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Sep 25, 2020
I'm sure they actually want to sell waifu, not stories.

This story just getting more complicated.
In anime, a plot like this with coincidences is very familiar. Making convoluted stories is a mainstay in the romance genre. Especially to increase the breath of the anime so that it can stand a long time. However, the dose given by the studio is very overdone. Even though it got a lot of blasphemy, I actually like this anime because KanoKari has a unique theme that has never been in any anime. Besides that, why is this anime so hated, I will give another example.

One of the read more
Sep 25, 2020
After watching it until last episode, I know how disappointing this is, really.

The story begins with the introduction of the arrival of summer, the students of Totsuki Academy must fight the first stage of the exam. After that, some teacher comes to Totsuki Academy, his name is Asahi. He's a ugly bastard who are interested with Nakiri's oppai.... And then the last tournament "BLUE" begins.

The story of Souma's mom
Now, what really caught the attention of the personal writer was the telling of the figure of Souma's mom. This is very interesting because in the previous seasons, the figure of Souma's mom has never even been read more
Jul 30, 2020
Spoiler Alert

"If that's what you want, so what's your last wish?"

From the title we already know that Kan means end / finish. Many people already know that the ending of second season is a trash and yeah, will make you can't sleep for 2-3 days. So, third season is an answer to all of these love puzzles. Adapting volumes 12 to 14 I hope this will be a promising ending, you know what that means, not big oppai.

This is the final round for Hachiman, at least you should watch and don't stop in the second season. Maybe this will be a boring show but read more
Jun 28, 2020
At least this is an anime that I can't understand.

Many action and fantasy anime that presents creatures called monsters and usually they have a cool or terrible form. However, this does not apply to the Gleipnir anime, the main character Shuichi Kagaya can turn into a monster that looks like a dog mascot. The Gleipnir anime was adapted from the manga by Sun Takeda, which was released in October 2015. The anime was worked on by Pine Jam studio and directed by Kasuhiro Yoneda.

This anime focuses on the main character's dilemma in living his life, both about the continuation of his education and the read more
Jun 27, 2020
This is about Madoka a girl who lives in a room, really. I like this storyline. although it has the same background but I never felt bored. Their comedy and actions are very interesting, it's not really boring.

The Background and Character Design is very good although a bit old. Even though they have the same background but this is very interesting, each chapter has its own charm and that makes it interesting.

I really enjoyed this manga, even though I read it all at once but I did not feel bored to read it.

Some things that make me uncomfortable is that Madoka read more
Jun 26, 2020
There are not many manga that have love stories like Domestic na Kanojo. It takes the theme of a melancholic teen love story about unrequited and forbidden love, and quickly turns into something full of conflict in it.

Most of the Domestic na Kanojo character consist of hypocrites who are upset with the fate of their love. Two sisters with opposing personalities live in the same house as the male protagonist. Sometimes they act unreasonably, and can change their attitude to willingness, surrender to love. After all, love is a difficult thing, and teenagers are at the most confusing stage of their lives. But it becomes read more
Jun 26, 2020
Black and white, is this called a chessboard?

The beginning of the story begins when a village is attacked by monsters, which eventually kill everyone there. Then there was a young man who managed to escape from the monster's attack. The young man meets the Dark King as he buries all the villagers killed by the monster. After the conversation with the Dark King he was near death, finally the young man inherited a sword belonging to the Dark King who made him the successor of the Prince of Darkness. On the other, Princess of Light, Iris is fighting the Dark Army in read more
Jun 26, 2020
Tells the story of a husband who is experiencing infertility, I'm a little confused. At least, a tutor has sex with a lover and also students. I like telling stories like this. easy to understand for a hentai series, this is not driven by sex scenes only but I like this one that has an interesting story.

Antechinus I have never heard of this studio but when viewed from this hentai it seems they can compete with pineapple or t-rex. They don't hesitate to make hentai anime like this, I like graphic design and character design like this, very clear.

At least this is read more
Jun 20, 2020
Love is blind, as the saying goes, but in this case they also have to be blind in the literal sense.

This series about the story of a university graduate named Rikuo who hasn't been able to find a permanent job after graduating from college, until one day he meets a mysterious woman named Haru who has a pet crow, and Rikuo's former classmate classmate, Shinako.

I will admit that I am very interested in Yesterday wo Utatte. This is not a bad show, because it aims to convey how true love is, which only contains pain and tears. Yesterday wo Utatte is about anime is as read more
Jun 20, 2020
It was the first time I watched the Reverse Harem.

This story about Katarina Claes, a nobleman's daughter who has bad behavior especially to the maid who helps her. One day when meeting with Gerald Stuart, one of the princes in the country. Katarina tripped and hit her forehead on the ground. That's when memories of Katarina's previous life appeared. Katarina was previously only a high school teenage girl who had an ordinary life. She has a hobby of playing otome games, games targeted at women. At that moment she realized that she was now inside the enemy body of the Heroine. read more