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Monarch-Reli Apr 15, 2:00 PM
Yeah, I'm not a platformer person and therefore Mario is basically my antithesis. In regards to Zelda, I only really like Majora's Mask but have not played Breath of the Wild. I'm not really an "old school" gamer except when it comes to fighting games I guess haha. xP Or if it's something really signfiicant to gaming as a whole. For instance, the System Shock games were the precursor to the Bioshock games, DOOM for Halo, etc. Ah, Xenoblade, hate to tell ya but you're gonna have to go to Cate for that one (though she's on vacation right now)..... Speaking of Cate, know what's funny? I've made 3 friends, and all of them are from seeing those long comments we made for each other on our profiles. Huh. Cute.

Great, but frustrating haha.

Eh to be honest I'm not really seeing the "janky" or "painful" animation of OPM season 2 at all to the point I'm very sure it's a mix of people comparing it to the first season and just conformation bias. It's alright but I will admit that the animation needs to be WAY more bombast for this series, not a mark of bad quality but perhaps not understanding the material. I'm REALLY excited for this arc though. Like, shit's about to get intense, I'm a manga reader and Garo is gonna be great. <3 <3 <3

Underrated but highly regarded...? You'll have to elaborate on that one though. However, I must tell you my thought's on the terms; "over" and "under" rated with a quote from one of my idols: "Overrated is this: Everyone likes this thing. Why do they like it? I don't like it. Stop liking it!"-John Baine, A.K.A Totalbiscuit
Same can be used with underrated, it's a rather filler term. And once again that question is very nebulous. I mean, I think Eureka Seven is a great show, it was known back in its day but is mostly forgotten now. .Hack was a great series that was the precusor to ALLLLLLLLL Issekai, came out before the concept even got popular, I'm talking almost predating Tron--but nobody knows or cares about it much because it has a lot of talk. What's next? The Animatrix? Bartender? I mean I can go on and on, but I find more interest in not finding these shows and going on about why people should like them, but just... watching them, haha. Seems kinda circle-jerky. o-o

Eh I'm alright now.
ALSO! I found an issekai that I like! The world is ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monarch-Reli Apr 13, 6:18 AM
Eh I'm alive. Just a little bloated haha. But now my arm is pretty shot and I get one day off this week helping manage that store I work at. Ah. bad combination.

Indeed... .=.=

Yeah it's not the latest, just hoping studio UFOtable will save the day and I'm actually liking OPM season 2. Other than that, I'm enjoying my stupid: "Cute girls doing cute things", shows. No, no watching the Fruit's Basket remake, haven't seen the original and I'm saving that for later. I actually enjoy watching one show a week though and seeing what the community has to think on it, a very fun experience for me and gives me something awesome to watch when I get home from a hard day of work.

................ hate to tell you: I don't like Mario.
So..... I have..... no answer.... I don't like platformers and I'm a Crash Bandicoot kid anyway. xD

No no you're close, I talked our favorite Pokemon game.
Monarch-Reli Apr 11, 3:37 PM
FIRST OF ALL! Sorry for this late reply. Ate some bad mexican food, got food poisoning, and vomited for the first time since I was 9..., Ah. Never eating that stuff again. Screw that, I'm sticking with Indian food. =.= Anyhow wtf were were talking about. Kinda forgot because, you know.... my stomach was in hell.

Well yeah, I will admit that the "dynamic" so to speak was weaker but Ohba in many interviews said that he didn't want a repeat of the first half and wanted to have different ways for characters to interact with each other, got his wish but the fans... still didn't like it, haha. Anyhow, hate to disappoint but also hate to lie but due to current stuff (like my tummy...) I don't really have the drive to go in depth about them anymore because we seem to be on similar terms. O.o

Ah, from how you describe it it reminds me a little bit of: "The Wiz"... please tell me you know what I'm talking about

Monarch-Reli Apr 8, 5:02 PM
Indeed. Their artwork is great but their current project is, let us say mediocre at best. But hey onto Death Note.

Death Note holds a very special place in my heart. It was the anime that got me into anime as I told you before, without it, good chance I wouldn't even be in the medium, it was the anime that presented me with some heavy themes and dark subjects that while Soul Eater touched upon, was done in a dramatic manner. Death Note is quite literally the anime that made me like anime, though I will admit it has some flaws. It has amazing art. A great soundtrack (though I never personally cared for it that much). And gripping complex themes about the nature of justice and evil (I was rooting for Light like 100% of the time but always knew he'd lose haha).

