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Mar 18, 2018
I don't know my full opinion on this.

I enjoy the first half of it. Afterwards it get's kind of eh and seems to lose some focus.

Things i don't like are the Mother in this. She just comes across as annoying and frustrating when on screen. She comes across as something you'd expect to find in those cliched stereotypical people that are always against same sex relationships. In fact this story has a lot of issues with characters just being something you'd find from stereotypical stories people make up.

Another example that is a good evidence is the female that wants to be a male in read more
Mar 17, 2018
It's a enjoyable story but i didn't like the end that much.

The characters are both nice. I understand why some people find it weird with her being 13 only. I kind of wish the Teacher was younger around 22 or 23 and have the student be around 16 or so.

The ending bugs me with how they leave it with the mom. I get that the daughter isn't happy with the mom but i don't like how they left her in what looks to be despair. It's honestly really unintentionally sad and depressing. The daughter even mentioned not wanting to leave on bad read more
Mar 17, 2018
An alright story that i feel was trying to tell a bigger story then it actually did.

With what it was trying to do, I feel that the story needed to be longer. 5 chapters is way to little for an audience to get really attached to the characters and get really into the story.

But for what it did do, I enjoyed it.

There are somethings i didn't like. Most obvious one would be the crazy stalker story arch. So far the story was believable and felt like something that could actually happen. I even looked past the girl injuring herself cause she couldn't deal with read more
Mar 16, 2018
I'v read one or two of the other author's work before. But i don't think i'v any of those as much as this.

You read it and you want more from it. Story could've easily been 20 or so chapters.

The Delinquent i'd love to see her become more girly. She's the best looking character in the show and feel that it could've done more with this.

The nerd girl i like but not as much as the Delinquent. She seems to be in charge of making the Delinquent shine. She and the Delinquent work together really well.

Overall a fun story that i wish was more.
Mar 16, 2018
This is one of those one shots you can come across and it just makes you crave more.

I'v always liked stories involving the Deaf. Something about two people becoming Friends/Lovers even with such a thing preventing them from normal interaction is just really appealing to me. I also find that i always feel a little down with that.

I find it nice how charming and interesting the friendship between these two characters are. We get a glimpse at what the Deaf girl experiences in terms of bullying and also get to see how the other MC deals with her other friends wanting her to stop read more
Mar 15, 2018
Dammit, I haven't read a story that actually made me a little teary eyed in awhile.

I adore this story. I can't help but wish that we had more of it or got an Anime adaptation.

~~ Spoilers~~
(I'm really bad at remembering Japanese names)
Things like one of the MC's having a feeling of abandonment from her parents and feeling like she was always in the way of her parents who mostly payed attention to her little sister, It's really interesting and the way the story portray's it makes it believable. I'v seen other stories try the same thing but just comes across as whinny and read more
Mar 14, 2018
I feel that there is an important comparison to make with Takane to Hana and Happy Marriage!? They both have the same premise and are a lot alike. Only real difference is two things.

1. Takane to Hana Is about a High School girl being Engaged to the president of a high class business, Happy Marriage is about a worker becoming married to the President of a high class business . The

2. Takane to Hana Takes itself less seriously while Happy marriage takes itself too seriously.

Honestly i feel that Takane to Hana just does a better job at tell this story. "Happy Marriage" tends read more
Mar 10, 2018
So this is one of the first Light Novel's i have read. I'v read 4 or 5 before so. It's also one of the only stories that has such a big change in quality over the chapters.

I do enjoy this. It has faults, By god does it. But i finished chapter 100 while wanting more.

Let me start out with the biggest issue by far. That is the MC.

(I can barely remember half these peoples names )

Tilea: She at first seems like she can be a fun character. But with how idiotic she is, It get's really hard to read. I'm assuming read more
Mar 7, 2018
I find it kind of surprising that this doesn't have more attention on it. It's a pretty fun story and it must be popular in Japan or so because it even has some merchandise.

I find that the two main characters too be the best part of the show. I like all the side characters.

I wish this the story would already ship the two MC's together. They're already Kissing each other, Has good chemistry and they tease it enough.

The story also has some really good art and it's really nice. When we get colored parts then it's really nice looking.

Overall a fun story read more
Mar 7, 2018
I enjoyed this even despite it's flaws.

One of the biggest problems is that the MC isn't all that great. Are first impression of him is of him debating whether or not he should save some girl from rape. He only ever saves the girl because they spotted him last second. Might have not been the authors intention and had completely overlooked what this looks like. But it's not that great right from the start.

I enjoy the girl character in this. I think her character model is nice and attractive in itself and i'd like if the story had more of her. I don't read more