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Avex Launches 'Kotodama Shoujo' Multimedia Project

by Sakana-san
Jul 17, 9:09 AM | 8 Comments

Avex Pictures announced a new multimedia franchise titled Kotodama Shoujo on Tuesday. The project will follow a virtual four-girl rap unit who will their own CD singles, an anime adaptation, a web radio show, and live-stream events on Showroom.

Kotodama Shoujo centers on Shiika Yosano, Raimu Mukouda, Chieri Villeneuve, and Himawari Kawabata. The girls attend a performance school where a hierarchical system is in place. As all four are at the bottom, they band together and form the rap unit "Microphone Soul Spinners," so they can aim for the top.

Original Character Design: Suzuhito Yasuda (Durarara!!)
Project Composition: Toshiya Oono (Gatchaman Crowds)
Ambassador: KEN THE 390 (Devilman: Crybaby rap supervision)

Registrations for a cast audition is currently taking place and the final results will be announced in September.


Official site:
Official Twitter: @kotodamashoujo

Source: Real Sound

8 Comments Recent Comments

Yasuda's character designs always surprise me.

Jul 18, 5:50 AM by Slarkero

Probably not going to pick it up, but those gals in the image are thick!

Jul 17, 4:08 PM by vansonbee

whatever the hell this is, i know im watching it

Jul 17, 4:04 PM by EcchiGodMamster

Aaaaand right to the top of my CGDCT hype list goes this.

Now I'm imagining 8 Mile meets Girls und Panzer - you destroy your rival, and then they suddenly respect you and become your friend. I don't think that's how that would go. XD

Jul 17, 12:19 PM by nDroae

Pls be good rappers and good music

Jul 17, 12:17 PM by BLCD

I'm not surprised a female rapper franchise has been announced considering the popularity of Hypnosis Mic. Guess I'll keep an eye out for the anime adaptation of this as its always nice to see a musical franchise that isn't focusing on the usual idols.

Jul 17, 9:43 AM by heydaycapriccio

I’ve always wanted an anime centered around rap. Of course it’s cute girls as the cast. Not that I’m complaining lol. I guess it’s to be expected at this point. They’ll make cute girls do anything. I’ll check this one out. Hope it’ll turn out like that one rap scene in Zombieland Saga.

Jul 17, 9:32 AM by Phlaryx

From idols to girls' band, Bushiroad already has a DJ project on the works and now it's rapper girls.


Gotta say, though... Cute girls have been doing a wild variety of cute things in these recent mixed-media/multimedia, huh.

Jul 17, 9:26 AM by KuuhakuDesu