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Dies Irae
Dies Irae
Oct 21, 5:00 PM
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UQ Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! 2
UQ Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! 2
Oct 21, 4:03 PM
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Shoukoku no Altair
Shoukoku no Altair
Oct 21, 4:03 PM
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
Sep 25, 5:01 AM
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Kamisu Reina Series
Kamisu Reina Series
Sep 24, 5:43 PM
Completed 11/11 · Scored 9
Only Sense Online
Only Sense Online
Sep 17, 11:50 AM
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Shirosune Oct 21, 2:30 PM
Thank you for the friend request!
Shiranuma Oct 15, 8:01 PM
Je suis tellement content, Sora à un enfant, même si on peut en débattre hahaha. j'espère que plus loin dans l'histoire la relation père fillle se développe, parce que si on revoit pas la petit sirène, sa me briserait le coeur. Je veux voir papa Sora, même si je pense qu'il pourrait finir avec Steph (Il risque de finir puceau comme tout le monde dans les animes)

J'ai été un peu déçu de la fin du jeu avec les sirènes, mais le jeu de green light red light avec les fugel était vraiment bon, au moins. Pour l'instant, l'histoire de Riku à l'air touchante, mais il manque vraiment de visuel. Je comprend pourquoi il on adapté cette partie. C'est peut être la version que je lis, il manque de description des lieux. Il en avait beaucoup plus dans le volume 5!
Virsagofma Oct 15, 11:41 AM
j'avais même pas fait gaffe^^
RoryBurrows Oct 7, 5:20 AM
Dropping Pingu -.-
susan00 Sep 23, 3:40 PM
Very big disadvantage that I've noticed, unfortunately too lateand did not mention in my review - they do not animatedances. What we see on the screen are some moves, butexcept the 1 ep. where Tatara watches the World Cuptournament I did not see much of animation, in fact I see itless and less with every episode. But they do show verynicely all the poses of European program - every single angleand line are very beautifully shown. Second thing that mademe laugh is their ranking system. Its a bit strange, its eitherother way in Japan, or the mangaka, which by the way isfemale (obviously), was, most likely not a high level dancer; we can see her passion, may be she wanted to be a pro, butthat did not happen, but her love to dance sports can be seenfrom first sight at her art, or she made some changes formanga specially to make things more interesting, cause thetarget audience are average manga lovers, or, and this isMOST LIKELY, she does not like Latin program (probably shethinks that ball dancing is all about Standart, or does not wantto, or can not focus on Latin, cause it would take lots morehours to draw all moves), cause we saw it only once whenShizuku and Hyoudou where dancing Samba and Rumba onsome cup, and what mangaka wants to show is that world ofdances goes around Standart (European) program only. That's a lie. See, when you start dancing, you start atBeginners lvl (now they're being called N class or H class) which includes 4 dances: Standart - Waltz and Quickstep, Latin - Cha cha (or Samba I just dont recall, it was more than10 years since I've been dancing on the beginners lvl) andJive; and you CAN NOT DIVIDE THOSE AND DANCE ONEPROGRAM ONLY. With each class number of dancesincreases by 2 - one from Standart, one from Latin and it goesup until you are C class (highest national class) when you candance all 10 dances - 5 from Stand, 5 from Latin and that iswhere you can choose one cathegory and dance one style orboth if you want to.

Now a bit about dances and rankings. There are 10 dancesall together. Standart: Waltz, Venice Waltz, Tango, Quick, Foxtrote. Latin: Cha cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive, Passo Doble.

Rankings (with dances): (can't be true to how they are inworld cause I'm from Eastern Europe but I'll put it the way wehave it): Kids (~up to 7 years old)= Waltz + Jive; Beginners(up to 10) = Waltz and Quick + Cha cha and Jive; E class(here there the age gradation starts and goes up until u are atPRO WORLD LVL: Juveniles (up to 12 years old) and Juniors(up to 16 years old))= Waltz and Quick and Tango + Cha chaand Jive and Samba; D class = Waltz and Quick and Tangoand Venice Waltz + Cha cha and Jive and Samba andRumba; C class = Waltz and Quick and Tango and VeniceWaltz and Foxtrot + Cha cha and Jive and Samba andRumba and Paso Doble.

There are also Youth (up to 21 years old), Adult Amateur (21+ years), Seniors (over 35+ years)(most likely when u startdancing being Senior you can choose one style, and thechoice is obvious, it goes to Standart, nobody at this age doesnot start dancing Latin cause it is too fast) cathegories andsmthing like Hobby class (for 18 and above) who can danceboth or 1 program but are ranked on tournaments not basedon their technique lvl but on the complexity of their dancingcompositions.

