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Original Anime 'Ladyspo' Announced

by tsubasalover
Mar 9, 2018 8:03 PM | 14 Comments

It has been announced that the original science fiction comedy anime Ladyspo (Lady Sports) has been green-lit for a Spring 2018 broadcast. Directed by Hiroshi Kimura (Danchigai), the anime is scheduled to premiere on April 10 at 1:20 a.m. Additionally, the Nama TV site will be holding a "Seiyuu Survival Extra" vocal audition for additional roles. Seiyuu Aina Kusuda will perform the anime's theme song titled "Happy Thinking."

The premise of the anime is a race to win prize money in multiple professional sporting events. With characters equipped with various specializations, from mastering a thousand sports to godly sports sense and instincts, the battle for money begins.

Arigetti: Saki Shimada (Time Travel Shoujo: Mari Waka to 8-nin no Kagakusha-tachi)
Korpi: Akari Uehara (Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?)
Sabina: Suzuna Kinoshita (Ousama Game The Animation)
Mokomoko: Misato Aoyagi (Ikkitousen: Extravaganza Epoch)
Marie: Aina Kusuda (Love Live! School Idol Project)

Source: Comic Natalie

Ladyspo on MAL

14 Comments Recent Comments

I'm willing to give this a try.

Mar 10, 2018 11:17 PM by Noire

I mean, I'm down when I read that there will be females doing sports. Hopefully, though it's a comedy, there's still a little more to it?

Mar 10, 2018 11:16 PM by Swiggy

They look like deviant art tier designs, hopefully the anime tones it down due to budget as usual.

Mar 10, 2018 10:26 PM by ichii_1

Is this a re-hash of Battle Athletess Daiundoukai?

Mar 10, 2018 7:01 PM by lanblade

Nice to see Kussun back in action

Mar 10, 2018 10:38 AM by Yuni

Is it just me or are we getting more anime in spring that we actually need? o.o there's a lot to go and pick holy shit.

Mar 10, 2018 9:29 AM by Wasshio

Hoping the first girl in that pic is the MC

Mar 10, 2018 5:30 AM by Tenth

Well, it's an original work so it's worth a shot.

Mar 9, 2018 11:28 PM by Swagernator

@Robiiii oh wow another women sports animu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Mar 9, 2018 9:15 PM by Salokannel2

It almost certainly 100% will be a short series

Mar 9, 2018 9:10 PM by ItsXolo

Why are there so many anime airing this Spring? God damn it!

But why do I have a feeling that this is going to be a short series...

Mar 9, 2018 8:47 PM by Tarotist

Sabina reminds me of Minori.

Mar 9, 2018 8:42 PM by Hoppy

Arigetti looks like best girl overall, but Sabina's thighs are out of this world.

Mar 9, 2018 8:40 PM by ItsXolo

whatever the fuck this is.. the image is all i need

Mar 9, 2018 8:29 PM by EcchiGodMamster

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