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Poll: Null Peta Episode 3 Discussion

Oct 18, 8:00 AM

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Null should just go to a school with smarter kids, Peta and her jetpack could take her there.
Oct 18, 8:10 AM

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Peta can be scary at times. Though she is kind.

Oct 18, 9:15 AM

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Pretty much agreed that Null is "Einstein" level genius, that commonplace people don't get her.

Luckily there's Peta to accompany and accommodate her knowledge. Scary but always thinking of her master 1st.
Oct 18, 9:25 AM

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Its terrifying that part of my college lectures are in this. Still great tho
Oct 18, 9:57 AM

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I feel so bad for Null man D: I hope Peta can help her with school life ;3;

(The bubble shields were so cute! XD)
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Oct 18, 10:29 AM

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nice bonding time with onee-chan. I guess Null only needs someone who understands her.

Based on how they talk, it seems the original Peta is also a genius like Null.
Oct 18, 12:00 PM

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This is by far the best good night story and makes you directly sleepy...
Oct 18, 3:20 PM

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holy fuck, the anime went full nerd
Oct 18, 4:46 PM

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A cute little episode,Girls toke a bath and have some precocious time together

I like this anime even if its a bit short! Still 8/10 Oh and I saw her cute little feets! That was a big plus!!

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Oct 18, 10:05 PM

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Poor Null, she is too smart that everybody made a distance from her. Null also the only one who can sleep with differential equation book.

Oh, I even tried to google some of it: torus/tori, poincarè, RSA encryption, factorization. I used to learn some of it back in university, so I'm familiar with it.
Oct 19, 3:43 AM

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Peta is really trying hard to send Null to school, I hope Null goes to school soon.
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Oct 19, 9:59 AM

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It is cute but I'm kinda neutral towards this
Oct 19, 11:59 PM

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wh a great episode! so cute!! and peta is so caregiving towards null, its a nice watch
Oct 20, 1:24 AM

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As a mathematician I approve this episode. Long live differential topology.
Oct 20, 7:31 AM

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I love the quirkiness of this series. Peta is such a fun character
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Oct 21, 11:58 AM

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Damn this episode was actually a fair amount of feels
Oct 22, 6:49 AM
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It's funny that Peta reads mathematical formulas to Null as if they were fairy tales, hahaha
Oct 22, 1:56 PM

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Well, this was unexpectedly heartwarming.

There was some sweet bonding time in the bathtub but Peta reading equations for Null to fall asleep was hilarious xD
Oct 24, 3:33 PM

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That bath scene was cool
Null is really intelligent wow
Oct 25, 7:00 PM

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Good episode, although I'm sorta curious why Null didn't know that function, and also how her sister survived the bathwater since she's ya know, a robot. I'll chalk it up to science tho and call it a day lol.
Nov 12, 2:32 PM

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Poor null-chan.. she got too isolated in the classroom that she does not want to go there anymore.. sucks to be the smartest kid in class sometimes! Bedtime story time was kinda funny.. i would sleep too if someone tried to read equations for me xD