Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld

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Synonyms: Sword Art Online: Alicization 2nd Season, Sword Art Online III 2nd Season, SAO Alicization 2nd Season, Sword Art Online 3 2nd Season, SAO 3 2nd Season, SAO III 2nd Season
Japanese: ソードアート・オンライン アリシゼーション War of Underworld
English: Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld
German: Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld
Spanish: Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld
French: Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 13, 2019 to Dec 29, 2019
Premiered: Fall 2019
Broadcast: Sundays at 00:00 (JST)
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Source: Light novel
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, FantasyFantasy
Theme: Video GameVideo Game
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.581 (scored by 416413416,413 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #14632
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #254
Members: 700,122
Favorites: 3,506

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Preliminary Spoiler
Dec 28, 2019
The world of SAO's lit is already so jam-packed with Kirito and Asuna providing enjoyable moments that it's unimaginable we'd need any more of them. How many of the anime fans hate SAO and its story? The weird surprise of Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld it gives the possibility to a more creative story and to other characters to shine, leaving zombie Kirito as a secondary character. I know this already happened on the "Mother's Rosario" arc when other characters were allowed to take the lead. However, this time I think the author handled it better, and for that reason, Alice's growth ...
Dec 31, 2019

Isekai has always been one of the most iconic genres in terms of popularity among anime. However, and unsurprisingly, not many of its shows are actually held at the same regard as those from other genres.

The question for this truth ahead came into existence long ago, but still, yet to be answered. Is it because Isekai shows are always labelled with concepts of “trashy, childish and impractical series”, or are they too familiar to viewers in recent years and therefore are not capable of differenciating themselves from others?

Several shows are introduced every year, each portrays an aspect of the genre in its ...
Nov 9, 2019
Preliminary (5/12 eps)
At the beginning if you are the one who hate SAO for no reason , don't waste your time reading my review ..
i'm someone who watched more than 700 series for over than 15 year, so i will give my impression on this season without personal effect , Read it with a calm mind ,,

I'm reading many negative reviews about this series from many ppls here but they missed many important points the gives this show its enjoyment ..
Let's go down to the details , at first i will give my ratings:
Story 8/10
Art 9/10
Sound 8/10
Character 9/10
Dec 28, 2019
Remember when Kirito, the main protagonist of Sword Art Online jumped into the virtual world and made a name for himself as the ‘Black Swordsman’? Since 2012, his name would become iconic in the SAO anime series' franchise. Anyone who have heard of Sword Art Online would be able to name him as a character, even those has never seen the series before. Now, we are in a timeline, an arc detailing events that doesn’t have Kirito carrying the season. Instead, meet Alice Zuberg.

Anyone already familiar with SAO should know the franchise has no shortage of powerful female main characters. From Asuna to Yuki, they ...
Nov 9, 2019
Preliminary (5/12 eps)
All the negative reviews don't understand what makes a good Anime but only complain and rate all animes 1 star.
I will explain why this is a good anime.

Story: No sjw or "non violance". Animes used to show true Nature and feelings of the humans but modern animes go for "Non violence" or white males war only which makes the show predictable and BORING.
people aren't peaceful so showing 100 episodes of a single fight where the loser only has a sad face and the winner has a smile is called a garbage anime. In SAO True nature where violence and Horror things people in "Real Life" ...
Dec 28, 2019
War taking place in the underworld has begin. As we know, Kirito is currently paralyzed by an attack that occurred in the previous season. Now Kirito is cared for and lives with Alice, after they defeated the leader of the axiom church, Quinella, who we know as "administrator". Their lives initially proceeded as usual, but all that changed when residents of the "dark territories" rebelled and attacked the underworld.

At this point Kirito as the main character could not do anything, he was required to accept the bitter truth that what they had protected so far would be destroyed soon. This season ...
Nov 2, 2019
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
Four episodes in and the story is already not making any sense, and yes, I have watched Alicization and even that is better compared to what we've gotten in the past 4 episodes of this, this is slated to be 12 episodes? Well that's a surprise, but a good one because it's not faring well so far.

The story is summarized by bad guy tries to take Alice cause she's the building blocks of the entire VR world they are in apparently. Though it all falls apart now that we know that the bad guy is absolutely insane. Think of all previous SAO baddies up till ...
Dec 28, 2019
"SAO is finally a good show" - general audiences after this season

So far SAO is a bad series not that no one could enjoy it, its just badly written. I still somewhat enjoyed it for its silly moments and had my fair share of fun watching it. Sword Art Online Alicization - War of Underworld tho is by many people regarded as the Season were SAO finally gets good. Well i disagree a whole lot with that statement and here is why.

Its time to beat a dead horse i guess.

I will maybe write some things some say are spoilers so here is ...
Nov 23, 2019
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
It's getting hard to even 'hate-watch it'. Basically, the pacing is pretty bad, the show still looks not great (it's almost starting to look dated since the mediocre 2012 art style hasn't changed in 7 years), the sound is fine I guess, the characters are all predictable and BLAND ( I never liked any of the characters in this show and these new characters are somehow more 'I wanna suck Kirito's knob' than the previous ones), and the show is hard to enjoy when the pacing comes to a crawl with battles about people I don't give a flying shit about against CGI armies.
Dec 31, 2019
To be honest I've always been a fan of SAO. The amount of hate the series receives always annoyed me but I'm happy to see this season getting more positive reviews.

