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Chika Gentou Gekiga: Shoujo Tsubaki
Chika Gentou Gekiga: Shoujo Tsubaki
Yesterday, 12:13 PM
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Yesterday, 2:06 AM
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Boys on the Run
Boys on the Run
6 hours ago
Completed 116/116 · Scored 4
Green Blood
Green Blood
Yesterday, 2:47 PM
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AlucardNoYuuutsu 6 minutes ago
When will you watch the Aku no Hana anime adaptation?
Meybi Yesterday, 9:24 AM
"MBTI: INTP (Ti > Ne > Si > Fe)
Enneagram: 5w4
Big Five (IPIP-300): Extraversion 24th Percentile;
Agreeableness 92nd Percentile;
Conscientiousness 3rd Percentile;
Neuroticism 2nd Percentile;
Openness 96th Percentile
Szondi type: Epileptic"

Optigisa May 16, 8:20 AM
Yup, his response to that guy. Very childish and inane. I have not watched Texhnolyze yet, so I do not know the details at all, but to say that Texhnolyze is not good nihilism simply because it is "boring" is just ignorant.
Optigisa May 16, 7:48 AM
Check out Poseur's "criticisms" on why Texhnolyze is bad (the most recent comment on his profile). Very dull witted arguments. I have not watched Texhnolzye yet, but those criticisms do not hold up at all. I cannot believe the mods allow a troll like him to stay here.
Optigisa May 16, 6:15 AM
"For the first half of the series there's a character who's clearly orchestrating things as part of some kind of plan"


and ah well, I will have to try it out for myself and see.
Optigisa May 15, 2:57 PM
I listened to Traditional Song of Shadows because of a forum where we rate OSTs, I was blown away by how good it was. Now what I am going to do? Someone told me that boring is not a criticism, you cannot say that! Boring is not an objective criticism. From the story, I only know that there is this ugly looking rat called Squeeler, and he, or his entire race, are being bullied by some children or something, and he is basically Griffith 2.0 because "he did nothing wrong, and humans are the real evil"

That is all I know from the plot to be honest. I am surprised you disliked Shinsekai Yori considering you love Texhnolyze, and many people have said that they are similar. Oh well, just because they share similar themes does not make both good.
Optigisa May 15, 1:30 PM
Oof, 47 episodes, I do not think I want to watch that. By the way I wanted to watch Shinsekai Yori, but why the bad score? I think I might not watch it to be honest.
Optigisa May 15, 12:22 PM
Johan is stupid and undeveloped, elitists can hate on me all they want, I think he is an uninteresting plot device.

By the way, how is Nana?
Optigisa May 15, 11:04 AM
Do you think it was ultimately Griffith's fault? Or partially?

I might just watch movies 2 and 3, I watched 1 and thought it was decent. Do not want to get into manga, pretty sure Miura is lost at this point. Also, Griffith >>>>>> Johan Liebert
Optigisa May 15, 8:35 AM
So, from what you are saying, I guess you think that Griffith was the one in the wrong? Also, Behelit controlled his will and destiny? For me, I relate a lot to Griffith, I really felt sad for him during the torturing, and overall? I think any sane human being would have done what Griffith did to be honest.

Have you read the manga? I do not want to read it because Miura is a meme and he is trolling the fans now. The Anime was epic as it is, and the ending was the third best I have seen in an Anime.
Optigisa May 14, 3:57 PM
Okay. I believe Griffith did nothing wrong at all in Berserk, and all of his actions were justified. Griffith took Guts in when he saw him, gave him shelter, friends, royalty and a reputation after climbing up the ranks. Griffith cared for Guts and protected him at all costs, he valued him more than anyone inside of the band. Sure, you could argue that Guts was being used at times, but Griffith really liked Guts as a friend as well. Guts then left Griffith because he was selfish and only cared about himself, Guts could not stand being in the shadow of Griffith. Griffith then could not take it, after all he did for him, Guts leaves him like that? Griffith then got tortured for a whole year, and for doing what? His right to sleep with someone who loves him. His mental state became extremely weak, he lost his sanity so he could not think straight at the time and Guts had already stolen everything from him. I believe he also was being controlled by the behelit's power. He really did nothing wrong, the odds were stacked against him.
Optigisa May 14, 3:43 PM
Do you want to discuss Berserk? I have a huge urge right now.
Seyfert May 13, 3:10 PM
I haven't read the books but I thought the anime were all unique. Ozu is inexpressive?
Seyfert May 12, 6:16 PM
Seyfert May 12, 3:20 PM
Why would you leave a single word on some author's page?