Nov 9, 2019
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At the beginning if you are the one who hate SAO for no reason , don't waste your time reading my review ..
i'm someone who watched more than 700 series for over than 15 year, so i will give my impression on this season without personal effect , Read it with a calm mind ,,

I'm reading many negative reviews about this series from many ppls here but they missed many important points the gives this show its enjoyment ..
Let's go down to the details , at first i will give my ratings:
Story 8/10
Art 9/10
Sound 8/10
Character 9/10
Enjoyment 10/10
Overall 9/10

Story 8/10 :
*Story* the story is going on in order of the timeline while focus on giving details on all the parties and sides of the story (kirito & alice - underworld in human and dark realm - real world ), in my opinion this is giving the story a very big positive factor instead of being negative to it ..distribution of the screen time and sides of story comparing to the no of episodes are fair but we need more episodes to cover more details .
and with each episode pass, the story get more integrated and more interesting while completing its all fragments .

Art 9/10
Art is amazing and the scenes are highly detailed which make this anime more realistic using simple yet wonderful drawings, scenes of fighting are interesting and beautiful but we need more battle screen time .

Sound 8/10 :
Op & ED songs are amazing ones among all the songs of this year animes , let the other soundtracks are exactly suitable for the most of the anime but some scenes needed more ost and changed one with other

Character 9/10 :
The characters are interesting while the screentime directed toward develop it could be less than what we all want but we should notice that this season has only 12 ep and much details and events are included in it , the charcters are wonderful at the most points .. u will know it when u complete watching it to the end

Enjoyment 10/10 :
It's SAO, fiction with our heroes and Sci-fi and romance comprised with dark world ..
all the moments of this anime were enjoyable to the extent that i wanted to watch it forever .
SAO Alicization' underworld war is clearly Amazing and deserve watching .. never miss it ^_*

Overall 9/10 :
with pace of the anime , it will deserve higher rating ^_^
my review here is just initial one because the anime didn't finish up-till now ..
Looking forward into the remaining episodes and the second Core ... 3>