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Monarch-Reli Apr 15, 4:37 AM
Yo girl! Reli here. This is not a message telling you to reply to me: This is a message telling you you're obviously in something DEEP at the moment and I wanted to let you know I'm rooting for ya! Stay calm, cool, collected and confident and remember you got this far already for a reason! Keep at it! >:D But also slow down and I hope you're doing alright.

Take care and rock on. <3
Xnovazero Mar 21, 1:17 AM
Are you busy? Seems it's not easy for you to care.
In addition, I wrote comment below.
Xnovazero Mar 13, 11:22 PM
You rather watch Yagate Kimi ni Naru than Kyuuketsuki-san.
Despite I didn't watch Kyuuketsuki-san, this is NOT truly vampire show as same as Demi-chan (I didn't watch this show, too).
Kyuuketsuki-san is Shoujo Ai though, that is just addition. Actually CGDCT. Not worth watching. Same as Wataten.
On the other hand, YagaKimi is full-scale Shoujo Ai show. I loved this show so much.
If you want to watch polite Shoujo Ai show, and desire high perfection, YagaKimi is exist for you.
Sometimes genre is misunderstood by crude works. I want you to understand it.

P.S. You really love Demi-chan. Sorry for said hurtful remark!
And I wrote YagaKimi review when this show's airing was finished. If it was good content, please push Helpful button.
Monarch-Reli Mar 11, 4:54 PM
Enjoy the crucible of work! My will is being tested as well, eight days of work in a row with a break coming soon... Just gotta survive, haha. And it's fine. Some things are worth waiting for, so the line goes.

I'll be very honest with you, I think everyone is actually out for themselves and people just try to hide it instead of embracing it, not being a hedonistic monster, this isn't a false dichotomy, you can acknowledge your desires while still caring about others. For instance, the concept of recycling, rather it's glorification is abhorrent to me. Saving the planet this. Saving the planet that. You only care about the planet because it helps you--stop pretending. Don't know if you've realized this, but this planet has been here for over 4 billion years.... We've been here, hmm, maybe two hundred thousand max. We've also only been engaged into the heavy industry for 200 hundred years. Two hundred years vs a massive dynasty of over, not one billion, two billion, four BILLION years. And you have the conceit, the arrogance, to possibly even comprehend with your insignificant little lifespan, that you can actually HARM this bigass rock? This planet has been through A LOT. And trust me, a lot worse than us. Earthquakes, volcanos, tectonic plates, continental drifts, solar flares, sunspots, magnetic storms, reversal of the universal poles itself. Hundreds and thousands of years of bombardment from an infinite solar system. Comets, astroids, meteors. Floods. Acid rain. Tidal waves. Worldwide fires. Recurring ICE AGES.... and you think, some plastic bags... and some illuminum cans... and a bit of fucking OIL can even pose the slightest threat? All you need to know about recycling to understand its flaws are entropy and chaos theory. You cannot "save" a planet that operates without us in mind. This planet ain't going anywhere... we are. Nobody actually cares about the planet. They care about it because it benefits them. Take that away, it's just another rock. It's the same reason I HATE when people try to get me to vote. Being African American you can guess the whole: "You know our ancestors did a lot for people like us to vote!" Like, you think I don't know that? But do you also know... I'm a human that can choose my own destiny, and not bound to the ideology of long dead men? How silly. When a human is born they are inherently grey, and free to choose their own path, stop guilt tripping lol.

Eh, I used to be cynical too, then just realized I'm self centered and WAY too passionate about the things I like haha. Just try not to reject everything, there's a lot of surprises out there, though I also don't blame you entirely, it's not your fault but the anime culture these days. I think Gigguk (anime youtuber) said something like this before, but this generation of anime watchers are a tad spoiled, back in the "day", you had to search HARD for anime, like, really hard, deal with shitty fansubs, bad internet, and the only way to consistently rewatched it was to buy overpriced tapes. You had to try HARD to earn your knowledge and place into the almost cult, niche community. Now? .... Every anime ever made--Is at the tips of most households in America--and almost every first world country. You don't have to try at all anymore. As you, a student of history already know, when there is no competition, there is stagnation. And this generation is, well, stagnant, if something doesn't peek their interest they can drop it in an instant, they don't want to see where the show is going because they didn't try hard to get or find it, and if it fails, millions of others out there. Kinda sad... Well, from a perspective I suppose.

