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One Piece
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Boku no Hero Academia
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Kimetsu no Yaiba
May 22, 10:44 AM
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AnimeCreed Jul 31, 9:15 PM
I dread day for it imao
Yeah but some people do it i had 4 people pay by check when i was working earlier this week like damn...
Yup it was parent were looking like me "why do you have that" lol
Thats good aleast :3

Yeah ikr
We understand him more, its no joke tbh
Yeah ik i think i told ya about that lol. Yep you name alot good and one i like too :3
Nope i haven't yet thanks for not spoiling i xD
I'm binge watching black clover atm and keeping up with netflix series atm h

Thanks :3
How have you been? Hope you're staying safe
AnimeCreed Jul 31, 11:54 AM
Yup but idk what parent might say about that lol
That helps alot with covid especially since it spread by air droplets etc
Of course it helps but some people pay by cash or checks depends on the individuals i guess.
I want one too but can't..nice nice i have naruto wallet and one piece lanyard for my keys :D

She is i didn't know about haha
What did you think of episode 4? It has great backstory for subaru and how he was today and i do like mixture of his parent especially his dad lol
Yesss its amazing studio one fav along with kyoto animation and few others :D
Imao right but it depend they can put so much from the production works to anime
Hes badass probably xD

Sorry for my late reply btw ^^'
Amulet_Heart Jul 30, 4:10 AM
AnimeCreed Jul 22, 9:14 PM
Yea not good time to be here... thinking about living somewhere else in the future tbh
Yea notice in videos for people wear if they're sick so they don't spread which smart...this is before pandemic happening. There is alot stupid people in world unfortunately >.<
Yep ik it sucks hardship and poverty level especially certain country
Well here alot people pay by credit card online just alot store don't accept much change or cash due to shortage happening due to panedmic. If i buy anything i usally use my credit card. Speaking of credit i saw online a company in japan you customize your credit card to have rem and emilia from rezero :D

I will wait though haha. Did you watch latest episode of it? What are your thoughts on it? We going suburu backstory and Echidna interaction and i also wondering somehow satella will play part in this hmm...
Yep that studio mappa for ya and they also doing AOT final season :3
yep i'm suprise how fast was that lol but all people are suit are badass we didn't see anything!!
AnimeCreed Jul 20, 8:38 PM
LOL nah its not joke he was running for president but drop out as of late..
Yep until the vaccine is clear, nothing is to be sure. I doubt it will normal even after this since alot are nasty, they have remind to wash hand which suppose to be given but yea here mask mandate til September .
There alot poverty and begger here too especially downtown since they can't afford. sometime we have bless with standard like food, water and roof over heaed. I took alot thing of grant when i went out, this make realize alot tbh
Yes the economy isn't good atm since alot are unemployment and getting check from gov. I heard they discussing plan to for another unemployment checks....

Yea there so info i need to have, at time i'm tempt to read the LN lol. True but its going another from S1 what i'm told. Yes ^^
Thanks i will soon xD
How did you like god of high school episode 3 today? It was wilding with han and mirai fight, with jin fight that commissioner
AnimeCreed Jul 18, 9:29 PM
Yep the amount propaganda is something else....
They passed there is mask mandate until further notice so we shall see...

Well its just not student but teacher since it will classroom setting, you may never know if you got even you got symptoms or not. For now they starting school for online learning for few weeks, they "believe" it slow by late september to early october.
Yep, the pandemic is affecting all types business some good but alot bad it sucks for business owner so how they earn for their living. Some people are filing for unemployment and getting check for gov , but buying stupid like tv, like come on thats for rent and food etc....
Thats sucks only reason i got my job, they need people work in the store lol

Ah i see
Yeah i feel ya but we will emilia character development and suburu pain and anguish all over again. Yep she look so similar to emilia tbh
It was build up episode i mean but really curious to see relationship for beatrice and witches since she somewhat have relation... wbu? what did you think of 2nd episode?
Yep i caught up op but now black clover xD
AnimeCreed Jul 14, 8:21 PM
Exactly people don't get this situation at all...
Yep this fall trump and other candid aren't really that good tbh so idk how this mean for the country. Generation below like gen z is ehhh some smart but some are dumb af

Yes...just contrasting it now :)