Now then, let me tackle why people dislike Near and Mello... since.... you're.... actually..... one of the few.... no, you're the only person I have EVER met that likes the second half..... huh... interesting. Well them.
People often think that Near and Mello are copies of L. Right and wrong. Near and Mello symbolized L. Near was his cold logic that eventually beget arrogance. While Mello was L's arrogance and ruthlessness, but ultimately short sighted. L won by the end of the series and Light lost because Light failed the same way L did, letting his instincts take control, L died because he did not think ahead and was also ruthless, he could not control either trait and frankly, ugh, this is one of my problems with Death Note, L is smart, obviously, surely, but... not as smart as the series makes him out to be. When you look at some of his plans they require massive leaps in logic and luck, even he knows this, Watari said up front to the task force to NEVER entirely trust a statistic from L because statistics literally exist because anything is possible as well as not possible. People mostly seem to dislike the two because they stole L's spotlight, but they don't realize that: L was never truly real. L was a concept. He admitted this. That's why ultimately L won by the end of the series through Near and Mello, despite what Near claims during his final showdown with Light, they never surpassed L, they simply completed him.

Now when people try to use actual logic with this, that is, having specific and objective reasons for liking them, hate to break it to ya but they're false. A lot of people use Near's gaps in logic specifically and say he is way too intelligent for anyone and his plans rely on luck--NO SHIT THEY DO SO DID L'S! Are you kidding me?! Rewatch or re-read the first half of death note and really analyze L's plans, a lot of them have VERY little continuity and rely on small little statistics, that's why he was forced to reveal himself to Light, he got nowhere from staying back. Ugh. The funny thing is I don't like Near or Mello but I'm obligated to defend them.

Well hey, at least you have a decently informed opinion on Haikyuu, instead of just bitching about it for no reason. >.>

Eh to be honest I'm not the best person to ask in regards to what and is not worth my time. I literally do not consider any anime a waste of time, well, except one, and that's one of the reasons it is a 1/10 for me. But I'll try... I guess. <_<
But oh, funny you say that about HxH. Jojo's was a big inspiration for the series, the biggest example is Hisoka, compare his body design to that of Dio, and as you learn more about Nen, you'll see even further inspirations.
Now let's add this screenshot to the game haha

...................... Shrek... the musical................................................................................................................ O-Okay then.... that sounds like an anime parody....
Monarch-Reli Apr 7, 1:02 PM
Ah! Bakuman. I read it a long time ago, I'm talking when I first joined the anime club I now help run long. Never really spoke to me but hey, it's better than what the two are making now... We don't talk about it wanna know google it it kinda sucks. =.= Speaking of Death Note, time for another fun fact about me: I think the second half of Death Note is really good. Yep, I do, I think Mello and Near are great characters and the reason people don't like season 2 is from a massive tone shift, other than that they are very symbolic characters that people simply didn't bother to understand, but I do acknowledge that the way they were introduced was borderline arrogant. Wanna tell me why I'm wrong? >.>

Ah, be sure not to say that to the fangirls or they'll kill you. To be honest the only sports anime I actually love is Hajime no Ippo, and that's because I actually used to box, and I can really relate to and understand the pain and frustration of training for a fight and just exercise in general. I told you this before btw but I really dislike Food Wars for an admittedly personal reason, I don't find food and sex attractive, like, I really don't, it turns me off and any partner of mine that has recommended it has been.... let's say, disappointed, haha.
Back to Haikyuu, yeah, don't really like it at all I don't see the appeal of it--I think it's pandering at this point, I do acknowledge it has some strong character relationships though..

Yes actually. Violet Evergarden, for now I'm going to tackle all of Durarara and whatever else comes my way I decide. But awe, my game did come to a standstill it seems, try it again soon!<3 <3 <3
HirohikoAraki Apr 6, 11:56 AM
wait did you time travel, i didn't know ep 26 of VA was out!
Monarch-Reli Mar 31, 5:23 AM
Hey hey if it makes you feel better you can keep replaying the base game over and over... BL2 is DECEIVEINGLY mathetmatical and can require some high level builds at endgame. It's all about stats at that point. To give you an example, I rock a level 72 Kreig recently and my build is completely perfect and optimal... I took ONE point away from ONE ability... and died instantly now. That's how hard scaling is at late game. It becomes like Diablo or something I swear.

