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Dec 15, 2017
Engrish is strong in this one...

This sounded really interesting too me in the description. While i did enjoy it i just had a couple problems that kind of disappointed me.

The art itself isn't bad. It's what you would expect around the 2005 era of animation. Nothing amazing and nothing bad.

:So this involves a Canadian pilot. So we are gonna be getting English in this. Only problem is that the English turns into Engrish. It's so distracting. Especially with how much they use characters speaking English. It is like this in just about all anime with English characters but they all sound like old 60 read more
Dec 13, 2017
Kind of disappointed and kind of satisfied.

Biggest problem i have to say is that 6 episodes is way to short for only 23 minutes episode. We get stuff that seems rushed and undeveloped. Such as the first episode. So much stuff happens.

We also have stuff like a Doctor that acts comically evil at times. A nonsensical scene where a chick tries to sleep with the MC.

That scene where the MC almost has sex is so out of left field. It doesn't even make sense. We are only shown the girl character once before but now she is trying to sleep with this dude.

Also read more
Dec 13, 2017
I'd been meaning to watch this for a while. Just constantly kept putting it off. I also tend to avoid going in and watching shows with big episodes amounts.

But i am glad i finally watched this. Even with it not really being the type of shows i like to watch.

The two MC's are one of the best pairs together i'v seen in recent time and they are also really adorable.

Misaki : Is my favorite. I feel that this is how you should do strict females in shows. She isn't overly rude and she enforces the rules. She also has an awesome personality. She read more
Dec 10, 2017
I actually liked this. A show that should not be taken seriously at all.

The comedy and fan service in this is what makes the entire show. There isn't much to a story. The art itself tends to be kind of lackluster.

The audio itself is actually kind of good. The ending theme song is pretty good. The visual for the ending is also kind of nice.

I actually kept yelling at my screen cause i just finished Gakkougurashi! and i keep wondering why the characters are leaving the school ground.

The Females MC's parents is actually kind of adorable together ( Feels weird saying that two read more
Dec 9, 2017
Moral of the story is too have a shovel in case of Zombie Apocalypse !!

This was a story i had a sense of dread going in. I have never been a fan of these Emotional tugging stories. I'm also not a fan of the overused genre of Zombies. But i forced myself into this so i wouldn't keep putting this off. I did very much enjoy this in the end but i probably wouldn't want to watch it again if asked.

It is one of those show's that are good and fun to watch the first time. But once you know everything then it doesn't read more
Dec 8, 2017
DxD with more tits in short.

This is an alright show at best. With it's best feature being the main Female lead( Lisara) She has a character model i really like and i am a fan of her personality. She is one of the only reasons i found most of the show enjoyable.

The first 5 or so episodes aren't bad. They are funny and have their own entertainment value to them. But from 6-11 the episodes are just so boring with nothing worth remembering.

There's some dumb crap with two worlds merging and tons of people dying. Show tries to be all emotional with it read more
Dec 6, 2017
This show honestly tries too have the cake and eat it too and it kind of ruin a part of the main show.

Recently My sister is Unusual isn't a bad show. Their is certainly worse. But with a mixture of elements done badly it just kind of leaves the show in an awkward state.

This show is very much Echi but at the same time it censors itself. It has stuff like shots of the MC's chastity belt but it censors it. It will censor the most random stuff at times too. I don't know why if they aren't o'k with showing sexual scenes read more
Dec 4, 2017
A what if scenario involving #GotMilk & #StopSmoking got together and made a love baby.

The show while not having any story worth noting. It greatly makes up for that in Comedy,Art,Music and Characters.

The comedy of the show is pretty good with a lot of good jokes. The MC is one of the best Straightman i'v seen in recent time and fits with into this show really well.

Asuta himself also has a pretty nice Character design that surprisingly looks different then every other male MC. I originally thought he might be a chick and was kind of disappointed when i found out he wasn't read more
Dec 3, 2017
"Soul Eater with Tits- Some random guy in the comments of the 1st episode"

What a weird but awesome fucking show. I came for the Yuri but stayed for the tits.

The Quote " Soul Eater with tits isn't half wrong either. This show gives off a big feel of Soul Eater and Kill La Kill. With a school structure kind of similar too Kill La Kill and people turning into weapons and wielders like Soul Eater. This just has lots of tits.

The first episode or two are so fucking confusing, Nothing is explained and the viewer has no idea what's happening besides Boobs flying read more
Dec 2, 2017
I really enjoyed this show. The emotions it's able to make you feel is surprising.

I was originally hesitant watching this, Because of a character on the cover of the show. He is the little one. His name is Daichi Muroto. I originally thought he was gonna be a small and really annoying know it all chick that has no likable point . I am thankfully wrong and he is actually a pretty good character.

In fact this story has no character i don't like. Not even the mother that abandoned the MC when she was little. They are all pretty enjoyable.

There isn't even anything i read more