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Dr. Stone: Stone Wars - Kaisen Zenya Special Eizou
Dr. Stone: Stone Wars - Kaisen Zenya Special Eizou
Oct 22, 6:18 PM
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Bakuretsu Hunters
Bakuretsu Hunters
Oct 22, 6:18 PM
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Michiko to Hatchin
Michiko to Hatchin
Oct 22, 6:17 PM
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Days: 73.2
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Kongou Banchou
Kongou Banchou
Oct 22, 4:18 PM
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Wild Life
Wild Life
Oct 22, 4:17 PM
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Dragon Ball: Ossu! Kaettekita Son Gokuu to Nakama-tachi!!
Dragon Ball: Ossu! Kaettekita Son Gokuu to Nakama-tachi!!
Oct 22, 4:14 PM
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coffeeyu Aug 17, 10:07 PM
Nice recommendation on "Gokushufudou" I'm really liking it so far!
Royal-Guard-Reli Feb 19, 3:50 PM
I got done rewatching End of Evangelion and literally got a headache from how much it mind-screwed me. o-o
Royal-Guard-Reli Feb 17, 12:24 PM
I think it's time you watch bakemonogatari my child.
Royal-Guard-Reli Feb 5, 12:02 PM
Finished all of Gantz.
I think this is what cocaine is like.
I have never read something so stupid but so addictive.
Did not like the second half and it's full of god knows how many plot holes but dammit I loved it this is a guilty pleasure I cannot wait to tackle the live action movie.
Royal-Guard-Reli Feb 4, 4:58 PM
I absolutely agree. But do you find it funny that One Piece is so old it got its first movie BEFORE Sanji was introduced to the crew? Funny stuff. And hate to tell you but movie 2 is around the same why I recommend you watch them out of order then go back to the older stuff I just watched them from the start because, uh, I'm a masochist haha, but hey you do you.

Not exactly. Oh, but that's another funny thing I forgot tell you. Oda has confirmed there are technically two separate canons/universes for One Piece. One is in the anime where the filler episodes are canon to the anime, not the manga, and the other canon is the manga where the fillers don't happen, why, technically, and believe it or not--the One Piece anime has no fillers from a certain perspective.

Indeed. For a fun fact, Gon's abilities inspired Luffy's in terms of their simplicity.

Exactly. What I really enjoy about the One Shot to add on top of it is that it shows it can make Death Note work in a modern setting. O.o For a good comparison, it's like Heath Ledger's Joker compared to the more recent Joker, they are both amazing but one is just more modern and believable. I can totally see this plan happening.

You made that friend request sound extremely dramatic... cute.

That's that the thing. I literally cannot comprehend why people enjoy it and I just finished the entire franchise, I enjoyed the movie just slightly more than the original because it was bad but at least I didn't have to sit through all the episodes of it. I can easily see that. To be honest, I didn't even know it was a parody. o-o

.... Don't take this the wrong way but if you don't like it you know you can drop it right? o-o

Funny story. For the longest time I thought: "Conquerer's Haki" was: "Honkerer's Haki." This is because I listened to a ton of discussion videos and podcast of the story as I was extremelely interested before jumping in but I'm someone who prefers information getting into me via text not words. So I constantly googled: "Honkerer's Haki" and was infuriated I couldn't find that type of haki... fun times.

"Fat recommendation" is a term now?! My god I thought I caught up to everything.

So at the anime club I help run Lydnsey my assistant made the topic favorite couples and debating why.... the fangirls were screaming so much my eardrums still ache as we speak.
Royal-Guard-Reli Feb 3, 4:51 PM
Lied to you and finished it.

Well I gotta say I'm not as nostalgic as I remembered with Death Note considering it was the thing that literally got me into anime but I quite enjoyed the One Shot significantly. O.o I really like that no matter which way you use the Death Note you're screwed and frankly this is what the modern retelling of Death Note in Netflix's adaptation should have been like I don't really have any complaints about it like it's fairly solid and I can't think of a single hole to poke through it. o-o Huh. Thought I'd have more to say but I don't.
Except I missed you Ryuk haha.
.... and hello Trump.
Royal-Guard-Reli Feb 3, 4:43 PM
Woohoo! <3

I'm very glad too. To be honest I'd still be fine if we never knew much about Roger's abilities through the series, I'd like to think his sheer charisma and Will of D was enough to gather people to his side. Speaking of which, I've had this theory for years but I still STRONGLY believe the: "D" middle name is short of: "Demon", since in constant pirates are called the enemies of God, A.K.A Goresei.
The more recent ones are quite a bang, Strong World, Film Z, and Film Gold specifically. Give them a shot soon once you catch up. I personally watched them all from the beginning but that's NOT for everyone. <.<

