Everything else really doesn't shine as bright as I'd hoped, but what I got instead was a thoroughly unhealthy meal. A massive dollop of cheese mixed in with a hard-to-swallow cacophony and exploitation-era brutality that was endlessly easy to indulge in.

That's what a plethora of anime is missing. A medium which is often bathing in pulp, you'd expect these kinds of elements to really shine in many read more
Jan 4, 2018

Wandering Son blew me away. A series that could've easily harbored so many of the negative qualities I associate romance anime with, such as an overabundance of melodrama, love triangles, and boring characterization was utterly subverted throughout this short, eleven episode run-time. So much so that I honestly felt surprised throughout most of my watch-through. While there is a love triangle, while there is melodrama, although thankfully it is reigned in, the characterization is far from boring and the writer(s) do an impeccable job with keeping you on your toes. This series doesn't go where I thought it would, as it spends it's run-time making read more
Dec 28, 2017

There are certain tropes that exist within the realm of anime, well, less obviously, comedy anime. Said tropes seem to inhabit the majority of these programs and, to my dismay, negatively influence my enjoyment of these products. Tropes are not inherently bad, as they are a kind of backbone for every piece of entertainment. However, certain tropes you, as a viewer, can grow to harbor an inner disdain for.

Comedy anime, especially of the romantic nature, tends to exude and indulge in these tropes to the point where they instantly put me off of a show. One of said tropes is the idea that our read more
Sep 29, 2017

What do you get out of world-building? A sense of creating a universe that is so fantastical yet dealt with pragmatically. The experience of wonder, of awe, of wide-open eyes and dropped mouths with a string of saliva rolling down the side of your cheek. The figurative light-bulb lighting itself above your head as a new piece of crucial information is revealed. The feeling of descent, thematically and literally, as every step you take with these characters feels harder, slower, more exhausting. Beads of sweat drip off your temple. The ecosystem suffocates you. The monsters lurk at the edges of an oasis.

Made in Abyss, read more