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03-28-12, 9:12 PM

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Easy beginner's tutorial on using CSS
Start here! It will teach you how to set your own wallpaper (background), custom fonts, and also how to use any premade layout on your list! Super easy and fun! When done you will be able to use all the other list tutorials below!
Beginner's Tutorial

Please read: To use these tutorials and add-ons below properly, you must be using the Advanced Style CSS editor on this page for your list customization:
All these list tutorials and add-ons use that. If you aren't, just use the Beginner's Tutorial at the top to get started! Its super easy! Also some tutorials below are marked with red -advanced- text, these are for experienced CSS users and may be very difficult for beginners to use!

Wallpaper tutorials

In this example, I fit the small wallpaper to the size of the larger screen.

Moving and customizing your list wallpaper
Fitting your list wallpaper to any screen size
How to adjust your wallpaper position
How to change out the wallpaper
How to set a randomly selected wallpaper
How to set a different wallpaper for each category page

Making original wallpapers
Graphic design section

Animated list intro

Set a loading screen for your list

More stuff

Hahaido's Tips and Tricks
Club officer Hahaido shares a plethora of his own useful tricks for list design in his topic!

Suggest tutorial ideas

Don't need a tutorial? Got a question instead? Ask here or check the FAQ:

Must have add-ons for list designers!
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04-29-14, 2:11 PM

Joined: Feb 2010
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Tutorials posted since August 2013 when BBcode was shut down (thats why I can't edit the first post)

How to find and ID your cover import

New generator Blink!

Covers full directory

New cover style
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