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Isekai Ojisan
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Fumetsu no Anata e 2nd Season
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Kidou Senshi Gundam: Suisei no Majo
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Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu
Mar 24, 7:15 PM
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Hokuto no Ken
Hokuto no Ken
Mar 19, 10:03 PM
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DreamingBeats Nov 22, 6:57 AM
happy birthday!
ryo-san Oct 13, 9:39 PM
Yes 2022 was bad for me personally, it's been shit since 2019.
ryo-san Oct 13, 5:32 PM
Nice to hear from you again.. I hope you make full recovery and regain your fitness.. I wish you all the best luck
ryo-san Sep 14, 3:05 AM
I don't see you around in forums everything alright?
therefore-I-AM Apr 11, 11:55 AM
Lol, Souta is truly lucky a character. I never paid attention to him since the start so I didn't really care. Almost like he wasn't worth the time and attention. I get the jealousy u felt.
Humanity is just disappointing. There are times you just want to believe in it and there are times you just want nothing to do with them. The manhwa the Boxer (I recently read) made me realise this so much. and Doflamingo from One Piece's back story. Humanity is just appalling so much.
True, will put u out of your misery. Humans are sometimes sadistic/masochist creatures almost to death. But I believe I will let you out of it.

I think we have done well to hold on to life for longer. I admire your tenacity very much. With the life journey you have shared, I admire your strength and will. I guess we should just carry on...

Yh i like the positive and adaptability anime brings even if it seems unrealistic, it still gets me a bubble to be in and somewhat hopeful. But there are animes like AOT or NGE or Devilman Crybaby, it makes me think yh maybe this earth is good.

Lol, yh it would be interesting. wonder what would have changed. hehehe

Thank you for the luck. I will still stick around because of the webtoons I read when I am free. 'May the force be with us all'. we all need it.
therefore-I-AM Apr 7, 7:06 AM
stopping by as well, to say-

I will see ya later. I've got exams. I hope I do well.
therefore-I-AM Apr 7, 7:03 AM
Lol, Ikr...people always try to be nice. It is as it is always the one thing we are limited to do with ourselves.

I like your choice of metaphors. I feel like I still got an Everest to run up snd down. My dad is the kind who is not easily impressed so I have to constantly go beyond. If I don't go beyond, it will feel like I could have done better. Then the 'self-inflicting criticisms happen. I had my glory days where I could get As with little to no effort. But it is no more. My parents don't understand that nothing is constant so I am always trying to push beyond boundaries. I am now a low grade achieving student and I just need average pacing. my glory days are over, I just want them to understand that.

Yeah, I try to keep in mind that I am young so I can still make it somewhere. I plan that if I get to university, I will focus on building some muscle mass. Get a personal trainer or hit the gym or something. I wanna eat more and healthily as well. But I feel like the healthily bit is gonna fail me so bad. Tacobell has been recent in England and it is already my favourite spot. Good thing is that I am not an outing person so meaning, I don't order much. So I hope it stays that way.

at 25- 135lbs? not too bad. great ideal weight in England actually. on your feet for 16 hrs? That's amazing....I can't even stand for 4 hrs at my part-time

work. next week I'm gonna start being on my feet for 8hrs and I am weeping...The strength..sheesh!

Yeah, Psychology has helped me realise a lot of stuff in my life. From Attachment to Eating Disorders. It has been a journey of over 2 years.
I used to use that example. I would always s try to find the positive in the negatives. But it takes me back to the slums of mind is stuck there. Anime just helps me forget it. But I know after watching whatever that I was trying to enjoy, I will be back at square 1.
One of my friends sometimes helps me get into the positive aspects of life but I always find myself in the negatives again.
Less than 3 days ago, I even wanted to unalive myself. But it is good that I don't have the strength to do so. My ego and religion (Christianity) also prevent me to do so. It is good. It should be like that.

but the most useful method I have so far is to listen to Music, preferably rock (like alternative rock, punk or hard rock). They allow me to release the tension and bad moods I have. Shinedown, Muse and 3 Days Grace has been my top bands so far. The songs always go hard and are constantly angry so it is good.
Dark humour is always my endpoint before I get back to everyday life.

I always try to cushion myself for impact but I always end up with a few broken pieces of myself. but I try my best to have a laugh out of it.

