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TV Anime 'Domestic na Kanojo' Announces Additional Cast Members

by tsubasalover
Oct 11, 2:16 AM | 17 Comments
The official website for the previously announced Domestic na Kanojo TV anime has announced additional cast members. The anime is slated for Winter 2019 via Anime-ism timeslot on MBS, TBS, and BS-TBS.

Natsuo Fujii: Taku Yashiro (Senjuushi)
Momo Kashiwabara: Haruka Yoshimura (Urara Meirochou)
Miu Ashihara: Konomi Kohara (Asobi Asobase)

Source: Moca News

17 Comments Recent Comments

Just when you thought that the end of 2018 was bad, but then the beginning of 2019 looks like it won't be any better.

Oct 22, 3:25 PM by Spiryts

this is what supposed to be called edgy, not goblin slayer... LMAO...

Oct 11, 9:33 PM by Kuma

Oh God this trash manga got an adaptation ?

Oct 11, 6:23 PM by loli_a_ravioli

this is probably gonna be hot af lol

Oct 11, 5:07 PM by EcchiGodMamsterP

That Synopsis lol is this one of those stories where the main character is a loser and beyond all levels of stupidity but for whatever reason, girls want to sleep with him. Then he won't be able to make up his mind of who he wants so he will keep sleeping around which will create a conflict between him and the girls he sleeps I right?

Oct 11, 4:56 PM by papsoshea

Now that's a good use of a sturdy table. A classic textbook display of affection.

Oct 11, 3:10 PM by hazecloud

Trash - The Anime.

Oct 11, 2:07 PM by TheDeadApostle

I'm still looking forward to this regardless. I dig that key visual tho.

Oct 11, 11:26 AM by ItzToxic

But..but what about GE? :(

Oct 11, 9:05 AM by Blessed_

Read the first chapter long ago. Dropped when the incest kicked in. Not my type of romance.

Oct 11, 9:03 AM by Takao_21

I really-really enjoy the manga but because the manga is so-slow and very unpredictable I don't think it can be adapt to anime(Maybe they will roll more than one season but Diomedea and second season is almost non existent. 2 cour might work but they really need to cut a lot of stuff)

Oct 11, 6:50 AM by AsharaOnly

I've a bad feeling about it.

Oct 11, 3:45 AM by Detective1412

Inukanura said:
to be honest, this will be ain’t it if they just adapted into 12 episode. for more tragedy & trainwreck, this needs to be 24.
> 24 episodes

pick one without it going horribly wrong as if domestic na kanojo isn't bad enough lmao

Oct 11, 3:22 AM by EGOIST

Holy crap did they butchered the character designs. I wonder how they would handle the sex scenes though :/

Oct 11, 3:18 AM by ClickBaitBuster

to be honest, this will be ain’t it if they just adapted into 12 episode. for more tragedy & trainwreck, this needs to be 24.

Oct 11, 2:43 AM by Inukanura

that kind of romance will never work for me

Oct 11, 2:31 AM by tragedydesu

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