Made a lot of sense at the time? I think you mean to say: "The hormones made me do it!" Haha.
Ah, sense of belonging, no thanks, I try to make my own path, but if you want to connect with people and move around often than I think it's fine--and who cares about this random guy's standard anyway. I just don't get... you know... posting a picture of a goddamn taco... or taking a selfie by a bridge... *Sigh*

That's a good way to look at it. It reminds me of a conversation me and my friend had. I'm really into metaphysics and in my eyes there is literally no justification for the concept of any "object" existing, I personally have a theory that most objects are just illusions, my friend said: "You know, even if they are I'm more so amazed we can comprehend those illusions." Really stuck with me, arguing my cynical nature with something more lighthearted and in awe.

It truly is a vicious cycle, you frankly do NOT want a job as a mangaka, just make light novels at least then you can be justified taking your pace and don't have to worry about drawing constantly and being inside all day, many light novel author's have been known to take walks to find inspiration and just get out and exercise... you rarely... rarely ever hear about that in the manga side of things.

PFTAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA--oh fuck me I love when this happens. I LOVE when people start Hunter x Hunter 2011 and think this at the start. So much so I literally make a game out of it.
Let's see how your thoughts change overtime throughout the series. Have fun... you poor soul. 😂

Either of those would work... honestly did not know you hadn't seen those.
Monarch-Reli Mar 30, 8:19 PM
Ah that reminds me, who was your favorite class in BL2? I'm a BIG fan of Gaige, she literally turns the game into another game of maximizing and managing cost due to her anarchy build set up, I consider her the most complex character Gearbox ever made, even though... she sucks at high level endgame. I LOVE the anarchy mechanic, you're playing math and deceivingly high level statistics on STEROIDS, I kinda wanna replay her now haha.

I personally could NEVER buy a figure like at all, most I have is my Bladerunner and Alien Funko pops that sit on my TV stand because I'm a huge sci fi nerd (this comment actually interrupted my bi weekly back to back Bladerunner rewatches...)

The funny thing is I remember taking my sister with me to one once and her saying: "All the freaks are here", it was so funny and I said: "... You don't get this, do you? You're the freak here." It was something I said in passing but was really true, rationality becomes twisted and you're in Alice in Wonderland, you see boys dressed as girls and girls dressed as boys, so many things go out the window and at the end of the day, as much as we don't like to think about it--we're all here because of some japanese cartoons...

I believe every relationship is about submission, everything you kinda do is. So for me, life is a matter of what principle I'm willing to submit myself to. Sure I don't really like my job THAT much but I submit myself to if because... I like money, we get something out of it but I do not uphold the job's ideal, so I'm basically a mercenary. With this logic in mind, I constantly joked the only way I would EVER use social media to that extent is if I had a partner who frequently uses it and they make me get it--someone who makes me submit or contradict myself is truly worth both my attention, and certainly my affection, I am extremely stubborn and if you can make me do something I don't generally want--you are damn worth having my arm around your shoulder. I don't care what people submit themselves too personally they can do whatever they want so long as it doesn't affect me, but sometimes I wonder, these people who use social media so much--do they really become human anymore, or are simply bound by their own pleasure and monotony? A funny thought.

EH, it kinda gets ruined because Kishimoto didn't explain it well, a lot of people think he wanted to literally DESTROY THE WORLD, because ONE girl he liked died--but it's much more than that but the author didn't explain it well, there's tons of memes about it and while I will admit it was not executed well, I will ALWAYS defend his character and its intention.

Oh, that's actually really simple. Imagine you're making this story that started, I don't know, ten years ago? Making one chapter every week for most of your life except maybe 10 weeks out of all the weeks in the year, constantly bent over a table, your hands are in agony and the only thing driving you is passion--along with the editors constantly breathing down your throat trying to make you submit to their suggestions to get more money for the publisher.... How motivated would you be to finish something with the same passion you started with? It's actually super, super simple, and if you read a lot of shounen you'll figure out a pattern. You can IMMEDIATELY see this with Naruto in my opinion, I don't know if you know this but the reason the Pain arc felt like Naruto was completed was because... uh.... it was. Kishi at the start had everything planned out to end with the Pain arc--but hey--Naruto made money and they were NOT cancelling it--he tweaked it and it continued. Editors are a bitch and you can really feel the passion of people die as the series goes on, quite sad, the only reason One Piece hasn't gotten to that point is because Oda has literally the highest selling manga in the world, and nobody is making him do jackshit around the office, he has had the ENTIRE story of one piece planned out since the first chapter so he has almost nothing to worry about. Others? Not so lucky...

