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Club Comments
GeraltofRivia96 | Yesterday, 11:15 AM
Hey Hey Hey old school !!

GauravKG | Yesterday, 11:03 AM
If you are watching anime at fast pace... I recommend you to don't watch all the top rated anime at once...

I myself is a fast watcher... But I make my list of how to watch anime...
Like I watch anime rated 7-8 mostly.. then some 8-9...
Then one rated 9+
I also mix up some anime rated between 6-7...
So that... I can always find some new things.

You know... I have watched 180 anime seasons in 5 months.
But still i don't have watched Full metal alchemist, death note, code geass or steins gate... I will watch them as my 200th, 220th, 240th season of anime... So that i don't end up all the good ones

GauravKG | Yesterday, 10:58 AM
@Pekoms1000.... Mangas are definitely good than anime... Its just your opinion.... But if you ask me... I would say i like anime more... I read only those manga whose anime is not complete. But you know. I watched"Yosuga no sora" and read its manga too... In my opinion.... The feel that the music, and graphic... And those flowing tears created in the anime... I can't see them in any mang

Pekoms1000 | Yesterday, 9:57 AM
@KishinEgg same here.Even i feel old animes are good

SoloingUp | Yesterday, 7:32 AM
@KishinEgg Slow down XD later you couldn't find more exciting anime in the future ( if you plan to watch more). I don't know if I like anime that are 4 or 5 years ago due to me being a beginner in watching anime at that time or it really is good, but sometimes I feel like the newer ones are lacking in plot, ( maybe that is just in my mind XD). Too much binge watching really drains me, due to me having a lot or free time nowadays.

KishinEgg | Yesterday, 6:59 AM
How old are you guys???
I'm only 14 yrs old
I watched 170+ anime(most of the are old animes,i really like old anime)

ralphyyy | Yesterday, 6:59 AM
@Pekoms1000 yep i agree but some scenes weren't included in the manga and some chapters didnt have what was in the anime like time skip or something.
@NextUniverse sometimes i really prefer anime because i enjoy the animation and plot, but yeah i find myself reading manga sometimes because some anime episodes aren't released yet so i go and read chapters.

thx to ur replies im getting to understand why people like manga

Pekoms1000 | Yesterday, 6:44 AM
@ralphyyy manga is always better. Without manga animes are not possible.
Mangas tend to have plot character devolopment more than the anime. All the famous animes out there follow manga plot.full metal alchemist was good but full metal alchemists brotherhood is better since it followed manga properly thus allowing it have one of the best storylines in the industry

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