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November 1, 2010
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●○●○●○About Me○●○●○●(under construction)

I'll skip the personal stuff for now and talk about me as an anime watcher. First of all I've been watching anime seriously for about 7 or 8 years. I started out with children's anime, woke up early for Beyblade, ran home from school for Pokemon, etc. Got into some random manga at the library a little(Ah My Goddess, Love Hina, Initial D, etc). Rented some DVDs for a couple of anime on Netflix(back when all you could get were the discs). Eventually I forgot about them though. Years later when on Youtube, I had recently moved and started to spend more time on the internet. I saw the thumbnail for a Love Hina episode, immediately recognized it as one of the manga I read part of years earlier, was sort of amazed that the manga I read because all other books looked boring would be made into a cartoon. I watched all of it in that one day. Then went to other anime I remembered and that's basically how I seriously started this hobby. I think it was more about finding a way to watch something interesting for free online than it was that Love Hina hooked me, that got me into anime.

■□■□■□■□■Clubs I Manage■□■□■□■□■

These are boobie gifs. I see a bunch of nice boobie gifs around the net and wanted to save them somewhere, thought there might be some other boobie enthusiasts on here so I'm sharing them. Possibly NSFW.

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BaptizED | Yesterday, 1:01 AM
ur boob gifs are awesome m8

FirstEel | 05-30-15, 2:10 PM
Holy crap that picture with Garp, Luffy, and Ace is amazing

EvenJellyOn | 05-30-15, 10:18 AM
Look I'm sorry. I'm autistic.

GeoPrey | 05-26-15, 5:13 PM
Nice boobs gifs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Uchiha_Sasuke | 05-23-15, 8:21 PM
nice profil :)

nothingwitty | 05-22-15, 4:23 PM
I liked the part in your profile where there were boobs

Rin-ichihara | 05-22-15, 4:32 AM

TokyoSanchez | 05-17-15, 1:33 AM
I can see where you're coming from. I wouldn't expect anyone to like a character after hating them for 30+ episodes from just a 2 hour movie :P

Roth | 05-16-15, 2:04 PM
Hey turtle =w=)/
You interested in playing a One Piece game?
See here:

vodall | 05-15-15, 5:27 AM
i like your boob gifs

neteX420 | 05-13-15, 9:01 AM
Not ur absolute fav no.

neteX420 | 05-13-15, 4:44 AM
Best anime you've ever seen?

Poitato | 05-12-15, 10:26 AM
You're welcome.

I saw it the other day and immediately thought of your collection.

Poitato | 05-10-15, 8:50 PM

wasif_khan | 05-09-15, 11:32 AM
How much time are u talking about??

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