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What was the first Anime you watched(not counting the Animes you watched on TV as a child, etc)

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Sep 21, 6:39 PM

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Well, if you didn't understand yet let me explain more detailedly, tell me the first Anime you watched when you "turned into an otaku", the first Anime that you searched for it online to watch.
Sep 21, 6:53 PM
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Sword Art Online, Tokyo Ghoul or Nanatsu no Taizai. I don't remember which one was the first.
Sep 21, 7:05 PM

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Attack on Titan, and I think it's a great first watch to get into anime.

Sep 21, 7:06 PM

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I used to watch shows like beyblade or Yugi Oh on TV, at some point I watched like 800 Pokemon episodes + 12 first movies (in one summer, wow I had so much time to waste, I probably still have a bit too much) online but I don't think it really counts because at that time I didn't really know what was anime and only searched for it because TV didn't air all the episodes (+ waiting each for 800 episodes is a bit much).

The first anime I watched because I wanted to start anime is Cowboy Bebop, I remember seeing it's OP on Youtube and yeah it's pretty badass so I decided to watch the anime. The rest of the soundtrack is also excellent, I still listen to its OST today. Still pretty nice in general and the action is way better than casual shonen in my opinion and having read a lot of shonen manga before it was a great change.
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Sep 21, 7:09 PM

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Bleach. Wanted to know what kids were talking about at my school at the time.
Sep 21, 7:16 PM

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Might have been DN.Angel for me and I'm still fond of it.
Sep 21, 7:17 PM

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DavidAlejandro said:
tell me the first Anime you watched when you "turned into an otaku", the first Anime that you searched for it online to watch.

The first anime I watched by online streaming was Dragon Ball Super in 2015, though I guess it doesn't count since it's the sequel to a show watched during childhood.

So the second one, Hunter x Hunter (original 1999 version, watched online in late 2016 and just out of simple curiosity), would be your answer. In fact, if it weren't for it, it's highly likely I would not be writing this now here.

Sep 21, 7:20 PM

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Hmm... Hard to say.

Attack on Titan was the trigger for me to look in to anime. But I think the first anime that made me think of myself as someone who could really get in to this culture is Clannad.

I had never watched anything with any kind of moe asthetic or school settings or the harem setup in the first season... or several other distinctively "anime" aspects that Clannad possesses.

But I'd heard so much glowing praise about Clannad so I thought fuck it let's see if there's anything to these cute girl romantic drama stuff. I got used to the asthetic pretty quickly but nothing about the first season grabbed me that much. It obvious who the main girl was and I was happy to see it develop in the way that it did (I don't how some people were disappointed by the choice of girl, it was so obvious...). But I was told the second season was where it got good, so I pushed forward even though I was a little meh about it up to that point.

And thank God I did. It was an amazing experience being so emotionally moved when the second season really got going. The art and the general asthetic not only visually but the peculiarly Japanese style of characters and storytelling... All of it combined to bring out more emotion than I'd ever experienced from fiction before - and I was a pretty harcore film buff for many years. Still have a huge collection of western movie DVDs.

From then on I knew anime was going to be a big deal for me.
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Sep 21, 7:32 PM

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I guess it would have to be Asassination Classroom. It was memorable for me because I, sort of, took a 3 year break from watching anime so I could focus on finishing my time at university.

I remembered looking up both the dub and sub for the show, and reading the manga after.
Sep 21, 7:39 PM

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Well it greatly depends on when you started watching more anime. Popular names like SAO, Attack on Titan, Code Geass, Death Note, One Piece, etc, will be common answers depend on which 'generation' you are from.
But even for people who started with watching on TV, they were most likely also start with the continuation of anime they watched first on TV because you know that some animes are ridiculous long like One Piece and Naruto. And most of the times, what is in TV in some countries is far behind in episodes counting (compare to original airing in Japan and online streaming).
Sep 21, 10:40 PM

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Sorry but... watching anime off TV was mostly the only option until I was 17 outside of spending stupid money on VHS/DVD
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Sep 21, 10:43 PM
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Death Note
Then Tokyo Ghoul
Then Monster
Then Attack on Titan
Sep 21, 11:48 PM

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DavidAlejandro said:
Well, if you didn't understand yet let me explain more detailedly, tell me the first Anime you watched when you "turned into an otaku", the first Anime that you searched for it online to watch.

