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Jan 8, 7:29 AM

Nov 2011
This had a somewhat badass start with Hime raising her sword proudly in front of her people. OP song is quite catchy too with a mixture of action scenes and cartoony moments. Obviously, this anime has comedy and we got the food "torture" in this episode.

Hime's reactions were comedy gold just like in the manga. I think the anime enhances the experience seeing it animated with voice acting. A very entertaining start!
Jan 8, 7:41 AM

Dec 2021
Introducing 'Tis Time for "Torture," Princess from the same person that brought you Senyuu.

As the armies of the king and the demon lord clashed, months turned into years. The princess, also the commander of the King's Army Third Knight Brigade known as the "Knight Commander," found herself captured by the demon lord's forces. The highest-ranking torturer of the demon lord's army, Torture Tortura, attempts to extract the kingdom's secrets using various sinful "tortures" such as freshly baked toast, piping hot takoyaki, and late-night ramen. Will the princess be able to withstand without yielding and protect the kingdom's secrets?

Here's another anime that caught me by surprise, something I didn't know I needed until it landed on my screen. I had a genuine moment of shock, thinking they wouldn't even give her any toast. And it's amusing to think that the sword might be feeling a bit left out since it can't join in on the eating. I have to give credit to the author for bringing a fresh perspective with the concept of a timid princess facing off against demon captors who are super into softball. It's a unique twist that I hadn't considered before.

I'm really curious about the kind of "war" happening between humans and demons. Is it some kind of playful game like paintball, tag, or even chess? The unexpected turn with the "you already gave us the info we needed, so... Toast party!" was not only clever but also heartwarming. And let's not forget how endearing the princess is in all of this.

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect, but this is way more fun than I imagined. I'm definitely in for this!

Jan 8, 8:03 AM

Jun 2019
where to watch the anime?
Jan 8, 10:08 AM

Feb 2021
I read a bit of the manga and wanted to read further, but then I heard that this will get an anime and decided to wait for it. I wonder how the author stretched such a concept for, let's see... 214 chapters holy damn.
And btw this airs at midnight in Japan, so yeah, watching this must be torture for people watching this on TV too lol.

The battle in the beginning is anime-original btw, in the manga it was just one panel (unless it was added as flashback later). This is cool.
The production is waaay better than I thought it would be so far.
12:30 パンパン (panpan) - "bulging; filled to bursting" (there are other meaning too). パン (pan) - "bread"

14:58 Huge respect to the translator, they must've spent a ton of time trying to come up with this one. In Japanese they just switched the "tako" (octopus) in "takoyaki" (fried octopus) to 多幸 (takou lit. many happiness) - "great happiness". I want to try takoyaki at least once in my life too T_T

I like how they keep using 'Tis in the subs lol
The ED is amazing, I love the derpy faces everyone has
There is a scene after credits! It's the first scene with the Princesses thoughts added lol
This is so ridiculous, I love it. We got 2 food anime this season now.

But yeah, I've got some questions about the time period, everything looks medieval, but they also have video games lol
EmbientJan 8, 10:12 AM
Jan 8, 10:12 AM

Feb 2021
Reply to CielIsAWeeb
where to watch the anime?
@CielIsAWeeb It's officially on Crunchyroll
Jan 8, 10:16 AM

Mar 2021
Entertaining opening episode looking forward to seeing where this show goes
Jan 8, 10:17 AM

Jun 2019
Reply to Embient
@CielIsAWeeb It's officially on Crunchyroll
@Embient *cries in broke*, the 10$ a month worth it?
Jan 8, 10:37 AM

Sep 2016
Honestly I'd crumble under the same method of torture. That toast looked awfully toasty
Jan 8, 10:37 AM
Apr 2022
Love the manga,love the show, hopefully more people watched it,even tho I know better that the story is nothing special,I'll follow thru to the finale at leas

they really put effort in their animation that made me thankful that it's not a half assed adaptation
Jan 8, 10:48 AM

Dec 2013
I loved it, such lovely char designs, they show already had me with the princess' lil crown and I'll always have a soft spot for when the demons are actually goofy or outright kind and good people. I guess I found my favorite show of the season.
Jan 8, 10:54 AM

Jul 2014
The best chef in all of anime has been found!
Jan 8, 11:02 AM

Apr 2014
I think the one who has been tortured by those delicious-looking foods is me, not Hime. 😂
Jan 8, 11:09 AM

Nov 2013
as expected another fun anime

1st, she has an excalibut but doesn't screm excalibuuuuuuuuuuuuur? blasphemy lol

2nd, ofc an hungry person would fall into that torture lol tho it seems too easy for the woman, just sit there and eat a little bit

3rd, their demon lord is trash, how many secrets does he need? except the princess (and maybe a few more) none of the soldiers can even handle the troll, just attack them already lmao
fav "new" girls from winter <3 (2 extra girls this time, but 36 seasonals so whatever) ... click sig for older seasons and more possible picks
Jan 8, 11:13 AM

May 2015
I feel like this is gonna be a very hit or miss kind of series. Like some of the jokes landed and initially were really funny but the main concept itself I feel is gonna get stale real quick. Like by the 2nd and 3rd torture I was already went from laughing out loud to small chuckle. I'm probably slightly bias though cause I just dont like food anime. I dont find them interesting or entertaining at all as they're literally just about food. If I wanted something to do with food I'd search youtube videos. But the comedy outside the food stuff was solid. Like the interactions between Hime and the sword. But again i feel this is gonna be me eventually dropping this because of the base concept.

