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Days: 95.3
Mean Score: 5.72
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Tokyo Ghoul:re
Tokyo Ghoul:re
Jul 7, 10:35 AM
Watching -/12 · Scored -
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
Jul 7, 10:34 AM
Completed 22/22 · Scored 8
Megalo Box
Megalo Box
Jul 7, 10:33 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 6
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Days: 2.0
Mean Score: 6.00
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  • Chapters178
  • Volumes31
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Comic_Sans Apr 9, 12:38 AM
Nothing tops Root Ass
But it’s still a miserable piece of shit
Comic_Sans Apr 9, 12:32 AM
It's a miserable piece of shit
Botan-Chan45 Mar 19, 8:25 PM
that sounds bad. I really don't notice this effect a lot in any media way unless it's really unbearable.
Botan-Chan45 Mar 19, 8:01 PM
It really doesn't look bad and have seen tv shows use it. Though it can be annoying if done wrong. This got me interested in this topic though.
Botan-Chan45 Mar 19, 7:37 PM
Can you show me chromatic aberration? Like a lot to understand it.
abk1997 Mar 1, 11:53 PM
yeah that's also true. I rate stuff really generous. I mostly watch shows worth a 7 for example.
abk1997 Feb 28, 8:46 PM
oh I see thats how you rate stuff :] i purely rate just solely based on enjoyment. I can understand now why you didn't like it as much.
abk1997 Feb 28, 1:41 AM
is overlord II really that bad you only gave it a 5 ? :o
Comic_Sans Feb 25, 2:24 PM
Wolfsbane Jan 30, 8:08 PM
Syrup chan, you getting stylish!
PoeticJustice Jan 14, 10:19 PM
good mecha anime this season wat?
StyleF1re Jan 13, 12:23 PM
For real? If so, now that's a case where I'm onboard with a government stepping in! Good to know that you can relate your own experiences to those of the characters in 3-gatsu. Bullying is rather foreign to me here in Hawaii and in my town, but damn does it look serious and especially frightening to deal with. So many repercussions involved, and much respect to people who stand up against bullying and to those who help victims and whatnot. Anyway, there's just so much depth to the anime that I can't quite put my fingers on anything in particular. Lot of characters with compelling backstories and motives. Heck, what makes it even cooler is that Veronin mentioned about being in the same areas and walking the same pathways as what the anime portrays. Man. 3-Gatsu is a classic in the making and I hope future generations will get to enjoy what we are currently getting!

I used to have a 5-6 mean score years ago, but then hentai happened (generally low in overall quality and lacking in areas critical to my scoring means) in conjunction to a gradual, yet sharp raise in standards to make sure things didn't stay that way. Shows that were once top favorites like Clannad are left to bite the dust now, while something like Wangan Midnight (my first completed anime) that I once overlooked is now a personal favorite. It also doesn't help that I've become less patient and tolerant with life too, favoring quick and decisive actions over pondering and contemplating things for extensive periods of time. I don't even list shows I attempted and gave up on before completing their first episodes either, so my drop count is a lot higher than noted here.

Well, to answer your question furthermore I usually look for certain things within the first few episodes. Those things could be as trivial as character design and the visual harmony (or discord) between the foreground and background with coloring and animation. They could also be nuances in how characters behave and react to situations or in conversations and whether those are, or at least feel appropriate or mature. If I don't like what I see there I simply drop the show and move on until someone else convinces me to reconsider. I also tend to gravitate heavily toward story and atmosphere and walk away swiftly from shows that rely too much on generic comedy, tropes, and storylines, or shows that sabotage their cause with lackluster pacing, world building, or character introductions. And yeah, that's also why the shounen and to an extent shoujo demographic is excluded from my repertoire at all. Shounen anime especially are too steep of a time investment for my liking.

Not much, in all honesty. My indifference and disconnect with many aspects in life is so strong that I don't bat any eye to such incidents. My phone was off and I'm not a regular on social media, so I only found out thanks to my aunt who notified me immediately upon reading the alert and getting calls on her phone. I then logged onto Facebook out of obligation and immediately saw it was no big deal. But yeah, I can at least enjoy watching the Eagles play the Falcons later on today and hopefully not lose. Pretty cool seeing the alert as a headline on BBC News (aka. semi-real news) though!

Okay. I hope I didn't write too much... haha
Salvatia Jan 12, 5:09 PM
StyleF1re Jan 12, 2:56 PM
That's probably how my friends and peers react as well, so don't think too much about it. But yeah, Veritas is really eye-opening to a lot of things happening out there regarding the mainstream and the flow of information. I hastily voted for Trump because of my detachment from the mainstream in general (which stems from earlier this decade), his business background, and the Wikileaks bombshells suggesting Clinton cheated to even represent her party. And over a year later I'm glad I voted that way and continue to be disgusted with whatever has transpired over the past year and also whatever is ongoing. I wonder what the next rubbish story or headline would be! Need to keep my curiosity in check so I don't happen to glance at CNN's front page anytime soon. I saw so many negative headlines regarding Trump that one time recently that I was both amused and frustrated all at once. America the beautiful? Sure thing! Beautiful mess...

Nah, I just have a high count of anime. It's not like I can really go into in-depth analyses on them, but I do have my own formula or way for determining what gets dropped, completed, and eventually rated. As for 3-Gatsu you'd be right on that. Heck, the sequel might be the #1 for this year as well. It's just THAT good and the series' track record might just be a stranglehold. I can relate to many of the internal struggles of the characters from having to fight similar demons personally. Shaft's style really exploits what can be done visually in anime as well. Need to give credit to Shinbou and whoever else is on staff with the writing and whatnot too. Shows like 3-Gatsu are why I'm still in the medium, despite what my mean score may suggest. And man, the Japanese are on it this season! How in the heck do they find a way to consistently portray ordinary living with such grace, excitement, and pure bliss? I need to learn how to enjoy ordinary living like anime characters do. Serious!

All right. I'll leave it at that and let you flip this discussion in your favor or tweak it to your liking. Tell me something good. About anything! haha