I don't remember. Too ancient. Memory is blurry.
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Sep 21, 11:52 PM
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Monster Musume, i remember it like it was yesterday...
Sep 22, 12:12 AM

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Missed a chance in early 2000 to watch Cowboy Bebop movie and Princess Mononoke on cinema. But I did watch Spirited Away after winning the Oscars. Also watched the movie Blood the Last Vampire on TV at that time. Totally different in quality than everything I had watched so far.

First TV series was actually ordering two bootlegs( Violinist of Hamelin and Sailor Stars). Latter was first dubbed series I rewatched in Japanese, having watched season 1 and 2 in the 90s. Also started renting some dvds and vhs, some incomplete (ninja scroll, Jin roh, Metropolis, initial D, berserk, Lodoss TV, Hellsing, fmp, shadow skill, patlabor 3,getbackers plus some 70s-80s oldies)

As for manga, it was the Violinist of Hamelin manga (first 7 volumes). Group was called Under the Kotatsu, consisting of a married couple who dropped it because of having a child. Their translation was top notch, unfortunately the group that continued it was not as detailed but it was OK. Read also the Nausicaa manga, thinking the story had ended with the movie and I was blown away.
Sep 22, 12:24 AM
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DBZ & Naruto The first two anime i searched online to watch.
Sep 22, 12:26 AM

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Attack on Titan three monts ago. I was blown away
Sep 22, 12:29 AM

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honestly? probably Hetalia. Didn't really know what anime was but it's the closet to what I'm enjoying right now, and I knew that I liked it.
Sep 22, 12:33 AM

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Chrono Crusade, except I indeed watched it on TV because back in 2003 I didn't even have a PC yet, let alone decent internet connection.
Sep 22, 12:39 AM
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It's a tie between Attack on Titan or Spirited Away. I don't remember which one I watched first. However I do remember taking break after watching first ep of AOT lol.

I binged a lot of Ghibli movies before jumping on to tv series.

The first anime I ever finished was probably SAO....back then I thought I was too dumb to understand some points but now I've realized it was the shitty writing.

After that there was Death note, cowboy bebop, FMA:B, Tokyo ghoul and 7DS before getting back to AOT.
Sep 22, 12:43 AM

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The first anime I started watching online was Bleach and Naruto after the first two arcs were aired on TV.
Sep 22, 12:51 AM
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One Punch Man, loved it. The second was Boku no Hero Academia.
Sep 22, 1:57 AM

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Sword Art Online. I loved the Aincrad Arc (the ending sucks but the first 8 or 9 episodes were amazing).

I absolutely despised the Fairy Dance Arc (Second half of Season 1) tho, the one with the elf dude that raped Asuna. Sole reason why it's a 5 on my list, if it weren't for that, I would've given it an 8
Sep 22, 2:08 AM

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It was either Code Geass or Attack on Titan
Sep 22, 2:09 AM

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NakolHira said:
Death Note
Then Tokyo Ghoul
Then Monster
Then Attack on Titan
Lucky you.My first anime was Death Note or Digimon Frontier.
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Sep 22, 2:12 AM

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Parasyte , I fell in love with the ost and the story was awesome as well, its one of my favs
Sep 22, 2:14 AM

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Azumanga Daioh was the first anime I watched fansubs of, and it and 2003 Kino's Journey were the first anime I ever owned on disc. However, I read manga years prior to me starting to watch anime not on TV, including Magic Knight Rayearth, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Comic Party, Viz's monthly American Shonen Jump, and my first ever manga other than Sailor Moon, Oh My Goddess. It was even flipped to be read left to right!
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Sep 22, 2:25 AM

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Attack on Titan

The first anime I've watched, and my #1 anime ever since then
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Sep 22, 2:31 AM
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Searching on the internet: It was HxH version 1999 (in 2006) and gensomaden Saiyuki (2007) as these two were my favorite anime on TV.
Sep 22, 2:36 AM

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I think it was Shugo Chara. Used to watch it on youtube, yeah.

