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Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2
Aug 18, 11:50 PM
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Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season
Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season
Aug 15, 5:23 AM
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Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?
Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?
Aug 7, 11:04 PM
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Watashitachi wa Koi wo Egakenai
Watashitachi wa Koi wo Egakenai
3 hours ago
Reading 12/21 · Scored -
Siscon Ani to Brocon Imouto ga Shoujiki ni Nattara
Siscon Ani to Brocon Imouto ga Shoujiki ni Nattara
4 hours ago
Reading 39/? · Scored -
Aug 20, 2:56 AM
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winddevil1 Yesterday, 4:30 AM
you could just reload my profile and all the pictures would be hiding again :v or you could just look at them all since they are all awesome haha

that aoba writes a lot of stuff on my comments, you can easily find him, and he would probably answer you =p

i'm really bad at choosing favorites (i just like hundreds of different characters, as you could see on my blog), but Takagi would easily be on my top 10, she is just too fun =D

you don't watch many seasonals huh =O i wish i could watch older shows but i always get interested on 20+ seasonals, and can't even keep up with them all LOL
also saw you dropped Hataraku Saibou, i think that show is great =o
MorningStorm666 Yesterday, 12:37 AM
Yeah, I use Mario more in Melee and Kirby more in Brawl. I'm never gonna be a pro competitor in Smash but at least I'm good enough to beat most "casuals". I had a friend who I beat like 40 or 50-something times in a row in Brawl before he finally got his first win. But then my friend who's actually serious about Smash beats me 90% of the time, although I put up a fight in Melee but he destroys me in Brawl.

Hacks are more interesting to watch once you've played them yourself (and some people speedrun hacks, though those runs are nowhere near as optimized as those of the original game but still fun to watch imo). It's still crazy to see someone beat an extreme hack in one sitting, trying to get the fastest time possible. Though there's only several dozen people at most beating extreme hacks to 100% completion and then only 3-5 of those people will even think of speedrunning it. But yeah, people have come up with all kinds of crazy challenges for the original SM64. The possibilities with that game, especially with modding/hacking/TAS, are virtually limitless.

If you ever do decide to play SM64 hacks for yourself, I recommend Project64 version 1.6 for an emulator. You could also use later versions of PJ64 and Mupen64 is recommended a lot too. For your first hack (if you want to play hacks that is), SM64 Star Road, Star Revenge Redone v2.0, and Super Mario 74 are great and not of extreme difficulty (just make sure it's the plain SM74 and not SM74 Extreme Edition and for Star Revenge make sure it's NOT Night of Doom). SM74 is my personal favorite of those three. I think keyboards are a pain but hey, some people have managed to beat the hardest hacks ever made with them so they're certainly a viable option.

Anyway, that's all just information to consider IF you want to play SM64 hacks, no pressure intended :)
MorningStorm666 Aug 20, 3:09 PM
I've only played Smash Bros games newer than Brawl on like one or two occasions so I don't know anything at all about Bowser Jr in Smash. I main Kirby and Mario in Melee and Brawl. I spam Kirby's up-B a lot lol, I'm sure it's annoying to other people. I spam his down-B on CPUs but that doesn't work on human players so much.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of SM64 hacks with completely new levels, some having as many as 182 stars and others having just one or two levels. Mario 64 is extremely hackable and new tricks are STILL being discovered/learned today because it's the most broken game of all time. Because of this the SM64 community is very alive and well with no signs of slowing down. Just a few months ago, a speedrunner named Xiah managed to do something previously only thought possible by TAS in real gameplay. There's also this guy named Pannenkoek who does all sorts of insane, game-breaking TAS stuff like trying to get every star without pressing A or trying to get every star without using the joystick. And then of course, there's the hacks. If you loved the mechanics of Mario 64 as much as I did and would love to play the same game with brand new levels, there's all sorts of hacks to play.