Eh, I'm sure you got time to kill.

I just have bookmarks for all my shows I watched, rather, all my 50th shows I watched, really lets me see how my methods of thoughts have changed overtime.

Oh I will, trust me. I will. I'll need to reflect and see what I've been holding off of... maybe that: "Durarara" show...
Monarch-Reli Mar 30, 7:08 PM
You didn't play Borderlands 1? It's fun but a bit dated, I personally really enjoyed it though. I get a free upgrade apparently because I already own it on Steam. I should warn you know Lilith is INCREDIBLY Overpowered, like, absolute best class to play no questions asked, she makes the game a joke and it's highly recommended you play as her to start out because uh frankly BL1 is REALLY difficult starting out actually and guns work different, there's actual bullet drop especially with snipers.

Eh, I admit I'm a big fan of the "lore" of Boderlands... if there is any.... any indepth that is. But I've played and read everything in the franchise, from the side games to the comic books.

Really? Well then let me tell you it's kinda like heaven. It's just stuff everywhere, manga volumes, keychains, pillows, posters, and my GOD the figurines, don't get me started on them, they can and will cost THOUSANDS of dollars... the most awkward part, by far, is the hentai section.... can you imagine grown men and woman reading hentai like that, publically? Better get used to it in the dealer's room. To be honest though, I prefer artist alley more though, I don't know if you've heard about it but it's just artist selling their stuff, I find it awesome because it's all original stuff, well, not original characters and stuff most of the time but so unique you will never find it on the internet, it's awesome to me.
I guess my: "Treasured" manga is all the volumes of the Devil May Cry manga which are out of print... Ah, love being a nerd.

What? So you already know Tobi is Obito? Well then... damn. If only you finished the series, I had a lot to say about his character, the community finds him to be an awful villain but I love him, heavily believe he's misinterpretid and enjoy his character arc to the point he's on my favorites. But yes, the final arc of the manga is... *Sigh* dumb.

Ahahahahhaha. Social Media. What a funny concept. I'll tell you straight. I only use THREE things. Discord. Yahoo mail yes it's old don't care, and .... I guess I have a gmail account that works. No twitter. No snapchat. Facetime. Nothing. Screw it all. I REALLY don't enjoy it and personally find that when not kept in check it's insanely consuming, I don't think humans were really meant and evolved to be connected like to so many people at once like that constantly, the constant updates, notifications, it's insane and I don't enjoy it to the point it makes me uncomfortable because I fear I am no longer sentient, just another cog in social media. Not to say I'm; "Against a system" in anyway like some silly FF protagonist, everyone serves a purpose to something or someone else, but it's a matter of what you support. And I just don't support most social media--and yes I know MAL is social media don't even try that one like my darling Cate did, it's a matter of what social media I support and limit myself to, that's really it.

On another note, I finally found another ecchi anime I enjoy, this makes it.... 3 now.... out of everything I watched besides the Monogatari series. It's this:
Artstlye is rough around the edges but I greatly enjoyed it, first thing to make me laugh hard in a long long time and I finished it all in one day, I didn't even know that was mathematically possible. Give it a watch sometime.

And ah, the time has come. I have never told you this but every 50th anime I watch has to be something very significant to me like a milestone, despite it's bombast title and standard I put for it, it can literally be anything, but has to be something significant to me or the community, maybe something I've thrown off for years (like K-On years ago), maybe something the community praises like Violet Evergarden but I just didn't watch. So I'll be taking my time deciding what comes next for what I watch.
Monarch-Reli Mar 28, 5:30 PM
Yes! I did! I have SO many theories actually. Here's my best guess.
I don't know if you saw the teaser but there was morse code message there. It said: "Count all the sirens." My theory is the new antagonist are making a religion of sorts to unleash some Lovecraftian monster that only sirens and mass sacrifices of sorts, whether they be human or siren-powers, can unlock, H.P Lovecraft was always one of the universe's biggest inspirations, how ironic, a stupid looter shooter takes inspiration from a god of horror. But yeah, that's my theory. In the trailer Lilith has her powers taken away by the sister of the brother-sister duo who appear to be our antagonist (this is confirmed btw from Gearbox, the antagonist are brother and sister and take Lilith's power). On a side note, don't know if you played Tales of the Borderlands but a character called: "Rhys" is in the trailer... that.... is very..... very significant, if you have played the Tales games, you will know why, if not, I wont spoil it for ya, but, wow, that's damn good.
I really think this is the game where they'll dive head first into the lore of the sirens, where they come from, what their purpose is, and they'll all go through some Raven from Teen Titans-esque story arc. Can't wait to see what they have in store. Also love that my waifu Maya's got some interesting hair going on, haha. I'm also playing that Siren on principle, the new one anyway... Fun fact: I like buff girls..

