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Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
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chenpi Sep 21, 5:51 PM
Kinda is. Your wishes don't spark joy. My disrespect sparks joy.

I was top of my class once in elementary school.
Being a clout goblin never paid my bills. Was it supposed to? 🤡 I was destroying my mental health for free. I make dancing videos. I am like basic basic. At least I am a good dancer ig?
So dedicated and kinda smart? What made you lose interest btw?
Just asking!! Talking with quirks and having a trollsona are very close things that are related. It isn't lame! I think having a cringy past is cute imo. Makes people look more human.
Argh I should ask for payment before calling you the r word. Capitalism isn't your friend.

I read the book over the weekend and no joke it is on my mind until now. I felt like I was inside her head and I started to understand her? If that makes sense. She keeps changing her mind about things. That makes everything so so hard to understand but also so interesting. I related to her cynicism a *lot* tbh. The part about women are spoken for but don't speak? Hit so hard. Definitely going to read it again. Thanks so so much for the rec. It was so good I know for a fact all those books are amazing too. My fav list is in shambles rn because of schoolgirl haha but my fav is or was diary of a murderer. Did you read it?

You said that so well. Nothing to add. You are so right.

hahaha omgg sorry. You got it right by being wrong?? The worst is it kinda makes sense? idk I am so bad with korean. I have no way with word thingies. Not saying you are easy to please but you are a man (derogatory). The truth can't hurt me yk.
Bakchos Sep 15, 1:24 PM
I spent my bday with my friends, drinking some beers in my backyard and stuff. A chill and fun time.

For real. Take one for the team. Shoulda listened to the memes fam. The memes speak the truth.

chenpi Sep 15, 11:48 AM
Ok ok. If you want to be called a reprobate so so much scoundrel
Is it so hard to give me the dub? 💀

Bills, who is bills? idk her and I don't claim her.
... it is affecting only my attention span if you ignore the rest like addiction. So so many creeps too. But I use tiktok less now. I used to create videos every day. I make like, three videos in a week now? I am not growing like before but mental health is more important.
Bad taste isn't a thing to be proud of Kosmo, but it is too late for you. You confessed your bad taste. So brave. Let me tell you mine. I never watched got. naurrr not quirks 💀 but that is kinda cute. Never would have guessed. Did you have a trollsona?? You are exploiting fandom culture for profit? I hate capitalism fr. You *are* a reprobate.

It was out of the blue but I liked that you did. Personalized recs are always nice. I never read any Dazai. So I'm starting with that one. I am going shopping this afternoon, maybe look for it at kinokuniya. Do you like it? What is your favorite book btw? Edit: found it.

aaa so it was from samudaya that you learned about attachment. It is nice that buddhism changed how you see your life. Dukkha is an idea that helped me with bad times because if suffering is true, impermanence is too. Makes dealing with emotions easier yk.

Me cheeky? Nooo. You say you have reached your limit with thai but you could tell I was being cheeky like?? You know more than you think! I had a feeling you would like being called P'Kosmo and ignore the disrespect haha life experience ig. You are delulu because I am a lost cause 🤡
chenpi Sep 13, 9:44 AM
Ok then, scoundrel it is.
Makes sense... but you are getting away with a technicality. What I get from that is that I'm right.

Yes but no. I understand tiktok is messing me up *because* I'm older now. I know tumblr affected young me, but I don't have a therapist to tell me how. So I can live on pretending it didn't 😎
hahaha go to hell, let me liiive. No, not a Columbine stan. I got there by looking for PJO fanart and fanfics. After that there were too many eras to list. Why were *you* on tumblr? Isn't it too cliche for an arts kid to be a former tumblr user, Kosmo?

Thanks for explaining! And I relate. My parents are protestant like I said, but I had classes about theravada at school and theravada is everywhere. I kinda follow it I guess? A little? So I am spiritual in a way. Not a faithful way, but a way. What teachings and practices did you embrace?

อิอิพี่คอสโมจ๋า​ บ้าหรอ​ คิดได้ยังไงจ๊ะ
How did you learn that?? That is almost too normal for google translate.
Bakchos Sep 7, 3:31 PM

Damn fam, that is why ai is coming for you people, winning competitions. Comp sci students are getting revenge for all the orgies they did not go to and were not invited.

Future is not looking very bright anywhere fam. Being working class the worst is the inflation. I cannot even think about housing right now and that is very sad imo. I keep thinking I should have accomplished more things by now with how much I worked and lived. Where is the communist revolution when we need it?
Freshell Sep 6, 1:17 PM
You mean you don't like Ikuhara's classic "repeat the exact same scene sped up in a 'monster-of-the-week' format before every battle scene to fill in airtime"? I see you can't appreciate art.

Sadly, I guess not. I'm probably weird for wanting my monster of the week format styled anime to have some variety though. Only thing that carries the fights for me was the soundtrack.

Oh, he's the Saranzanmai guy? I saw one episode of it. This may be something I watch in the future.

