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Seirei no Moribito

Seirei no Moribito

Alternative Titles

English: Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit
Synonyms: Guardian of the Sacred Spirit
Japanese: 精霊の守り人


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 7, 2007 to Sep 29, 2007
Duration: 25 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Both set in a mythical world. Each has its own intricate story line that actually follows sense, and politics. Great action scenes for both too (Seirei no Moribito has amazing ones). Check out the other if you've seen one, they're both highly entertaining and more 'mature' shows.
reportRecommended by Xinil - Add to favorites
Both series are about young, sheltered children who are exposed to the outside world through their guardians.
Both have similar stories and great action, although Stranger has more action.
Both shows are based on their respective light novel series by Uehashi Nahoko, and both are presented in a style that is somewhat different from the norm.
Mari and Balsa are very similar because they are like a protective mother figure for the children in both animes.
Both have badass female leads, young male companions, forsaken heroes, awesome action sequences, and historical/fantasy setting. Good character development too, so the fights have more tension because you really care about the characters doing the fighting.
It has same aura. When you watch Mushishi, and when you watch Seirei no Moribito, you feel somewhat close to nature. (and both anime are quite nature-spirit related)
Journey of two strangers that grows closer and devolope famillial affection. Cast of great characters and bittersweet conclusion
Female protagonists of each anime shares similar qualities and both boasts fluid animation.
Samurai Champloo and Seirei no Moribito are very unique anime that stand apart from the rest. Taking place in feudal Japan, both have to offer high production values that shine in the highly detailed landscapes and very fluid animation. The fighting scenes are pieces of careful choreography that blend with the soundtrack. While Samurai Champloo is zany and filled with pop culture references that make it deliberately anachronical, Seirei no Moribito reproduces the period rather accurately and is a sober anime about human emotions; both defy a too strict categorization in a particular genre.
Both fantasy series involve protagonists (Princess Yona in Akatsuki no Yona and Prince Chagum in Seirei no Moribito of royal blood fleeing their kingdoms and enemies who want to kill them for various reasons. They are protected by bodyguards (in both series, the primary bodyguards wield spears - Balsa in Seirei no Morbito and Hak in Akatsuki no Yona) and gain allies on their journey throughout the entire land. Over time, they learn about daily life and hardships among commoners and communities alike, as well as truths about themselves and the person they wish to become. There is political intrigue, action, supernatural elements, romance, and comedy in both - although Seirei no Moribito has a more mature, serious atmosphere whereas Akatsuki no Yona is more laid-back and fun in comparison. I highly recommend them both, especially if you enjoy adventures, character growth, and numerous battles.
When I instantly laid eyes on Balsa, she gave me a feeling of a striking resemblance to Kenshin. As I learned more of her past, it only reinforced in my mind how similar these two lead protagonists are and the way they handle themselves throughout their story. Both warriors have made vows of never to kill after trying pasts. They both then commence on a journey to repent for those they have killed by simply saving the life that's right in front of them. Both Rurouni Kenshin and Seirei no Moribito are touching stories of two warriors and how they deal with overcoming their pasts by saving the present in order to preserve the future.
reportRecommended by VK11 - Add to favorites
Plotwise both are about a prince who's going on an adventure to fight a curse and stand up to his fate.

Also the fantasy world's setting is similar: These are times when men fight between each other but also nature that they don't understand. Anime touch the subject of spiritual beings, demons and moral problems of humans who don't treasure life.

Well both start with a majestically child that has been rejected by their parents because of a bad omen or fortune telling. For the sake of everyone the child has to survive and so get protected by some sort of family.
Both series revolve around a woman taking a boy under her wing and training him for the difficult task ahead of him which could threaten his life. Together, with the help of friends, they evade the capture of their enemies and make their way to ancient villages, leading them on a journey to save the world by depositing an "egg" of sorts at a promised place, as tradition calls for it.
Each world bears a resemblance to Japan, but is sort of an alternate dimension, and the female warrior who cares for the boy is from a foreign land.
Both series have excellent plots, moving dialogue, and exquisite animation and artwork, as well as surreal concept design, ranging from environments to costumes to creatures, and even customs, and various clues are weaved into the series which play critical roles to the final outcome.
Xam'd and Moribito are both top-notch and deserve more attention than they are getting.
Both are extremely artistic as well as based on fantastic stories. And both stories focus on warriors with ideals bigger than the sword. But most importantly if you liked watching well animated, highly skilled fighting, with a good story, you'll love this show.
Both anime have a capable warrior becoming a bodyguard of a youth. They are both set in a historical setting (old Japan for Blade, and a fantasy world that does have a lot in common with old Japan for Seirei).