I understand. I guess your version of both heaven and hell would be me dropping you in the dealer's room of an anime convention...

Oh look, we agree on something. I was mostly joking about the Naruto filler, but I only really watch it if it interest me, like the Kakashi fillers which in my opinion is some of the best filler in all of anime--well--because it's canon. It's miles ahead something like Bleach filler. I actually enjoy some of them, for instance, remember the episode where they tried to figure out what's under Kakashi's mask? Haha...
Also, have you watched Shippuden? I can go on A LOT about why I think Naruto is great from Shippuden if you want, specifically why I really defend--... Tobi.

I understand perfectly. He's quite... blunt, to say the least.
I'm a huge fan of REOL and I REALLY want to hug her haha, you could say she's a bit of a crush but I truly do think she goes beyond the language barrier and hits certain notes for me, the autotune does not bring down, but only enhance her voice. She's kickass.
Actually, we share that, at least the start. Just replace yours with:"Oh-that-song-sounded-good! I'm going to listen to it a few more times, download it later, and figure out more about the artist and the type of music it is."

Actually, I talked to my extended family and we seem to have made up, we'll slowly ease back into it though because that was a big fight. I will only join the miilitary if college doesn't work out but... I only have to get 28 credits to get that certificate... I'm PRETTY sure I'll be fine haha.
Monarch-Reli Mar 28, 7:31 AM
Eh I'll be fine and am considering getting my cyber security certificate at the community college here first. That don't work out? Hand me a gun and give me money I'm going into the Army haha.

No problem buddy. Just know that no matter how hard I seem I'm just very opiniated and you're awesome.<.<

However I don't think I can say anything else on Psycho Pass and as you can imagine uh I've been stressed for a few days and don't want to reply to you on a topic I'm not passionate about anymore so let's move on.

... A chronic fear of money..? Elaborate.

Why they rushed it? they'd need to make filler otherwise while following the manga slowly, it was really their only choice and to be fair I respect that a little more than the Naruto route... (filler filler filler...)

What kind of music do I like? Hahahahahahahahhaha. Oh... you poor son of a bitch that's another story entirely.
Like I said I'm bad with music genres so can't really tell you what I like specifically, but I can tell you a few artist I like.
First, huge Marilyn Manson fan and I personally think his new stuff is better than his old, he is one of the most cryptic and interesting artist I have seen and I love him. Some of my favorites from him include: Irresponsible Hate Anthem (warning ALL of this shit is explicit Tourniquet And: Little Horn
All of his works have a heavy element and context to them, in my opinion he's an unadulterated lyrical genius who tricked the masses into thinking he was a Satanist when really it was a metaphor for--I will stop you get it haha.
Next we have Hayley Willaims. Decent Macklemore fan. But I'm REALLY falling in love with REOL. She's a Japanese artist and is often called Japan's answer to Nicki Minaj... well, if Nicki was good to begin with anyway haha. Some of my favorites once again include: Gekihaku No Title And: Saisaki Once again, she has a lot of energy and I really like her.
I'm a decent fan of classic music. Fredric Chopin. Mozart. Vivaldi. The works. Big fan of Yoko Shimomura as well, and that gives you a decent idea I think haha.

It's always good to question what you like and what your feelings are buddy, this applies to me and it's no problem haha.

You too, amigo.

Also Borderlands announcement better be watching.
Monarch-Reli Mar 24, 1:45 PM
While we've only known each other briefly, you're a good friend so I'll level with you and try to tell you this as briefly as possible.
-I got into a big fight with my extended family (that is grandmother and aunt) and they are no longer supporting me, this is because I told them I'm pansexual and by their religious nature (Jehovah's Witnesses) they have to reject me. This means no more rides to and from work and that means I gotta work harder to compensate and get more money, my time here will be cut short. But I'll still talk to you when I can.
- I'm also heavily thinking about joining the Army after I get my driver's license which means you'd see me on and off for around 4 years. With that out of the way, let's get back to it.

