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May 10, 2013
Contrary to what MAL and other sources may say, Kakumeiki Valvrave (or Valvrave the Liberator - whichever tickles your fancy more) is in fact a parody anime. You might be confused as to why I am asserting this given how this anime isn't classed as such and actually appears to make an attempt at some more mature themes, but let us take a closer look at the story. And before you deem this review unhelpful based on the low score I've given the show, I might as well you right now that while I do in fact enjoy the anime, it is no discernable way read more
Mar 23, 2013
Shinsekai yori is truly a great series. I've been wanting to write this review for a long time but I decided to wait until the series finished to do so as to write an accurate and coherent review as possible. After 6 months and 25 wonderful episodes, here it is. I will do my best to keep this review spoiler free.

Adapted of the novel by Kishi Yūsuke, Shinsekai Yori tells a story of a civilisation set one thousand years in the future. Mankind has evolved into beings capable of a obscure power known as "Juryoku" or Cantus, a powerful psychic power that makes the read more