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Jul 11, 2021

The concept of having a handicapped one step by step gaining the recognition from others is not something new to anime fan, but hardly all of them are good enough to be watched with pleasure. Even “Koe no katachi”, one of the best amongst the genre, still receives conflicting opinions as it digs real deep into a sensitive and thorny problem that modern societies are witnessing – discrimination and despising ones with impairments.

I’m not going to compare “Koe no katachi” to “Josee, the Tiger and the Fish’, but as it comes to movies about this topic, the former had somewhat set a ...
Dec 11, 2020

As the death-causing waves of COVID-19 continue to encounter all parts of the globe, one may understand how lackluster the world is without theatre movies - one of the most recreational industries of humankind. The fact that no movies were produced, or even recorded, for 5 or 6 months really hits the industry into its core, and casts a big doubt on its survival.

Luckily, the debut of several movies during this crisis has just confirmed that the community has its capability to overcome the difficulties. And to be honest, it was much more outstanding than I've ever imagined.

The latest movie of Demon ...
Dec 31, 2019

Isekai has always been one of the most iconic genres in terms of popularity among anime. However, and unsurprisingly, not many of its shows are actually held at the same regard as those from other genres.

The question for this truth ahead came into existence long ago, but still, yet to be answered. Is it because Isekai shows are always labelled with concepts of “trashy, childish and impractical series”, or are they too familiar to viewers in recent years and therefore are not capable of differenciating themselves from others?

Several shows are introduced every year, each portrays an aspect of the genre in its ...