Ah, I understand actually. Don't worry I've done that tons of times, I've been on this site for years and I've written messages at 3am. It's fine.

I also want to be honest UH I would reply to this again, that is the "style" thing but I don't have much to add with it except: I can understand why you enjoy Psycho Pass on a superficial level, hell, anything on a superficial level. For instance, let me tell you something: I used to fucking hate music for most of my life. Why? Cuz i'm a perfectionist, I absolutely must master everything I take an interest in, be it the works of Aristotle, the frames of a fighting game, and yes, even the music I listen to. That was impossible for me. Why? Music is abstract. Sure, works of old have a constant to them and mechanical reasons why they achieve a certain crescendo, but music in my eyes is literally the opposite of order, it creates order from chaos, random noises, even wailing and cocaphonous forming a sort of resonance. I was frustrated with myself for YEARS on why I couldn't crack music. Sure, i know the history of artist, but I never could understand why the music they MAKE worked.
It wasn't until I talked to a good friend recently who told me this: "Dude, there is no RIGHT way to listen to music. You just listen to it and if you like it, you like it, don't, ya dont. Let it go. You can't break down music like you can a show or a game, or a book or the mechanics of a rifle, it just is, you try to find out why something works, sure you can break down the notes but it's nothing more than a sound you find pleasing. You can listen to music anyway you want, anyitme you want. When jogging. Playing a game. Anything. Music is whatever you want it to be."
And that is what changed me when looking at music. It gave me an epiphany. I can't find a purpose in music because I created the purpose, it didn't matter if the pop shit was superficial and repeated, I liked it, so I listened to it more.

In this respect, I can understand you and I'm glad you at least know what you like, even if I dislike it. I like season 2 of psycho pass for a reason you seem to dislike it, and that's cool to me too.

But oh, film, really? I wish you good luck, I hear it's tough to get into and to get your name out there. You know what a lot of voice actors and actors in general say is an awesome, niche thing to do NOBODY thinks about in film? Sound control. I had Crispan fucking Freeman tell me this and it made so much sense at the panel I was in. Usually people have scripts ready, lighting ready, everything, including the sounds they'll use but--.................... NOBODY IS THERE TO CONTROL THE SOUNDS! Not trying to tell you what to get into but I gotta tell ya, it sounds awful appealing to get into controlling audio for films. There's borderline no competition and you will get paid a big cut of what that film or series makes.

Well, time for Soul Eater again.

I think I said this before but I perfectly understand this. It's not that this came out of nowhere, it's that it was rushed in the final act and Maka only did this ONCE to Crona at the 30% mark of the series, in the manga she grows much more but yeah, it isn't really believable here. Also, I actually feel that way about "coming of age" stories, never really liked them, or the Hero's Journey formula. Friendship power ups are a close third though.

eh some people are like that, I know, I used to be one, I overthink a lot... you probably guessed that by now.

It's alright, I'll be having a lot to deal with in my life anyway. ^^

The feeling is mutual. <3

Monarch-Reli Mar 22, 10:14 PM
.... Your major problem with season 2 of psycho pass is that it shouldn't exist...? Why? What warrants the negation of its existence, its retreading of plot points from the previous series--That already retread upon tired tropes, cliched characters, and themes stolen from other works before it? That's really it? Once again, in that respect, I respect season 2 MORE than one, because while it is inferior it once again did not pretend to be anything other than such, the reason you dislike season 2 is not even as close to the same reason people dislike Stein's;Gate 0, instead of messing up a work that is already generally good--season 2 just repeats something that was already repeated. The philosophy of: "Our purpose is to have no purpose", such as episodic series.

To be frank, I LOVE that people dislike Psycho Pass season 2, it makes me laugh my ass off everytime because they ironically dislike it for a reason I dislike the first season. The same way you say I don't need to: "watch" Psycho Pass 2, is the same reason I say: "PSycho Pass was never really worth watching for originality to begin with", just read 1984, watch Minority Report, and play Cyberpunk 2020 on pen and paper. Not nearly as appealing? The only appealing thing of Psycho Pass was, once again, it's just cheap, cool looking tricks, I don't respect tricks, they're cute on paper but wear off as you break them down. What is there to come back to after all of that is over? What makes me come back to Psycho Pass once I understand that it truly wasn't as "deep" as I thought and just stuff taken from other works? ... It just looks cool? That's... cool... I guess. But.. I don't care. This is perhaps me on a philosophical level than entirely critical one, but I much--much more respect Psycho Pass season 2 for what it was than season 1.

