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Days: 53.8
Mean Score: 5.68
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  • Episodes3,201
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Heike Monogatari
Heike Monogatari
7 hours ago
Watching 4/11 · Scored -
Ganbare Douki-chan
Ganbare Douki-chan
Nov 18, 1:11 PM
Watching 9/12 · Scored -
Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance
Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance
Nov 14, 12:59 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
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Days: 41.2
Mean Score: 5.90
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  • Chapters6,702
  • Volumes645
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Kitanai Kimi ga Ichiban Kawaii
Kitanai Kimi ga Ichiban Kawaii
7 hours ago
Reading 24/? · Scored 8
Yuri SM de Futari no Kimochi wa Tsunagarimasu ka?
Yuri SM de Futari no Kimochi wa Tsunagarimasu ka?
7 hours ago
On-Hold 10/? · Scored 6
Hino-san no Baka
Hino-san no Baka
Nov 27, 3:38 AM
Reading 90/? · Scored 6


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_meimei Nov 18, 5:43 PM
Welp, yeah the fan fiction world is unknown to me, I haven’t gone through that phase </3. Heh you’ve never ever??? I’m sure there are some good, spicy ones out there.. I’ve seen some excellent fan art of characters I like so I’m guessing fan fiction is probably an enhanced version of that where writers make their own stories or continuations of favourite characters or anime?

The train wreck is what I’m living for, I’m 70 chapters in and I tell you, I was not expecting the turns it took!

I may start the Climber after these two are finished, amazing to hear it inspired you. I was a lot more invested in climbing years ago and I was thinking it was quite popular in Europe, is that true? I did check out a climbing gym in Italy, ahh it was in a random town so I forget where >_< but it was fun seeing the different styles. Hand injury since earlier this year and it’s still not healed yet? Ouch, I’m sorry to hear that. Yeah, Yoga has so many styles and interpretations depending on who is leading, I’ve been to some classes and hated them, counting down the seconds for it to end lol so I feel you there. Ahh I love dancing, it’s so liberating, are you more into formal, choreographed dance or free form? I’m more of a free form dancer myself, you know, go with the flow, follow how the music feels type dance and I love almost every type of music style so that makes for fun almost anywhere. Do you have any preferences when it comes to this?
Crow_Black Nov 18, 1:10 PM
Crow_Black Nov 18, 7:34 AM
Abajur Nov 15, 7:05 AM
_meimei Nov 14, 5:19 PM
Had to look up that term but damn is it fitting, Marie is a Mary Sue! It did not cross my threshold of acceptability, thankfully. I still thoroughly enjoyed Innocent Rouge but Innocent just hit different for me, I still miss reading them both for the first time. I’m very much into Himegoto, by the way (more than before!) so please start thinking up some new titles for me in the back of your mind cause I foresee myself finishing that in the near future.

No need to apologize, respond whenever :). It’s good you’re keeping busy except not so good if you’re spreading yourself too thin but I know that can be a good way to stay productive and on the go, so you do you!!

I’ve been bouldering for a really long time now so I don’t find it that difficult, it’s a balance of strength and flexibility which can be beautiful to watch and take part in. Climbing is a delicate dance of body, mind and breath, if one of those elements is lacking or unsure the rest can’t function to their fullest potential. Tendon strength takes longer to develop so the fingers do lag behind for a while and I think that’s what can frustrate new climbers is wanting or trying to do something the rest of their body is capable of but the fingers and hands just aren’t there yet. Climbing is best done with every body part working together and a steady breath with a calm mind to overcome the fear and make best use of the adrenaline. I’ve gotten addicted to the rush, fitness has always helped me deal with inner afflictions and stagnant energy. Climbing and yoga have been the ways I find the best releases physically and mentally, I think they compliment each other really well. As you can see I’m extremely passionate for it haha, also have met some real great people climbing. Have you ever tried climbing or bouldering?
highinhibition Nov 14, 4:31 PM
highinhibition Nov 14, 1:32 PM
I am too low IQ to be edgy but I ll try
Abajur Nov 14, 11:43 AM
there are at least two random people in this world that write Japanese in the forums, because I am one of them
Bakchos Nov 12, 3:36 AM
No, nope. Let's stop this here, honey. Getting kinky is reserved for paying customers. I only do the bare minimum for charity.

_meimei Nov 10, 12:06 PM
Haha yeah, I’m not sure how old Zéro was but she is very adult like for a small child, the comparison between her and Marie is sharp. I think Innocent Rouge was a bit more over the top than Innocent, the infant scene was intense and pretty unrealistic, in my opinion. Feeling scatterbrained, eh? You must have lots on your plate. I know you mentioned finishing your Masters next year, is your program getting busier? It sounds like you’re always on the go with something.

Thanks for the tourist scenic train recommendation, by the way :3.

I feel you on the post covid anxiety and staying in, it really is nice to get out and feel productive from all those days stuck at home in lockdown but taking days to chill out at home is equally as important! So hopefully with time that anxiety will slowly fade and down time won’t be connected to that feeling of being stuck. Do you get to do in person classes again? I never had to go through the pain of online meetings thankfully but the stories I heard of online learning, and working from home made it sound hellish plus I don’t think it’s an effective way to learn when it comes to schooling, I know if I had to do online school it would have been so difficult to stay on task.

