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Mar 20, 2017
[Score : 5.0/10]

Finishing up Konosuba’s second season, I’m very happy to report that it doesn’t suck. For context, Konosuba was going to be the first anime I’ve ever actually watched as it airs. Week after week. However, this show’s first few episodes were less than exceptional and didn’t have many of the elements I enjoyed in the first season. Well, more specifically, nothing in the show changed and I felt as though they are rehashing the entire story for the sake of an unestablished return to norm of this anime sitcom. So, I guess it had too much of what I enjoyed in the first read more
Mar 17, 2017

Kill la Kill is not a stupid show. I want to draw this line now. A stupid show is one that blatantly contradicts its established settings or fails to draw verisimilitude by continually destroying its own lack of believability within the world it created. From the very first episode, the world of Kill la Kill remained intact and it never strained my disbelief. This show is silly, not stupid. It revels in its ridiculousness because, as this show blatantly states multiple times, that is the world they live in. It is ridiculous, absurd, and every synonym in between. The premise of the universe is, after read more
Mar 12, 2017

Exploring existential themes in any series marketed towards a more "mature" audience has become trite at this point. There can be so many explorations of what makes people humans and what makes the earth neat. That doesn't stop from industry executives pointing towards a potential adaptation and saying, "That one." Then proceeding to throw a few hundred thousand at a studio who just so happens to enjoy drawing cartoons and then you get a show. Not just any show, though. An edgy show. With blood, existential themes, and very vague sex scenes. There are monsters that have sharp teeth, too. What you get is one read more
Mar 5, 2017

[Re:Zero – Our Very Own Buzzword]

What is deconstruction. What is subversion. What is the reason these terms exist within the realm of entertainment media? Why do they matter? Our need to attach holistically positive or negative terms to reinforce our own positive or negative ideas is a staple of criticism. It's a staple of judging media, period. These buzzwords have filled everyone’s vocabularies over the course of the last few years. Whether it's due to online critics or simply the consumption of analysis-based content without the interest and engagement necessary to understand these more nuanced topics. It's unfortunate that I even must call something like read more
Feb 22, 2017

Mob Psycho 100 - Wacky, decisive, entertaining, subversive, and occasionally funny. With the constant influx of Shounen anime that pours out of the pores of the industry, you'd expect that a plethora of parodies would release every season. But no, for some reason parody is kind of rare. Even shows marketed as parody, like KonoSuba rarely actually do any substantial and biting parodying. While Mob Psycho doesn't really go the route of being a full-on parody, it does have satirical elements through subversion.

For the most part, it points out the ridiculousness of a lot of similar Shounen action through it's own storytelling. It lampoons read more
Feb 19, 2017

So I didn't expect to like Prison School nearly as much as I did. In fact, this may be one of the best anime series I've seen thus far. What I'm seeing from people discussing this show is contempt for the more risque and bold elements it utilizes so often. A dismissive attitude is taken towards just about every facet of the shows storytelling, structure, and characters when you can wave the magic "fanservice" stick and reject the positives that this story brings.

To describe this further, I want to go to the root of the issue. Fanservice. What does it mean and how does read more
Feb 13, 2017

I'm not a fan of talking about something i'm dropping, mainly because it's literally impossible to make a wholesome review of a show or movie without actually completing it. That being said, I don't really see anything inherently wrong with dropping something if it simply doesn't grab your interest or maybe even loses your interest as you continue watching it.

Welcome to the NHK isn't an aggressively bad piece of filmaking. In fact, i'd say that it has a lot of positives. However, it seems like a fairly decisive work. I feel as though the entire show changes and the changes that happen aren't particularly read more
Jan 27, 2017

Exploring deeper themes in films made for kids has become very popular, especially recently where even American animation has began exploring more mature elements. However, for as much great stuff that comes out of Hollywood every year, kids... or family films, have never really been highlights for me. Mainly because they always strike me as the "safest" way to explore something that's more mature.

Zootopia was pretty great, however, it's exploration of racial tensions and everything involving them, while more mature than what i'd expect from a kids movie, is still fairly basic and over-simplified. Inside Out, for how pretty it is, never really read more
Jan 25, 2017

The last thing I was expecting was a show about people. Rather, a show about humans. It's very common in anime, whether it's due to subs or the mediocre writing, that characters feel detached from what you would imagine people to be like. That's why it's so easy to "act" like an anime character, because the very concept is so cliched. Just become loud, abrasive, and energetic and talk about some pseudo-philosophy. For the most part, you just encapsulated every single action-anime protagonist. Or maybe be an understated cool-kid that pretends he doesn't care but really has a heart of gold. There, you got the read more
Jan 8, 2017


In a world where every teenager is a philosopher. Where every decision is backed up by a few minutes of brooding monologue, as the extremely obvious is explained repeatedly exists a show that is deeply flawed simply due to it's own genre trappings.

Your Lie In April is that show. In this review I will probably be harsher than perhaps I should be, however, watching all twenty two episodes elicited a very interesting reaction from me. One of frustration, exasperation, lost potential, and maybe just a little bit of hope.

A show that could've done so much right. A show that is dragged down by read more