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Jan 12, 2018
This is just a shot REview and for 18 Only

This Hentai is pretty much..meh...personally I find it boring because there's nothing much really into it.

you got a guy who likes girls with huge Oppai and you got a pretty much naive foreign girl whose very hot..oh and you got a husband whose inconsiderate and dense and then so you got a very cliched hentai.

you know the drill next the MC bastard fucked his sister in law over nad over again..also this is just personal..but I found the concept sort of rude I mean using Japanese culture to have sex with a foreigner.?? that doesn't read more
Jan 5, 2018
I don't know, this series is just bland as hell..anyways since I have a lot of criticisms in this series I'll just do a positive/negative review.

1. I'll first start with the ONLY Character that Single handedly carried the show (for me) and that's KAZUMI, she first starts as a character who is just there but out of everyone she has the best character development.
heck even her willingness to give up her virginity is has a reason, (manga spoilers)

anyway from a filler character she became the most caring and exciting to watch, and I do feel that her feelings are genuine.

2. I do like the concept read more
Jan 3, 2018
This is a simple anime with a simple plot..if you want something to just enjoy while riding a bus or waiting for you girlfriend then this is a good choice,

the sound is pretty decent and relaxing and the story....well there's nothing really into it , although I do think that everyone could enjoy it since it did pretty well for 2 minutes, both children teens and grown ups will like this I'm sure of it
There are some episodes where you feel like stoping or skipping but It's not really that big of a deal

Wakako is a pretty fine character though sometimes she's bland I read more
Jan 1, 2018
What I can say to this anime that It's fine, if you want a decent romance anime with a relaxing setting then this is for you, there's not much drama (expect for the romance part) or whatsoever.

There's nothing really new to the story, I mean a city boy who became a transfer student, a boy meets girl scenario, a couple of anime troupes and archetypes etc... It's completely unoriginal but I'm sure you'll enjoy.

probably the thing that makes the series so relaxing (at least for me) is the fact that it's set on a countryside and the characters aren't really that aggressive despite their troupes.

Regarding read more
Jan 1, 2018
what a trainwreck this series is...I'm sorry I respect the creators but this is just bad..

I can't say anything and I'll just get to my review.

My biggest problem with the series is that it has TOO MANY CHARACTERS..I mean In Fate series 14 is enough 7 masters and 7 servants but here you got 14 masters and sevants plus your 2 main characters makes it 30 in total...dude this ain't long running shouen where you put 50 characters and could still pull it off.

On Top of that with the Exception of Astolfo, is either Bland or not properly Utlized, an example of this is Lancer read more
Oct 11, 2017
While I did not expect anything in particular, my face still fell down, and for this review I''ll be focusing on what's positive and what's negative. this might be personal but this is a review

1. of course the art is still good, the sound is decent but the art really caught my eye. of course I like Sena's design, and the same with Yozora, the same goes with the rest.

2. the characters are still likable though they are not really that developed (I guess for me) I still find them entertatining, Rika for example, I like how she has matured from your typical pervert to read more
Oct 3, 2017
Beck (Anime) add (All reviews)
Okay personally It's one of my favorite first and foremost, and It's because of my love for the rock genre particularly Heavy Metal, but I didn't give it a 10 for why it is unique on it's own way it still has something that I sort of criticize at.

I'm not really good in reviewing but I'll try.

to put it simple the story is divided into 2 half the first is the formation of the band and the second is their struggle to gain success and I think they both did well in explaining the story as well as the mini sub plots like Koyuki and read more
Sep 28, 2017
I gave it an 8 because while I enjoyed the series and I think it's one of the most unique anime's i've seen so far it still suffers from some issues.
(I'm not really good in reviews but I'll try also there will be some spoilers)
the story is basically divided into 2 parts, the first is the characters struggle in jail and the second is their struggle in the outside world.
I think the story was well executed but I think they should have done more of the first part than the second part, as for me.

during the second half, I don't feel any pity from read more
Sep 19, 2017
BLACKCRTICCTGUY...FORNEVERWORLD...SOUALANIMATION...WESTERN OTAKU..ANIMEKINGDOM.. some anime reviewers there .I'm not overacting but you need to watch this

First of all let me say I can't believe something like SAO is more popular than this, It's not that I'm being bias but this show is really something, I got some reasons, It copuld be personal but still I really enjoyed it.

The Story is simple, Yotarou has now obtained the name Sukeroku and now he's trying to search for his own Rakugo while dealing with his past and his present life, one thing that I like is that the story itself is not rushed, every episode is read more
Sep 14, 2017
Despite being another generic harem I actually enjoyed it, but not because I just did, I thought for a while and realized some things.

Just like any other Mecha-harem-ecchi anime , It's just another boy who ends up meeting some girls and then he gets a harem, yeah there's nothing really speacial about the stor, what I do appriciate though is that they didn't focus more on fanservice and I what I mean is the typical things that you see in a Harem anime

Instead they focus on the MC's relationship with each girls however that's it, on top of that there are just things that read more