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'Nyan Koi!' Manga Author Publishes New Series

by ImperfectBlue
Jan 22, 8:51 PM | 12 Comments
Nyan Koi! manga author Sato Fujiwara launched his new manga, Konishi-sensei, Shinchoku Ikaga Desu ka? (How is Your Progress, Konishi-sensei?), on the Comic Meteor website on Wednesday. The romantic comedy will follow the titular mangaka Konishi and his new editor, Ichika Kasahara.

Fujiwara began drawing Nyan Koi! on the FlexComix Blood web magazine in August 2007. A 12-episode TV anime adaptation directed by Keiichiriou Kawaguchi at AIC studio aired in Fall 2009.

In April 2010, the series went on hiatus due to Fujiwara's declining health. It returned on an irregular schedule the following November and switched to Comic Meteor in September 2012 due to FlexComix Blood merging with the former. Flex Comix published the sixth and latest volume in October 2014.

Manga official page:

Source: Comic Natalie

Konishi-sensei, Shinchoku Ikaga desu ka? on MAL

12 Comments Recent Comments

I will probably check his new work out but man, it kinda stings. Nyan Koi is literally the only Slice of Life show of it's vein that I like.

Feb 7, 12:52 PM by SigmaticDoc

I heard Nyan Koi and came running. I hate to see it abandoned like this.

Feb 1, 8:04 PM by Todd_

Wait what? what about nyan koi. I've been waiting forever for the continuation ugh. i guess nyan koi is axe now. sad his starting a new cliche series which introduce a mangaka and editor without elements this one is pretty boring i guarantee it

Jan 28, 7:13 AM by JustNino

Daniel_Naumov said:
People in good faith finish their litter first, before starting to make another one.

this was how i reacted too. i'm not planning to read new one since author seems untrustable

Jan 27, 12:18 PM by Cultured_Ribbon

Sad to hear the Nyan Koi manga was never finished. It's been years since I watched the anime but its one of very few shows I'd actually like a new season of.

Jan 25, 3:29 AM by lucymakesmehard

why abandoning nyan koi

Jan 23, 10:53 PM by Kuma

RIP any likelihood of a continuation of Nyan Koi.

Jan 23, 5:58 PM by swordhermit

I thought the author died because there was no news of them in about a decade or so?

Jan 23, 5:21 PM by Elegade

So no Nyan Koi S2 huh.

Jan 23, 10:38 AM by MrAwesome2018

People in good faith finish their litter first, before starting to make another one.

Jan 23, 8:21 AM by Daniel_Naumov

I guess Nyan koi is officially canned

Jan 23, 3:05 AM by yamiyugi101

Haha I thought that was Kirino from Oreimo for a split second.

Jan 22, 9:45 PM by Bored_as_a_Tree

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