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Dec 6, 2022
I'm easy to please, especially with pornographic material. As long as it is competent in giving what you want in a pretty package, I will enjoy it. Yet, even when something is put in one, you still have to provide me with more than what is bargained for. When you have all of these great assets, and you can only give me half amazing and half meh, it only adds fuel to the disappointment. Which can still be good but not amazing.

Kyonyuu Fantasy is not a bad hentai. In fact, I would still call it very good. Its best quality is the female cast. They ...
Oct 22, 2022
There are rare moments when you start browsing through anime as a newbie, trying to familiarize yourself with the medium. You look at one in particular that catches your eye almost immediately. From looking at its description and everything else around it, you know it will either be your favorite anime or not. Serial Experiments Lain was that for me, and to say it kept me invigorated from beginning to end would be an understatement.

The year is 2011, and I was starting my life in college. I was already knee-deep in my anime fandom and keeping track of almost every anime that came out each ...
May 27, 2022
We love hentai for the same reasons we love porn: release our stress to our passionate fantasies that excite us sexually. What makes hentai superior in many ways is that you can go beyond reality and create whatever situation you want without any real-world repercussions. These situations can involve worlds of fantasy or sci-fi when hentai scenario writers try to be creative with their stories. Fantasy, in particular, is something we don’t see very often these days, and whenever something like Kuroinu pops up to fill in that void, it’s always a treat to see.

Why do hentai enthusiasts, like myself, put Kuroinu in high regard? ...
May 19, 2022
Shoujo Ramune (Anime) add
Every genre has its Citizen Kane, whether in anime or hentai. Most would point to the Loli genre with the 1984 six-part OVA series Lolita Anime as its Citizen Kane. While it holds significance with its place in history, it has not aged well with the modern era other than being a time capsule. If there is one OVA that I think truly deserves to be crowned that accolade, Shoujo Ramune would be the one to fulfill that position, no questions asked.

When talking about this hentai, you will get a lot of polarizing reactions. This is hentai that is about as niche as you’re ever ...
May 9, 2022
When there is beauty in life, a utopia lies beyond the horizon.

The utopia in question would be Gargantia, the setting in the show Suisei no Gargantia is centered. We are thrust into a world with no boundaries, no territories, and no international law anymore. It's just the endless sight of oceanic currents and the clear blue sky. It's not often we get a mecha anime with this amount of ambiance or majestic atmosphere that could almost be as close to Aria quality to a bit degree. Going into this show to form my opinion of a positive or negative nature is still hard to express ...
May 9, 2022
Mixed Feelings
What happens when you mix the greatness of H.P. Lovecraft and the greed of corporate execs trying to make a quick buck on Moe? Total nonsensical fun, that's what!

There's not much to say about the remarkable cultural phenomenon that is Haiyore! Nyaruko-san and its sequel, other than the fact that it's otaku pandering at its most masochistic. One way to describe the show in one word is "references," and oh boy, are there plenty of them in the next installment. It's important to realize, though, that the show is a satire of otaku culture and decides to put Lovecraft's mythology into it to make it ...
May 9, 2022
"No one likes to see a girl cry, no matter who she is." - Yokodera

The quote above sums up the entire tone of the whole show. It's genuine and fun to its very core. Like Hentai Ouji, anime comedies that rely heavily on moe or cute girls as their driving force are overly contrived of tired old gags that aren't truly funny and come across as annoying than anything else. However, some shows are exceptions to this, and Hentai Ouji is one of these and is by far the best one to come out in the last year or two.

From the beginning, the plot is ...
Apr 30, 2022
Euphoria (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
There are fetishes or taboos that almost nobody will ever understand or appreciate. Especially ones that might make someone feel nauseous or disturbed by how it is portrayed. When you first encounter it, you will likely feel repulsed or distressed when you aren't ready for it. Let me clarify; this hentai is not for the faint of heart. Why is it, you may ask? Allow me to elaborate.

Euphoria has all of the following scenes that can please a wide variety of fetishes: A girl being electrocuted to death and pissing herself, a girl tied up with a toilet seat around her face as a guy ...
Apr 22, 2022
For us that hold up traps/femboys to the highest of culture, hentai OVAs involving this genre are hard to come by. You can look up any website that catalogs doujins of all kinds, and you'll find thousands involving cute traps in the lewdest situations you could imagine. It could be because hentai is an incredibly narrow medium due to a lack of budget and resources, except for a couple. Even though yuri is well-loved, you don't see it as much in recent years in the monthly hentai scheduled releases. But whenever something like Otokonoko Delivery comes into the ether, it's like a unicorn somehow graced ...
Apr 21, 2022
We all have that hentai that we repeatedly watched when we were at that young age, where we explored the internet and discovered that glorious pornographic medium. After years of watching clips of hentai from Newgrounds porn games, the one that I remembered watching all the way through and had a title to the hentai was The Story of Little Monica or Little Monica Monogatari. I watched it the entire way through without skipping to the sex scenes. I was young at that time. I didn’t know better until now.

That isn’t to say the story is terrible. I could name hundreds more that have worse ...

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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