Dagashi Kashi 2

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Dagashikashi 2
Japanese: だがしかし2
English: Dagashi Kashi 2
German: Dagashi Kashi Staffel 2
Spanish: Dagashi Kashi Temporada 2
French: Dagashi Kashi Saison 2
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 12, 2018 to Mar 30, 2018
Premiered: Winter 2018
Broadcast: Fridays at 02:28 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, GourmetGourmet
Theme: Romantic SubtextRomantic Subtext
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 12 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.831 (scored by 6805368,053 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #48472
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1339
Members: 159,294
Favorites: 192

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Preliminary Spoiler
Mar 31, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Dagashi Kashi is that show that just doesn't stop being sweet. Take that literally or not I mean it both ways. This season in particular was much better than the last especially since we got an excellent new character (Owari Hajime) along with Beniyutaka and the hilarious shenanigans just went on.

I was quite skeptical of the studio change since the previous studio did a fine job and I was with the thought that Tezuka Productions couldn't manage such a show and couldn't bring it to greater heights. Let's just say I couldn't be more wrong. This season was a positive step up from the last ...
Mar 30, 2018
Let's be clear - I never thought that this series could get a 2nd season. No one thought, I believe. First season of Dagashi Kashi has been portrayed in the minds of people as "12 episode sweet commercial", but the second is something a bit different. I'm going to only compare it to the first season.

The story remains the same, there is Kokonotsu, whose dad wants him to take over the dagashi shop, there is Hotaru, who spends most of her time with him while telling him the story of sweets, and there are also Saya and To, who spend a lot of time with ...
Feb 3, 2018
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
Dagashi Kashi s2 is a fun watch.

Won't lie that I'm disappointed per episode being 12 mins. But it's enjoyable. The characters are fun to watch. Yes indeed most of the screen time in went to the advertising of food/chocolates. But it still has some sparks of romance that makes me want to watch the next episode. It has some added comedy too which is always nice.

Story 5/10
Same story as first season. Hotaru comes describes a random food and the episode moves on from there

Art 7/10
Won't lie I think the season 2 artstyle is better then the first one. The characters ...
Feb 6, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
To be honest: I'm disappointed with the second season of Dagashi Kashi so far( I'm on the fourth episode).

I was looking forward to the second season because I was really enjoying the first one but I don't know, I feel like it's totally different.

The story still tells about sweets but it's told in less interesting way and there is more lovey-dovey stuff.

We were told from the beginning that characters are gonna look different from the previous season but it can be really bothering if you got used to the art of the first season.

Sound is similar, nothing really changed and it's quite good, opening ...
Feb 25, 2018
Preliminary (7/12 eps)
Compared to season 1 there seems to be more story rather than just bits and piece thrown in with candy history. (Although there is still plenty of that too)

The characters are all great, and have their place in the show, and although the art style has changed a bit from season 1 I still find the show very enjoyable!

I am sadden that the run time was reduced to around 12 mins, but that can't be helped. (We are lucky to get a second season some shows don't)

Also this show is always ...
Apr 18, 2018
If yr here looking at S2 reviews, you probably already know the deal, so I'll get right into it.

The mostly new crew in charge of the second season managed to pretty much capture the same look and feel of the first season barring the addition of two new main characters, and one BIG difference—the episodes are only 12 minutes a piece instead of 24. They ended up getting away with this change easily enough, though, because the first season spent so much more time getting viewers acquainted with the original cast of characters.

There’s a line in the first season that goes something like “…the significance ...
Mar 30, 2018
Dagashi Kashi is back and with some changes but changes are for the better!

Mild Spoilers ahead...

Now the changes from the first to second season is from the studio change from Studio feel. to Tezuka Productions and with their changes they have changed the slick shiny character designs of feel to a flatter color palette to Tezuka but still looks good to look at and the most obvious change being the change from a 22 minute episode to a 12 minute one. Now the change of less screentime to Dagashi Kashi 2 is actually a good move as the first season of Dagashi Kashi had some ...
Mar 31, 2018
For Starting i never thought that i might be able to see this anime again, i was just hoping and praying that this anime will get 2nd season, and finally it got the 2nd part, it make me so happy and first of all i want to thanks the team of Dagashi Kashi.

And now about this anime - first season was quit amazing and funny and it had all interesting thing that needed it was really fun to watch, a really good and interesting dagashi anime.
And the second season was also amazing, but the only thing that make it little different is the time of ...
May 11, 2018
so this is the sequel and personally I enjoyed it more, and to make it short it's becuase everything was done in a decent way, i'm not saying that the previous season wasn't but this is more better.
the story happened after season 1 with some random things going on and new candies (dagashi) to be introduced, but of course, but unlike before they put a little drama here, and yes I'm glad that they gives us a little something on Coconut's dream of becoming a mangaka, though I think they still lack story there regarding on convincing him to stay.

the characters are pretty much ...
Jun 19, 2018
I couldn't ask for a better ending to a simple and relaxing anime. The second season of Dagashi Kashi focuses a lot more on character interaction than the first season, and every character is really likable too. Before watching either season I had no idea what even dagashi was to begin with, but I must say the idea behind it was used very effectively in making the plot for the anime. I couldn't help but think that the dagashi was essential in order for the story to make even the smallest bit of sense. Another surprisingly positive aspect of this season, was the episode length. ...
Mar 30, 2018
Mixed Feelings
I won't lie, it's my first review, usually, i don't write review because of my horrible english, but i needed to write this one.