I believe it never feels unnatural because it's always consistently in his character which I think is something rare in a lot of shounen if you think about it. Okay, so, let's take Galick Gun. . . it's just a copy of Kamehameha. Most attacks in DBZ are energy based. All the Justsu in Naruto can, if you're strong enough (and have enough plot bullshit), can be learned by anyone. Bleach, mostly the same thing as DBZ. Example after example, Luffy's abilities are extremely unique and he doesn't really make new ones unless a situation demands it. For instance, the way he made Gear 4 from training on that island with giant monsters. Like, you just don't get that in a lot of other shounen battle manga, Luffy's abilities are rarely made for just one person or objective but the situation he's been placed in he doesn't pull things out of a hat.

Damn I wish I knew what you were talking about and after a quick google search I just did. Thanks for telling me about this, I'll be sure to read it and talk about it with you next time.

Ah, damn, well I don't blame you. >.> Also I sent that friend request on discord haha. You sound like me trying to play a Monster Hunter game btw...

So I'm watching this series I said for years I'd get around to and finally did called: The Irregular at Magic High School. Aims to be a sort of parody at the tropes of its genre where the main character is super overpowered and so far I'm very, very close to hating it. Filled the fanservice and a main character that is as bland and slow as molasses, I really am interested to see why other people enjoy it so much, if you thought Legend of the Galactic Heroes was slow. Ugh... speaking of which an old, ancient proverb: "You will know when you're ready to watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes."-Confucius
Royal-Guard-Reli Feb 2, 4:59 PM
Forgot to ask: OPINION ON FF8!!! I've been replaying it recently because after re-reading the synopsis and all the stuff the game means thematically I have come to the conclusion in theory it should be my favorite Final Fantasy game and one of the JRPGS I like. O.o But it seems a lot of the stuff is better written than on paper, I should love Squall and find him relatable but find him annoying. =.= So thoughts?
Royal-Guard-Reli Feb 2, 4:50 PM
I HIGHLY recommend playing God of War A.S.A.P I do not exaggerate when I say it is one of the few games that have literally changed my life and I would love to fanboy about it with you.

HAHAH really? Related to Parastye? Farthest thing from in this case would be an understatement, one of my favorite anime series of all time and it's a shame the show on HBO which was going to be directed by Guillermo del Toro was canceled. :/ Huh. Fuck me. I'm really glad you enjoyed your catching up to One Piece, now you can be crazy about it just like us! One of us! One of us! I gotta say even though Marineford is my favorite arc Luffy vs Lucci is my favorite fight in the series, he had absolutely no asspulls or powerups to defeat him which is something rare even in this series I truly did enjoy it. Well, now then, would you agree with me in saying One Piece is basically the anime equivalent to Lord of the Rings? O.o Made the comparison a long time ago and it seems to still hold up.

Apologizing to me for something long to read is like apologizing to a bear for giving it honey don't worry lol. And I have to agree with the titlepages they actually foreshadow a lot of stuff. Like, ya know, crazy six-pack pirate dude being on the FUCKING MOON AND RULING THE POPULACE THAT IS SO COMING INTO PLAY----..... sometime. You know Oda. His damn foreshadowing...

I can see where ya come from, they're rather time-consuming and slow paced.

NO! You do not need to watch more seasonals they're mostly cute girls doing cute things this time around but I found myself oddly addicted to them and I don't know why. o-o Caught up to all the 8 ones I'm watching in one night and I literally don't know how I did it it was kinda a blur...
Royal-Guard-Reli Feb 1, 8:03 PM
I suddenly started watching a ton of seasonals and I don't know why. Help.. o-o
Royal-Guard-Reli Jan 31, 12:16 PM
I shall search for you across the Discord heavens brother!

I'd go as far to say Fighter'z Z is a revival of the Marvel vs Capcom, insane arcade style of games I grew up with. Oh, that reminds me, grew up with arcades? My brother would literally place bets on me in Marvel vs Capcom.... Wanna get God of War sometime soon? >.> Made me cry again recently replaying it. ;-; That's right. I have emotions lol.

Wait wait wait wait I've re-read Death Note at least 11 times and I can tell you past part 1 it's as hard to read, arguably, as Monster--if you know what that is. Granted you can control the pace but, and please pardon me, you don't seem like the fastest reader ever you think you can plow through those volumes that quickly? o-o

Thank you my feathered friend. And have fun reading a book that's actually interesting. >_> I hope you never take a philosophy class and make you read Atlas Shrugged. Dear god it's one of the worst books ever written but a spearhead for objectivism which is a philosophy I love/find interesting.

