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Jul 20, 2018
I don't entirely know how to feel about the design of the MC. On one hand, It goes with the story and doesn't awful. But on the other, It makes me at times think that this story was made for Furries. Well, At least tell I got caught up with it.

The story isn't bad. I found enjoyment out of it and was pleasantly surprised that by the time I got caught up, That It didn't feel like a complete story made for furries.

The Design of the MC is weird IMO. I feel that they could've just had her have Fox Ears and Fox Tails. Maybe read more
Jul 19, 2018
It's a weird story.

I'd just end my review there but thanks to word limits I must scrounge up some stuff to put here.

I was initially disappointed cause I at first saw only the girl character on the cover and thought that this story will have a female MC in a fantasy setting. I love it when we get those and the story isn't based on love. Hard to find them but they're usually gems when I do.

The art is probably the weirdest thing about this. The character designs and backgrounds are surprisingly detailed. It's not what I'd expect of a story like this.

The MC read more
Jul 19, 2018
I'm glad that I watched this. I can't recall exactly the shows, But I've had some shows that kind of feel the same or are alike and they're just not that great.

The Slice of Life and Magic is a nice pair up in this. It's honestly nice and calming with no threat about anything. It honestly baffles me that I never once found myself bored with this show. Normally, These shows can barely hold my attention for long.

I do find it kind of disappointing that there is little in the ways of magic happening. We see very little of anything happening. I do also read more
Jul 18, 2018
Best way to summarize this show is Pop-Team-Epic but good... ( Preparing for hate coming my way)

This is the third show I've watched that is now getting a 9 score from me this Anime season.

I honestly find this funny with very little in the way of complaints.

I honestly adore Olivia's design. I like her personality and that character model. Even the voice actor fits so well. I also like that she isn't dumb like you see a lot with her characters. I'd love to see her more in other shows or even characters like her. For some reason, I kind of feel read more
Jul 17, 2018
I just got caught up with episode 2. I genuinely enjoy this and as of now, It's my favorite anime of the season ( I haven't seen too many yet this season)

The story does remind me of "Gabriel Dropout" I liked Gabriel Dropout. It was fun but I didn't like how the MC in that turned into a slob and rude being when she used to be an Honor student.

I like the characters and find their Voice Acting, Designs and Personalities all good and interesting.

Jashin Is a good character. I like her personality and design. I find it weird that for some reason she read more
Jul 17, 2018
I read the translated manga for this some months back. I found it to be a weird but slightly enjoyable manga.

I then find out that this is gonna get an Anime adaptation and I was mostly just confused as to why. It just doesn't seem like an actual thing you'd expect in an anime form. I got to admit, I'm curious as to how embarrassed the voice actors could've been.

The Music I won't lie Is actually pretty good in my opinion. I'd hope so with this being a show about Idols.

Now probably one of the biggest turn-offs for people is the animation. Most shows I've read more
Jul 16, 2018
Not sure why this story doesn't have the Gender Bender tag. Because it is an MTF story.

First, Chapter is the only thing out and it's interesting.

The story has a weird way of introducing characters. The chapter acts for the most part like we the audience are in chapter 20 and are already acquainted with all the characters. It does not tell the end we finally get the introduction of everyone and their roles plus what the story is about.

I personally would've liked it more if it just started with the MC's perspective straight from the start before he reincarnated.

I kind of wish the MC read more
Jul 16, 2018
I originally read the first couple chapters ( I think like maybe around 5) I think I ended up dropping it from lack of boredom at the time and me being in the wrong mood to read it.

I originally don't like Female romances. The Male romance leads usually always end up being obnoxious and annoying. They're either completely dislikable or a complete pansy. Thankfully this actually has a nice Male romance lead with the 1st Prince.

The MC I like. She is nice, Realistic ( Mostly) and is much smarter then what you'd find most MC's are.

I kind of dislike how the MC mostly read more
Jul 15, 2018
I honestly adore this manga.
It's such a sweet Slice Of Life mixed in with Supernatural and some slight Shoujo Ai themes ( Nothing big)

I like all the characters and feel they're all special or different in their own way. Kuuko and Nene are probably my favorites if you don't include Mahoro ( MC )

The relationship between Kuuko and Yukime I love. Their story together is Nice, Sad and charming. It's usually always sad when Goddesses start losing their power. The story of Yukime and how her obsession with Kuuko lead her to die alone in the snow of the temple is genuinely sad read more
Jul 14, 2018
This story hits all my sweet spots.

I love the Delinquent girl character type. Especially when they're big softies ( Although Tsundere Delinquents aren't a bad choice either) I also love the nice and perfect character but actually a facade and is the really cynical type of character.

So, Finding a story where the two of them are put together in no less a Yuri story ( Yuri is the best romance type) It seems this story was made for me. Then I see it has over 40 chapters... I then learn only 6 of them are translated at the moment.

I do like this. I just read more