Sep 22, 2:39 AM
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Once I got Internet I binge watch two shows from my childhood and they were pokemon and naruto, that was around 8 years ago but if that don't counts then it was clanned.
Sep 22, 2:54 AM

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Negima was the first anime i watched online that i hadn't seen here on American TV

this was back in early/mid 2009

it was our first manga in like 2003

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Sep 22, 2:56 AM

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Suzumiya Haruhi, I'm pretty sure.
Although it could've also been Plastic Memories. I had about a year break then.
After that break, it would've been Tokyo Ghoul and Kagerou Project.
Sep 22, 2:57 AM
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Naruto. I bought all the dvd's and watched every single episode. Didn't know what filler was back then.
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Sep 22, 3:04 AM

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The first time i decided to actively look for Anime is a couple of years ago with Death note, after hearing about it for so long i decided to try it, and at the time i loved it so much that i decided to see more shows (like hxh and mha).

And then here I am still as a huge fan of the medium despite my tastes having changed a lot from back then.
Sep 22, 3:21 AM
Joined: Jan 2018
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Detective conan was the first anime i watched online, but i also did watch it as a child. I then watched hunter x hunter and after that it was either death note or akame ga kill
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Sep 22, 3:25 AM

Joined: Sep 2018
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City Hunter although it wasn't in the 80s, 90s or even 00s.
Sep 22, 3:48 AM

Joined: Aug 2016
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Samia don. Watched on tv when I was a baby. Didnt turned me into otaku but show was fun.
Sep 22, 3:51 AM
Joined: Jun 2014
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Most likely togainu no chi.
Was so bizarre to me as i didn't know at the time anything about yaoi or shounen ai.
Sep 22, 3:56 AM

Joined: Feb 2018
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I don't honestly remember. I think it was maaaaybe Ghost Hunt since it's the first one that comes to mind. I think maybe Vampire Knight too.
Sep 22, 4:02 AM
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DavidAlejandro said:
Well, if you didn't understand yet let me explain more detailedly, tell me the first Anime you watched when you "turned into an otaku", the first Anime that you searched for it online to watch.

even now i still watched on tv XD. sometimes on the web (gundam, etc.) or youtube(garupa pico, rewatching ika musume, etc.) or web television(abema, tv mx, etc.)
Sep 22, 4:06 AM

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It was 2006 I was 15, magic was about to happen.

Ayashi no Ceres
Angel Sanctuary
Sep 22, 4:06 AM

Joined: Nov 2018
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First was Death Note,
Then Claymore.
Since then I got addicted.
Sep 22, 4:13 AM
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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Attack on Titan
Re:Zero (#1 since then)
Sep 22, 4:15 AM

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Either Mirai Nikki or Kiss x Sis in 2012. I could have started with better ones but at the time i was just happy with watching whatever appeared in front of me,,

Sep 22, 4:42 AM
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Death Note, I read a lot more manga before that though.
Sep 22, 7:50 AM

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DavidAlejandro said:
Well, if you didn't understand yet let me explain more detailedly, tell me the first Anime you watched when you "turned into an otaku", the first Anime that you searched for it online to watch.

Ninja Scroll, Akira, Ghost in the shell the first movie. This was in the 1990s. I was a huge fan of a animated movies like Heavy Metal, American Pop, The Last Unicorn, The Secret of Nimh and The Hobbit and wanted something similar. So I went to a Suncoast video store in the mall and found Ninja Scroll, Akira and Ghost in the Shell dubbed on VHS. The subbed VHS was ten bucks and I wasn't spending ten bucks more on each movie just to read.
Sep 22, 7:53 AM

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Probably Naruto. I watched a couple shows as a kid, but I think Naruto was the first one where I buckled down and binged it, and also the one that make me crank out other shows left and right.
Sep 22, 7:56 AM

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the thing is, I was already a weeb since I was young
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Sep 22, 7:58 AM

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One Piece. Then Darker than Black iirc.

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