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TV Anime 'Hanebado!' Announces Broadcast Delay

by tsubasalover
Sep 7, 2:59 AM | 8 Comments
The official website for the currently broadcasting TV anime Hanebado! has announced that the broadcast for its 11th episode will be delayed. This is due to the Hokkaido earthquake, which occured on September 6, and the studio, located around the area where it happened, went on a power outrage. The timeslot on September 9, which was originally planned to broadcast the 11th episode, will re-broadcast episode 10 instead. More detail on when the anime will be resumed will be announced at a later date.

Hanebado! is a badminton manga by Kousuke Hamada. It began serialization via good! Afternoon magazine in June 2013. 13 compiled volumes has released with latest went on sale on July 6. An anime adaptation by LIDENFILMS began on July 2.

Source: Ota☆Suke

8 Comments Recent Comments

Schedule for rest of 3 eps. (belated because ep.11 already aired)

Sep 17, 8:46 AM by tsubasalover

I guess I can wait a while because of the "power outrage."

Sep 8, 2:24 PM by Jazzyforcefield

First and foremost, I hope all the people in the area are safe and sound and I wish them all a speedy recovery.
I’m assuming the broadcasting will take take a while to resume but that’s completely understandable. I’m looking forward to seeing Episode 11 whenever it’s due to come, and I don’t mind a long break.

Sep 7, 6:09 PM by _MushiRock11_

Earthquake are really terrifying and hopefully people out there are safe and have steady recovery~

Sep 7, 4:11 PM by SkyDrop

I wish them good luck and safety as well. Jesus the earthquake must have been really damn bad over there.

Sep 7, 12:18 PM by Wasshio

Full speed recovery for them.

Sep 7, 7:14 AM by hazecloud

That is, the airing is extended for another week? Well, in any case, I can understand them, the health and safety of people in any case is more important.

Sep 7, 4:43 AM by RobertBobert

AH shit. Well all the best to people affected by that earthquake

Sep 7, 3:01 AM by Klad

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