You don't need an N64 controller to play the hacks, I play them on my laptop with Xbox 360/One controllers. You can play them with pretty much any type of controller you can get connected to your laptop. I know people have used PS3/4 controllers, found USB adaptors for N64/Gamecube controllers, and some people even opt to learn to play by keyboard but there's a steep learning curve for that.
winddevil1 Aug 20, 6:09 AM
hi there =)

yes, i need to change my profile but i'm too lazy :v
i already started by deleting a lot of stuff and putting that stuff on blogs, do you think it's better now?

also, have you tried to add this guy called aobasuzukaze? i bet he wouldn't mind another aoba in his life haha
MorningStorm666 Aug 19, 9:30 AM
I'm better than all of my friends except one at Smash Bros and he beats me like 90% of the time and it's really frustrating. I used to play Halo on Xbox Live a lot but I don't really play competitive multiplayer any more much at all because I really hate losing lol. I've only played the new Smash Bros games like once or twice on friends' consoles since I don't own any Nintendo systems newer than Wii. Do you consider yourself really good at Smash?

I've never been good at speedruns at all or just didn't have the dedication but what I DO have the dedication for is to play extreme hacks of Mario 64. This ( is the hardest thing I've ever done in a video game. It took me 18 hours of trying over the course of two weeks for this individual part alone (not including practice).

And yeah, playing Mario 64 on the DS is just not as good of an experience as playing on a console. Then again, I prefer playing on bigger screens to small, handheld ones anyway. It's been a long time since I've actively played any handheld games.
MorningStorm666 Aug 14, 3:22 PM
Understandable, not all of the old anime art has aged well though I personally think some of it still looks great today.

I rarely pay too much attention to the lyrics in anime OPs or in music in general since most of my enjoyment of music comes from the music itself. If a song I like happens to have good lyrics, I usually think of that as a bonus. Vocals are still important though as they add another layer of sound to the music (though I naturally like a lot of instrumental stuff as well).

Yeah, you were thinking of the main Halo theme, that's my favorite too. I mostly play Mario games, some other Nintendo games, and FPS games. I don't play a lot of newer video games, the last new Mario game I purchased for myself was Galaxy 2 in 2010, I'm more interested in spending my money on anime merch now than new video games. Besides Mario 64 is my favorite game ever and there are tons of hacks you can play of it on an emulator and that's what about 80% of my gaming is nowadays.
MorningStorm666 Aug 13, 11:09 PM
Fair enough, anime is a visual medium so it makes sense to put priority on art/animation you like. Personally, I think 90s, 2000s, and 2010s animation and artstyle all have their own unique charm and I don't really favor one decade over the others. I haven't watched much pre-90s anime at all so I can't comment on it.

Yeah, when deciding on favorite OPs I 90% care about the song being good. For an OP to be in my favorites, my first question is "would I listen to the full version of this song on my own?" Although if we're talking quality of animation as well as the events going on onscreen during the OP, I think both Death Note OPs are absolutely fantastic in that regard and they're both great songs to boot (in my opinion).

Your favorite OP is a bit different from my tastes, but I still think it's good. It's very comfy and fitting for a Slice-of-Life show.

I like when EDs play at the end of the episode in the transitioning manner you mentioned, though it definitely leaves a bigger impact on me if I really like the song.

My brain just seems wired to naturally pay attention to great OST music and sometimes I'll even listen to it on my own outside of the anime as a way to quickly bring back some of the emotions that anime gave me. Since you brought up game OSTs, my favorite OSTs in video games would either be from the original Halo trilogy or the Super Mario Galaxy games.
MorningStorm666 Aug 13, 9:11 PM
I don't rewatch a whole lot either and usually when I do it's because I'm showing the anime to someone else. I usually have no problem with watching alternative versions though because if a franchise is a good, I try to complete everything it has to offer. Plus, I like padding my MAL completions lol. I think FMA03 is best watched BEFORE Brotherhood though and it's too late for that in your case. Some of the big things that happen early in Brotherhood without as much development are much more impactful in FMA03. I'd still recommend it though if you ever change your mind about watching it but I get what you're saying, I always want to start something new too, that's why my "currently watching" list is in the 30s lol.