Yeah, a pear shape. well, it does depend on the person or whoever is viewing it. art is subjective.

another thing why I don't wanna go and be diagnosed with depression is because I will be doing psychology at uni. it would be a record they will keep as aside. If I want to do a career in health with psychology, they might dig up on that. any training, I will undergo will be affected by it. They might prevent me from reaching some aspect of my career or options. I wouldn't want that. so I will just surf the waves of whatever till I get into a career that I a,m fulfilled with. or my parents will say I told you so to me.

getting prescribed drugs in England is also kind of difficult as well. they will be a lot of checkups and stuff before they are given. Mainly because drugs are expensive and some people misuse them.
The USA is a whole different place, isn't it? Lol. 12 medications? Lol. My parents wouldn't let me accept that much. They are quite traditional and herbalists as well. They will try and use herbal medicine on me if I get that sick to be receiving 12 or more medicines.
It is cool to hear that it has been narrowed down to 6...because 12? sheesh!

it is refreshing to hear some good news. glad for you. life will always be a journey. Yes, Life is complex and will always have those moments where whatever just happens.

Lol..who's that? the main character from re:creators? he looks like a template to create a student in animes. hahahahahahaha!
Aragusuku Mar 31, 6:54 PM
Our bodies are pretty much machines we gotta take care of very carefully and passionately. Stress can make you sick fast - but you're also made for enduring things if your life is at stake. Fight when you must, relax when you can, take care and be kind to yourself.

That's a small text in your profile, to be honest. I'd rather read it than scroll though countless anime png's and uninteresting lists... as is the case with many profiles out there
Aragusuku Mar 30, 9:46 PM
Lad, dear god, your life was quite the rollercoaster. hope you're alright by now lol
therefore-I-AM Mar 30, 3:28 AM
i try to be fair to myself. but i end up blaming myself for everything that goes wrong. especially when i know i could have done better.
last year September till December was my worst point in life. i felt like nothing. but lately, i have begun to accept things as what it is. i am slowly on that journey. so hopefully everything will be okay.

Seems there is progress with your weight. That was one hella journey. Indeed everyone has issues to deal with. I find myself eating a lot nowadays but I still gain practically nothing. Maybe because I don't go to bed early?

I knew hospitals can be either your worst nightmare or your best fantasy dream once you end up there. It is like a game of chance but I don't wanna play that game.

Shaped like a pear? I think that is a good shape. They are usually attractive.
I'm glad that you are at least making progress. It makes me happy to see others get somewhere better and better.

I don't take medications for depression. Chocolate and anime do enough for me. They both give me a boost of serotonin. I also try and do stuff that I always wanted to do. I still find waking up on time to go to school a problem but at some points, I am able to be on time so it gives me a lot of dopamine so it makes me feel good about myself.
I study Psychology so I kind of know some stuff that is wrong with me. but I should seek professional help.

It is good that you are able to control yourself through your depression. It is admirable. I aim to be like that as well.

one? who?

therefore-I-AM Mar 28, 10:16 AM
Lol...yeah most leaders seem to have boring personalities. I meant to say you didn't like her personality/character type
therefore-I-AM Mar 28, 4:10 AM
I am surrounded by adults who would also preach the bible and have biased views as well. We have it bad when you try to explain something to them but they just refuse to understand. It is okay to have subjective views but it shouldn't be so narrow that makes others feel worthless in some sense.

I love the way you're very helpful and forward-looking despite having the worst experiences. That's a lot of strength. I admire that. I am glad that you check up on the guy too. I hope everything would continue to settle and so forth.

It is sad to see others deteriorate. Sometimes, it takes me into a deep feeling of existential crisis.

It seems that I am also slowly being eaten from inside. My mental health over the past years has moved from just bad to worse each passing day. Home and School issues are just weighing on me. My dad's friends always realise that I have lost weight over 4 years since I moved. I probably lost more than 8kg. (I know I went from wearing medium size belts to extra small size/2x extra small belts- I'm in the UK and that is the most extreme change I have experienced) They keep complaining I look skinny and unhealthy. My dad is extremely objective in his views. so it makes it very difficult to make flexible decisions around him. It always has to be a straightforward pathway. but life is simply not this way. He has also have some problems going on in his work, relationships and family so it is all weighing on him. He tells me not worry about anything but I want to cry for him because I know he is suffering from inside. I don't live with my mom because she's in our homeland country. She's also going through a lot. I used to think of suicides a lot but not as much as before anymore. My little sister picked up that and there have been a number of times where I had to struggle to get a knife out of her hand or prevent her from walking out the door. Her twin just had anger issues (she still do but maybe it's just her going through puberty)
I grew up knowing my family is broken and not stable- not in finances or mentally. My parents do not realise I have figured this out a long time ago (like since I was 7 years old). I barely have anyone to talk to this about.
Within an African household seeking therapy or counselling is very much frowned upon. They believe that Africans can create a tight-knit community which is true but they can be so toxic and judgemental as well. So university is gonna be my escape because it is gonna be far away and I will be old enough to get help without my parents knowing.