I'm disappointed of the second season of Dagashi Kashi.
Not only by the 12 minutes for each episode instead of the 24min in the first season, but the art changed a little (eyes of Hotaru, head and bodies of the characters...) and these changes affected to my vision of the anime.

Story : 7/10
The anime is globaly, more focused to the story, and not the jokes and the humour, it's very different from the 1st season, it's not really bad, but not really good ...
Apr 5, 2018
Mixed Feelings
I remember watching the original Dagashi Kashi series back when it aired. It wasn’t a particularly deep series, but I enjoyed the running gags throughout the series and the characters fit well into their setting. It never tried to take itself too seriously and reveled in being a lighthearted, episodic comedy. S2 could have followed suit, but tried to work with different forms of plot development.

Dagashi Kashi S2 certainly focuses more on having an overarching story, with multiple episodes following a single plot. Episodes usually had a unique candy to talk about, but the focus had certainly shifted to revolve around the characters rather than ...
Apr 1, 2018
So another anime with a food porn thing has just ended and it is it's sequel but unlike the first season this one has us missing someone and yes it was Hotaru. so:

Good 7, Story:

Unlike the first season where it involves your typical Japanese snacks, this one has Knick Knacks , the romance has been added, and a scenario where Hotaru suddenly left without a word in episode 4 and be replace by Owari Hajime, there is also You who suddenly has gone somewhere and was replaced by Hotaru's bother Beniyutaka. What makes the story good was that this time we the audience were ...
Apr 6, 2018
Hey folks, this will be a review for Dagashi Kashi 2. Much better than season 1 in many ways, including making you want more.

The story picks up from season one with the Dagashi shop. However they make it much easier to watch than the first season. Each episode is only 12 minutes long and the Dagashi lessons are much more concise. It was much nicer to have a fun show to watch with the occasional Dagashi fun fact moment than sit for 20 minutes in a Dagashi classroom.

The art was pretty as usual, though there was less of the town and more of the shop. ...
Apr 1, 2018
TL;DR Dagashi Kashi Final Rating: 6.5/10
An above average show, especially considering its first season. Its 12 minute episode length makes it a far easier because its quick, sporadic humor finally feels fast in its pacing. Except, it still has its problems from its lack of awareness pertaining to its depth and emotional cues. Dagashi Kashi's second season tries to stymie this problem with the introduction of two new characters. But, the introduction of those characters and the improved pacing doesn't offset the fact it is a pretty bland show when Hotaru and Kokonotsu aren't interacting. There is not a reason to ...
Mar 16, 2020
As espected before. A great sequel come to meet my highly interest. Come from my inner heart i just wanna say something in this preview section. Please be aware, since i cannot control over myself to spill some story. So you better consider yourself risk before continue my write here.

So, in short, as i refer above, i actually wish to have a better story since previous season can not suit my energy really well. But, with the change of the anime studio production, Dagashi Kashi great me with so much joy! Still, i can't help my feeling for not give highest rating to this show. ...
May 2, 2018
Really surprised with this second season, I didn't hope anything about this, only tried to see this new season for Hotaru and cause I have seen the first season. happily I was wrong.
This season have all that the before season didn't have; story, characters development, a objetive for the main character and a short duration for process the different types of candies that show you. I think that the change of studio was something good, and it could combine story, jokes, fanservice, romance and candies in some good and enjoyable to see without being overwhelming somehow.
I just finished watching it and now if I want ...
Apr 2, 2018
Oh how i missed those crazed eyes.

This is now my 3rd show of the 2017 winter season that i am finishing and have a bunch more waiting for me.

This season did something kind of weird and unexpected. For almost all of the season we see no Hotaru, This character is one of the main attractions and you can honestly feel her character missing from the show.

But once i saw those crazed eyes again near the end of the season, Well i got shivers down my spine and i believe that shows you how exciting it was to finally see her back again.

The ...
Mar 31, 2018
Mixed Feelings
You know those ads on Youtube that let you skip them after 5 seconds?  Think of this as that and season 1 as the 30 second unskippable ones.  


As expected of a sequel, Dagashi Kashi 2 returns back to Shikada Dagashi, where Kokonotsu continues his youth out in the sticks subjected to the eccentric Hotaru bringing about new cheap snacks and the history behind them before disappearing halfway and continuing that plotline anyway despite not having the character that made the show interesting in the first place do all of the narration.

Alright in short, the show is...sorta like the first season with its runtime cut in ...
Jan 5, 2020
Mixed Feelings
If you liked the second half of Dagashi Kashi where it felt more like a Slice of Life anime you will enjoy Dagashi Kashi 2 too for they followed the same formula, we still get the snacks trivia, but they feel secondary to the Slice of Life bits and that is a good move.

Also the fact that the episodes are half the size from the first season also helps to not bore people as quickly as they did, however one thing to be known is that Hotaru simply vanishes for half of this season, sure the new character Owari Hajime is a new comedy relief, ...