Very similar style anime is 'Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle' which is the same concept of captive princess without the food and that was a banger. Highly recommend it.
Yuritopia FTW!!!!!!!!! BANZAI TO YURI !!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 8, 11:14 AM

Nov 2013
Reply to CielIsAWeeb
@Embient *cries in broke*, the 10$ a month worth it?
@CielIsAWeeb the one who shuts down a popular game like priconne cause they weren't making millions with it, specially at a time when no good banners were out, and we were waiting for the summer banners lol trashyroll
fav "new" girls from winter <3 (2 extra girls this time, but 36 seasonals so whatever) ... click sig for older seasons and more possible picks
Jan 8, 11:14 AM

Apr 2021
When she said "ex seque duel" my mind screamed "just say excalibuuuuuuuuur"
Jan 8, 11:16 AM

Jun 2013
Food as torture, that's interesting
Jan 8, 11:43 AM

Jun 2023
This and Dungeon Meshi is torturing me with food

Food Wars also made me hungry but not in that way
Jan 8, 11:56 AM

Apr 2014
I was surprised. This form of Torture of the Princess is so extreme :D
Jan 8, 12:07 PM

Oct 2017
Saber??? One second she was fighting and kicking ass and the next she's trapped in jail. What fearsome torture she's being put through though, just watching it makes me tremble in fear. Joking aside watching the princess crave for food was sure fun. Also any character voiced by Itou Shizuka = instant favourite. No seriously Tortura's so lovely and watching her eat noodles was peak. Btw the post credit scene with the princess's inner thoughts was pure gold.

Fun start, enjoyed it quite a bit and the animation is so good too. Liked the OP, ED is decent too. Excited for more. Need more Tortura and hime too.
Jan 8, 12:28 PM

Nov 2011
I thought the first episode was boring. I wish they would have gone more in Depth with the war and why leaking these secrets is pretty important but they didn't. Probably be three and done if it doesnt get better.
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Jan 8, 12:30 PM

Feb 2010
This adaptation is off to a good start. Love that it's clear the team understood the assignment
Jan 8, 12:34 PM
Oct 2021
Jan 8, 12:36 PM

Apr 2022
god, the viewers are the ones being tortured. Shouldn't have watched it so late :/
Jan 8, 12:45 PM
Nov 2019
If you're a foodie, this show may be really fun for you.

Animation was decent, but based on the first episode, it is an odd food fetish series. I'll be dropping this one. I know a lot of Japanese anime loves to include elaborate food side-plots that have nothing to do with the actual story, but I'm the farthest thing from a foodie, so I'm completely disinterested and normally skip those scenes. The episode had no plot, it was entirely about a princess succumbing to food tortured.
Jan 8, 12:46 PM
Nov 2023
JEEEEEEEZ! I’m shocked! Where’s the ecchi or hentai tags? That was pure food porn, with a side of ASMR for extra spice! Inquisitor chan’s lips are so beautifully drawn when she uses the toast and gravy technique. I’m in luuuuurrrve 😳
Jan 8, 12:52 PM
Mar 2021
my sole question is... who tf gave this much budget to this good shit ?
Jan 8, 12:58 PM

Nov 2016
Not the kind of torture I was expecting(admittedly I didn't really look closely at the cover)

Was hoping for some top tier degneracy, however, what we got is still anime at it's best. It's like you take some ideas from Food Wars, Sleepy Princess and Umaru with a heroine that could be fusion of these two

Oh and of course you can always fit in the obligatory Ashita no Joe reference. I really should keep track which anime featured this.

Feeling guilty about ramen at night was too real.
FMmatronJan 8, 2:17 PM

One Piece episode 914 & 915 & 1027 were a mistake and 957 brought the salvation - FMmatron

Jan 8, 1:10 PM

Sep 2018
Very cute, but can it stay as inventive as "Sleepy princess" did?

Quantum ille canis est in fenestra
Jan 8, 1:13 PM
Aug 2020
it was not bad, i was hungry while watching the show

i have to see more to really judge this one...
otakuweek on insta for News /recom etc

just have a look, you won't regret it...
Jan 8, 1:28 PM

Mar 2022
I am so frikkin hungry now...
Jan 8, 1:52 PM
Oct 2018
It's giving Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle meets Princess Connect
CjStretchJan 8, 2:10 PM
Jan 8, 2:00 PM

May 2020
This is amazing honestly i didnt think i would like it this much off to a great start im looking forward to see how this will go on

I love how serious Tortura is while "torturing" hime and hime's reactions are golden
Fun Things Are Fun - Yui Hirasawa
Jan 8, 2:04 PM

Feb 2019
Ok that opening sequence was amazing and totally threw me for a loop lol. Thought this was going to be some serious action anime and the OST during that was amazing as well! Turns out it’s more like sleepy princess than anything.

