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Apr 28, 2:37 AM
Heavenly Fowl

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The following rules of The Newbie Club should be observed at all times.
These rules are a modified version of the official MAL Guidelines, which also are to be observed in their entirety.

1) Swear words or acronyms that include swear words (example: wtf, stfu, omfg etc) are prohibited. Same goes with using * with the intention on swearing (example: You're a *****) or quoting swearing. Racially/ethnically offensive comments or remarks are also prohibited.
2) Unnecessary fighting or quarreling with other members is not permitted.
3) Spam of all forms is prohibited. If sighted, it will be removed immediately.
4) Any post which falls under MAL's definition of NSFM is prohibited.
5) Spoiling an Anime, whether it be an OVA/ONA/Special/Move/TV, is prohibited.
"Clear admittance" can be done through a simple sentence or adding, the latter is a necessity:
[spoiler=(Name of Anime) ("spoiler" after name)] (the spoiler) [/spoiler]

Excluded from this rule are threads designated to countain spoilers.
6) When necessary use spoiler tags when sharing thoughts on an anime, etc...
7) Clear indication should be given before posting videos that are too graphic or contain a spoiler.
8) Creating a thread, while acceptable, may be taken down if it is not following the club rule or MAL Guidelines.
9) The official MAL Guidelines are to be followed at all times.
10) Advertising is not allowed in the club unless it has been requested and allowed by an administrator.
11) Any staff member found not following the rules will be taken off of the staff section.
12) Impersonating other members with the intent of ridiculing them is not condoned. Nor will it be condoned if a member uses both the display picture and username of a member, whether the intent is to ridicule, or otherwise.
13) While English is not the only language available in the club. Please speak English to not exclude others out of the conversation.

This structure apply to the Newbie Club in its entirety.

1) All admins have the right to ban, but a ban can be brought up with another admin for a revalidation of the ban.

2) Breaking any of the General Club Rules or MAL Guidelines can result in a warning or ban.

3) The ban process is as follows:
First offense: Warning
Second offense: Warning
Third Offense: Ban from the club

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This topic has been locked and is no longer available for discussion.