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Oct 30, 2022
Preliminary (4/? chp)
Really cute romcom based off of some fetish bait. However, its handled with enough tact that it ends up being a cute and fun read even for people who aren't into giant girls. I'm honestly impressed with how much the manga covers the logistics of having a giant girl be around. It'd be really easy to hand waive, but there's enough details of the girl, how she handles being large, and what she does with her new situation. It's honestly really charming.

The art is relatively simple, but I like the style of the line art. It has a roughness to it that is really appealing ...
Oct 1, 2022
Preliminary (21/? chp)
I am positively stunned that this manga has such a small readership and absolutely no reviews. It feels like something so many people would be really interested in, given that the JAV industry is a little unknown to western anime fans. At least in terms of the specifics of how it functions.

AV Danyuu Hajimemashita's greatest appeal is in its detailed description of the JAV industry. It is presented with a relatively slow pace, taking care to show the step by step process that our protagonist and author took to be in his current position. While doing this, it is sure to characterize the main ...
Sep 25, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Drawing While Masturbating has a premise that is just not built for everyone, there's no avoiding that. But if the idea is funny and absurd enough to appeal to you, I think its a genuinely entertaining read with really good pacing and pleasant artwork. In this respect, I only think it really falters in the final dozen chapters. The goofy antics run into the territory of creepy sexual harassment and uncomfortable rapey behavior from principle characters. I recognize that some people may be able to see the humor in its presentation, but I don't think that the story handles it well enough to justify its ...
Aug 17, 2022
Mixed Feelings
It's incredibly unfortunate that Norihiro Yagi's Angel Densetsu never got the praise and recognition that the author's next work, Claymore, got. I have a lot of love for the bloated, yet charming, manga that this is based off of, but the short length and low production values makes it hard to recommend the anime over just reading it. Some of the best material of this story is left completely unadapted in these 2 episodes, leaving a lot to be desired. While not terrible, the pacing leans on the slow side, further making it hard to recommend over the manga. I'd recommend it for anime watchers ...
Jul 26, 2022
Shikigami (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
This mangaka clearly has a lot of potential in terms of action, art, and comedy, but I don't think this one-shot is anything special. It moves far too quickly for for what it wants to do, using it's space really poorly. This has the unintended side effect of making the characters, setting, and premise feel extremely generic. Our main character has a few quirky qualities, but nothing that hasn't been seen in 90% of other Shonen manga. The comedy feels solid with great art, but the pacing is so fast that none of it really lands. The expressions of the characters sold the comedy better ...
Apr 10, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (7/? chp)
I'm sure a lot of people rate this low because of its concept. I don't need to be the one to tell you that a lot of men have a weirdly twisted view of virginity and the sanctity of the act of sex. However, I bring this up to emphasize that my middling feelings on this manga are not about that at all. I'm writing this review mostly to justify that fact to anyone who sees the score I gave this story. The fact of the matter is I think that the base concept behind this manga is actually decently interesting on paper. Seeing how ...
Feb 4, 2022
Mixed Feelings
I think there is a legitimately interesting film in here about self growth, trauma, trust, and self-confidence. However, it's plagued with a disjointed pace, and a medley of far too many ideas that are left underdeveloped.

While I enjoyed most of the real-life segments, I found almost everything to do with the virtual reality "U" to be poorly realized. For one, the world itself makes very little sense. I don't believe for a second that people would actually use a program that forces them to stick with one singular avatar and has fundamentally no rules. It appears that's actually the case since only 2 million ...
Jan 17, 2022
Preliminary (17/? chp)
Going into “Worst Gaiden: Zetton-sensei” I had no idea what to expect. I found it while randomly scrolling for new manga, so I had very little context going in. What I got was an adequately written comedy about a delinquent becoming a schoolteacher.

The art is decent, giving adequate weight to its comedy. The characters are simplistic, but not bad. The story is fine, following a linear path from its beginning. It’s clear that the whole manga will be about Zetton-sensei endearing himself to students one at a time, eventually reforming the problem class. It’s not a fantastic manga, but adequate.

That would be the ...
Jan 7, 2022
"Akira Toriyama's Manga Theatre" is an excellent dive into several One-Shots by famous "Dr. Slump" and "Dragon Ball" author Toriyama Akira. It covers several different time periods of the mangaka’s career, displaying how his style of storytelling and artwork has changed. Almost all of the stories are relatively simple comedies with generic characters, yet they all have a simplistic charm to them that makes them worth reading. For this review I’ve opted to analyze each of the one-shots individually. I’ll give a brief summary of each story, attempting to avoid spoilers as best I can, and then I’ll follow up with my takeaways from the ...
Feb 23, 2021
Sanpo Mono (Manga) add
Sanpo Mono is an underrated gem of a Slice of Life that is incredibly quick to read and well worth the effort. Clocking in at only 64 pages, we follow a businessman as he walks around various city streets, observing his environments, enjoying the variety of people, and perusing the random shops he’s never seen before. The manga uses its time well, getting readers into the headspace of our main lead and investing us into his little world. Our protagonist’s adventures epitomizes the enjoyment that one can get from simply walking around, and as a fellow random walker I love it for that. It doesn’t ...

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