Ever get into the MMO phase?
Royal-Guard-Reli Jan 31, 10:27 AM
WHAT?! UGH I HATE DISCORD! DX ... let's try again later. =.=

Hate to tell you but uh the game is mediocre. Trust me. Please god do. You know it is too come on... use some common sense! DX Surely not trash but no thanks. >_>

Very good stuff. And sadly, very true stuff.

Well hey if you wanna hope for it hope for it my belief isn't that: "It's going to be good" but that: "It can only be so bad." xD


Gotta work retail during the super-bowl. Gotta love America. Wish me luck my feathered friend.
Royal-Guard-Reli Jan 31, 2:24 AM
... well then.


Ah. Funny how events lead into that. Causality be like that sometimes, so a wise man once said. . . that man was defintely not Kentarou Miyura. Anyhow, after thinking about it, eh, what the hell else could happen I've not already/seen prepared for let's do it! You can find me at:

Yes I know my profile says otherwise but that's just a decoy I use to deter stalkers.... Yes, I have stalkers. Long story-... stories.
Then you can witness my philosophical queries in real time, such as reviewers perhaps feeling a desire to be acknowledged by others but thus being bound by others perceptions and at what cost this is done--and there we go get ready. >.>
Also, I'm not going to try and find you on Discord don't even bother the way to find people is so confusing I've wanted to put a remington 1887 in my mouth so many times...

Yet you didn't pre-order the DELUXE edition of DBZ Kakarot?! To replay--... the same... story you've seen... countless times... in video game form... once again.

Honestly I do only own one volume of Hunter x Hunter considering it has my favorite fight in the franchise so far in it but I wont tell you about it cuz it's a spoiler. I actually, accidentally, got someone into Hunter x Hunter at work and they got to episode 97 in 5 days. I'm very, very, very worried in basic after he finishes this is going to be him.

Eh I'll be watching just to see how they wrap up this odd, odd, blood war turkey I will admit I'll probably be watching weekly. We don't know when it will come out but we will be getting more news in march, most likely concept art, studio, and release date.

I did. I have no faith whatsoever the only thing I can see working is a rough, loose adaptation but hey honestly it CANNOT be worse than some other anime adaptations. Like, how bad can it POSSIBLY be, really?
I say 8.1%. Also, a lot of people seem to forget there's some pretty good live action japanese adaptations of anime. o-o imo the Death Note movies are better than the actual show. Yes. Fight me haha.
Royal-Guard-Reli Jan 30, 5:26 PM
... I feel like shit for being excited but dammit this is my fan-favorite of the big 3
Royal-Guard-Reli Jan 30, 12:11 PM
Sad thing is I don't know if you're joking or not. I think we're similar in that regard of enjoying rather petty things.

Fair. He's my second favorite villain myself. Here's another fun foreshadowing: Ever notice that Usopp's lies are actually real as time goes on? For instance, the Country of Dwarf is real which he joked about in chapter 24 which was confirmed in the Dressrosa arc. Also in chapter 24 he talked about fighting a huge mole inside a mansion, which happened in chapter 184. Ugh, I feel like a geek talking about their favorite star trek episode...

Bingo! Katakuri is best boi. You will find out why soon.

I mean you HAD to talk to someone before me, correct? If I recall correctly you only discovered me from my long walls of conversations with Cate. What happened to that haha? Ah, fun times.

... A european family not into sports? The hell are you people? o-o (jk)

Hmm. As much as another card in the game seems fun, let's hold off on that for now. I wonder how you'll react to a side of me that can reply to you in real time though you may find I'm more childish than you think. >.> I'll decide soon. Just, you've probably noticed my personality by now right? I will admit, I'm sorta an overwhelming person in terms of charisma and rhtetoric and am just a wittle hard to deal with and you're someone I don't want to push away, silly as that is to admit/say out loud.

Now that I think about it, I must say that in hindsight DB would have tons of soundtracks I just never noticed them because a lot of, ya know, being a kid and enjoying the fight scenes. Wtf, you take note of all of this? You really are a good analyzer when it's something you're focused towards.

I will admit if I had the money I'd EASILY buy all of Berserk but oddly could not do the same with Hunter x Hunter, I don't want to support Togashi until he gets his shit together but I will praise the story on word of mouth alone. It's really sad, though, I'm fairly sure he knows he wont finish the work in his lifetime so is just playing a battle of attrition so to speak with his fanbase so he just dies before he has to finish it.

I suppose that's fair it is kinda a slow movie. I don't think you're lazy, just have a drive to study the things you like and resonate with you immediately, that's fair. Everyone has their own taste. Took me a while to realize that. >.> And guess what, don't tell my fellow book nerds this.... I don't like 1984 too I just think it's a good story and great inspiration for future works.