YES! I do dislike Stein's;Gate and I have a few gripes with it. I think it's an okay show, and actually very well crafted in a mechanical level, that being story structure. But here's my personal stuff with it:

I get sick decently often actually, comes with working with insane amounts of customers and handling very... very dirty money. =__=

OH! Funny story. I was actually born with an increased amount of hormones... In basic? I'm extremely perverted, I suppose you could say. The doctors told me this when I was quite young and said that puberty would be a very tough time, and boy was it. <.< Long story short, that's actually, most likely the main reason I'm pansexual along with a few other factors. But it's actually the REVERSE effect, instead of being attracted to everything strongly, I'm attracted to very few things, but those that I do I absolutely COVET! <3 ... And based on that last sentence, you can see how strongly I feel lol

I don't really think I can say much else on this except--thank you for accepting my weird... fetish you could say, lol.

You... have no idea. I went through a HUGE creepy pasta phase as a teen, I love everything about them and how they're, once again, modern urban legends, as well as a way for budding writers to flex their stuff, I love them so much I literally fall asleep to them for work haha. Though I must admit I HATE the faces of creepy pasta, that being Jeff the Killer, smile dog, Slender Men, and all these silly characters. I think they work most effectively as small, short and sweet stories that make you think about reality, and what you would do. For instance, one of my favorite creepy pasta's is: "11 miles". Basically, it's a ritual where you drive your car through different areas that try to torture and break you, and at the end of it you get the reward you wanted! ... Like, no bullshit, no ghost haunts you or nothing,you're free! That got me thinking, maybe this is real? Maybe I could try it! I know I could do it! You can wish for everything. Money. Power. Relationships. Anything at all. I like those stories. Frankly, these are still amateur writing and their dialogue may not be FULLY crafted, so I prefer 3rd person stories like that.

Haha.. I'm not courting the Xenomorph! ... (it has acid blood lewd stuff would be complicated..)

If you really want to get into it, the best way is the 74 episode original series. It's really great! Though you may tire of young males punching each other in this medium.... (Ah shounen)

I SEE! Hey, I used to be the SAME WAY! .. Well, similarly. Here's the thing. I told you this before but music... is abstract. You can't study it like you can study a video game, or artist, or movie, or anything. It doesn't have a 3 act structure. It is absolutely free from anything any other form of art has to go through, it literally doesn't have to be consistent in the slightest, how to do break down something like that? It's insane! I am very methodical and was confused for years on how people can just sit back and enjoy music... THEN! I got this friend who told me: "Music's purpose is to have no purpose. There is no 'right' way to listen to music, or wrong, just like what you like and listen to it when you want." Simple, but that opened me up SO much! Did you know there's a theory in quantum physics that state that, in theory, if the universe became so complex, the simplest of task would be the most complex of all? For instance, let's say you mastered every field of math and science, every field whatsoever... Then you tried to do something as simple as ride a bike... you would not be able to ride a bike. Why? Because it's SO simple, and your brain has become so adept at doing insane, absolutely logical task, it can work with it, it's an oddity. That was basically me.
A Clockwork Orange? It's a study on the human condition and the concept, as well as price of free will.
Dracula? One of my favorite stories, Dracula's metaphor for drinking the blood of humans is Capitalism crushing the working class under its boot.
Xenomorph's? I went on about them already with you lol.
Point was, I was so insane with this stuff I could not lay back and enjoy something like music. That changed and I thank them so much. '

Ah. I'm mostly into dark industrial rock (Marilyn Manson is my husbando lol), alternative rock, heavy metal, and synthwave music. I'm also a BIG fan of video game osts. Do you think you can only like music with a proxy? Like, for instance, that rap group you were talking about? Does it need to have a specific "hook" to get you?