In regard to Digibro, I have seen literally every video he has ever made, this naturally includes his Psycho Pass videos. But funny enough, that reminds me of a: "Let's argue" video he did that. This is very ironic. I'll just link you to what he says:

In this hot take, he claims that anime with amazing philosophical themes that are still boring to him cannot save a show, yet, and conversely, he adores Psycho Pass and praises it BECAUSE of how deep it is... isn't that just a tickle? That he has made over ten hours of discussions about Psycho Pass and its themes, but claims that themes don't make a great show and if something is still boring, it's still boring? Respecting that, think of my argument as an inversion of his, I don't CARE about how cool something is--I care if it has something that resonates with me personally, something can be "cool" and coexist with what resonates with me (such as Hellsing Ultimate), but in the end it's just what I decide.

Eh, the feeling's mutual.

To be honest, I never really understood how it was so: "Hard' for people to decide what to watch next. Well, I understand I have a different mindset when watching anime from other people: "Nothing is a waste of time. Everything is an experience. Watch it." I usually just have a set plan, such as watching all of the Devilman Franchise, or along the way just pick something with a synopsis that interest me. Have to figure out what to watch next? Such a serious sounding thing, haha.

AND! While I dislike the anime I'm gonna have to disagree with you there. Maka being a weapon as well as a Meister was actually a power amp that unlocked when she started to realize she wasn't afraid of Asura anymore. Also, Maka did this when she was unconscious, this power can only activate at this state, Maka doing this was a call back to her base instincts, but cutting off her consciouness she no longer feared Asura. As to why this exist on a narrative/world level, eh, it's not that much more of a mystery as to why Kid's body rejects all poison, it's just a trait that is passed down from a very powerful weapon on occasion, such as her Father, spirit. Maka simply had the gene of of a weapon that was inactive, but in this moment became active, she's not the SAME thing, the power cut off right after the battle. This is sort of the plot device/replacement for her Grigori/Angelic soul that helps her in a similar way against Asura during the manga.

Also, in regards to her punch. People like to call it a deus ex machina, and you can make an argument that it is, but ultimately it doesn't bother me at all. Why? Because she's done it before. Remember the fight with Crona under the school? Maka has an anti-demon soul wavelength. She has already been established as being able to project her emotions into another person's soul. She projected her kindness into Crona and healed (partly) a lifetime of abuse and neglect. If she can do that, I have no problem with her punching her courage straight into Asura's soul, and I can also believe that it could well kill him, or at least knock him down a notch.

Asura is a being made of fear and madness. Courage counters both. It's believable, in the context of the series, that exposing Asura's soul to something that cancels out the source of his power could do him in. It's totally possible, but I just can't believe that she could pull it off. She's just not strong enough, not yet anyways. In the manga she's subjected to vastly more emotional trauma, and she grows as a person at the same time as she becomes more powerful. When she first faced the kishin, he made her hallucinate things, and she totally lost her cool. And that was with an even weaker Asura. She should at least be feeling something. Once she gets a time skip in the manga, I could buy the courage punch. But the anime skipped right to the fight with Asura because it had to end fast. That's my problem with the end of the anime. They went right to fighting the end boss when we were only just out of the tutorial.

Have to counter you once again. Soul Eater, the anime specifically, has a STRONG theme of accepting fear as something natural and rising above it. Bravery was always in the series from the start, literally, the start with Black Star and Maka fighting Sid, who tried to make them die and accept death so they'd no longer fear anything, also, Crona's arc in the anime specifically highlights this because he's SO afraid of his mother and cannot overcome it. Soul Eater always had a strong theme of being brave and rejecting, and contradictingly accepting fear to beget bravery. Soul Eater's antagonist always tried to break the main characters using fear and overwhelming force, only to have them eventually reject it, in fact, all the characters go through this. Maka has to accept the fact she's only human and not the greatest but this makes her heavily insecure. Black Star is haunted by a destiny that according to everything abotu his family line, affirms he will be nothing more than a demon, this is bound by fate. And Kid--.... okay his arc is not in the anime, and I ain't even gonna spoil it my god it's great. That... was indeed... a major theme of the story. What did you think it was about? o-o

