Feb 6, 2018
antabakax (All reviews)
To be honest: I'm disappointed with the second season of Dagashi Kashi so far( I'm on the fourth episode).

I was looking forward to the second season because I was really enjoying the first one but I don't know, I feel like it's totally different.

The story still tells about sweets but it's told in less interesting way and there is more lovey-dovey stuff.

We were told from the beginning that characters are gonna look different from the previous season but it can be really bothering if you got used to the art of the first season.

Sound is similar, nothing really changed and it's quite good, opening is still kawaii.

Characters: they are funny and Hotaru is still weird but appealing in some way.

Enjoyment: Well... I'm not waiting for each episode as I used to when the first season was airing.

Overall: I would give it 6/10 because of simple sentiment.

Would I recommend it? If you watched the first season, I would watch it because of curiosity and because of Hotaru.

Hope you liked it :)