Haha it's okay you were fine. Hope to see you again soon!
Xnovazero Mar 11, 2:03 AM
Yeah. That's it. His acting was quite impressive and cool for me.
Blade is Marvel action movie. So you don't need to understand main story deeply.
As a result, Vampire is awesome thing anyways :D
Jazetto Mar 10, 10:56 PM
Fly like the crows :)
Xnovazero Mar 9, 3:38 AM
Do you like Vampire works? I love Hellsing Ultimate, Bakemonogatari, Servamp. These are quite interesting shows for me.
I watched Blade (real movie) four years ago. It was very nice. Cool fights, music, setting. One of good movies.
Xnovazero Mar 4, 2:07 AM
You're welcome :D
Monarch-Reli Mar 3, 9:30 PM
AH! She returns. So glad to see you again haha. However, I feel the need to be up front with you. UH............ I don't......... Remember....... exactly too much of the conversation from last time! xD I had to refresh my opinions on them and to be honest I'm not particularly fascinated or interested in everything we talked about so, uh, I'll see how this goes but don't expect my usual long walls of text... unless you trigger something in me that makes me write a lot. o-o Which hey happens often lol.

Ah-Ha, so that's the formal term for it? Vantage points? Interesting. Seems there's something in politics that finally get my attention, I think I told you this before but despite my happy go lucky nature I have QUITE a bit of nihilistic tendencies and don't take much of an interest in politics because uh.. Humanity's existence don't mean much to me in the totality of the universe. >.> Ah, comisim lol. It gets very awkward talking with someone who is an SJW... I don't mean that offensively but someone that really does identify as one. Guess I view the world with those "different glasses" you talked about, haha. Don't get me wrong I care about people, but to be honest, perhaps I think rather morbidly, my prime priority is myself and whoever, as well as whatever makes me happy or interest me, I of course have friends, and of course value you, but because I allow you to effect me. Life is my show. I prefer running it my way. It's also why, while I do long for a relationship (damn these hormones. =__=), has to be when I'm ready and with someone I trust as well as see something in. While there are issues in the world, they only become my issues if I allow them to. Other than that, bleh, I go my own pace. It's rather funny. A lot of people say I'm an idealist FAR more than a nihilistic person, to be honest I don't care for the terms that much, I think the human mind is far too nuanced to bind them down as one specific term, I'd like to think it's a blending of all of them--Pardon me wtf were we talking about before? xD
Ah! Yes. The glasses thing. I get it. Thank you for teaching me the formal term actually, I may tell my grandmother this lol.

It's rather unnerving to me to be honest. You know, while controversial at the time, A Clockwork Orange is viewed as one of the greatest films of all time... and while it gets a bad rap, is full of violence, rape, but even that is more acceptable statistically than being openly gay in terms of artistic vision? The hell is going on these days? o-o

Like I said though, this is just MY way of watching stuff and I suppose befitting of my personality. Life is like my own journey, instead of bitching about it I try to find the best out of every situation, and I think every anime deserves a fair chance, even if it sucks I'll learn something from it, I think that goes with everything. My EX treated me HORRIBLY, but I appreciate her for helping me learn more about myself and how I react under pressure. I try to find a personal use in everything. As my latest example, I recently finished the Godzilla animated movies by Urobuchi......... I wanted to punch the screen/ It was a pretentious, dare I say molestation of the franchise, trying to turn it into some grim cosmic horror instead of what everyone liked it for, one of the two reasons: 1, it was a metaphor for Hiroshima and warfare, or 2: Just cool monster fights. Nope, had to turn it into some deep shit.... that you did not even execute properly. I'm sorry, but some things just don't work, Dragon Ball z is not a discussion for the works of Kiekgard, Godzilla is not some metaphor for man's burning trying to reach the sun. The hell. =__=
Despite hating it so much, I still appreciate because it once again confirmed my beliefs that Urobuchi is extremely inconsistent, overrated, and only made two good things in his career for anime. Makes me dislike em more but, hey, I once again learned something haha.