Same here, buddy.
Monarch-Reli Mar 22, 8:24 PM
Ah that stuff used to happen to me too on my VERY old computer, ah, memories haha.
Anyhow, I would love to reply to this and do not want to discredit the work you did making this over the past 10 days but--... I... sorta... have nothing else to say on the matter so uh let's jump to Soul Eater. >.>

Welp... Told ya that would happen. The anime's ending is very stupid and makes barely any sense, it's practically fanfiction. As you can probably tell, Crona's plot got shafted/rushed--Make has the soul of both a weapon and meisters because of reasons--and Black Star as well as Kid's arcs are non existent. However, there is ONE thing I like the the anime did.
Witch Hunter does not work on Asura. This is because, in the anime, he truly doesn't think his actions are evil at all, he thinks madness is the true way to peace because it's what the human animal truly is, he honestly believed he was doing something wrong with dirty means justifying ends, that's a nice twist and contrast to the manga I enjoyed, where he's more or less so doing the same thing. Nice touch. Other than that... see why I keep telling people to read the manga for a better story? <.<

Oh. Fun fact. I'm one of those few people that liked Psycho Pass season 2. Why? It didn't try to FUCKING lie to me! Psycho Pass season 2 while having no reason to exist embraced this fact and went with it, in contrast to the previous season that tried, in constant to shove a message into me that had been done countless times before. At least season 2 embraced the philosophy of: "Our purpose is to have no purpose." I very much enjoyed seeing a decently matured Akane on her own without our edgelord protagonist and antagonist, I think people don't like it because they got tricked as I constantly say.. expected so much out of a sequel to a series that was just okay to begin with. But hey, just my thoughts.

Actually, the Demon vs Warrior plot is very essential to his character development, I can explain it a bit more but this is something that while the anime rushed, it didn't mess up TOO badly.

As is the sad reality of the Soul Eater anime. >.>
I actually don't want it to get the: "Brotherhood treatment" a statement I don't like to repeat because I don't believe 2003 was bad at all, but I do wish it could have some more stuff about its universe expanded. For instance, I would LOVE to see what Lord Death/Shinigama sama was doing back in the old days, and Asura is a GREAT character in the manga that.... is not... used much in the anime to the point you have no care for him whatsoever do you? <.<
Monarch-Reli Mar 12, 7:42 AM
Eh, like I said it's just the way the piece was inherently made to be. I of course will not defend the earlier chapters, that was just Okubo being a budding artist but around the Kishin Revival Arc is when things REALLY kick up in terms of how beautifully drawn everything is. Some panels with Asura, Medusa (one of the best villains in manga in my opinion btw) and Crona in particular have made me almost want to throw up. The anime sort of neuters this style, just like the same way the Akame ga Kill anime did for its manga style... sadly. But hey if you wanna jump in, have fun!

Offend you? Haha I don't want to offend anyone. I do think everyone's ideology and method of looking at shows needs to be looked at and challenged every once in a while, though, including my own. I will never tell anyone they're a bad person--but will tell them their opinions are bad. I think everyone should have that right. I will never judge someone based on what they watch... just... what they watch. xD

Eh, guess I can jump into this "style" again though. The term: "One trick pony", is one I agree with and despise. =.= Most of it not all art that relies on one trick, fails horribly and is forgotten about, as if a gust in the wind.
For instance. Remember: This game

Next, ever heard of this film:

Then we have my favorite. Shelter Remember this? You probably don't. I got insane amounts of flak when this cute music video came out and took the year by storm. Shelter was a beautifully animated music video about a girl lost in space going to sleep, with the implication being she possibly dies. It was very solid--BUT! ... It was just a gimmick. I saw this before and knew it would be forgotten about. There is nothing to analyze about it, there is nothing rewarding when you return to it. So I deemed that it would fade in a year. People constantly tried to tell me that was not the case--and look nobody fucking remembers it. Rather, they do and go: "Oh yeah, that was cool!" Before jumping on a different topic.

"Style" and substance can coexist, just look Tarantino movies. But when one solely relies on the other, if one person can only do one thing, they become nothing more than a hollow, clockwork toy. Lacking anything besides the superficial. If someone enjoys the superficial, that's cool too. But I personally don't. I demand more from what I watch. Pretty colors are pretty. We all know this.

But that's the most I can really say about it I have nothing else haha.