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Links to all topics in the Premade Layouts category are found on this page. See all categories here: Club Index.
If you want layouts for the classic style CSS, see here: Modern Layouts

All thumbnails below are clickable and take you to the topic of the layout displayed.
A source code should be there. Take and edit any layout you want!

Yes, we have over 300 premade layouts! Now please.. sit down.

How to install a classic premade list layout
Pick a layout from the thumbnails below. Make sure you have list style set to Classic (click here) and install the layout CSS code to your selected theme.

For a guide use the simple video below after 7:42, or see the alternative text tutorial with additional help and FAQs.

Video Link:

How to make more advanced list customizations
Use an advanced CSS tutorial for what you want to do:

Where to ask questions
Use this topic:

How to repair a broken layout
You should reinstall it and see if the latest version is fixed. If its broken, please report it to us.

Also this topic covers many ways to repair a broken layout on your own:

How to repair missing preview pics (covers)

How to repair missing topbars
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Popular Classic Layouts - Fully Maintained!
To use these make sure you have your list style set and saved to Classic on this page. Install the layout to your selected theme.
Click a layout pic to view the official page and find the code.

If you need a guide, use the video tutorial:

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Layouts below and in the following posts are not actively maintained by me personally! So, they may not have been updated in a long time (I do however, maintain and update the ones in the post above).

If you install layouts below this point, you may have to repair their topbars and preview pics yourself with the information in the first post above. And if codes or images are missing, you'll have to ask for help or replace it yourself. Again see the first post above for help with that. Or, you may want to ask the creator to repair it for you instead.

Newest Classic list layouts

See any newly donated layouts on this page and on:

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Mapped list layouts

Layouts for advanced users to make their own layouts from. Since the selectors are in the CSS and everything is color coded, its easier to customize the layout live.

Use this tool to easily customize a layout live:

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