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Doctor-Strange Today, 4:30 AM
Nice list
-Shizuna- Nov 18, 4:33 AM
Yeah, I might give it a try some time in the future, thanks.
-Shizuna- Nov 18, 2:31 AM
Can you share a full resolution version of it? :D
-Shizuna- Nov 16, 2:20 AM
Cute profile picture, I approve.
AlucardNoYuuutsu Oct 29, 3:07 PM
Yes I should check Parfait out too, it looks cool.
The route topic is such a dilemma for me all the time, haha. Excluding VNs such as Steins;Gate in which routes and parallel universes are what the plot is about, I always wonder about which routes I should treat as canon. I'm like, all of these are thought to be natural progressions to the same "core" based on what you choose to do, but how am I supposed to believe that one is the actual truth just because it is labelled as "true" by the author? It's such a mindfuck to think about it, especially when I came across "alternative" routes which are more compelling than the actual true one. So yeah, your mindset is probably the best one, haha.

I'm hyped for KnS 2, I'm very curious to see how they'll continue the plot, I'll definitely start reading it once I finish/drop Gekkou no Carnevale (it's not bad at all from what I've read so far but I fear that it could take an insane amount of time, lol). I'm happy that in the new edition they voiced Reiji in all of the chapters, as voiceless protagonists are kind of a turndown for me, especially when they're play such a big part in the story.
Hmm, I don't know if I could say I have a preference. It's not about horror specifically, as seeing blood splattered is not my priority, but you're probably right about the edgy stuff, lol. I've always been foind of dark and mysterious "cool" characters.
AlucardNoYuuutsu Oct 29, 7:24 AM
That 1 was a score I put on the spur of the moment. Of course I don't think that it's worse than a nukige. I most likely exaggerated a bit and I think I'll change it.
I don't know about Coda, but based on the h scenes I've encountered so far they weren't too bad. I don't know what it is that made them so annoying in DameKoi, probably the animations lol and the creepy facial expressions.

Anyways, I wouldn't have problem if romance weren't the whole point about this VN. Even if that was just messing around, I deeply disliked it because it looked like Maruto said "fuck this game's morale" and deprived characters of their actual personality. Well, maybe I took it too seriously, but even if it's not something I should take seriously, I still hate it.

As for Kara no Shoujo, I agree that h scenes are very random there. When the first one appeared out of the blue I facepalmed haha. But they managed not to bother me. They were rather short and didn't indulge in sugary deep feelings, they were there just because they had to, as romance played a very small part in the story, so once they ended I simply went on with the plot without caring about what happened in the h scene. One even managed to impress me and it was 透子's one in her bad ending: it succeeded in putting additional layers on her "wanting to be 冬子 complex". In that scene, Reiji barely talks at all and everything is viewed from a sort of "passive" perspective in comparison to the other ones, which gave it a cool atmosphere, in my opinion. Of course, the VN would've been completely fine without h scenes, but since they had to be there, I'll accept them as I thought they were implemented in a smooth way.
AlucardNoYuuutsu Oct 28, 7:23 AM
Yes, but honestly I wasn't too pleased, I'll be honest.
I feel like I should've just read the All-Ages version. The common route was great and I loved the comedy, but when routes started to divide, all of them didn't satisfy me that much. I felt like they were too short, anticlimatic and just full of tedious (and sometimes even gross) h-scenes.
If you're wondering and want to know what the "extra scene" at the end of Himeo's route was, well go ahead:

As for other VNs, I read 殻ノ少女 (just the first VN) and I loved it. I loved the mystery, the style, the characters. I went without following walkthroughs as much as I could. I also really like the "old-fashioned" kanjis like 此の、此れ、何処、幾つも and so on.
Now I've been reading Gekkou no Carnevale because I was fascinated by the Italian setting and was curious to know what it was about. I even had to install a JAP Windows XP Virtual Machine to make it run properly. It's cool but I don't know what it's aiming to do.
ksmNA Oct 13, 8:15 PM
I mean you can label me however you want to i don't really care.
Also I mostly just use those words you reffered to as a joke but okay.
Besides I did read Sakura no Uta so at least know something before saying it.
ksmNA Oct 13, 12:27 AM
are u ok?
ksmNA Oct 12, 4:19 PM
Yo chill, we talked before, I was just saying Sakutoki was a blessing that we got if you felt offended I do apologize, anyway have u read it yet?
Also 1997-2016 is gen z so...
ksmNA Oct 11, 9:46 PM
Sakutoki W
SolnachtTryan Oct 11, 12:21 PM
Apa kabar bang? Damn lu udah mulai baca One Piece lagi kah
Robot-in-Grease Oct 10, 1:34 AM
Ahahaha superstar 1/10
Should I continue it? They announce S3 & I was like, I'm done. Gw baru 3 hari lalu lanjutin sampe episode 4 & gw nggak begitu enjoy, gw jadi dejavu ke OG LL, cringe. What in the world they're introduce that middle school idol & suddenly have a conflict with kanon like it's something important to her character, & cringe gw memuncak pas episode 4, I can't watch Shiki & Mei, they're just too annoying. I like anime girls with clashing personality having interaction & trying to understand each other, but shiki & mei writing are so generic, pengen terlihat appealing tapi jatohnya malah ngeselin, pengen terlihat begitu penting dan berharap ada chemistry sama cast yang lama jatohnya malah terlihat menyedihkan karena terlalu dipaksa buat jadi important character, such a lazy writing, but kinako's fine tho.
Skittles Sep 29, 1:28 AM
Anki utk gw greatest learning tool sih walaupun kadang2 suka males kerjainnya wkkw. Flashcard app ygn nolongin nginget vocab/grammar pake spaced repetition, good stuff. Gw skrg ngambil kelas JP sama sering research sendiri online, tp effectiveness mereka utk gw msh kalah dibanding Anki. Juga bs mining 言葉 ama 文 dr eroge utk Anki, tp kyk lu gw jg suka males review kadang2 hehe.

Grammar emg rese bgt. Conjugationsnya bnyk banget ya ampun. Ygn nyebelin jg kalau katanya suka double negatives jd salah paham, sering tuh gw hahaha. Bener2 harus blajar memaham dr context sih emg.

Baca kamus keren jg sih kedengerannya. Gw skrg msh pake kamus Yomichan ama texthooker kalau baca. Kyknya bakalan bbrp tahun kemudian sblm gw bs baca tanpa texthooker soalnya comprehension gw utk kusoge ama nukige abal2 aja msh blm 100% wkwkw.

Yoi, salah satu alesan gw belajar JP in the first place emg utk lepas dr MTL sih. Udh commit dr tahun lalu gk akan pake lagi, period.

Hmm gw ada bbrp ygn udh baca di JP (entirely and partially).

Ada rekomendasi gan VN bagus ygn gk terlalu susah utk dibaca?
Skittles Sep 27, 6:27 AM

やはり、日本語のoutputはとても難しよね。まだ下手で恥ずかし!!! xD

Msh harus belajar bgt sih output gw. Gini sih kalo belajarnya min-max parah, cmg fokus ke reading doang wkwkkwk. Gituan aja diatas dah setengah mati mikirinnya.

Ada study tips utk mengembang JP btw? Selain baca eroge, gw ngespam Anki ama baca2 ttg grammar points aja sih di internet.