Exactly but school are due to open next month over...everyone in trump administration want kid to go back to face to face. Like some district for k-12 in my city already announced it will primarily online but idk why everyone is enforcing to go face face since pandemic is still strong over here compare to other country. Alot teacher don't want to it affect children...they keep for everyone health and safety first!!
Alot business is struggling...i can do some much from buying from, the thing my store isn't giving much hr even though its busy primarily on weekend. I'm still looking for corporate office job but is hard af
That suck two of friend are flight attendants the been layed off since really hard for them. Have find to survive in this hard time :/

Nice nice, you might wait some time for fire force since it will be 24 episodes. What did you think of rezero s2 ep 1?
They already started airing back (OP & BC) but i haven't watch any episode from them since Jan of this year lol
AnimeCreed Jul 12, 9:56 PM
Everyone want to go out like it wtf the pandemic is still here and its growing rapidly ya'll don't realize it...
At time i want get out here, this administration is something else. The election for president is coming up this fall i don't great about who running opposite for trump and both aren't good. In short here it is a diaster.

Yup, it going alot hard work but will be worth it ^^

My uni had 20% international student,,..he getting backslash as he should since everyone in gov want school to be open for student next month, doesn't make sense with pandemic going on.... I feel aleast in france its better i think?
In way there same situation here...i'm trying find job which i work from home but nothing :(
Wow that blow hope you find something aleast for support, its rough time we having rn

Nice nice i like god of high school too first episode was hyped af. I'm mainly watchng seasonals like rezero s2, fire force, sao and kanjo okimastsu. I still need catch up on black clover and OP xD
Hows Dorohedoro? I only watch first episode, stop watching it lol
AnimeCreed Jul 12, 12:41 AM
That is true...

Imao right...some people still not wearing mask -.-
There alot stupid people here, now he saying if uni don't put face to face class meaning uni totally opened back he won't give federal money to college, issuing international student don't go face face classes. The gov will force them to go back to their respective country. That is so stupid, some uni already law suit against his administration.

Yea i don't want to be working for someone all my life ^^'

I'm not going anywhere this yr for sure xD
That suck, hope you guys make it through, find something to support family, its hard to find good job without experience, its all about knowing someone. Only reason i got a job due grocery store need to people to work lol

You been watching anything as of late?
RoseMildred Jul 9, 11:12 AM
Aww, thank you!

By the name The god of High School seems interesting. :)
I'd like to watch Re:Zero, the first season has been in my plan to watch for a really long time. I continue saying myself that one day I'll watch it, but I haven't done it yet, haha.
yeah, I like Youjo Senki so far, it seems a nice serie. :)
RoseMildred Jul 9, 1:02 AM
Sorry for the late reply, I had been quite busy in the last few days.

Oh, I see, what are you plant to watch this season?
I watched the first episode od Darwin's Game! It was ok, but not quite my genre, so I didn't continue it. :/
I feel you, I'd like to watch Gintama, I heard good things about it. But it has so many episodes, and at the moment I'm not really feeling like starting a long series. :(
At the moment I'm watching Youjo Senki, but recently I had been focused also on other things, like books and cooking, so I'm taking my time to watch it. :)
AnimeCreed Jul 5, 2:27 PM
Racism is huge topic and i'm trying make my parents what going on isn't right and not everything in media is true since there alot things can be covered or don't put out there...

Idk if that work out but it will here aleast rest of 2020 if not more....
I doubt that since they're handling isn't good since there another wave happened >.>

Thats true, i wish i was gift in that field. We just talking, planing it out and how we can brand it etc

Yea ik they're opening up border to certain countrys, they will in time for europe but idk for US lol
Have you started working yet or nah?
AnimeCreed Jul 4, 10:45 PM
It depend on topic like our generation are trying to make change for racism for example

Idk the case are surging you can't go anywhere with out wearing and you don't wear one they will fine at first and then jail since it getting worse now...
I hope so too but look it won't be lockdown aleast not any time soon

Yea e sport hold varitey but you have too good or best in order to stand out. I'm looking into business in future with friends

Nice nice, will you be going next yr? The Olympics will be there in summer :3
RoseMildred Jul 4, 12:51 AM
I'm good, thank you. Are you watching any interesting anime at the moment?
RoseMildred Jul 3, 10:04 AM
Hi! Thanks for accepting my friend request, how are you?