Well, I wont say TOO much about Re:Zero, but I do this trick with everyone. Perspective and context. For me specifically, I have seen over one thousand four hundred anime series.... out of ALL of them... Re:Zero was one of the TWO that ever made me give it a 1/10, and that I felt personally insulted by..... Just, think about that, let it sit with you for a while, haha. But yes I do legit hate it. =__= I hate it because it takes a great concept, and doesn't know wtf to do with it. Everything I disliked about Stein's;Gate is amplified to extreme levels and every character was so horrible, I wanted to burn them with a flamethrower. =___= Oh, fun fact, I actually got the first volume of the light novel years ago and hated it so much I lit it on fire with a match outside lol.

Eh I try. Diabetes actually runs in my family and I ate horribly when I as a kid, your genetics are the gun but you pull the trigger, it's up to you to make the right choices, so I believe. I just do my best but to be honest I ate horribly the past few days out of stress, so much work haha. But I exercise five days a week and we begin again tomorrow, well, technically today my time it's midnight.
Oh, that reminds me haha, did I tell you I literally cannot watch porn? .......... Like........I can't. At all. I've tried. I've tried a lot but it doesn't work.
It's like watching dolls to me and is quite boring. I never really got the appeal of it, once again most likely because of my sexuality. I mean, hey, boobs are cool... but I care more so about WHO the boobs are attached to. They are just sacs of flesh otherwise. *Sigh* The struggles of the confused 20 year old I guess haha.

I WOULD TOO OMG! I LOVE Indian food!!!! Like so much!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could have it every day for the rest of my life. ;___; Lucky duck you get to eat it weekly. <_<

I see. Thank you for accepting me. I guess I do this mostly because, uh, I wasn't raised with the most open people around me. My Grandmother and Aunt are both extremely religious and hate gay people and trans people, my mother literally does not believe I like more than the female gender and to be honest I don' want to push it more because I'm afraid she'll go nuts and kick me out. <.< And my grew up in an all black school where if you don't like shoes, rap, and chicken your ass bout to get BULLIED!!! xD So I'm mostly somewhat reserve and only let people see the "real" parts of me, I guess, when I think they've gotten through everything else fine. You're doing quite well on that scale haha. But I'm glad to see there's at least SOMEONE similar to me haha.

Ah.... seems I underestimated you... again... this is odd.
Ah I'm somewhat of, not your opposite but a different branch. I love horror monsters and urban legends, the Bloody Mary, the Chainsaw Killer, in a sense I think they're on par with swords and sorcery fantasy at this point. I love mythology, angels, demons, especially demons I love seeing what people think about creatures that are so bored they're screwing with their lives haha.... Well if you're open to more stuff about me, I actually love creepy pasta. <.< Most are garbage but I really do enjoy them and have since I was 12, I especially love rituals as their concepts are very fascinating to me.
And hate to tell ya BUT I'm a sci fi over fiction guy but used to be the opposite, it's not that I view one better over the other but I think there's different stories and themes for different people, in general I like exploring themes of the human condition and existence more than what more subtle themes in fantasy have to offer, and to be honest before George. R.R Martin wrote his money maker most fantasy was trapped under Tolkein, which was once again trapped under old mythical tales like the dragon hoarding the gold and the hero's journey but when he gets the gold it turns to dust because it was about the journey not the quest--bleh. It's not for me anymore, and I don't think it has been since Alien and Bladerunner. I still dabble into it but it's stagnated a lot for me and I think someone needs to write something new to mix it up.