What would you say are your favorite OPs/EDs from any anime you've watched (mine are listed in order on my profile as you probably already saw). I find myself liking OPs more than EDs it seems.

A strong OST is absolutely something I pay attention to, a 9/10 or 10/10 OST is definitely a reason I might rate a show a point higher, especially since it can add to the emotional scenes or the parts that get you hyped up. And FMA03 is a close 2nd to my favorite OST of all time, Madoka Magica (Madoka is #1 in a lot of categories for me lol).
MorningStorm666 Aug 12, 11:05 PM
Madoka Magica legit had a bigger impact on me than any other work of fiction ever has in my life thus far, I love it so much. And yeah, Steins;Gate is excellent as well, it was one of the anime I watched during the summer after first watching Madoka Magica where I watched a whole bunch of shows that were in Madoka's MAL recommendations which led me to a good chunk of other shows that made it into my favorites.

Short answer is I slightly prefer FMA 2003 but I really have to break it down further than that. Sorry if this gets kinda long-winded, I just love breaking things down, comparing, analyzing etc. :P

First thing, I personally think the OPs and OST in FMA03 blow FMAB away. That's NOT a knock against FMAB by any stretch, it has a great OST and I think all the OPs except the last one are good or better (the last FMAB OP just doesn't fit the intense action going on in that final arc IMO). However, FMA03 has an absolutely god-tier OST and the best set of OPs of any anime. It has my 1st and 2nd favorite OPs in the 4th and 3rd openings respectively. The 1st opening is awesome as well and the 2nd opening is still good but probably the weakest of the bunch. I'd probably take my 3rd favorite FMA03 OP over my favorite FMAB one. I probably prefer FMA03's OP because they are more rock-oriented than FMAB's and as a metalhead I'm going to be partial to any rock/metal OPs that are decently well-done.

As for story, FMA03 is one of the most emotional anime I've ever watched. I have a big four of emotional anime that includes Madoka Magica, Girls' Last Tour, Made in Abyss, and FMA03. All four of these are well-animated/directed, have a superb OST, have multiple heavily emotional scenes that are also thought-provoking, and brought tears to my eyes or sent chills down my spine on multiple occasions. They all stuck with me after I watched them and their themes continue to occupy my thoughts and make me ponder parts of my world-view. FMA03 took the beginning of shounen manga, gave it a different, darker, more introspective tone and then diverged the story into a completely different plot with a completely different theme and, in my personal opinion, made it work almost seamlessly. While FMA03 does have a different antagonist than FMAB, personally I get more from the story by thinking about the conflict as less being against the antagonist and more coming to terms with how the world works and being unable to restore certain things once they're lost.

FMAB's story by contrast has a totally different appeal for me. It's a faster-paced, fairly traditional shounen but it's an extremely well-executed one and doesn't quite feel like a typical battle shounen in that there aren't really clearly divided arcs. What I got from FMAB was a great cast of characters, a consistently enjoyable and engaging story, better action/fight scenes than FMA03. I love badass, hype, action anime (that's why Symphogear, HxH, KLK, TTGL, and Needless are in my favs) and the 2nd half of FMAB really kicks the show into high gear. Things get fast-paced and there's lots of good fights with high stakes all while the story continues to take interesting twists and turns, and the last 10-15 episodes or so of the show get especially intense. I really couldn't stop watching.

Both shows have their flaws too. FMA03 can get a little too slow-paced for me on rare occasions and I really didn't care for the ending (though I still need to watch the movie so MAYBE that could change). If FMA03 had a top 10 ending to its story (like slightly below Madoka Magica TV show levels of good), it'd probably get a 10 from me and break into my top 5 instead of being just barely in my top 10. As for FMAB, I didn't really care for Father as the final villain. Don't get me wrong, he's not a terrible villain, but I just found him kind of average other than an interesting origin story and he was essentially just a typical "god complex" bad guy.

So honestly, the appeal of each show is quite different to me despite sharing similar stories for the first half and the same characters and source material. It's my humble opinion that you'd be missing out to see one but not the other because they each have so much to offer. FMA03 is an emotionally resonant, thought-provoking character drama while FMAB is a faster-paced action/adventure shounen. They're both excellent at what they do, FMA03 just wins out by a relatively small but definitive margin because I feel like it had a slightly bigger impact on me and it's got those god-like OST and OPs.

