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Jun 24, 2017

Oh no. Oh no...

I was holding off on publishing a review until I finished watching. Not for any hope that something like this would get better, but simply due to the fact that I couldn't bring myself to write about whatever this is. Eromanga-sensei is everything wrong with the anime industry. And you know what? That's not funny. I see so many jokes about that concept. How viewers laughingly remark about this series' and how horrible it is but eat it up regardless, promoting this utter shit until it becomes the most popular non-sequel of the season.

And it is. Eromanga Sensei is the most popular read more
Jun 18, 2017

For a series that's all about a plethora of characters yelling loudly, Attack on Titan definitely finds itself whining a lot this season. Even with the aptly titled final episode, "Scream", AoT rarely finds breathing room to develop its scenario or characters past bluntly exposited backstory or nauseatingly boring dialogue. For everything it lacks in subtlety, it thankfully makes up for in bravado, as this season, even in its shorter length, is louder, dumber, and more abrasive than the last.

Don't get me wrong, I actually prefer shorter seasons in anime and I was happy to see that we won't be sitting through twenty read more
May 24, 2017

If you watch as much film and television as I do, there is nothing you grow to not expect. I'll be the first to admit that my experience with anime is limited, however, my experience with other mediums is unbelievably large because I dedicated myself to consuming as much entertainment as possible. That, now a days, does involve anime. While anime does bring some new tropes to the table, in structure, it is still similar to other mediums. So getting surprised by something you feel as though you've already made up your mind about is a very rare occurrence...

So lets talk about Koe no read more
May 13, 2017

The year of surprises. Recently, both western media and anime have been surprising me, usually in a good way. From Kong to Dragon Maids, I've found shockingly enjoyable entertainment in places where I really wouldn't expect it to be. Maybe i'm becoming softer, as the escapist entertainment slowly drags me through the depths of "why don't you just have fun!" and "just turn your brain off, dude!" and whatever other insipid statements tend to spring from the bad taste crowd. I'm not above making fun of someone for the kind of shit they watch, so when i'm conscious of the kind of shit i'm watching, read more
May 4, 2017

So the idea for this show is kind of silly. Protagonist gets drunk, stumbles into a forest, meets a dragon and invites it to live with her in her small apartment in the city. The dragon obliges and then turns into a colorful, spunky girl in a maid outfit. It's an "anime" presentation through and through, from the idea to the execution. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon is strange like that. A show elevated beyond all expectations by the studio working on it. Fate has a funny way of emphasizing oddities like that.

I'm not sure Kyoto Animation chose this show or if it was read more
Apr 18, 2017

So I finally got around to watching Your Name and it was a pleasantly surprising movie. It didn't intrigue me much from the trailer. While the idea seemed at least sort of interesting, these kinds of teen romances haven't ever been an object of enthusiasm from me. They often feel overly naive and cloying. I can't control my own cynicism, can I?

Your Name surprised me in two ways. One, it provided a fairly hefty twist midway through which thankfully wasn't spoiled in the trailer. Two, its focus on romance was less abrasive than I expected. I was pleased with how little the focus read more
Mar 30, 2017

Whatever choice you make, whatever path you take, live it to the fullest. The message is simple, the idea isn’t. Tatami Galaxy weaves a complicated string of narrative threads through a canvas that tells a humble story. How would you relive a moment in your life which you believe has gone down the wrong path? What if it wasn’t one moment, but a combination of moments. A cacophony of looping moments with slight differences that all leads to a moment in which you realize that you haven’t achieved your goal. That miserable moment where you realize the last two years was wasted. What do you read more
Mar 25, 2017

The ability to elevate your work is paramount to show growth within an inherently creative medium. I feel as though that is what Wit Studios really attempted to accomplish with Kabaneri. A show that is essentially a retread of their breakout hit Attack on Titan, with only slight deviations in the storytelling. The fact that Kabaneri came out as the next show they created is further proof that it felt like a test project, something to hone your skills by. A sharpening stone.

The theme of human versus monster, only to realize that humans may be the real monsters is well-explored in anime. It is read more
Mar 20, 2017
[Score : 5.0/10]

Finishing up Konosuba’s second season, I’m very happy to report that it doesn’t suck. For context, Konosuba was going to be the first anime I’ve ever actually watched as it airs. Week after week. However, this show’s first few episodes were less than exceptional and didn’t have many of the elements I enjoyed in the first season. Well, more specifically, nothing in the show changed and I felt as though they are rehashing the entire story for the sake of an unestablished return to norm of this anime sitcom. So, I guess it had too much of what I enjoyed in the first read more
Mar 17, 2017

Kill la Kill is not a stupid show. I want to draw this line now. A stupid show is one that blatantly contradicts its established settings or fails to draw verisimilitude by continually destroying its own lack of believability within the world it created. From the very first episode, the world of Kill la Kill remained intact and it never strained my disbelief. This show is silly, not stupid. It revels in its ridiculousness because, as this show blatantly states multiple times, that is the world they live in. It is ridiculous, absurd, and every synonym in between. The premise of the universe is, after read more