Awe thank you again! <3
Cheesy as this is to say, I try to look past things people view horrible and find a meaning behind them because, perhaps at one point in my life I viewed myself as that monster and found something relatable to grab onto. The Xenomoprh in particular sparked something in me because, ya know, I'm a cynical bastard. xP
Haha, funny thing is it's suspected in Alien lore the only way it knows what is a threat or what is not, or how to find a target because it has no eyes is to smell the prey's pheromones it sets off, mostly emitted from a sense of fear or terror, so in theory if you felt absolutely no fear towards a xemomorph, wont like ya but probably wont kill you unless you get in its way, it's why it doesn't kill androids in the films unless they view them as a threat, they're confused by it. But following the previous sentence, my friends joke that the xenomoprh wouldn't attack me because I just love it so much! xD

I'm glad you do! Lewdo! xD

OKAY! So uh update. I actually got done with Hajime no Ippo, the first season anyway and really recommend it. It's a great series and I'll be honest: It uses characters better than any other anime I've watched. Not joking, not exaggerating, thought about it for two days and there is no other anime I've seen that uses characters it introduces as effectively as this anime. That's because, well, it's about boxing! Something I kinda dislike in anime, well, fiction in general, is how detached antagonist are, as they have some insane goal, like making a new world, or wanting revenge, uh, nope, not in Ippo, it's just people with stuff like: "I want to impress my family!" Or: "I want to make enough money to support my sister." There is not much insane idealism, just people fighting for relatable reasons. There is no "Dragon" for the protagonist to slay, because each antagonist could easily be the protagonist of their owns series, I shit you not they work that well. In fact, the only character I thought BROKE this rule, as in was just a bad character for the sake of it, uh.... Ended up on my favorites list. Yep, they were that compelling, I hated them for 15 episodes and then their backstory and reason for being the way they are won me over hard. I didn't feel that way about a character since 3 years ago with Hunter x Hunter 2011.

The only flaws with it our it's repetitive eventually, gotta train for the next fight, the protagonist will win, other than that i loved the fights so much because I loved all the antagonist so much... I didn't know who I was rooting for sometimes. I recall myself in the first fight cringing, not when the protagonist was hit, but when the antagonist was? Was I... rooting for them? How? Well, once again because they feel SO real, these are some of the most relatable antagonist I've seen in shounen and it's really funny that this series came out so long ago, ah, how the might have fallen haha.

Anyway, great 8/10 for me, really recommend you watch it when you get the chance.

In other news, I'm falling into music again for the first time in five years. Like, I'm constantly searching for more of it and these two songs in particular really got me hooked.

I don't know why but I've felt a HUGE spark in music, and it's funny because I used to actually kinda dislike it because it's so abstract and lacking order for me that I found trying to get into music unnerving, it doesn't really have a predefined art and motion to it like a three act structure, it's what you make it and I believe one of the only art forms where you have to look inward and find out what you like, not figure out and break down mechanically why something works, it's not about logic and threads, it's about what YOU feel. Sure things like Cyberpunk are cool with me but if they did something completely out of the bounds of what a good story is they'd fail, with music, uh, there is no defined act... at all. It's just an arrangement of sounds that you find nice to listen to, it's so simple that it's complex to me. I think I'm finally getting that haha.

Resonated with any good songs lately?
Xnovazero Mar 1, 11:45 AM
I just now finished watching The Unlimited - Hyoubu Kyousuke.
So amazing quality. Well done storytelling, characters, visuals, voice acting, music.
This show is definitely fitting my type so much. Very Interesting and thrilling. And really underrated!
Xnovazero Feb 24, 5:56 PM
Don't worry. I'm fine. Take it easy. Devote yourself to vompatibility of private life and your work.
You can do it. Good Luck :)
Monarch-Reli Feb 24, 5:54 PM
Haha it's cool take your time! XD
Xnovazero Feb 23, 10:22 AM
My All Comments reached 500. I'm so glad :D
What do you think about this?
Shymander Feb 21, 11:30 PM
Monarch-Reli Feb 21, 8:51 PM
Eh, I used to write A LOT back in my hay-day, guess traces of it still remain! XD And I appreciate you openly telling me you decide to stop talking to me when the time comes. xP