I've been good. The leader of the US regime, Brandon, has forgiven some of my student loans. With that much forgiveness, I feel comfortable voting Republican from now on to lower my taxes. But yeah, otherwise, I'm planning a trip to Vegas soon that I'm looking forward to. How've you been?
chenpi Sep 5, 7:08 AM
Sooo, is your job title schmoozer, con man or scoundrel? If you say so. But the algorithm looks like the power bottom type. hahaha the woman is too stunned to speak. You are such a jerk, you know that? I am not a tumblr victim. The bigger blame is on tiktok, tyvm.

Are you spiritual in any way? You seem to know about buddhism. I know what you mean. Wendigoon's icebergs are very good, I love his channel. Real life horror spooks me more than the paranormal, but I enjoy ghost hunting videos. Call it a guilty pleasure or something.

You can't do this to me, Kosmo. You might know something even I don't know about myself and you are putting it behind a paywall? God, I hate capitalism.
_meimei Sep 5, 6:15 AM
Krav Maga?! I would have never guessed, wow…. I agree with your dads thoughts. I think self defence is extremely important, especially for women. You have a lot of interesting experiences under your belt, Kosmo…. Thanks for teaching me the most important move. If I ever have to kick someone in the crotch and run away (let’s hope I never have to!) I will now feel vindicated with my decision B).

Pls don’t mention pets having their own bathrooms to me *cries in middle class* ughhhh….

Ahh I feel I’ve come to understand my dad and what he may have went through. I don’t feel like everything he did was justified but I do seem to focus more on what he had to overcome with us, more than what he lacked. There is admiration in that respect but he was a cold distant parent who gave horrible life advice Lmao! I think it’s just me getting older and more wise ! ;) lol…. :|

The age difference being so large can really make it difficult to connect. She’s a weeb though, so one day you know she’ll be coming to you to chat about it.. you give great manga recommendations, after all. I’m still very much into Boys Abyss! That got crazy…Now I’m watching Rose of Versailles, and just finished Oniisama e… highly recommend it if you ever have the time.
chenpi Sep 4, 12:39 PM
So you are one of *those* demons? Slaves to the algorithm are always the freakiest. I had my true crime era yeah, not as much now. I was too young for golden era tumblr... but I was there anyway. But yes, you are showing how old you are haha but realism is supposed to spook you more than obvious fiction. Unless you are watching horror for comedy ig. Do you want to laugh? Do you want to be spooked? That's the thing. Earlier Sam and Colby videos are more your thing btw. They used to be the comedian type.

So observant. What makes you think that? Sooo... does that mean you already know what my *thing* is and you are hiding it from me?
Botero Sep 4, 5:30 AM
You can still like the manga even if you didn't like the anime. The art alone is worth the read. There are some philosophical questions in Ajin but less than Jagan and less extreme too. More around anthropocentrism and humanism than individualism and collectivism.
Botero Sep 3, 10:52 AM
Hey. You should read Ajin. I think you would like it. It's less edgy than Jagan but similar. Kiseijuu too.
Bakchos Aug 29, 9:46 AM

What you say makes sense but I got the power of faith and stupidity on my side. Everything is gonna work out for sure.

Welp...sounds like the kinda trouble I would get into alright lmao but if I cant win the fame game, can you? Is that what they teach in art school orgies? Like the banker meme? Makes sense tbh, never thought about that.

Never mind then 😂 if I have to fight anyone, I know that I am gonna lose for sure. Damn, I did not know about that. It is true that the metaverse is prolly become better and leave this second life stage. They are betting high, but it could work for them. Ok ok, gotcha Kosmo. I am picking up what you are putting down. See you on the other side of the rabbit hole.
chenpi Aug 29, 8:38 AM
You know the algorithm recommends your true heart's desire? Might wanna look more into the reason you're being recommended those. I used to love the true crime panel of buzzfeed unsolved, but they changed the hosts now and it isn't the same vibe... Goatman's bridge is a great video! What are you talking about? What do you think was lacking?? Bad cgi of a goat man?

Yes. Yes, you are. "Besides hands, that is" hahaha I legit wheezed. Hands are the only unusual ones tbh. I'm not an arts kid yk.
Luchse Aug 25, 8:40 AM
Oh no! Is that what I think it is? The soviet ushanka in dark black? And red, so much red...
_meimei Aug 20, 2:17 PM
Damn, I’m all for a little rule breaking here and there but closed for safety :| maybe I wouldn’t climb then. Probably best you didn’t haha.

Nope, no self defense classes or martial arts. I would like to learn some day though! How about you?

LOL yeah, now that you mention that I have heard of toilet trained cats. Oh my, I don’t know what to think of it though. Not sure if I’m impressed or kinda disgusted/weirded out that I could just walk into the bathroom and lock eyes with a cat doing their business on a toilet.

Interesting, we’re so similar. I’m oldest of four and I had also lost my mother when I was younger. I saw you post in the father thread. I had the same situation happen to me as well…. Only seeing my father cry once to date, after my mother had passed. We were definitely the ones who had to pick up all the little siblings slack haha. I feel like I wouldn’t have had it any other way though. We will always be the fave cause we are the first. Middle gets forgotten, youngest may be the baby of the fam but they’re usually too spoiled so I think it works against them haha.

Balzac is such a cute name and I’ve heard goldens are great family dogs, happy to hear such positive memories :). I wanna have a golden one day.