Then go 3 international rankings: B, A and S. They also haveyounger and older divisions, but in order to get this rank youhave to compete on highest country lvl or internationaltournaments. In order to get a rank u have to earn a numberof points, which u get by competing - the higher lvl thetournament is and the higher your place is (1st gets most), themore points u get. As it was shown that Sengoku got his ranklowered from S to B is also a fiction, your rank does not fall, you simply do not get points to ente high lvl tournaments, andu have to do that every year (season) if you want youcompete with best.

Tatara has not been ranked + on Tenpei cup he dances only 4 dances (though that was not official cup, but I've never metsmth like that in my carrier as 4 dances (I mean that if the cupis not official and couple of any rank can enter, that is veryodd, because the last dance that is added to the Standartstyle is Foxtrot making it able only for C class couples, andVenise Walts is in program of D class couples, D class islower than C which makes this whole situation really strange), they forgot Venice Waltz) + when he was made by Sengokuto switch places with Hyoudou on some tournament = this isanime, of course there are no such things in real world, nobody will let a newbie to switch partners right in the middleof Country lvl eliminations tournament + such thing as a"Newbie who makes tremendous progress" is a commonthing in anime, but that is not that easy in real life. Thoughthey showed it the right way that during high lvl cups you cannot switch partners especially without notifying thecommission in weeks before tournament, but that is one ofnot many details this show has not changed. GREATDISADVANTAGE THAT ONLY REAL DANCER CAN TELL -in some ep. (don't recall which) they've shown twice as Tataramade a step in Tango with a toe. IRON RULE that even littlekids know and you will be kicked out of the tournamentinstantly (last in the rank I mean) - EVERY STEP IN TANGOBEGINS WITH HEEL. Since Tatara is such a "genious" whoafter couple weeks of preparation is already dancing on thehigh lvl cups, he would have been thrown out of there inablink of an eye and would be laughed at for a year at leastand his teacher ( Sengoku) would have lost his licence forputting an inexperienced low graded dancer in the cheattyway, by the way, on such a tournament.

Well, generally there’re lots of things I can anchor to –technical, as anime it is a little disappointing and as apresentation of dancing world to people it is pretty mediocre. But just like I’ve said I’m glad that such an anime is airing andthat it drags attention. Though if u are truly interested in balldancing you should just go YouTube and watch some vids ofPro Cups and you will be able to compare.

But I underline THIS IS ANIME and it just can not be straightto the reality, cause its f***ing anime

P.S. ahaha Just recalled. The thing they have about pairingup. Nobody sees that as marriage, that is also a very stormycreators’ imagination. Though I can compare Standart with aRomantic side of a couples’ relationship and Latin with sex, this is the best way to imagine what these programs truly are.

I gave a little taste of what dances really are. If you have in mind some other anime aspects I did not mention, feel free to pm me.

And yeah, about music, there was also one ep. where Tatarawas dancing with Akagi, and the music was absolutely ofanother dance, but generally they did not mess up there, though they could’ve recorded some better tracks ( onnational lvl and higher there an orchestra is playing the musicbut for Standart only, Latin Is almost always only beingacomponised by some instruments, mostly drums as they aremaking the rhytm of each dance).

susan00 Sep 21, 6:13 AM
there are too many aspects in those posts. Please be more concrete.
Lorelyn Sep 13, 9:26 AM
Merci ^^'
Akzhu7 Sep 11, 3:31 PM
I understand that you can still enjoy the good points of Konosuba even with the poor quality, but I really feel it's a shame that studio deen still make so mediocre shows, it's like they do not care at all and I think Konosuba deserves better. I also like how the voice actors are so good in Konosuba, Amamiya Sora, who does Aqua, is always improving her performance and I am a fan of her from the beginning, so it is good to know that she is doing important roles and that the anime takes advantage of her voice diversity, she can sounds so cute and annoying at the same time.

When you want to see something dark, strange, full of philosophical concepts and see characters with existential crisis give Ergo Proxy a chance. It's really something different and original. Also the ost and character design are beautiful.

I like your way of being and I do not usually say that to everyone, feel free to reject me, but I'll find you on a dark night and you will not be able to escape. So I would recommend not to decline my offer. Send FR.
Akzhu7 Sep 9, 5:09 PM
I put Zaregoto on hold because I get bored waiting for the next episode, my idea is to see the whole series when the anime ends. I never read the light novel and I do not intend to do it, I must be sincere and say that I usually do not like light novels, I get bored as the author usually give a thousand turns about the same only to fill pages and pages of nothing, I do not like to read in general so it's not that I have some problem with Japanese literature or something, I just get bored when the story is not going anywhere. Maybe at some point give light novels a chance but I do not think it's now, I was reading the light novel of Konosuba and I liked it, besides I hate the adaptation of the second season by studio deen, the animation of that season is horrible. To the first season I gave an 8 and to the second a 4.

