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Days: 64.3
Mean Score: 8.36
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  • Episodes3,823
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Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai
Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai
Oct 15, 4:12 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru
Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru
Oct 10, 4:25 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Non Non Biyori Repeat
Non Non Biyori Repeat
Oct 9, 11:48 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 10
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Days: 3.7
Mean Score: 7.94
  • Total Entries44
  • Reread0
  • Chapters577
  • Volumes73
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Tongari Boushi no Atelier
Tongari Boushi no Atelier
Oct 13, 4:50 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Oct 9, 2:27 AM
Reading 79/? · Scored 10
Hoshi no Samidare
Hoshi no Samidare
Sep 30, 6:29 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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orihara_sama Jun 29, 3:10 AM
Hey~ How are you? sorry for the late reply~

I hope you will have more free time to watch it. It was really good for a live action movie.

Yeah, I really like Nendou. He is so funny lol. I always have a soft spot for "idiot" characters in a comedy anime lol. But I love Kusuo and Kaidou too.
Have you caught up with Saiki Kusuo S2? This week was the last episode T^T
True, Korean dramas really have a long duration. That's why I rarely binge watching Korean dramas, so usually I only able to watch 4 episodes in a day lol.

Well, I just graduated so I'm looking for a job nowadays. I'm also currently writing a novel (my dream is too be a novelist). How about you? :)
orihara_sama May 24, 10:25 AM
Have you seen the live action of Bakuman? I think it was really good.

It's already out actually. You can watch it at KissAsian. The live action version of Nendou looks really similar to the manga/anime version lol.
My favorites from the new characters came in the second half of the anime. I don't want to spoil it to you, but I think he is really annoying but interesting lmao.
I agree with that. But there were part where he showed his chuunibyou side in the next episodes. I really think that Kaidou didn't get many parts as the first season. Even Hairo didn't get many parts so far. The second season seems to be more focused on Kokomi and the new characters. I'm not complaining though, I really love this season haha.
My favorite character is Nendou. I love his idiot but caring personality haha.

I'm good nowadays only a little bit busy hehe. How about you?
orihara_sama May 17, 11:58 PM
I love Kamiki when acted as a psycho lol. He played as Kiriyama Rei in Sangatsu no Lion live action and as Soujiro Seta in Rurouni Kenshin live action, if you're interested in his acting. I agree, he is such a talented voice actor. He was in Ghibli's movies too. I love most of his anime work.

True~ YamaKen usually starred in shoujo live action, kinda nice to see him in more various genre. I've seen the live action. I thought YamaKen's facial expression was too flat, except in some scenes. I know Saiki has a deadpanned expression but his face is not expressionless. But I actually enjoyed the movie overall, you should watch it when you have free time.
Yeah, I'm watching the S2 now. Personally I like this season more than the first season. Not that the 1st season is bad, I just think this season is funnier. The new characters are hilarious and interesting. What do you think of the S2 so far?

Okay, I'll wait for your other recommendations haha :)

Just realized that I forgot to reply your question about Nobunaga Concerto. Sorry~ lol. I've seen the drama. It was great, I'm not really into historical drama but I really enjoyed it. I gave it 8.5/10.
orihara_sama May 16, 4:10 AM
Yeah, I think so too. I see there are many positive reviews for it so I hope I can watch it soon.
Actually my favorite actor is Kamiki Ryunosuke. But SHun Oguri is my second favorite. I love Takeru Satoh too, his acting is really great.
Saiki Kusuo is one of the best comedy anime in my opinion. I wasn't surprised that Yamazaki Kento was casted as Saiki, the king of live action haha. His name was mentioned in the anime a few times too, along with Hashimoto Kana. LOL, Psychic Kusuo... that is such a great pun. XD

Tunnel was amazing too. Definitely worth watching. Bad guys is already completed, but there is a second season. I haven't watch the season 2 yet, so I can recommend it to you. Some people said it wasn't as good as the first season and it has different casts from the season 1. But I really recommend you to watch the first season, it was really good.

Yes, I love heartwarming and relaxing drama. I will chack it out, thanks for the recommendation. :)
AnimeCreed May 15, 3:48 PM
Alright i will be waiting ^^
Np ^^ let me know how did on them after you finish?
Ty ^^ its online so hopefully i won't get distracted lol
orihara_sama May 14, 5:30 AM
Ah, I see.... It sounds interesting, maybe I will check it out :)
Oh yeah, I know Boku Dake ga Inai Machi. I heard the Netflix version of ERASED live action was really great. I'm planning to watch it actually. Have you seen it?