Everything you mentioned about spring, fall and summer I resonate with. I do love hanging out at parks on a warm, breezy day. Nothing beats going to the beach or lake, that’s a big one for me, I spent a lot of my youth at the beach or at cottages with my fam so there are some really great memories connected to those places for me. Hiking is the best in spring/fall before it gets too rainy and muddy, I’ve done some outdoor bouldering right before winter really kicked off and enjoyed that a lot. Summer is nice cause there’s so much more to do and people feel way more social, I’m also big into being able to wear less. As much as I love getting cozy for winter, it’s a liberating feeling taking those layers off and feeling the warmth of the sun once again. I guess all the seasons have something endearing to them after all.
Bakchos Nov 9, 5:48 PM
_meimei Nov 5, 5:13 PM
It’s no problem… I mean, I was expecting you to speed run it in a day though so that’s a bit disappointing :/….. whenever you do finish I will still be open to hearing your thoughts! There was a lot more history involved with Innocent Rouge so I took it slow and tried looking into some of the events and characters mentioned. Himegoto has really been grabbing me, I’m liking it so far and finding it easy to read. I feel like Shonen no Abyss might be a bit slower to get into cause its taking me a little more effort to read but I’m still into it.

Ahhh did I fall for the scenic train tourist trap?? They look so peaceful and relaxing, but maybe I’m saying that because I have little experience with trains, especially those that cross cities and countrysides. I hope you get to enjoy a road trip one day B).

Dry winter is also my preference, I’m really not into rain in general and although some find it relaxing, even enjoyable (somehow :|) it’s not for me…. I’m happy to hear you got to experience some wintery places with your family, those are probably nice memories especially the tobogganing ones. I kinda geek out over winter a bit and winters aren’t as snowy anymore as the years go by so I really savour the snowy days when they come. You are correct, it’s not uncommon for places in southern Canada to see heavy amounts of snowfall and other than some days with really intense windchill it’s an enjoyable time whether you’re outside experiencing it or staying inside, cozy in the warmth of your home<3. Sounds like it tends to be mild winters where you’re at, but I’m sure that’s got it’s own perks.
_meimei Nov 1, 2:59 PM
Yes yes, you’ve gotta get to it…. The two you shared are looking spicy, I’m definitely anticipating them to build up to something interesting.

I’ve been told by a good amount of people that in Quebec they are rude to English speaking people </3 one day I’ll go there with a French speaker and just ride on their knowledge of the language. It does look absolutely stunning there and hopefully what I’ve heard are just rumours or one off experiences.

Neuschwanstein looks breathtaking, I love the Cinderella tidbit, you always have some good random bits of info to share. Oo that’s something I’d like to do is travel by train, I’ve only done it once in Peru, but I once saw a video of a train ride through Switzerland and was in love. Road trips take a bit of pre planning so that you can decide where you make some stops to sleep, fill up on food and gas etc but I enjoy the element of spontaneity to them. If you see somewhere you want to stop and check out you do so.

I can only imagine once you get into camping what the costs can be for a decent set up and gear. I do have some friends who I could tag along with so that’s an option for sure, it’s nice you’ve gotten into it and have some good camping teachers to show you the ropes. There are some nice places a few hours away for camping here but there are only a few really choice camping months. We’re moving into winter now but I really love the peace and solitude of winter and how quiet it gets everywhere. I also love snow, ice skating, and tobogganing. Are you into winter or like doing any wintery things ;)?
tsubasa_ Oct 31, 11:59 AM

tsubasa_ Oct 30, 9:31 AM
I've been listening to more of ((GI)-DLE)'s works and I must say I'm really impressed! My personal favorite is still "Lion", this song just hits differently lol. Great! I'd say Dreamcatcher and MAMAMOO are my favorite girl groups. :D
Oh I see, tbh I didn't like "Butter" that much lol. I used to be a big fan of BTS in the past, I've also been to one of their concerts in Berlin in 2018. Heh, tbh I've recently started to get into the genre again lol, so I guess we are in the same boat now! I also have lots to learn haha.
Do you remember the first K-pop song you have been exposed/listened to? Nowadays I listen to more girl groups than in the past too! I know all the groups you mentioned but THE BOYZ didn't ring a bell so I sat down and listened to some of their stuff too! Hm, like I mentioned before I really liked BTS, I still listen to some of their works every now on then, preferably their older stuff! SKZ are pretty much my favorite now, been following them since their debut and they really made a name for themselves. :D
I also listened to groups like NCT, EXO, GOT7, MONSTA X etc. Then of course MAMAMOO and Dreamcatcher and hopefully ((GI)-DLE) will follow lol.
What are your favorite K-pop songs in general?
No, I haven't listened to the new Dreamcatcher album, but I will be doing soon!

Thanks for sharing that song, I liked it a lot! :D

I'm leaving this song here, not sure whether you have already listened to it tho. xD