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December 15, 1991
November 1, 2010
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●○●○●○About Me○●○●○●(under construction)

I'll skip the personal stuff for now and talk about me as an anime watcher. First of all I've been watching anime seriously for about 7 or 8 years. I started out with children's anime, woke up early for Beyblade, ran home from school for Pokemon, etc. Got into some random manga at the library a little(Ah My Goddess, Love Hina, Initial D, etc). Rented some DVDs for a couple of anime on Netflix(back when all you could get were the discs). Eventually I forgot about them though. Years later when on Youtube, I had recently moved and started to spend more time on the internet. I saw the thumbnail for a Love Hina episode, immediately recognized it as one of the manga I read part of years earlier, was sort of amazed that the manga I read because all other books looked boring would be made into a cartoon. I watched all of it in that one day. Then went to other anime I remembered and that's basically how I seriously started this hobby. I think it was more about finding a way to watch something interesting for free online than it was that Love Hina hooked me, that got me into anime.

■□■□■□■□■Current Forum Set■□■□■□■□■
(Both from Gakkatsu!)

●○●○●○MALgraph Achievements○●○●○●
_______________________________________________● Feels... weird, man ●_________________________● Mahou Shoujo: level 2 ●______Slice Of Life: level MAX ●___________________________________________● GAR: level 3 ●
___________________________________________________________● Mecha: level 3 ●___________________________________________________________● Historical: level 3 ●___________________________________● Passed 1500 mark ●______________________________● Romance:level MAX ●
______________________________________________________________● Completionist ●_____________________________________________________________● I like them long ●__________________________________________________________________● VHS Master race ●

● Completionist ●
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These are boobie gifs. I see a bunch of nice boobie gifs around the net and wanted to save them somewhere, thought there might be some other boobie enthusiasts on here so I'm sharing them. Possibly NSFW.

Edwards: Why the big secret? People are smart. They can handle it.

Kay: A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it. Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you'll know tomorrow.

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Subpyro | 11 hours ago
How did you get unbanned so fast?

oktavia-12 | 12 hours ago
Wow, now whenever I get around to watching Gakkatsu I'm always gonna think of your forum avatar xD.

Immahnoob | Yesterday, 12:34 AM
Yo Turtle-kun.

Vote on my suggestion, please... Do post what you voted for and why. I just hope you don't like censorship.

Katagari | 03-25-15, 5:55 AM
I'm gonna have to say the same, I really dislike it when people think they are justified in doing something offensive. I think mostly it's the naivety/ignorance that gets to me.

Yeah I cancelled my WoW account and have been playing less of it so more time for anime.

Serhiyko | 03-24-15, 8:51 PM
Hm, looking at it, I just noticed that developers actually fixed images for firefox and IE, but did it in a different way than me - by specifying maximum width in pixels to the images themselves, which caused the result you see on profiles. I think I should report it

Serhiyko | 03-24-15, 8:35 PM
Well, that's easy. Updated
Unlike in forums, it's not browser-specific btw. The maximum width of images is set bigger than the width of profile's About Me

Awry | 03-23-15, 8:41 AM

Katagari | 03-22-15, 9:09 PM
Yeah I come across a few of those in the forums. And a lot of people that don't use spoilers at all. You know when I ask for spoilers I am alright with them, obviously. But when I don't ask it does sort of piss me off.

Most anime I have watched in a day in a long time! Think 16 episodes today, woot.

Katagari | 03-22-15, 8:41 AM
I was spoiled as well (I asked though) before the show started, but it was such a long time ago I don't remember what was suppose to happen.

That's true.

Katagari | 03-21-15, 9:41 PM
Oh I just visited the Anime Discussion Forum, I see quite a few people have an issue with Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso's rating.

Katagari | 03-21-15, 8:07 PM
Ahh I see. One of these days I will talk myself into trying it. Not today!

So I noticed that the score for Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is a lot higher than Nodame Cantabile, which really surprised me o.O Also saw you weren't on the list of having watched when I clicked on its stats to see how my friends rated it. You have any plans on watching it or no interest?

Xavitar | 03-21-15, 6:39 PM
Hi! I see you everywhere, thought I'd take a look at your profile and then I realized why. You have so much comments.

Katagari | 03-20-15, 7:00 PM
I'm gonna have to agree with ya, they look so delicious and I don't even like tea. So how was it?

Katagari | 03-20-15, 12:46 PM
I think it was the first one, I remember it had piles of the sticks, leaves and such. Thank you very much!

I thought so too, but I am willing to overlook it.

Katagari | 03-20-15, 12:12 PM
Do you remember that site you linked me a long time ago with all the different types of fresh tea?
Friend of mine drinks tea and I wanted to link it to him.

Btw found a nice picture of Boa the other day:

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