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visual-spectrum | 07-27-14, 7:04 AM
@AriGatou yeah i am worried about how the anime will handle the dressrosa arc now as it is the longest new world arc in the manga currently and i fear that the anime will try to stretch it further then it needs to be.

Juggernaut6 | 07-27-14, 3:17 AM
@imperlast: Yes it seems like the anime overdoes Zoro's bad sense of direction to take up more time.

AriGatou | 07-26-14, 10:50 PM
@visual-spectrum: it sure helped! thanks a lot
I too believe that the anime is getting slow, I mean at least 50 episodes for a single arc is just too much :

MrZero58 | 07-26-14, 12:56 PM
I just finished reading the marineford arc and hands down one of the best arcs I've ever seen or read (in this case I read it) while it was kinda short it still was a amazing read can't wait to read more

visual-spectrum | 07-26-14, 5:42 AM
@ariGatou I think it is chapter 603 where the fishman island arc begins . But, yeah I hated how the anime handled the fish man island arc they made it too slow and added some annoying non cannon scenes as juggernaut6 has mentioned, so I switched from there on to the manga.
I hope I helped !

imperlast | 07-26-14, 3:36 AM
@uggernaut6 : is it jsut me or do they seam to be amking zoro having worse and wrose since of direction?

AriGatou | 07-25-14, 10:41 PM
@visual-spectrum: What chapter is episode 523? Where the anime gets worse but the manga gets better .. Suddenly I got interested in reading the manga, but dunno where should I start from

Juggernaut6 | 07-23-14, 5:32 PM
So basically One Piece is superior to all other anime. I personally agree but I recognize that it has its flaws. It's far from perfect. The anime's pacing is kind of messed up due to the fact that they adapt one chapter per episode and load each episode with slow moments and filler content to make the chapter fit the episode. This means we get much less filler arcs so that is a plus. Sometimes it can be annoying though because they will take fights that didn't last long in the manga and drag them out making the Straw Hats seem a lot weaker than they actually are.

Another thing that bothers me in this series is the running gag of having large groups of people shout the exact same line at the same time. It happens way too often.

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