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_Ghost_ Jan 22, 2017 2:22 PM
Happy Birthday!
_Keny_ Apr 25, 2016 3:06 AM
I really like your response in:

Thanks for sharing your view on this topic!
_Ghost_ Jan 22, 2016 2:33 PM
Happy Birthday Andy!
Classiick Jan 22, 2016 8:24 AM
I will never be as poetic as you so excuse me while I steal borrow your idea:

His day is today.
A very important day.
Probably a great time for writing a message.
Perfect timing, I say.
Yet what shall I write?

Brainstorming what to write, but nothing noteworthy comes to mind.
Ideas such as this won't do.
Really, what am I thinking?
This will do, perhaps?
Hurry, the day is almost over!
Delaying the message for as long as I can.
Anything, just anything, will suffice.
Yes, I've finally done it! A wonderful message and happy birthday to AndyRayy!

That was horrible. I want to kill myself now.

A-Anyway, now that that horrible endeavour is out of the way, thanks for your message and I hope you're doing well! Happy birthday!

And to make up for your lack of moe-watching; look forward to a very moe future thanks to all these Manga Time Kirara adaptations; applaud you for stuff such as surviving watching Akagi; and to match your wonderful gigantic picture who is obviously the almighty Prinz Eugen, here's a cute picture!

No pressure on the reply.
rr- Oct 25, 2015 1:46 PM
I saw your profile pic. I remembered Psycho-pass a little differently :P
K_dreamer2 Apr 27, 2015 7:45 AM
Are You Crazy Enough?

acajou Apr 15, 2015 1:52 AM
Good luck with your stuff! Hope to see you around the IRC ;_;
SeibaaHomu Apr 13, 2015 1:24 AM
Sorry in advance for any of the disappointment you feel in the later parts of Hanayamata. I watched it not too long ago and let's just say that I wanted to like the series a lot more than I did. My 7/10 score is me being generous.

Also, Kinmoza S2 has started! Why are you not watching it yet you madman?
lleweraf Mar 5, 2015 4:38 PM
If you read this, take life easy and it'll be good~

Take care!
Snakes Feb 19, 2015 11:03 AM
True love.

SeibaaHomu Jan 24, 2015 5:57 PM
That's the problem. Why does a show like Super Sonico get given a dub with a special guest in a heartbeat but a show like Chuunibyou, which is actually popular and well loved, required Sentai to screw up and be slapped in the face for it before they realised there was a demand? I follow them on Facebook and you wouldn't believe how many times I saw people in comments sections asking 'Are you going to dub Chuunibyou?' or 'When does the Chuunibyou dub come out?'. Yet even after all that and the fact that it was one of the most popular shows of 2012 they still didn't come to their senses.

While the teasers haven't instilled too much enthusiasm in me (Nor the fact that I watched a bit of the Prisma Illya dub the other day where Illya has the wheeze of a pack a day smoker and a character literally says 'WTF are you doing?' in one scene) I'm going to hold out until I see the actual dub. Sumire Uesaka characters don't tend to translate well into dub form anyway.

The one thing that gives me hope is that Emily Neves who directed the Watamote dub (Which, as you already seem to know, is amazing) is behind this. Then again, the guy who founded ADV and directed the dub for Evangelion also did the awful, awful Infinite Stratos dub where everyone but the Japanese characters (And for some odd reason the Chinese girl) have really bad accents. So who knows?
SeibaaHomu Jan 23, 2015 4:39 AM
So what's your take on this?

Also, belated Happy Birthday!
Classiick Jan 22, 2015 5:22 PM
I-I'm still on time, right?!

It certainly has been a while since we have conversed (and whose fault is that?!), and it seems that a lot of things have happened during that time, such as the end of Fall and Winter, enjoying Christmas roast dinners with meat water gravy (who the hell says meat water?!), retiring from your duties and...well, just a bunch of other crap.

But let's TRY to move on some more important matters like what the special occassion of today is - your birthday!

Here's your gift, Kiniro Mosaic related, of course!

So great, isn't it?! I knew you'd love it! That's not all though! Since you took the time and effort to humiliate yourself draw that wonderful picture of Yuno for my birthday, I just had to do the same and create a piece of art of my own just for you. It lies in the spoilers below!