Thanks if you actually read all that lol, if not TL;DR: I slightly prefer FMA03 but the appeal of FMA03 and FMAB to me is very different and they're both excellent at what they do and I greatly appreciate both.
MorningStorm666 Aug 10, 10:22 AM
I don't know that I would say Gon has an intent to kill necessarily, he just really likes the rush of fighting strong opponents but he probably wouldn't kill someone in a simple exhibition fight like Hisoka would. He only behaved so ruthlessly to Pitou because of what happened with Kite.

The Girls' Last Tour opening is one of my favorites ever, it fits the show so perfectly because it sounds both upbeat and melancholic thus reflecting the tone of the show.

Personally, I feel the TV show is the only correct way to watch Madoka Magica for the first time, the movies are a great way to rewatch though. I could praise the TV show on and on forever, it's been my undisputed number 1 favorite work of fiction in any medium since I watched it for the first time a little over two years ago.
MorningStorm666 Aug 8, 9:28 AM
I didn't like Pouf or Youpi either and I actually despised Neferpitou because Kite was one of my favorite characters, although objectively I think she was a good character and important for the story. When Gon absolutely destroyed her, it was one of the most satisfying fights ever for me.

And yeah, Hisoka's the just the best isn't he? Just one of the most insanely fun characters you could ever inject into any story. Things always get more interesting when he's around.

Outside of Made in Abyss, the only other anime I know that puts heavy emphasis on exploration of the unknown is Girls' Last Tour which I see you've already watched. I guess I could recommend the manga for Girl's Last Tour though, it's my favorite manga of all time currently and there's no plans for more anime of it that I'm aware of. I actually like Girl's Last Tour even more than Made in Abyss personally (though I completely love both, also all my favorites are listed 100% in order). It's the only thing I've ever seen that could tackle themes of hopelessness, isolation, and the end of civilization in a serious, contemplative manner yet remain almost completely lighthearted and drama-free in doing so and make it all work seamlessly. The more I thought about that anime, the more I appreciated it and that's why it became one of my 10s. It's probably the 2nd most emotionally resonant thing I've ever watched (the 1st being Madoka Magica).
MorningStorm666 Aug 7, 10:07 AM
My favorite HxH arc is Yorknew, with the Chimera Ant arc coming in 2nd. The Phantom Troupe were my favorite villains in HxH and that arc just really started taking the show to another level for me, made me realize it might be a 10/10 anime for the first time. And it culminates in a conflict where like 90% of the important characters you've met in the story at that point are involved. Speaking of which, who were your favorite characters in HxH? My top 5 in order would be Hisoka, Knuckle, Machi, Leorio, and Bisky. HxH has one of my favorite casts of characters of all time, very few anime have that high quality AND quantity of characters imo.

Lol, don't worry, I won't spoil anything from Made in Abyss if I read the manga. Yeah, I really should get cracking on reading more of my collection though, I'm so lazy when it comes to reading even when I really enjoy the manga lol.
MorningStorm666 Aug 5, 9:19 PM
HxH is one of my all-time favorites, what was your favorite arc?

I plan on reading the Made in Abyss manga at some point, not sure whether it'll be before or after the sequel comes out. I actually have physical copies of the manga but still haven't gotten around to reading them yet. I have a bookshelf full of manga and I've only read maybe like half of what I own lol.
MorningStorm666 Aug 4, 1:50 PM
Also, I just noticed you completed Hunter x Hunter 2011 as your 400th anime. Not sure if you intentionally made it your 400th for that milestone, but it's a great and epic choice to do so if you did.
MorningStorm666 Aug 4, 9:22 AM
Nice to meet you too!

Yeah, I love Made in Abyss because the abyss is one of my favorite settings in anime. It's such an awe-inspiring and beautiful place yet equally dangerous and tragic. The only thing I would change is that I wish the anime were longer.