Banger OP too, probably my fave so far of the season. Shallm cooked.

Massive tone shift after the OP, went from the iron maiden torture set up to using delicious food to get info from the princess. I would’ve folded as soon as I saw that French toast getting broken in half lmao. holding delicious food over someone that’s hungry is worse than any other form of torture 😂

PineJAM cooked(pun intended) with the production values in this too my lord why is this show so beautiful? The animation is insanely fluid too. Hime’s reactions to eating the takoyaki later on in the episode is some of the best animation I’ve seen in a while

Just a fun and relaxing time all around that you better make sure you watch on a full stomach. Love this one, already a top show this season. Hime is adorable, tortura is hot and the foodgasms are hilarious. I’m sold
Marinate1016Jan 8, 2:25 PM
Jan 8, 3:01 PM

Jul 2022
Hime, princess and commander of the Third Brigade, is captured by the demon king's army along with her intelligent sword, Ex. Tortura Torture is in charge of making Hime reveal the secrets of her kingdom, resorting to TORTURE... which involves making toast, a simple ordeal that Hime accepts without much fuss.

Despite obtaining some information, it's not enough, and the torture continues with takoyaki and ramen, both of which Hime also accepts. Yet, it's still not sufficient, leaving us intrigued about the next form of torture Hime will face.

The OP was interesting; it's quite catchy. And did it reference Queen? On the other hand, the ED is rather charming.

I'm not sure how the anime will progress, but concerning the comedy, it might become somewhat repetitive. I'm also unsure what to think about Hime's kingdom not seeming very concerned about her capture. Nevertheless, I found it to be an entertaining start.
Jan 8, 3:03 PM

Sep 2018
The characters are fun and the food looks good which will carry far in my case, but a concept like this is definitely going to get stale very soon if it keeps the same formula. I hope they've got more tricks up their sleeve to keep it interesting.

I'm definitely going to steal some reaction images out of this one though.
Jan 8, 3:24 PM

Jul 2011
"Ex sequel duel" ???? Just say Excalibur, call yourself Saber and be done with it. Dropped.
Jan 8, 3:35 PM
Mar 2012
The only negative is that I can't binge it

For everyone who doesn't know what to expect: don't expect any plot at all. It's just a really wholesome comedy full of likeable characters. It also seems like it's just about food right now, but there's a lot of variety in the "tortures" and the basic formula of the series gets played with a lot. There are also lots of chapters/episodes where there's no torture at all.
Jan 8, 4:07 PM

Oct 2018
I like how the anime crew are taking the Kaguya-sama approach with this adaptation and going all out with new imagery to show how in love Hime-sama is with the food
Jan 8, 4:22 PM
Mar 2018
The animation is great and it is kind of adorable. But I really don't she this repetitive setup really working for more than one episode.
Jan 8, 4:27 PM
Feb 2016
I love this anime.

Jan 8, 4:30 PM

Sep 2018
Eh, it was OK. Maoujou de Oyasumi played with the kidnapped princess trope incredibly well when it aired, a top 10 all time comedy for me. I can't help but compare, and this one it isn't doing much for me (yet). I think they over saturated this episode with the repeating skits.
Jan 8, 5:05 PM
May 2022
Better than I thought it would be. Pretty well timed comedy and decent production values. Only real concern is this seems like it would get pretty repetitive, a thing the manga has been accused of. I think it’s pretty fun so far and a bit of a surprise too. I’m hungry.
Jan 8, 5:10 PM
Jan 2024
I don't have much to say, the way you make him confess to the princess is fantastic, even I would confess, I look forward to the next episode
Jan 8, 5:41 PM

Sep 2011
Exceeded every expectation. First episode did a great job of elevating the source material
Jan 8, 5:48 PM
Aug 2022
Man, that episode flew by, I love this! If it sticks to food I could see it getting a bit repetitive, but even then, I don't think I would care much lol what a fun show

Jan 8, 6:08 PM
Mar 2023
Despite some changes like the shackle is on her ankle instead of her neck, I really enjoyed it. The ramen part was funny
Jan 8, 6:23 PM

Dec 2022
Believe it or not, bribing your subject with food is a legitimate interrogation tactic.

This is an anime I decided to pick up for no reason. I can appreciate the boke and tsukkomi dynamic between the princess and Excalibur. Now to see how well the other characters grow on me.
MALoween 2023 Candy: ///
Jan 8, 6:25 PM
scientia exitus

Mar 2020
Somehow the bread dipped in leftover beef stew hit harder than the takoyaki and ramen


Jan 8, 7:58 PM
Jul 2020
Reply to CielIsAWeeb
@Embient *cries in broke*, the 10$ a month worth it?
@CielIsAWeeb If you are just going to get the basic plan, which is what I have, you can buy a 3 month or 1 year gift code in their store, which gives you a discount, then redeem the code with your own account. That way you save a little. That is what I do. They don't let you have different profiles anyway, so no point in paying for multiple devices at once.
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