Story (9) - The story follows the progression of technology, more specifically virtual reality. One thing I enjoy about this is how in depth it goes especially in this season. It feels more like another world than a game with the main character now being Alice in a position where all she knew was a lie yet decides to fight alongside the other integrity knights from the forces of the Dark Territory to protect the ...
Dec 28, 2019
As 2019 comes to an end and we prepare ourselves to welcome in a new decade, I write this review as a testament to where I feel one of my favorite anime franchises of this decade now stands.

Sword Art Online has always been a popular light novel and anime franchise that dominated the 2010's. However, despite its success and long-standing popularity, there's no denying that there's always been that certain vocal minority that always feels the need to criticize Sword Art Online on a 24/7 basis. Whether it be normal viewers who have or haven't watched the series or some anime reviewers that always feel ...
May 6, 2020

I thought that the story developed quite nicely and is probably one of the better seasons/arcs of the SAO series. If people are put off by the fact that the MC is always overpowered then this will probably be the most enjoyable arc since our MC Kirito is pretty much in a vegetative state the entire time. With our MC is out of the way, we get to focus on the development and growth of Alice. What was nice was that there was no major filler content throughout the entire season and the pacing was actually quite well done and significant events are revealed at ...
Nov 11, 2019
Preliminary (5/12 eps)
This is my first review about anime, pardon me for my bad English
I choose this one to be my first because i followed this series from the beginning

First, let's start from the story. We can see from the first episode the continue of the series. Truly when i watched it, i think that i'm going to cry because i remember Eugeo's death. I'm so touched and sad with the Kirito's condition. So, i give 8,5 to 9 for the story because it's almost completely same with the novel, but still there is a lot scene that has been skip.

Second, the art. I think that A-1 ...
Nov 3, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
When I watch an SAO series, I usually try not to expect much from it. When you have SAO, I usually just watch it for the world-building and the interesting concepts. Things like characters or story, I try to pass on some of the less glaring confusing plotholes.

For the good things about the show. I find it very interesting the concepts with the fluctlight and the VR dive technology. I think most of us wouldn't mind a summer vacation there, minus all the anime dangers. Alice is also a more decent character, with her origin and care for Kirito, you have to appreciate her.

However, ...
Dec 22, 2019
Preliminary (11/12 eps)
I was not gonna show my hate on SAO but oh well here we are cause there have been many people rating this season of SAO high in their reviews.
I happened to look at some of their profiles and found avg scores of > 8 so ya.
So again here I am, writing a review instead of writing a report that's due tomorrow.

Typical review format cause I'm lazy af .
Story- Painful to watch. Its SAO all over again. I thought this was gonna be a watchable season of SAO but Reki never fails to amaze me. The previous arc of Alicization was not ...
Dec 28, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Ok, so that's SAO too annoying when were gonna have to wait for the next sequel:



Pros: The same plot and it involve where he 1st sequel end and as sual it involves them characters going back in to the VMMOPG world only this time the guy was push into the sidelines as a cripple and it's them girls who does the ass kicking.

Cons: The same plot where only this time were the characters with god tier capabilities were starting to keep adding, also the plot of them character having sympathy for a buch of NPC that were nothing more than algorithms inside a main ...
Jan 15, 2020
SAO have the worst characters you can imagine, and this is not a breaking news to anyone, Alicization suffers from the same mistakes first two season suffered, mainly Kirito, Asuna and poor direction and character development.
this Arc is full of cliche SAO crap, "Yelling makes attack smarter", "no hero dies", "one dimentional villains and heros", "plot holes", "girls want only kirito".

Alice is literally the copy and pasted Saber from Fate Series, i mean it, but i'm gonna let this one slip.

Let's talk about the plot, so the villains are after Alice, but why? Asuna says because she broke the rules ergo she is a true ...
Jan 8, 2020
Mixed Feelings
When I said that SAO was best when Kirito wasn't involved, I didn't mean cripple the fucker and keep him as a background character.  Didn't mean for that advice to be taken so extremely.


Following the fall of the Axiom Church, Kazuto Kirigaya has been put out of commission thanks to a bolt of lightning hitting him during some altercations happening in the facility at the time.  With new invaders taking some partial reigns to the Underworld, war rises as the border between the Human Empire and the Dark Territory begin to crumble and fade.  Thus sparking 'The War of the Underworld'.  

The story of 'War of ...
Nov 23, 2019
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
another season (or rather the completion of the current season) of SAO .. more of the same old story .. and by that i don't even mean SAO but rather the people .. wake up .. hating on SAO for the sake of hating and feeling popular is as cliched and overused as low effort isekai are right now.just be fair for once towards it instead of going to pure clear hate (like certain people giving it 1) or blind fanboying (like giving it 10)

this being a review i think it's only fair to start with the obvious ..
this is the best season of ...
Dec 2, 2019
Preliminary (8/12 eps)
I'm not a big fan of SAO, but my friend is and a part of our deal is that if I am to give critic then I have to watch it.

But you may think: You just a SAO hater to be a SAO hater.
No. SAO is filled with plotholes. Big ass plotholes. It is filled with cheap conviniences (bc of the plotholes) and this season is no better. At least I can enjoy we not getting to listen to the annoying OP Kirito this season. Good for that.

To sum up: I didn't expect much going into this and i was not disappointed. It fills ...