Happy birthday, AndyRayy!

W-Well, what do you think of those two drawings? I didn't have any colouring pencils like you did, but you can figure out who that is, right?! A-Anyway time to move on before you start comparing them and making fun of me! dem head sizes though.

Of course, you probably expected that I would post my reply on your birthday whereas I totally did not expect a reply on my birthday, or on our 1 year anniversary of first meeting each other (and thanks for making me cringe at how I spelt desu wrong). Nor did I expect half of a reply and then the other half finally arriving two months later - WHY WAS THAT?!. Though I suppose it's not that bad to have extremely long breaks between replies so that we can focus on real life, watch tons of anime, lazing around, and trying to figure out what the hell to write therefore keeping up this hot potato for a while longer is no problem for me!

However, today is not just to celebrate your birthday. It's also the end of my exams for the semester! So now it's the start of my week and a half long Summer Vacation (or Winter, rather...or rainy, maybe?) where I shall be catching up on my anime, overdose myself with moe and just generally lazing around. This also explains my inactivity for the past month or so, and why my reply just barely arrived on your birthday - my last exam just ended this evening so I had to rush home and work on my reply (which I had barely prepared beforehand except those sketches) with the few hours (plus 5) that I had remaining before your birthday was over.

But now that everything is okay for now because exams are over, and because my plan to announce to the world that AndyRayy is a troll has worked. So now it's time to put these unimportant matters such as your birthday aside and delve into the main content of this comment:

I really think visual novels are really not for me. I did indeed stop playing Grisaia no Kajitsu ages ago (which I originally played so that I could compare it to the anime) and I didn't really make it that far - not even past the common route! Though I did complete Sono Hanabira 1 a while ago whilst I was in the yuri mood, and it had pretty nice...plot. There is actually another visual novel that I played recently that is based on a series that we both seem to be really fond of - Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de aru. However, I only played through Mimori(n)'s routes then just skipped the rest after getting tired of trying to interpret the machine translations and seeing that it's pretty much just a slice of life with no real plot (though I'd probably get an even bigger headache if it had an actual story). The CG is really nice though! REALLY NICE!

But how about that show though?! A magical girl CGDCT?! I totally did not expect that concept before the show aired - I also thought it would just be a typical mundane school girl, slice of life comedy CGDCT. But I was completely proven wrong before the first episode even finished. This weird mix of CGDCTness and magical girl elements, plus amazing performances from Mimorin and Uchiyama Yumi, got me really hooked to the show and its characters. It did get pretty emotional and less CGDCT-y towards the end, but it was a really great show that I will have to rewatch someday. Such a sweet ending too - Yuuki Yuuna really is a hero. And dat yuri potential.

I've also started reading the light novel prequel, Washio Sumi is a hero, which is somewhat thanks to you (what is that in his favourites?!). Though it seems that I'm just not too fond of even reading novels/manga (that long list of yuri manga...) since I'm taking ages to read this, but I'm sure I'll eventually get the motivation to complete it.

Moving onto other shows that aired last season, Girlfriend (Kari) was definitely an interesting show. A CGDCT with a loads of cute girls? Sounds like heaven to us moe fans! But unfortunately it didn't turn out to be too spectacular because I just found it so bland. Though that plot twist that you mentioned where the Karen wannabe got into an accident run over is totally true and was the most memorable part of the show! Serves her right for being a foreigner who doesn't know what moe is!

I was looking foward to watching the WIXOSS sequel, and I was actually also planning to rewatch the first season in order to refamiliarise myself with the story and batoru game rules and whatnot, but I had to hold myself back from doing either due to the upcoming exams. I doubt I'll even get to rewatch the first season now, but I'll definitely watch the second season soon and just hope that I'll remember the story and rules as I watch the show (and for the yuri too). It was a nice surprise to see you rewatching WIXOSS though instead of working on my comment!!

I also see that you're (re)watching the Saki series, just like you said you would! Hopefully you are enjoying the show a lot more now that you understand (lesbian) mahjong, or perhaps you are having a totally miserable time because the characters are flawlessly showing off their tile flipping skills rather than accidently striking each others' genitals with the tiles, riichi sticks and/or other equipment...