Awe, awesome and cute! I think the anime that inspired me the most was, oddly... Hellsing Ultimate. o-o I really love The Major's Final speech (especially the dub version sorry it's... it's so much more creative I gotta hand it to the dub. >.>) is super inspiring and his character overall, to me, tells you to value yourself a lot more because your soul is worth more than anything anyone can ever offer you. Really made me a lot more confident in myself.

I see. Thank you for sharing that. >.< I think the SAME thing honestly and it's kinda scary how calling yourself something can get so much ire granted to ya when people, not just don't know, but don't want to hear the nuances of the topic. Ugh. But hey eventually I stopped because 1: I just couldn't take it anymore and 2: It bored the shit out of me after a while, that is the studying of feminist theory. XD It has a few interesting stuff but eventually starts to contradict itself. >.>

.... Well Jesus, you sure stepped on my record.<_<Even I can only barely understand German, to be honest, I learned it because as a teenager I loved Hellsing Ultimate so much and the community college was RIGHT there, do you speak the same language as your students often? I heard it makes them feel more comfortable with foreingers.

Ah i getcha. Kinda want to rewatch the series now with this context, it's quite fascinating now that you mention it. O.o This brings up another reason why I CANNOT do reviews, someone like you, that is a history buff, finds this trait in the show and enjoys it when I am, at best, a novice at history that does not involve philosophy to a massive extent, so I found barely anything worth liking in that show besides the characters to be honest. I always wanted to do stuff like: Show a Christain Evangelion, or show a Buddhist Wolf's Rain, just to see their reactions. I love how different perspectives shape consensus. It reminds me of this old story my grandmother used to tell me that I believe got started in India, basically, three blind people are told to touch an elephant and describe it, but their answers contradict each other, this is because they were directed to, and are touching different parts of the elephant, but by sharing perspectives with each other, instead of arguing, by the end of the day they slowly but surely describe it perfectly. I'd like to think the same, or at the very least similar, can happen with multiple perspectives on a show from people with ALL different walks of life.
Same here. I just do this for fun. <_< Hell, to this day I still write fan fic scenarios or action scenes from video games for the fun of it.

I see. Respecting what you said, would you say that BL is still in the "beta stages" of somesort and as time progresses they will be allowed to explore more? I'd like to believe though but the premise is tough because, well, it's gay, advanced as we have gotten in society, boy, there's still a stigma around LGBT and other stuff. <.< Would the culture have to shift more to allow this stuff to exist and be explored more openly? Or will we keep having to tap dance around the ideas of yaoi with Free and Haikyuu?

I completely understand, don't worry, we seem to have different mindsets is all. For me personally? Uh... There is no such thing as wasting time watching anime. XD This is once again just from my critical mindset, but while a show may be a bit of a chore to sit through, a chore and a waste of time are not the same thing to me. I cannot TELL you how insane it was watching Lain for instance for the first time, I literally fell asleep 4 times but I enjoyed it because every time I watch something new, it gets added right to the data bank, so to speak. I always have fun watching an anime, even if just the slightest masochistic tinge. I like seeing why they work, and why they don't work--in fact when they don't work is really fun because I get to use that problem solving part of my brain. As someone critical, I enjoy dissecting and understanding not just stuff about the show, but myself and why I like or dislike a show, if an anime made me think even if slightly, it never was a waste of time, it's why I believe the worst anime out there, or thing in general, is something that I felt with absolute honesty, with every fiber of my being--was a waste of my time... that anime, was: Rewrite. >_> But, that's another story. =.=
But hey, not all people think equally and you are entitled to watch whatever you want, don't wanna dive into the pool it's alright. xD


