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These are boobie gifs. I see a bunch of nice boobie gifs around the net and wanted to save them somewhere, thought there might be some other boobie enthusiasts on here so I'm sharing them. Possibly NSFW.

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kirAth-shiAue | 2 hours ago
I had a hard time picking my 2 most favorite seasons of Natsume Yuujinchou. Any specific reason the 4th season is your favorite?

midnightblade | 8 hours ago
Which one of your favorite anime is your #1?

Do you have a huge anime collection at home or have you mainly streamed/downloaded/watched the shows on tv?

xxSagaraxx | Today, 2:17 AM
Pretty decent, can't complain too much.

I agree, that would be a very fascinating story line. And you would have to assume Ivankov would be involved in some capacity, right?

That's true, Gintama doesn't really have an overarching storyline so you can pop up any random episode (for the most part, excluding the story arcs) and not feel confused and just be entertained. Do you have a particular favorite episode?

BTW the boobs gifs section on your profile is heaven, I was disappointed that it didn't last forever. Boobs are the greatest creation ever made ainec.

Katagari | Yesterday, 5:18 PM
Really? The lighting bugs me for some reason, I am trying to fix it. Probably gonna mess it up further.

Woot can move everything to my blog then!

Katagari | Yesterday, 4:43 PM
Yeah captcha

So I see BBCode might be coming back soon?

Katagari | Yesterday, 3:44 PM
Hmm won't let me link my sig I just made to you. Made me type in extra security protection and that was it. Deleted my message s.o.b.

Shishio-kun | Yesterday, 3:27 PM
Your new user pic is pretty godlike, like it

Katagari | Yesterday, 1:46 PM
Yep if you ever go out to eat at a Korean Restaurant you should try it. Even though beef isn't really your thing, it's pretty sweet tasting.

Katagari | Yesterday, 1:27 PM
That's true.

About to attempt to make my favorite meal, bulgogi.

Katagari | Yesterday, 12:06 PM
Ahh I see. I think it would be fun working with someone else. If I were to ever get into it seriously as you said.

Katagari | Yesterday, 11:49 AM
You could always ask someone else to do the art if you don't want to.

Katagari | Yesterday, 10:13 AM
I day dream all the time about what would make a cool story but I never finish the story. Wonder how far I would get if I took the time to write it all down and brainstorm more.

You should do it. And then share with us.

Katagari | Yesterday, 9:25 AM
Guess they all start out that way. I should get back into drawing, I stopped ever since I lost my sketchbook.

Katagari | Yesterday, 5:55 AM
Ahh yeah I have a few characters like that saved.

kamiroho | Yesterday, 12:07 AM
OKay. I appreciate the advise. (y)

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