Nov 9, 2019
EiTaNBaRiBoA (All reviews)
All the negative reviews don't understand what makes a good Anime but only complain and rate all animes 1 star.
I will explain why this is a good anime.

Story: No sjw or "non violance". Animes used to show true Nature and feelings of the humans but modern animes go for "Non violence" or white males war only which makes the show predictable and BORING.
people aren't peaceful so showing 100 episodes of a single fight where the loser only has a sad face and the winner has a smile is called a garbage anime. In SAO True nature where violence and Horror things people in "Real Life" do is shown which makes the story very interesting and unpredictable because you cannot predict the characters (which i will explain more in the characthers topic) or the story, there is everything in SAO from romance to full action to adventure. "A good anime makes you want to watch the next episode right away" Sao Delivers it.

Art: i have no words to the art in this anime it's relaxing and just mesmerizing. there is a scene when a pigeon flies through the lake it's just amazing the investment of drawing and details.

Sound: Where do i even start... THAT BASS. do you remember how all the Game Trailers sound is amazing? where the skill is shown or when the gun shoots you hear a nice beautiful Bass? SAO HAS IT.
do you remember listening to chillstep and melodics when you were little?

Characters: Outstanding!!! You actually can feel them in the Anime (i'll explain). Some animes when you watch you think "He is strong" or "He is the coolest one" so you can start predicting what's the next move or how the episode will end, but in SAO you know it because you feel each one of them, you feel their love, their hate, their personality which reflects about their decisions that's why you can't predict because even if you will try to predict something there is a chance they will do something or worse or better or actually fail without a good outcome like other animes because they act on logic and feelings and personalities which makes the show more interesting and natural while most of modern anime only act on logic and "Outsmarting".

Enjoyment: just Watch it and if you reached episode 10 don't put 1 star because if you weren't enjoying it you wouldn't waste 4 and a half hours straight in 1 star show.

Overall: Watch it