We all have our ups and downs. That's all I convince myself with, lmao.

That's alright. It is good to communicate with someone who is willing to listen or hear about your situation.
Yeah, everyone has different methods of coping in life. I wish other people can recognise this. The unhealthy methods can be altered or revised into a better method that helps. I wish the world was that tolerant.
We are just humans- we will have our bad times and decisions.

Yeah. as long as you learn from your mistakes, it is alright to make them- I say this to my twin sisters all the time.

I also learnt lot. Thank you as well.

But I know I have to carry on. I know I am gonna suffer even more in uni but I wanna keep myself safe despite that.
therefore-I-AM Mar 24, 6:27 AM
Nice. I recently got interested in mecha stuff. I have never been a fan of it. In fact, I used to hate it. When I first watched Tengen Toppa Gurren Langan, it was on and off. Then I tried Mobile Suits Gundam: Ironblooded Orphans. I thought I would hate it but hey, it wasn't so bad. In fact, it was absolutely awesome for me. Then I went back to Gurren Langan, I got used to it but I left it on hold when I got to the last 3 episodes. Watched Eva Evangelion- totally confused, yet loved it.

As long as you are thriving, that's just life. I dunno your views on this topic but I believe advanced schooling isn't everything. It won't teach me everything that I need to know in life. My mom also told me that 'not everything in life is written in books. sometimes you need the experience.' And I am like, I can't get through anything without a book in my hand. At times, I feel very useless because it feels like school has designed me to be very robotic and inflexible. So if one wants to step out of the system and support the economy outside school, then why not. You can still get to places with that. I feel like the future will be very bleak if most of the people are just enrolling into uni because everyone said so. we need all types of people. But I am very stuck at where I am. If I don't get to uni, with the type of family I got (very strict and they place high expectations on me), I will probably be flogged. Even asking for a gap year or another year to redo all my subjects is a choking and hard decision to make.

So dude, if you are pretty comfortable with your life and you don't have any major problems, I say you are living a rad life. I dunno how your circumstances have been lately. Maybe harsh or not. I dunno.

I also had to change schools. I even changed towns, countries and even the whole damn continent. Lol. I moved from Africa to Europe. It was a massive cultural shock to me as well. And social as well. It feels like that is a common thing that happens when people change places. I had a friend who also changed schools and towns. A lot changed for her. It is quite a weird phenomenon.

You are pretty helpful. That's nice. To support the family. I admire that a lot. I find it really awesome.

For me, the whole point of me getting to uni is not even for my own achievement or purpose. Do I find it fulfilled? Nope. Do others find it fulfilling? Yes. It is something I am contributing to my parents. If that is enough to make them feel proud then so be it.

That's the spirit! Still gonna try and you are not dead yet. That's true..very hopeful. I don't think you are a dumbass. I don't think anyone is a dumbass for their choices especially if it is because of their situation that got the nature of the environment (External/ Environmental Determinism), probably outside your control.
Someone is truly a dumbass if they clearly got the options or the choices, definitely knew what to choose but they chose the wrong one for stupid reasons. Now that's a dumbass! I have been in that situation. Clearly knew what to do but stupidly choose the wrong choices when I had control over them. Done that in school has resulted in me in lots of fails, done that home- resulted in my dad being mad at me and telling me to grow up already. Done that to people- created lots of misunderstandings and wrong impressions.

I am the dumb one! and I know I will continue to be one. I am not sure of your situation but yeah. we all got life stories to tell but let's move on.
therefore-I-AM Mar 22, 2:25 PM

I always make comparisons. I'm a philosophy and history student. It has been the foundation of these subjects. Jk lmao, You did use it, I didn't really do much of it.

I started anime somewhere between 2008 and 2011. I am not sure. I don't remember, I was a kid. The first anime I remember watching was Hakujaden, a 1958 movie. I didn't know it was a Japanese anime till like 2021. For the longest time, I thought Naruto was the first anime I remembered. Again, I can't trust my memories because I probably watched Dragon Ball, Yu-Gi-Oh or Sonic (if it is an anime) first. Or maybe it was the Legend of Zorro or maybe the Japanese version of Cinderella? I don't remember. I don't trust myself.
therefore-I-AM Mar 21, 3:08 PM
Nice. Since the early '90s, that's pretty cool.

This is cool. I am in search of old animes to watch. I will check out Metal Skin Panic then.

That is indeed your life summarised. You're good at condensing stuff. I would have given a long essay, LMAO! A bad tooth that resulted in heart surgery? Now that's some extreme sides. From the dentist to the cardiothoracic surgeon.