I already saw kuuchuu buranko because I like the style of the director who also made Mononoke, why you drop Mononoke? That seemed so weird when I saw your list, you do not like stories that are dark? and another series I did not see on your list is Ergo Proxy, that anime is usually very complex for most people so I'm not surprised that you have not seen it and many people never give it a fair chance because they get bored of not understanding anything. what I try to say is that your taste seems to be more comedies and entertainment and ergo proxy is nothing like that, you can see it and appreciate it but I do not know if you're going to like it.

well thx for the recommendations, I never heard about wasurenagumo.
Akzhu7 Sep 9, 2:35 PM
The elitist are only poor idiots who believe they are intellectuals because they like mature and complex anime that most people who watch anime casually do not watch, but the intellect goes beyond appreciating something that is obviously mature, dark and complex. For example I like Kuroko no Basket so much because I play basketball all my adolescence and I understand many things that most people can not understand because they never played the game, they never trained, never felt that they are trash for not knowing how to play, never saw terror in another person's eyes when they are defending you and they can not stop you, they don't know anything and for that reason I think that no taste is bad, each person has different reasons why their likes something, elitists see that you like something they consider bad and think you are an idiot but never wonder why that person like that anime, that person may have a reason more deep that the plot of those anime that the elitist likes so much, they are only idiots who can not see the world with the eyes of another person, they do not have persepcion of the world and only live in their sick minds where their are the kings of the world, they are trash, who cares about the elitist? only the others elitist who are the same trash.

My list is private so no one can ruin me an anime telling me how it ends, if they do not know what I'm watching, they can not ruin me an anime. is a precautionary measure that I have taken to avoid problems, some of the people on this page have very low tactics when it comes to fighting or arguing, but here in my profile, they are nothing.

I'm watching zaregoto because I know that the author is the same as Monogatari and Katanagatari, that guy is crazy and that is why I think is a good author, I may not have seen much anime but I have a great knowledge of the medium, I have a list of everything I want to see but I am always looking for something that few know and that less know how to appreciate it, I would like to know what you have seen that you think it is very difficult to find without your help, I am looking for something strange and unpopular, it does not matter if it's a stupid comedy or a short anime.

sorry for the long coment and all that shit.
Akzhu7 Sep 9, 6:38 AM
How the hell do you watch so many anime? god lord dude you are in another level lol. I like your list, it shows that you have personality and you are not afraid of the opinions of the others, basically a very genuine person and that is cool. I think you would like kyousou giga (tv) and tsuritama, give this anime a chance. Eh, why do I recommend something to you? IDK I think you might like this anime and your list will help me find something worthwhile, it's like an exchange.
Kaishiyoku Sep 2, 11:55 AM

Omeganimes Aug 25, 11:38 AM
*s'incruste discretement* vu qu'on a 'air d'avoir les meme gouts d'animes a peu pres je vais regarder les animes de ta section "favorite" qui m'as pas l'air dégueue :D vu que je suis un peu a court d'animes en ce moment et que j'ai l'impression qu'ils se ressemblent un peu tous
Demer Aug 25, 10:29 AM
Hey Dji, we don't talk so much but, if you love no game no life like me you possibly gonna like this... (Inside I'm exploding)
kuuderes_shadow Aug 3, 10:20 AM
As those phrases are inherently subjective, any "threshold" would also be arbitrary and subjective as well.

Bear in mind that anything we ever see the sales of are among the best sellers automatically - more than 50 light novels come out most weeks but the number of them that will sell well enough for them to appear in the rankings is rarely in the double figures. Roughly 10% will eventually have reported sales over 10k, 5% over 30k, 3% over 50k, and about 1.5% over 100k.

Also any figures would change over time - due to Oricon adding/removing/expanding rankings is the most visibly obvious one, but they've also been dropping over the last few years due to the rise of ebook sales, which Oricon doesn't count. As, incidentally, does the rise in the number of small to medium size light novel labels. The % over 100k is probably less than 1% by now.

Also bear in mind that different figures mean different things to different publishers - the sort of sales that would see the series get dropped under, say, Fujimi Fantasia Bunko, would be considered a huge success for the likes of, say, Mahou no i-Rand Bunko.