There are some good fighting scenes in both anime and the villains get character-development as well.
Careful storytelling and believable characters are the strength of both shows. And both feature a strong but troubled woman as a main character who selflessly helps others.
While Moribito has more action and is set in a very different world, elements like the mystery and the slow pacing make them feel alike.
And best of all: they will both make you think about them well after watching them.
Similar feeling is all i have to say......may not be much but i can allmost garantee that you'll enjoy one if you enjoyed the other
Usagi Drop is an easy going slice-of-life while Moribito is more about action and monsters. But ultimately, both boil down to being about a single adult trying to take care of a child. If you enjoy a story that explores the development of parental feelings, then these aren't that different.
Both Brigadoon and Seirei no Moribito have young children being protected by strong warriors with mysterious pasts.

Both Melan and Balsa originally see protecting their respective charges as nothing more than their duty, but they both eventually come to care for the children they're watching over.

Brigadoon has much more comedy and light moments, but both have great action and great heart.
When watching both series it feels like you are reading some piece of classical Japanese literature. They are both dedicated to politics and mystery, though Genji is certainly has much more of romantic mood; meanwhile Seirei no Morbito is more about action and mysterious creatures.
Background for both series is ancient Japan and both princes are deprived of any rights for throne.
If you like esthetically charged Genju Monogatari you have to watch Seirei no Morbito as well.
Both feature a strong female lead role and are very mature anime series'. I think that anyone that likes one should definitely like the other.
SnM features outstanding production values and a beautiful score, while presenting a serious adventure story. The noble characters must band together, and swordplay and sorcery look great on screen.
Both series could be classified as drama. They both have deep characters that you learn to care about. And the ending is breathtaking. You will not be disappointed. There is absolutely zero fan service in this series. The protagonist is also on the run in both series for different reasons though.
both have a monster/ghost into a young boy and both have a war with their empire/government
reportRecommended by xs37 - Add to favorites
Both series start out with the appearance of an appealing fast paced action anime, but it quickly becomes apparent that they are predominantly character and story driven with intermittent compelling action sequences. Both animes also have a battle against the odds, which creates bleak undertones that are predominantly overpowered by a determined and hopeful vibe. Both series feature a secondary plot following characters from a different side of the story, and a main set of characters that are unlikely friends. Both animes have strong leading characters, a compelling and wonderfully animated world filed with interesting lore, and are instant classics.
reportRecommended by Azeal - Add to favorites
Both are fantasy epics that have superb world creations and equally compelling central plots that're both uniformly affecting, and "off the charts" entertaining.
Both are maturely written, have a great cast of varied, and atypical people that often ponder and adapt to newer developments. Never do these developments detract the message, but always are they interesting and enticing.
Both have amazing technical values that are still beautiful to this day, with equally beautiful soundtracks that match their atmosphere's 100% to the T.
If nothing else, these two are some of the finest in anime period.

Moribito is a little more adult oriented as tweens are less likely to embrace it as FMA's shonen background might.
Moribito is also much more refined in it's art.

Fullmetal Alchemist is longer, with more subplots(but that doesn't detract anything).
Out of all the anime recommended, I would have to say that The Third: Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo is the closest thing to Seirei no Moribito.

Tales told of legendary female warriors who uses their power to protect rather than to kill. Though they may possess great strength, they choose to walk the path of a trivial life. Living each day knowing that the blissful life they have now are thanks to the sacrifices of those who had protected them.