Huh... quaint. Re:Zero. That's the second of the only two shows I've ever given a 1/10. O.o I personally, despise the show, like.... with so much of my heart. xD It... I wont even talk about it if you don't want me to or you're gonna get a load of even longer text I've literally written around 30 pages on why I dislike it. =__=
But yes, it is, it is a stupid harem fest that tries to trick the viewer into thinking it's anything more when it's not--stop, Korey... stop. >_>

Woah, this community seems pretty hardcore. o-o Hey, guess there's something for everything lol.
And I agree. The most I really want are some posters or t shirts but I could NEVER take having, like, Alucard looking at me like that I'd want to DIE. So, what was your first figurine anyway? o-o

Haha, it's just really fun getting that sense of the outdoors and thrills. I sometimes felt like one of those movie or anime characters you take a picture of in a still frame then put on a poster for a marketing shot. =.=
Ah I used to think like that too but I'm actually BIG on nutrition, and I am very cautious of sodium it's really harmful to ya and I tried to cut down on it. >.> Meat has that in abundance and while I get a cheat day once a week I'm VERY strict in what I eat, so you can bet your favorite figurine's ass that was a joke. xP Funny though, I don't know how to cook either, well, just barely, but it's not something that was very interesting to me. ;__;

..... Damn you got guns. >_>
You ate the entire thing and didn't feel a thing?! Hmm, maybe it's because you're so used to the TYPE of spices that you feel nothing and you need a different type, rather, taste of spice to effect you, not just the same thing amplified. Tried Indian food at all? o-o
(i remembered when I thought I was badass for eating Sriachacha you made me feel humbled alright. >_>)

Ah, sorry to think of you that way, rather, presume that upon your character. There is like a CONSTANT stream of consciouness in my brain and I like... not testing, but seeing how many "levels" or "locks" someone can take on my personality before they just go away. It's a bit of a defense mechanism, one could gather, from my childhood when a lot of people left me to the point that I think everyone will eventually--that's getting depressing let's get back on topic. >.> But, I really do appreciate you for accepting this part of me, as you can imagine it's... rather quirky. =.=

....... Huh. It seems I've made a mistake. I thought you said you were into fantasy, but not sci fi? Ooh, oof on my part there. >_>
And oh, my pardon my assumption, I thought basically everybody knew what a Xenomorph/alien was because the films are so well known. I'll show you so images for context. These are NSFW btw

And uh, I'd like to say: "Thank you", but to be honest I am amazed you're not creeped out. XD To explain a bit further why I love the Xenomorph so much is because for someone like me, who is pansexual and finds so many flaws in silly concepts of society, the Xenomorph takes EVERYTHING man has done and thinks--and slaps it right in the face. Reminding them that they are not as significant to the cosmos as they think, and what they find beautiful can be, in reality... disgusting. Bound by desires. Slaves to their instincts. The Xenomorph is scary and beautiful, because in the end, all it is is us, in a new shape. Everything it does is absolutely human, as we ourselves have proven time, and time again. It wipes out species. It mates and procreates decadently. Is heavily perverse. And there is no denying that, in many respects, that is us as well. But I'm not some art snob that has the "hidden symbolism" behind the Xeno cracked, haha, a lot of other people have made articles about the imagery of the xenomorph species, it's just a tad harder to find now because literally none of these symbolic aspects survived after the second film.

Alien a slow, poetic, horror masterpiece. Aliens, the sequel, is a fun but dumb action movie--and the ones after that are just dumb and horrible (besides Prometheus and Covanant anyone thinks any different fight me). The Xenomorph was heavily inspired by, and is actually in the works of H.R Gieger, the artist and creator of the creature, and he was a BIG lovecraft fan, as there is heavy references to him in the original film, such as the Xenomorph possibly being an ancient evil from the cosmos that is not inherently evil but just... targets you because you're so significant. I'm a big fan of them, obviously, and in reality....