While we're still on the topic of mahjong so that I can show off this, I have spent a lot of time on Tenhou during the past month or so, which has really been eating into my time for watching anime. I really need to stop wasting time on this and catch up with some moe...Or maybe not - because I've been addicted to this horrible and stressful game, I've recently taken an interest for Akagi, which seems to be a really great show for just watching some good mahjong and maybe learning some new strategies...for cheating...So it looks like I may be watching that soon. (But Classiick, there's no cute girls in that show!)

It's funny that you mentioned the Raildex series. I actually became interested in Railgun back in 12 18tober 2013 (yep, I hate this dating system) 18 December 2013 once I saw that it was a potential CGDCT because the cover picture and main cast was full of cute girls. Then I realised that it was a spin off of the main series, Index, a few days later so I suppose you could say that my interest in the series has declined greatly since then because I wasn't very willing to watch a title that seemed uninteresting to me (though apparently it's okay to watch Railgun without having watched Index). It seems that you have very slightly rekindled my interest because of potential yuri and "60% CGDCT", but unfortunately I have much more interesting CGDCTs that I want to watch for now such as the moe-est CGDCT from last season, Yama no Susume! Because I really need some modern moe to compensate for the odd and old yet cute CGDCTs that I've been watching recently.

Anyway, moving onto airing shows: this season seems very good in terms of CGDCT content. While you are choosing some shows based on their silly descriptions (although I'm not really one to talk), I have only been watching CGDCTs these past few seasons and will be keeping up this pattern, which is great because there seems to be 6 this season! However, I'll have to hold off on watching them for now because I too indeed have more enjoyment when I marathon them. But I'll probably succumb to watching a show or two because it's just so tempting to do so. Just look at this crime! So here's my impressions and expectations of the shows that I'm hoping to watch from this current airing season:

Kantai Collection: One of the shows that I'm really looking foward to watch too. Loads of cute (ship) girls = heaven. And there seems to be some interesting girls too with annoying cute catchphrases. KONGOU DESU! I have been spoiled by cute images of this show (and almost every other show) from Tumblr so it is going to be really hard to not succumb to watch this whilst it's airing. It's really tempting to try play the browser game to marry your favourite ship girl, but having to use a Japanese proxy to play it and trying to interpret the moonspeak just seems like too much effort for me so I'll just have to stick with the anime.

Koufuku Graffiti: Like I said earlier, this show is a crime! What is this food porn?! What are you doing to the poor girl?! I actually watched the raw of episode 1 after someone told me that this might be the best CGDCT of the cour, and it certainly looks like that this may be the case because I almost died from hunger moe.

Rolling Girls: I don't really know anything about this show yet, but I stumbled upon this gif recently... I think this season is going to kill me.

Tantei Kageki Milky Holmes TD: I've only watched the first season and I desperately need to complete the other whacky seasons so that I can get started on this and hear more of my wonderful Mimorin's voice. (SHE IS MINE) I too have heard the poor reception of season 3 so I'm pretty curious to see why it's so poor compared to the other seasons.

The IdolM@ster: Cinderella Girls: I've been wanting to watch the Idolmaster series for a long time now, but I have no idea when I'll get started on that. I have been tempted to watch this show without even watching the main series (which seems okay, apparently) because this show looks so moe.

Yuri Kuma Arashi: lesbians and bears? Seems like a weird combination, but I'm sure I'll enjoy this one when I get to marathon it because it seems to be an ecchi yuri show.

So it seems that there is so much moe airing this season that I probably won't survive by the end of it. I definitely can't wait to get started!

In other news, the CGDCT of 2015 has been announced: Hello! Kiniro Mosaic!!! And it's just around the corner as it's airing next season! So it looks like that I'll be rewatching Kiniro Mosaic season 1 to prepare myself for the greatest CGDCT ever. Tesagure getting a sequel is also excellent news and I certainly cannot wait for my CGI girls discussing cute things. inb4oneyearforsubs. 2015 certainly seems to be a great year for CGDCTs and moe.

And more horrible haikus to humour his heartily heart:

Happy Birthday, Ray.
I have a question for you:
_Ghost_ Jan 22, 2015 3:21 PM
Happy Birthday Andy!
lpf Jan 22, 2015 7:48 AM
Happy birthday fellow retiree!