I recently finished watching Museum, a Japanese crime/thriller movie. I enjoyed it so much. Shun Oguri is the main character. He is my favorite actor, so it's a must watch for me. Do you have any favorite actor (beside Abe Hiroshi)?
I see that you has Saiki Kusuo on your favorites list. Have you seen the live action of it? I heard it was good.

I heard about Goblin. It was really popular. I haven't watched it yet, but I planned to. Thanks for the other dramas recommendation, I'll check them out one by one.
If you want more crime/thriller drama, you can watch Stranger (also called as Secret Forest). I'm still planning to watch it but the reviews on MyDramaList are really good, so maybe you can add it to your list. I love Bad Guys too. It was really good.
AnimeCreed May 13, 10:29 PM
Do let me know then :)
Oh i see Good luck in your exams you got this ^^
Ik the feeling.
Yeah i finish all my exams last week and project today so i'm done until summer class that is imao.
Good luck on exams btw :3
AnimeCreed May 12, 11:23 PM
Oh i see yea i seen some series work without the credits for op/ending.
Nice that awesome :3
Yeah after exam is like huge burden is lift off.
Nice thats would the rewards. When are exams for you then?
AnimeCreed May 11, 9:56 PM
Ah, nice
what series are you doing fansub btw?
Yea ik the feeling
Thats cool too. When are you going plan to watch then?
orihara_sama May 9, 2:08 AM
Yeah, I love Nodame Cantabile too. It's really good :')
Oh, Shinzanmono is a crime drama, then I should really watch it lol. Crime/detective is my favorite genre for drama.
Yes, I'm really excited to watch Signal 2, but kinda afraid that the season 2 won't be as good as the first one.
I usually avoided live action too, but sometime I watch it for the casts lol. I enjoyed the live action of Kenshin, Bakuman, Gintama, & Ajin haha.
Have you seen the anime of Koi ni Ameagari no You ni? Is it good?

For Japanese movies: Confessions (2010), Fish Story (2009), 700 Days of Battle: Us vs. the Police (this one is really funny), If Cats Disappeared From the World, Prophecy, Pink and Gray, 1,778 Stories of Me and My Wife, The Eternal Zero & The Snow White Murder Case.
Korean movies: Train to Busan. The Terror Live, Veteran, The Accidental Detective, Tae Guk Gi, Secretly Greatly, Mother, Confession of Murder (there is a Japanese version for this too), Joint Security Area, Memories of Murder, Bleak Night & Cold Fish.
Most of these movies have crime/thriller genre, sorry that I can't give you a recommendation with more varied genre lol.

What Korean dramas are you planning to watch? Can you recommend them to me too?
AnimeCreed May 6, 9:07 PM
Oh i see when did you start it then?
Haha i workout at the gym in college but can't since this is exams week. Np you typically jog alot then?
Like popular one like GOT, walking dead, stranger things etc
AnimeCreed May 6, 1:13 AM
Ah, nice interesting to hear that
Fansubbing awesome...have you done for any series?
I'm usually play sports like basketball, watch some western shows and read some fiction book for spend my time aside from watching anime that is
AnimeCreed May 5, 10:13 PM
Haha ik the feeling
Aside from college what do you typically do?
AnimeCreed May 4, 9:29 PM
Oh nice i wish i could do that lol
Ty :))
Whens does college end for you?
orihara_sama May 4, 2:05 AM
I love to watch Asian(Korea, Japanese, Taiwan, & Thai) dramas, especially Japanese since it usually has short episodes. But yeah, I didn't watch any dramas recently, kinda busy.
My favorite drama is Signal. It's a Korean drama but it was really good. You should watch it if you have free time. There is a Japanese remake for this too, if you prefer Japanese language haha. I also love My Boss My Hero, it was and still is the funniest drama for me.
I love to watch Asian movies too. Japanese (and Korean) movies are so good. I usually avoid live action adaptations though, but there is some that I actually really like.
If you are looking for a site to watch dramas & movies you can watch it in or there is some legal site too like VIKI or VIU.
Oh, you like Nodame Cantabile? Do you watch the anime too?
I haven't watch Shinzanmono. Is it good?