As they continue their journey about their daily lives, a spark of chance change their path in life to realize the truth behind the world around them. The bonds that they've made along the way and the love they bare will soon to rock the foundation of the world that they live in.
Both are set in ancient china and feature martial arts action. Both feature some political struggles that go on during that time.
A more experienced individual (with whom the central protagonist shares the exactly same personality uptake) is supervising a pupil and is mainly supporting from behind the shadows to straight out a government's dictatorial/aristocratic nature. Also by the same producer.
Both animes revolve around the main character who is a skilled fighter and does their job of protecting someone. The person they are protecting both hold a power that must not end up in the wrong hands or there will be extreme consequences. The animes also include great fighting scenes.
Both anime are set in japan-like world and both tells a story of warrior with destiny.
reportRecommended by hajil - Add to favorites
Both Seirei no Moribito and Shakugan no Shana are both action/adventure series combined with comedy and romance. They have action scenes that are very plot-driven, not dragging on for several episodes like other pure action series, and both have action sequences of great animation.
It gives of the same feeling. Normal kid gets into a world of space battles and attains powers and position that he thought where impossible for him.
Both revolve around young, powerless kings who find themselves on a journey. Kingdom is more realistic though while Seirei no Moribito has some fantasy elements. If you like the royal-on-the-run historical setting, both are pretty good.
Both are from Production I.G., hence the beautiful visuals. Their settings couldn't be more different but the characters and story presentation are very similar. If you enjoyed one you will most likely enjoy the other.
The story takes place in a country resembling feudal Japan. The main hero is a brave and very skilled warrior, who suddenly finds himself protecting a young heir of the nearby province's monarch, since the person they're protecting is a key to a local magical event. They're also being periodically accompanied by a strange old person who has shamanic powers. Funnily enough, the genders of the aforementioned characters are stricly opposite in the respective series. And the graphical style of animation is also similar.
The both anime are about a girl, who goes to a journy to save someone/something.
Seirei and TOS have amazing animation and sound.
Like all three anime of its kind (Juuni Kokki, Fushigi Yugi, Seirei no Moribito) this one focuses on a strong female lead. Actually ALL the females tend to be strong in this anime. And yet the men play their parts wonderfully and are not left in the background.

The premise is also similar in the aspect of secret bodyguards. But this is more a sense of feel to the animes - they just have that similar quality that I tend to find appealing in the other two as well. This genre of anime has a wanderer feel to it, but also a kind of strength. Not unlike Miyazaki Hayao's Princess Mononoke (more for the characters of Lady Eiboshi and Ashitaka than for Mononoke Hime).
You just feel that you are on some epic journey with them and already I CARE about these characters.
both take around the same era both are enjoyable ^-^
Believe me they are similar. Both about a handsome prince leaving away from there kingdom. Aslan in more past western era whereas moribito is more past Japanese era.
I don't make this recommendation because the stories or characters in these two anime are alike, because they aren't.

However, anyone who liked the beautiful, eastern landscapes and forests of one of these titles, will enjoy watching that of the other. It's obvious that quite a lot of effort was put in creating these settings and making them look appealing.

The existence of spirits is taken for granted in both these series also, which goes well with the forest-theme.
Both series are about about an exiled prince who struggles to overcome many problems and return to some form of his old life as royalty. Both princes meet many new people on their journeys who either help them out or try to hurt them. Each also has a woman who is sworn to protect him, and a mother they love dearly.

Both series deal with the supernatural and have great fight scenes, and come to amazing climaxes. They also both take place in Japan in alternate universes where characters sometimes enter other dimensions.
They are both based on Epic Fantasy novel series', and in both cases their anime adaptations cover only a portion of the source material. Common elements include magic, politics, assassins and unbeatable lead characters.
The same studio made both titles. And more: Balsa looks like Saya, even though their attitudes may be different...
Blood: The Last Vampire is about a vampire that hunts its own kin...and Seirei is about mystical guardian of the water spirit.
But both are a must see and a must buy!
In both characters are traveling in feudal Japan and searching the way out of the situation. fights another world for saving their and other lifes.
reportRecommended by uum4 - Add to favorites
Both animes are about girls who were saved from being killed by a man,after that they decide to be stronger and take the man as a role model.They also go on journeys in order to save others the way they were saved.Both main female characters are tomboyish and strong willed.Both animes have their own imaginary world setting. If you enjoyed Seirei no Moribito you will definitely enjoy Kino no Tabi as well.
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