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Jan 17, 2022
Going into “Worst Gaiden: Zetton-sensei” I had no idea what to expect. I found it while randomly scrolling for new manga, so I had very little context going in. What I got was an adequately written comedy about a delinquent becoming a schoolteacher.

The art is decent, giving adequate weight to its comedy. The characters are simplistic, but not bad. The story is fine, following a linear path from its beginning. It’s clear that the whole manga will be about Zetton-sensei endearing himself to students one at a time, eventually reforming the problem class. It’s not a fantastic manga, but adequate.

That would be the read more
Jan 7, 2022
"Akira Toriyama's Manga Theatre" is an excellent dive into several One-Shots by famous "Dr. Slump" and "Dragon Ball" author Toriyama Akira. It covers several different time periods within the mangaka’s career, displaying his style of storytelling and artwork from the various eras. Almost all of them are relatively simple comedies with generic characters, yet have a distinct charm that makes them still fun to read. For this review, instead of breaking down the story, characters, and art of this manga collection, I’ve opted to analyze each of the stories individually. I recommend reading all of them, but here are my individual thoughts.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Wonder Island=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Wonder Island follows read more
Feb 23, 2021
Sanpo Mono is an underrated gem of a Slice of Life that is incredibly quick to read and well worth the effort. Clocking in at only 64 pages, we follow a businessman as he walks around various city streets, observing his environments, enjoying the variety of people, and perusing the random shops he’s never seen before. The manga uses its time well, getting readers into the headspace of our main lead and investing us into his little world. Our protagonist’s adventures epitomizes the enjoyment that one can get from simply walking around, and as a fellow random walker I love it for that. It doesn’t read more
Jan 8, 2021
I am deeply surprised with Hanazono-san Twins. Based on the cover, tags, and premise, I had a relatively solid idea of what I was getting into. Everything this manga is is built on well-worn clichés that have plagued romance manga for decades. It is, after all, a classic love triangle with two girls with different personalities and looks perusing a mutual childhood friend. There are random hijinks with each girl being given various advantages over the other chapter-to-chapter. The breasts are in fact large. However, it manages to present these classic ideas in a fun enough way to leave me both engaged and interested to read more
Dec 17, 2020
If I had to sum up my feelings towards Coulomb Fille, I would struggle a little bit with what to say. Which is a statement that I am about to contradict by saying a great deal. It had a bizarre premise that ended up caving in on itself and falling apart after managing to form a moderately successful story otherwise. In addition, it sports one of my least favorite ends in a manga that I have read recently. But despite this, the good parts showed such a decent amount of skill that I struggle to see why it had to be this way. If I read more
Sep 6, 2020
I really like a lot about this manga and its story. It manages to utilize tropes in a really interesting way that keeps the reader interested, while also twisting their assumptions around. Of course this does only work for the first major arc. Afterwards the idea of "inner thoughts and schemes" starts to fall into a more predictable territory. That being said, Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo does a great job of being interesting and keeping the reader interested.

I think the main cast is pretty decent. The main character is well realized and works well with the story, but his read more
Aug 31, 2020
I am actually really impressed with this manga. It more-or-less is a pretty generic love story between an ugly girl and a Riajuu. More than likely you've seen it before in dozens of hundreds of other similar Shoujo-type love stories. However, Busu ni Hanataba wo does it with enough of a strong pace and enjoyable atmosphere that it gets away with being a little bit generic.

The part that probably works best is the main girl Tabata. So many of these types of manga have the girl be at least somewhat conventionally attractive. When they aren't, that typically only applies in universe. In reality the read more
Aug 20, 2020
I'm honestly a little disappointing with this manga. What started out as a really fun read with a cute premise ended up stumbling into just being ok in the end. While I wasn't in love with it or anything, I thought the romance being portrayed was cute and interesting enough for me to keep reading. However, the ending 2 or 3 chapters went with such a boring direction that I couldn't help but feel disappointed. I've never seen a worse "my dad is rich and powerful and disapproves of whatever's happening" story arc.

Here we have a cute Shoujo-ai manga with mediocre art that could read more
Aug 19, 2020
All things considered, I think this manga's biggest weakness is in how short the chapters are. I feel like the concept is interesting enough, but the way it's executed basically is slapping you in the face with missed potential. Every chapter some form of progress is made, but right before the interesting part of the conversation would likely occur the chapter cuts off and is completely ignored by the time the next one rolls around.

The characters are pretty generic and shallow and the actual investment I have in them getting together is about none. You can tell it will likely not happen till the read more
Aug 15, 2020
I'm actually really surprised with the low rating and lack of reviews for this title. Hanazono-kun to Kazoe-san no Fukakai na Houkago does a really competent job building a relationship between two very weird individuals. Being able to learn about the basics of sexual intercourse while also seeing them grow as people is surprisingly satisfying.

I think the biggest sticking point about the manga is on our two main characters. They have wildly different circumstances that, while not being all that relatable, help to give a unique experience to the reader. They aren't perfect, but they are probably the most important part of the reading read more